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Welcome to irratora. The land of God's, mortals and supernatural beings. The world is split up into factions. 3 to be exact. The humans. The gods. And the supernatural beings. It is a cruel world, where gods slay humans, humans hunt, kill, and enslave the supernatural. The borders were set millenias ago, and all was peaceful for the first time in forever. Until one man, broke through the supernatural border, and went on a killing spree restarting the war. The gods have deamed humanity unworthy and have taken up arms against them. But the supernatural confused the gods for mortals, and now there is a 3 way war. It is currently at a stand still, however humans are still enslaving the supernatural beings and the gods are now letting them. Is anyone safe? What do civilians think? Will the war ever end? Will the gods be calmed? That, is up to you.
We are a Gorean Community server, for making connections and building friendships while discussing Gorean Philosophy, as well as life in general.

We are NOT an rp server.
Welcome to the store that sells slaves!

We, Blacks R' Us sell all types of slaves like blacks (obviously), whites, Mexicans, asians, Indians, and more!

Using our currency the SlaverCoin you can gain and gamble your money away!

There are really no rules to follow except some rules that are very needed which you can check in our rules channel.

Thank you for joining! Have a good day!
If you do join you can check our How-To-Play channel for more information about what to do in our server
Some random fucked up shit, with none of that gay-ass weeaboo stuff