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Are you interested at good SMBX Episodes/Projects/Levels? Well this is the place for you, the Novaverse connects multiple smbx episodes, projects and levels into one big story. There are a Maglx3 Collab project titled Super Marios Nova Revolution, Two 38A/1.4.4 Projects titled Super Mario Nova Zero which is a collab project with a new world map system and Super Mario Nova Part 1 with a unique gameplay concept never seen before called Assist Characters and there is even a 2.0/38A contest called The Novaverse! There are also standalone levels, both on 2.0 and 38A such as Super Simon! If you need help with smbx 38A, you can ask here! And if you want to follow this projects, contribute something to them and have a good time, then this is the right place for you!
Welcome to SonicEXE The Memelord's discord server here we have
-smbx help and shit
-nsfw bots
-a lot of admins and mods (like way too many)
-somewhat friendly people
-YouTube shit
And more, the rules are important to read so make sure to check those out and have fun