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A server dedicated to basically any pairing you can think of in RWBY. Even those who are fans of the more controversial ships (Fallen Petals, Enabler, Tauradonna, etc.) are welcome here. This place is meant to be a respectful and calm environment where people can state their opinions and share their love for their favorite ships without fear of judgement.

We allow users to have up to 8 roles for their favorite ships. Please read the rules and enjoy your stay.
Here you can meet people who have the same interest, listen to music, talk about south park or other fandoms and talk about your favourite ships and favourite episodes!
Our server is mostly dedicated to the game called WAR THUNDER, but we do play other games aswell (mostly war based).

If you're looking for a Discord server to play with your friends or squadron, or even if you want to meet and play with new people - Then definitely join The Official WHA Server now. Here we have all the latest announcements from War Thunder as it happens and the latest streams and videos from content creators you love.

Come hangout with us and help conquer the world! DM me if you have questions or want more info.
This is a server about shipgirls/ persons, you don't have to be a ship to join, but it is preferable.
What's up bros? You looking for a place to talk about RWBY with other fans? Well this is the place you can do exactly that. You can post images, talk with other people about the ships you support, and post images for those ships, also don't forget talk with other people about just random RWBY things.
Hello! Welcome to the Mha rp server
- Play as your oc with their own power
- Play as many of the main characters in the show
- Meet new ppl
- Ships
We hope to see you there
Our Server
Welcome To NerfWatch. A Little Server For Those Who Like To Play Overwatch, Or Just Like The Lore And Etc.
What Our Server Offers

🌸 | Cute Overwatch Emotes. Nitro And Not

🌸 | We're Open To Suggestions

🌸 | We Can Do Partnerships!

🌸 | Simple And Easy Rules

🌸 | Self Assignable Roles

🌸 | A Bot That Gives Information On Overwatch Updates.

🌸 | Music Bots To Satisfy You

🌸 | Some Bots To Help You In #🌷bots

🌸 | A Channel For Those Who Ship Characters

🌸 | A SFW Server

🌸 | Ability To Apply For Staff

🌸 | A Foreign Language Chat

Discord Link:
Welcome to an Unofficial The Adventure Zone server! Be sure to check the rules and introduce yourself!
A place where every hero is always welcome! Come here to be yourself and meet new people!

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hello user! welcome to;

habitat 127 ❖ 엔시티

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❝ hello and we are glad you stopped by! this server is for nct fans but we allow anyone in any fandom in. ♡
・if you have any questions, please contact me.

What we offer;
NCT memes
Other stuff~

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hello user! welcome to;

garden ✿ 방탄소년단

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we hope you join and have fun! uwu
Zombie survival roleplay server with a lot of different areas and some great staff!
A server for headcanons, art and everything related to pairings from Hetalia. Different channel for each ships, support for rare-pairs, and open to 2p! ships and nyotalia ships. If we don't have it, let us know!
∘₊✧▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬. ∘₊✧
Hello and welcome to the server! Please, make yourself at home and feel free to share the server with your friends! But, anyways, yeah! Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay. Please continue for the rules and everything so you won't have to worry about getting banned. Thanks!
In 1776, the Golden Age of Piracy was in full swing. And with England declaring war on the American colonies and the French, there are ships abound for the taking! So come and sign aboard a pirate crew, or work for a country to erase piracy from the Caribbean. It's your choice, so sign on and help yer side shoot, hack, slash, or plunder their way to control of the seas!
Pirates- always plundering and pillaging.
England- Warring with the Colonies and the French.
French: Currently at war with England. Somewhat large navy and many prosperous ports.
Spain- Always at war with somebody!
Dutch: Few ports and no real navy makes them a hard country to either work for or pillage.
Hi! And welcome to my WW2 based game server called: Duck and Cover!

This gaming server will be focused on a variety of popular WW2 games like World of Tanks, War Thunder, Post Scriptum etc.

This is a new fresh server so don't expect activity form the beginning, but u can help this server to be more active

See you on the battlefield.
the voltron café is a server in which voltron fans of all kinds can come together to enjoy and appreciate the fandom and the story!

there are topic channels, gender, sexuality, topic & color roles; along with award roles for those who level up!! (see #ranks and #roles for more information.)

this is a safe zone for all, and a very kind community. in order to access the general chats, you will have to type in an .iam role to ensure you have read this all! you can find this role somewhere within this chat, keep an eye peeled.
a roleplay and chatting server for everyone who loves detroit: become human and such .
This is a server where u can ship people and other stuff but no nsfw stuff its pretty weird but its fine by me if u take it too far you might get kicked or ban for like a week or sumthing like that
if people get annoyed saying stop spamming u stop if u dont u get kicked out and we won't invite u back into u stop and never take it too far thank you for reading :3
Hello and welcome to FreshTale this is a place where u hang out and role play you can ship the aus u like to ship with dust berry or errorink paperfresh or any AUS u like shipping with :3 (its empty in the server Q^Q)