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Welcome to Super Sonic Sensations server,a quite large sonic server to have fun in.
Come chat with our friends about your interest
And have✨fun✨
welcome to our new revamp server of the original sonic mania server you ask:was there a old server yes there was an old server but its dead and the owner account has been deleted so this is a revamp better server and it will have much more than the original server and we will announce alot of things in this server so we can make it alive as we can
we play online some sonic mania and other stuff even if this server is for mania its much more than that its a communaity so i hope that you read the rules and be a good racer
The server to go for some fun and talk about sonic game, whether they're bad or good. this is the place to talk about sonic games!
A PG13 Sonic the Hedgehog Server by the fans for the fans. If you want to discuss the series with some fellow fans, and generally hang out, you are welcome to join!
⚡Sonichu Mania Plus Discord is a server for a Sonichu mod for Sonic Mania Plus!⚡
We are a friendly community that is approved by the one and only Christine Weston Chandler!
We have many chats to talk in and rules to keep everything kind and civil!
⚡Hope to see you here!⚡