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This is the Heartless Ruby Sonic Roleplay Discord, It goes far enough to even add a whole new character. Come down, and join the battle for the Phantom Ruby Shards.
Welcome to Chaos High, a school situated in Central City. Students, teachers, parents, and civilians, from all across the region (and in some cases from across worlds) come together to learn and grow as a strong community.
We offer a large variety of roleplay locations, ranging from dorms, classes, clubs, workshop's, outdoors, and even iconic places like Angel Island, Studiopolis, and even the world-renowned MacDoonalds.
We’ve got channels for whatever a student needs like lessons, dorms, and clubs, too!
Not into classes? We’ve got you covered - there’s plenty of out-of-school activities as well! Take a visit to the park, or go shopping at several locations, or maybe grab a bite to eat at a restaurant.
New to RP? Don’t worry, we make it easy and fun for newcomers with our easy-to-use character registration. With plenty of ooc channels, helpful staff, and a positive community, RP-ing is always engaging and approachable.
Come and see for yourself what lies in store - meet new people, make new friends, and experience a RP like no other at Chaos High.
💎 Welcome to Sonic Adventure: World Expedition! 💎

This is a community server revolving around Sonic roleplay! Here you can expect to find many creative minds that are passionate about all things related to Sonic the Hedgehog. If roleplay isn't your thing, you're still invited to hang out and socialize - there are a lot of friendly faces that are more than willing to give you a warm welcome!

Join Sonic and friends on an array of different action-packed adventures to defend the planet from all kinds of threats, including the nefarious Doctor Eggman! OCs are welcome to participate in the plot and even meet canon characters! Anything can happen in this huge "what if" scenario. While in this server, you can expect to enjoy:

-A tight-knit community that's passionate about roleplay. 🤝
-A wide arrangement of playable canon characters and locations to visit. 🌴
-New and exciting stories that integrates as many participants as possible. 📖
-A menagerie of roleplay ideas and concepts, as well as an excessive amount of freedom to explore your characters story and development. 💭
-A patient moderation team that works around the clock to improve the server. 👑
-NSFW channels for the adults to do adulting (yes, even roleplay). 😳

💎 Feel free to join and become a part of the experience, we'll be waiting! Roleplayers are still needed for major canon characters! 💎
Welcome to South island! A place where Sonic fans can hangout,lounge,share memes,and just have a fun time!
A surprise final arc for Archie Sonic happens, with Knuckles moving back to Angel Island, Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Shadow move from Knothole to South Island, and the whole shebang is over... For now. That's what the roleplay is gonna do, explore Sonic but in a world where the modern games and the classic games both happened. It will be resuming one month after Sonic Forces is over!

Resuming the continuation for some more juicy roleplays! Drama probably! This would not be included in real life chats! Take all of that in private chat. Please and thank you! Rules should be compline, this also include Discord TOS rules. Our server wouldn’t allow anything that’ll break the community’s orders. NSFW, is only allowed for a certain age group. It’s quite obvious. We would NOT allow the channel to be free for minors to view or spectate. Not to mention this also prevents in the characters age group! Fighting this issue and you’ll be kicked, nor banned. It’s disgusting to see minors in some sort of erp/drp. Besides that, read all the lore and rules before entering the server! We’ll greatly appreciate it! This would show how YOUR character can maintain the server plots its self! OC’s are accepted. Just ask one of the admins or owners about the rules of submitting your ‘own character’!

—Hope you enjoy!
A new server, so don't expect 5 billion members already in it.

We have 5 bots for memes, fun, security and general purpose (dedicated bot channel).
We have channels for art, media, videos, general Sonic discussion and more.
We even have a channel to worship the big man (Yuji Naka) in!
Hello and welcome to Sonic the Hedgehogs universe. We are a roleplay server focused on the sonic series! As a server and fans of the sonic series we pride ourselves in allowing aspects from games, as well as the the animated series, and old manga into our roleplays. if your a sonic fan and itching to join in some fun times feel free to check us out!
Welcome to Sonic The Hedgehog: The Emerald of Darkness!
We hope you enjoy you're stay!

What we offer:
Fun and kind staff (still looking for more!)
Many place to RP in and explore
and lots of fun!
Hiya! I'm Gadget, and welcome to my new Sonic The Hedgehog server! Here you'll find a loving and fun community of SEGA and Sonic fans! We offer: sonic themed emojis, fun bots, and a really chill community.
Hello, and welcome to Sonic Roleplay: A New Adventure. This server is relatively new, and we as a community are always welcome to new members. If you're good at roleplaying, looking at a server to have a fun experience, or being subpar at it and wanting to improve, then look no further!

Upon joining, you will have to verify yourself by answering a couple of quick questions and simple things about yourself, such as how much you love Sonic, your comprehension of the server rules, and your Discord name. Once you fill out the verification template and it is accepted by one of the admins, you are now within the main community of the server!

By the time you are verified, you can now choose from the vast catalog of characters, starting with Sonic's world, as well as Classic Characters and Sol Dimension Dwellers like Blaze and Marine. However, instead of picking an existing character, how about making your original character?

Making sure to follow the template in the server, but also keeping in mind character balancing, you can become your oc in no time! Make a character that we all love, or just a new threat for the gang to deal with? That doesn't matter, because anything can happen in Project Sonic Roleplay! There are still many things I haven't spoken about in this brief summary, so what are you guys waiting for? Join, and let's get this show on the road!

(NOTE: The server is very new, so there are not many members or staff members on the server yet. Either way, enjoy your stay.)
✨ Welcome to Egg School! ✨

❣️This is a Sonic RP server, and best of all, it’s a high-school AU!

❣️We are:

📚 OC friendly! We welcome OCs of all shapes and sizes! Just fill out our oc form to apply for your original character!

📚 Looking for good rpers that can bring these beloved characters to life, and more importantly to have fun!

📚 A kind, and light-hearted server. We prioritize community, and want to create a space that is fun and welcoming.

📚We will NOT tolerate any form of racism or homophobia.

📚 We have very a active community, both with our moderators and role-players.

📚 We have Tupperbot and any other bot you might need in a server!

📚 Lots of channels, both for RPing and discussing everything Sonic related!

Eggman has come to the conclusion that if he can’t kill Sonic and his friends, the next best thing he can do is trapping them in the worst and most nightmarishly cruel and unusual punishment there is: High school.
Hey! Are you looking for a fun and exciting roleplay community that offers a variety of different kinds of roleplay from story based to casual and simple?

Look no further!

Sonic Unlimited is a roleplay server that offers your main arc as well as the ability to roleplay pretty much any and every character from the series you can think of! From the game canon to Sonic Underground, we have it all! In Sonic Unlimited, you will have..

💎 Lots of channels for you to express yourself and even other interests you may have that aren't just Sonic!

💎 A hardworking mod team working around the clock to provide the best experience imaginable.

💎 Both plot based and casual roleplay.

💎 Characters from all different sources of media that you can roleplay!

💎 All around a fun and positive community looking to make new friends and lots of memories.

Don't be shy! We hope to see you there.
18+ server for people who identify with Sonic characters. Whether for games and comics both, all are welcome. Doubles friendly.
Welcome to the Sonic the Hedgehog server! A friendly server and whatnot, just to chill, roleplay, ect.
Welcome to Sonic the Hedgehog: Rebuilding Freedom! We are a Sonic the Hedgehog Roleplay server that follows the CANON/IDW timeline!

We take place after forces and right at the start of the IDW Comics timeline.

The world is cleaned up and is in the normal condition prior to the Eggman Empire's sudden rise to power after the defeat of Sonic to Infinite. Now, the Resistance still exists and is very well in tact, though, the Blue Blur has left to live out his, "like the wind", lifestyle. The world is scattered into teams. You have Team Sonic, Team Rose, Team Dark, the Resistance, the Eggman Empire-- and some, new teams.. teams that the user can create and use for their own purposes..

Will you be the ones keeping the world clean? Or will you be the ones making a mess of it for personal gain? You choose.. as we go through the universe of Sonic!

Join and experience:
- A kind community eager to meet and roleplay with new members.
- Toxic-free general chats that are moderated closely and make sure everyone is alright
- Owners that understand situations, and are open to ideas, suggestions-- and most importantly, criticism.
- A large variety of roleplay channels, both canon and fan-made, that add to the charm of the server, as well as the quality of the roleplay.

So what are you waiting for? Join us today, and become a member in a server that will give you memories that last!

((This server is the successor of the older server founded in June 2020, Sonic the Hedgehog: A World of Adventure.))


You must be age 13 or older to join this server, as suggested by the Discord Terms of Service. We have private verification channels where you can confirm such information. Know that your privacy and overall experience is our #1 priority here!

✨Welcome from Anti Mobius!✨

⭐️We are a Sonic hangout and roleplay server! This server is heavily based off of the Sonic archie series. However, this does not disclose other members of the sonic community! We are welcome to all sonic fans.⭐️

💫What is "Anti Mobius?":💫
⭐️Moebius, also known as Anti-Mobius or Mobius, is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It is the Anti-Verse equivalent to planet Mobius⭐️

💫This server offers:💫

🌟Daily voice chats
🌟Art and Media Sharing
🌟Hangout general
🌟Roleplaying chatrooms
🌟Fun Bots

💫Please follow server rules upon entering and have a good stay!💫
Want to rp with any character from any franchise? Well Sonic Roleplay is the right server for you, so jump right in and start roleplaying!
Welcome to the ChaosFreak Official: Sonic RP Server! In here we have cool events, plenty of characters, and a ton of interactive things! There's even a channel that updates new members on the ongoing story! So all Sonic fans who seem interested in a roleplay, come along and join the fun!
This is my, ChaosControl VA's, Discord Server! This is merely a discord server for my YouTubing convenience and your fun!
》》》》》》》》》》 ✩ 《《《《《《《《《《
Introducing Team Gallant's fan game...
》》》》》》》》》》 ✩ 《《《《《《《《《《

Sonic Expeditve is a current fan game made by the people at Team Gallant. A small group of people who have had experience with
the popular gaming franchise, Sonic The Hedgehog.
Currently were looking for more member's to help out with the project at side!!
The current people were looking for are,
✩ Sprite Artists
✩ Programmers; and
✩ Anyone who's active
》》》》》》》》》》 ✩ 《《《《《《《《《《
Not into that sort of stuff? That's fine!
The server also includes some other stuff to keep you engaged, such as a memes channel, or a gaming channel where you can connect with friends and play various games from consoles or PC.
》》》》》》》》》》 ✩ 《《《《《《《《《《
We hope to see you in the server!