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Come and take a look at Serial Swings! We are here as a small group trying to find new people to talk to and play games with.

Ofcourse we have all kinds of bots integrated; Mudae, Pokécord, IdleRPG, UnbelievaBoat, Tatsumaki, Yggdrasil and Dank Memer.

We appreciate your visit!
Hey, Its just a new server I created. Come on down and help me start this server!
**Its still WIP**
Hello, it’s Giant Barbarians!!!
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
You don’t join our server,
We don’t know who you are.

Words so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.

Neither of us is happy,
Neither of us wants to leave.
So we keep breaking one another
And calling it LOVE.
We ain't no liberals, you join and have fun.

You are allowed to say anything you want as long as it's not against discord ToS + racist/sexist.

We are just a chill community looking for more friends to chill with, join and have some fun ;)

~ We got E GIRLS in here ~
❤Active Channels and Vocals for all❤
- Chill community that is like family.
- More than 1900 members.
- Down to earth and active staff.
- No toxic and annoying members allowed.
- Daily events and voice chats
- A custom bot called "Penny" with many functions.
- An UNO bot where we can play (yes a discord bot).
- Pokecord
- A bot that spawns lootboxes in the general chat. (Pollux)
- Art competitions.
- UNO competitions
- People with all sorts of interests (Normies & Weebs)

- ALWAYS improving
Movie night, karaoke, game night, anime, movies, tv, art, cosplay, roleplay, d&d, events, rewards, leveling system, nsfw... We even have D&D. You name it, we have it.
trying to find new friends please join and meet me and talk about music and maybe play some games and talk about stuff (: largely left of center
This is just a group chat for anyone and everyone to join! We have memes, dreams and anything you could ever ask for. Come socialise and mess around with all the cool features and channels this server has to offer:
Chats - This server has social channels where you can talk and discuss different topics we even have set channels like and Anime and Gaming channel and more to come!
Bots - This server has a bunch of awesome bots you can play around with and games you can play with other people on the server and example being UNO!
NSFW - We have an NSFW area for all you sinners aswell!

There are also cool roles you can get by gainning exp and working your way up the ranks unlocking new roles!
We have an active staff team aswell to ensure everything is fine and happy.
This is the Moogs refuge a place made as a safe haven to Moog followers!
(also has memes and shit might add a music bot!)
⎈Attentive Staff! ⎈Gaming! ⎈NSFW Channels! ⎈Events! ⎈Active Chat ⎈Custom Bots!
Welcome to SS. Yet another ERP server with the slight difference that we aim to have a friendly and active staff that doesn't expect to be treated as royalty. Come and meet our growing family and our friendly staff.

—We have several public ERP channels.

—Read other people's Kinkfessions, write your own or play a game of Truth or Dare.

—Places where you can post your own selfies, your art, and even the writings of which you are proud.

—Lots of hentai.

—Nice and friendly community.
★ ★ ★ Heyy there welcome to galaxy ★ ★ ★
We are a friendly community! So come make some new friends and chat to your friends.
Anyone is welcomed !!!

What we have:
★ Music channels
★ Memes , gaming, art and anime channels
★ Self role
★ self promo
And more
Hope you have a great time.
Come join The Cruu! Lead by Mango and his staff, you'll be joining a community where you can find just about anyone. Find people to game with, share anime photos and memes, hang in VC with your new friends, and join in on the conversation! Everyone is welcome, and we're looking forward to meeting you!
Welcome to 🐻ƁЄƛƦ ƁƦƠƠƊ 🐻!
We are a community server which is welcoming to everyone, regardless of gender, race, age, etc. We try to keep this server a comfortable place for everyone, and always aim for positive people and positive energy. This server was created by Orange™#8091 on June 12th, 2019. This server will have updates either weekly or monthly and will be carefully moderated by our staff team. We are open to suggestions, and will have a support team aid you if you have questions or complaints! Thank you for joining 🐻 ƁЄƛƦ ƁƦƠƠƊ 🐻, we hope you enjoy your stay!
Come join our Gaming Server
We do it all from
- Singing
- Gaming
- Music
- Chilling

We also have a
- custom ranking system
- Self Roles
- Dank Memes Bot
- Dj Pauly D For Music
- Meeseeks Bot
- Self Roles

Come join and check us out you got nothing to lose

✦ Fun
✦ Active
✦ Gamers
✦ Bots, Including music and economy bots
✦ Social hangout
✦ Partnerships

Join us now using this permanent link!
Community for gaming, chatting and meeting new people to talk with so if you are interested we will welcome you with all love because we are all one family
Welcome to the Kingdom! This is a social server that I made for people to join and hangout. The server is not really dedicated to anything but meeting people and socializing together. We hope you will enjoy it here if you decide to join.
are you a pathetic loser who doesn't have any friends? do all your discord servers die because no one cares enough to talk in them? do your friends punch you in the face when you reference a shitty tv show? THEN THIS IS THE SERVER FOR YOU
were a chill homestuck server that does fun things with members
were looking for some active members tho!
feel free to join
-active mods
-non toxic community
-interesting peeps
all around a great place
・゚✧ Hello and Welcome to Station Venus ヴィーナス駅 ✧・゚

This place operates as a Train Station, you can come and go as you please, advertise your own occupation, meet new friends...

Our Servers' creation offers an experimental purpose, mainly to meet new friends and welcome potential members to our more personalized servers!!!

• 17+ Only
• SFW only (Safe for Work)
Hi and welcome to The Strawberry Cafe! We are super delighted for you to join this amazing community! [But it's only awesome if you make it awesome] We have super awesome channels for artists writers and gamers! We are constantly evolving based on what YOU want!
Ever find yourself awake at 3 AM wishing for someone to talk to?
Well you came to the right place!