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This is a server where u can ship people and other stuff but no nsfw stuff its pretty weird but its fine by me if u take it too far you might get kicked or ban for like a week or sumthing like that
if people get annoyed saying stop spamming u stop if u dont u get kicked out and we won't invite u back into u stop and never take it too far thank you for reading :3
1 days ago
Hello and welcome to FreshTale this is a place where u hang out and role play you can ship the aus u like to ship with dust berry or errorink paperfresh or any AUS u like shipping with :3 (its empty in the server Q^Q)
1 days ago
This is a realistic roleplay server taking place in the golden age of piracy. There are 3 paths to choose from and 2 islands to choose from. You can be a pioneer, join the navy, or travel around on your own ship as a merchant, coming from Serpent island, the island of danger and war, or Prospectors island, a place of defenders and wealth. The two islands are currently against each other and anyone caught trespassing on an island that they do not belong to will be punished. Currently, it is only small fights and attacks, but with the increased aggression from Serpent island, will these small fights turn into war?
96 days ago