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Female slaves only no other masters allowed erp chat where you serve the god of rage the dragon king and get punished
This is a combined server I have it set up so you can pick which one you want just by selecting a role it's simple to get as well!

When you get the role all you have to do it get approved by making an oc

I hope you enjoy your stay here
Creating June 6, 2009 and opened on Discord in December of 2017. We have general chats, roleplay, games, selfies, radio, and other multimedia. Please join our fun in our coven of vampires and other dark creatures of the night.
In our little world, dominant masters seek out submissive slaves, nekos and kitsunes to adopt them and ask of them to fill out their desires and pleasures to their heart's content. Slaves are called to obey, unless specifically told not to be. This is the perfect place for you to ERP/RP your brains out, join us!
Make sure you're 16+ only.
We’re a community to hangout, chill and roleplay! We offer irl requests and if you’re just 16 or 17 and wanna meet some pals there’s a spot for you too!
Hello, you looking to be used irl? or want to have some fun?

Come and join this server and obey the owner (m). Furries with real suits (m/f) and girls without suits are allowed. You must obey and send photos whenever I say. Come and become my online slave Now!!
Earth, but past forgotten. Relics and some structures remain, but most knowledge is gone. Oppressive lords rule over the working class, which barely scrapes together enough food to survive while lords dine on gourmet food and fine drinks. Slavery is common, and there is barely any crime fighting in the villages. You get hanged for attempting to steal anything meant for the upper class.
Some villagers live on relic hunting, but there isn´t much left in the surrounding area around the castle and great village. So some wander off into the inhospitable shithole that used to be the rest of earth for artifacts. Only a few return, but at least they have money for food.
Knowledge of the old world is very limited, and is heavily warped by the upper class for their purposes. Mostly to make the underlings think that this is how it worked all those years ago.

This is an RP/ERP server, with ERP aspects but we also encourage just trying to live out your character´s daily lives.
From the creator of Kinky Krew, Cody presents Simply Misogyny! A BDSM maledom based server. Our goal is to build a community of like minded people and provide support and education to each other. Anyone is welcome to join.

Features include several chat channels, nude channels, optional verification, and of course memes. We are always open to suggestions for new roles and channels.

P.S: The Male Members request is now closed and not looking for new male members. We are mainly looking for more female roleplayers that will be active in this server that chooses to join us..

Looking for new female slaves that would like to have a place to stay and meet other submissive females, a few dom males/females and a lot of sexual and non-sexual fun in this server. What do we offer?

- After reading the rules, you will be offer a room which is a channel under your character's name.
- We do events to please your Master here or between other female slaves you can make friends with here.
- We can post links to watch YouTube videos together.
- Centered around the anime, roleplay and gaming community.
- We always make sure to have over 85-90% of our members to be female roleplayers since its meant to be a female harem paradise for the few chosen male masters invited here.

Hope to see you come here if you are interested.
This is a alternative version of Rapture where there are no plasmids but only slaves and their masters so join if you wish also you will encounter Subject Delta here
Female Slaves that offer themselves to the male supreme. Daddy punishes all of them for their misdeeds. Join this server for RP and to serve the ultimate Cum King
Anon's mansion is a small server about a mansion filled with slaves to fulfill any lusty desires~ You can either enter in as a guest to have slaves follow any request, or if you're feeling really subby, even become a slave your self~! Its all up to you, the server is still being upgraded with bots and such but I already have a security team to keep slaves in check, and if you're feeling bored, I even got a fighting pit where you can settle out disagreements.
This is a server for people who want slaves and masters! I just made this server today but i am planning to have mannny bots and well just be a safe place, oh and im open for grabs if any guy wants a slave 💕
Envie d'un serveur emprunt d'un irrésistible Dieu, d'anges bienveillants et d'un peuple accueillant ?
The Kingdom of Desires est celui qu'il te faut !
Viens chercher ton maître ou trouve une personne pour ramper à tes pieds dans ce serveur dédié au BDSM, avec une section de RP pour ceux qui souhaitent vivre des moments des plus excitants à travers des lignes.~
Notre communauté toute fraîche vous attends ! Il ne manque plus que des membres fiévreux et désireux de jouer au chat et à la souris...
Avec les sections NSFW et NSFW+, nous attendons de vous que vous défiez la pureté divine afin d'amener de sensuelles flammes danser au sein du serveur.
Une vérification est aussi proposée afin d'atteindre le droit tout spécial de partager des selfies coquins avec les autres membres vérifiés. Alors n'hésites pas et rejoins-nous dans cette folle aventure !
Humiliate me, degrade me, abuse me, enslave me, do with me as you please.
On this server I'm your little toy and I'll do whatever you want, and you can treat me however you want.

Please do not join if you're over 18, you will be banned.
This server is for mistress only! I am Blue, I need a mistress and you can do anything you like to me. I am your boy toy! I will choose a mistress who is best with the kind of rp i like. :) So come on and join and rape your boy toy!
Title says all. Humiliate me, bully me, destroy me. Call me every mean thing under the sun. Beat me. Step on me. Make fun of my dick. Enslave me. Treat me like complete and utter shit. I'm worthless and I deserve it.
Im a 17 year old boy that wants to be a females sex slave fucked by a strap on tied up and gagged if my mouth is not in use, if possible do this in real life if not role play on discord, i do have roblox and we could do it that way. i live in Australia, Victoria, Melbourne, Frankston. DM if interested
Here at Harem for the Lonely we offer a community who will make u feel at home kind masters but cruel when needed.
- levelling system
- Master and Slave system
- Very naughty
- Romantic
- all species supported
***Der Palast***

Groß und prunkvoll mit Gästen und Bedienung. Freude und Spannung. Meister und natürlich... Sklaven und Haustiere.
Wenn du einen selber haben willst um ihn durch die Gänge zu führen und den anderen vorzeigen oder selber einer sein willst um geführt zu werden bist du hier sehr richtig.

Komm her und lass deiner Fantasie freien Lauf. Wir lassen (fast) alles zu.
Also! Wir freuen uns alle auf dich und deine Charakter. Wir sehen uns auf dem Server
The Humiliation server it's exactly what it says if you like to getting humiliated or do the humiliating then join! We are a new server so give us time to grow.
Female Slaves needed