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This server is a new server for master and slave- roleplaying. You can create your oc, and be a master or a slave in this server. The server is very new and doesn't have a lot of members, so join and make those numbers higher!

A few years ago, a great wizard had found an island which he liked, it was rich of resources, mountains, lakes, and had a good climate.

He decided to claim it for his own and took it over with ease. He named the island after himself, Eclipsis, and made his own mini-world.
Everyone who opposed the reign of the new ruler would never be heard of again.
The emperor now lives in a palace, where he relaxes as he looks over his kingdom..

On this island, the rules are different..
Unlike on the normal Earth land, not everyone is considered equal. There are differences in power on his island.. those 'differences' are based on the race of the inhabitants most of the time.
Some races, that he considered 'submissive' would have to serve the more 'dominant' races.
The submissive races would often find themselves enslaved, and if not, they'd be poor people, struggling to survive.

'Submissive' races would be races such as Nekos, Humans, Mixes between animals and humans, etc.
'Dominant races would be races such as Demons and Vampires etc.
Now, there are always exceptions, some Nekos could be considered dominant, and some Demons submissive, but this was just a general idea of how things went.

Do you dare to set foot on this island for some fun erp and become a slave? Or will you become a master? The choice is yours.

Only join this server if you're 16+ and hella kinky
Welcome to irratora. The land of God's, mortals and supernatural beings. The world is split up into factions. 3 to be exact. The humans. The gods. And the supernatural beings. It is a cruel world, where gods slay humans, humans hunt, kill, and enslave the supernatural. The borders were set millenias ago, and all was peaceful for the first time in forever. Until one man, broke through the supernatural border, and went on a killing spree restarting the war. The gods have deamed humanity unworthy and have taken up arms against them. But the supernatural confused the gods for mortals, and now there is a 3 way war. It is currently at a stand still, however humans are still enslaving the supernatural beings and the gods are now letting them. Is anyone safe? What do civilians think? Will the war ever end? Will the gods be calmed? That, is up to you.
Welcome to the Slave Market! OwO. Get your slave and you can do whatever you want with them! But first we need more people for the erp, because we have just began the server and they may be a few problems! At the moment we are looking for a lot of masters/mistresses since we have non, we have alot of slaves though! Don't be afraid to show your kink!
Welcome to my garden i hope you enjoy your stay here you will obay your master/mistress every will and wont disobay him/her or you will be punished. (masters and mistresses also accepted)
A mansion where you can do anything (including own slaves)
Looking for a female miss or femdom around my age to join it and RP and we can talk. If more then one or two joins I will open it to the public. All males will be kicked. Join to learn more ig

[Welcome to Pencil's Cutie Bar!]

We're an upstanding and sophisticated ERP establishment with a growing selection of cute sissy maid girls to wait on you hand and foot. Feel free to observe our handling of cuties, find one of your own to play with, become one, or just to hang out and enjoy the bar!
Our Cuties are very loyal and will tend to your wishes at the Bar.
You can rent cuties for sessions. (No IRL monetary payment is accepted: We are not a real Slave Trade, as those are illegal. All actions performed in this server are to be considered roleplay and/or kink play.)

We allow private room reservations for up to 3 cuties at a time and multiple customers!
Any and all porn. Just post it. New server tryna make it like a fuck fest
A server where the horny serve a master named Bio, and the rest of the time goof off and play games and stuff together. Join for erp, dating, memes, selfies, Lewds, and gaming!
Vampires have existed since time immemorial, living hidden from mortals who over time began to grow in number and strength. The lands once uninhabitable for humans and home to societies of immortals soon found themselves pushed out and further into the fringes of the world. Stories of soul steals and immortal beings were spreading among mortals and fear and mass hysteria grew. The year is 2030. Over 80.0 percent of humanity has been wiped out. Vampires reign. The war for control left most of the world as a wasteland of desert and wreckage. Humanity has banded together in protected settlements to survive, donating blood to merchants to keep the vampire threat quenched. Vampires thrive, able to feed comfortably. They have the option to drink from blood bags, or keep unlucky humans as slaves or thrall to feed upon
An, ever so slightly, erotic roleplaying server that revolves around the relationship between Masters/Mistresses and Slaves, however all kinks are accepted. We're at low numbers right now but we're striving to grow a positive community with our members by listening to your suggestions.
If you think this sounds at least halfway decent then why not join and check us out.
I’m looking for females between the ages of 16 and 18 who would want to be part of Lost’s Harem. You would Server me and do everything I say. There is verification to confirm you are a female. Males will be banned. (This is not an rp)
This is a brand new server, please join. We are a slave ERP server. Don't be shy to show your kinky attitude. We have quite a few masters looking for female slaves so if you want a kinky master then join! We use money to buy slaves (in game money obviously).
Be a slave or a master in the slave market. Buy slaves or get bought. ERP
Welcome to my "cult"! We are a community server which offers a wide variety of this to do. Some include:

:crown: Active Staff :crown:

:tada: Events :tada:

:robot: Awesome bots :robot:

:paintbrush: Art :paintbrush:

:two_hearts: Ships :two_hearts:

:notes: Music :notes:

:microphone2: Voice Channels :microphone2:

And so much more! As we are a growing server, we are welcome to suggestions. Feel free to drop by and say hello! We have some many things in the working phase, so stayed tuned!
This a brand new ERP server for all the kinky people out there. This server is based in a sex club, where you can choose to be a slave or a guest. Slaves are for everyone's use, and all kinks are allowed (as long as it isn't against the slaves kinks. Come join and be abused today!
Pretty much an erp server where you get private erps with me. Join for a kinky time! I prefer a medieval setting for our rps but I can do anything! More info in server. Looking for doms!
A brand new server run by a down to earth mistress that wants to both give and get the best experience possible through quality ERP with any kind of submissive. Join in on the fun and experience:
- Your own personal channel in the server, which only me and you are able to see. You may talk to me about anything without fear or prejudice, and we can have wonderful private RP together. Your private space can be anything from a cage to a dungeon, or anything else that you may desire.

- A communal space of which my accepted slaves will share together, this will be OOC chat. I may also add group RP channels as and when I see fit.

- Your own role that suits you best, it could be anything from 'pet' to 'human filth', if that is what you'd prefer.

- Access to someone with good RP ethic, that consistently strives to provide quality responses.
This is a server for submissive bisexual and lesbian girls who would be interested in becoming my sexual slaves and harem girls. You must have ZERO limits, completely submissive. NO MEN. There are places for chill discussion and porn, though you must be dedicated to me. More info inside. Don't join if uninterested.
The twisted playground of The Mistress, become the toy of this sadistic domme and be used for her every lewd desire.
We are a Gorean Community server, for making connections and building friendships while discussing Gorean Philosophy, as well as life in general.

We are NOT an rp server.
A harem of women who must serve a fat, disgusting, dominant, master. They exist to sate his lust and will be trained for this, learning the pleasures of utter devotion to their living god.

Your master is an experienced rper with no kink limits and the more harsh, controlling, and obscene things become the happier I will be.

What are you waiting for? Come serve me today.
You lift your head up from a cold table as your consciousness slowly returned back to you. Your eyes creaked open as a blinding light attacked them; causing you to shield them, you sat up after you got used to the light, oblivious to where you were. Well, except for the fact that you were sitting at a single rounded table at the back of the room you were in, the room appeared to be a café of sorts. There were couples and singles everywhere crowding the room all holding various items. Computers, books, coffees, breakfeast foods, etc. Except for you, you had just woken up on a glass table with no inclination of where you were.


A female voice asked; coming from your left. You looked over to see a woman; wearing a cat-like waitress outfit; smiling at you happily.

"Would you like to order now?"

She asked still smiling happily as she pulled out a tiny notepad and pen.

'How the hell did I get here?'

You thought to yourself. But you didn't want to seem out of place, might as well order before things get... Weird...
Welcome to Coffee and Collars! Its set in a lewd cat-cafe. We:
- are an erp server!
- have friendly mods!
- are lgbt safe!
- have a room for kinky activities!
- don't discriminate!
Join for erp with like-minded kinky folk!
We're very small right now, and would love some new faces! Also looking for mods!