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A friendly Naruto RP server. Create custom abilities and clans. Come join in the fun.
A relatively laid back and casual naruto RP server, with a plot that somewhat mirrors the naruto manga(unless we decide to change that), if you're expecting a stat based extremely professional server than this server may not be for you?
come talk and chill with new friends and talk about things you both are interested in!
So i created a new Naruto RP server
If anyone is interested in helping it grow then cmon on an join up
All you have to do is create a character, there is a template for you
Just make sure you read all of the rules, there are many roles/clans you can go for too!
Doujutsu, Kage, Jinchuriki, etc it can be fun but i need more people in it.
Cmon an join, an get your friends too!
An active Naruto RP forum for people who want long-term roleplay and character development with friends. We are in an interesting plotline about a new village and a war against the Land of Iron! We are new and very welcoming!
Welcome to Naruto Zero! this roleplay is of course centered around the original storyline, make your OC and have fun running through the story in your own way...
Rikudou is a Naruto-based anime and community server where there are a ton of active people to be hanging out with. We have fun bots like PokeCord, Unbelievaboat, Mee6, Miki, Dank Memer and FredBoat and we also host events for these bots. For example- There might be an event for catching the most amount of Pokemons and flex at your friends after getting that noice Pokemon Master role, or perhaps a Naruto trivia to get special Akatsuki or Fourth Hokage roles. There are a lot of fun stuff to do here, and I can bet that you'll have a great time being in Rikudou!

I'm currently bored and it's a time of year where it's summer and everyone's out of school and the RPers are boreddddd! I'm a part time worker so if you do end up rping with me and I'm not replying for a few hours, I am working!

I would prefer to RP on Skype/Discord (mainly discord) since I can't message people by notes when I'm NOT connected to WiFi, again not my problem, DA seems to not allow that for some reason so yeah, Discord or Skype would be good!


I am and liked to think I'm a good person to RP with! I am looking for OC x Canon kind of RP, I don't ever do OCxOC or CanonxCanon since I'm doing RP for some to play certain characters for my OC and I will return the favour!

I'm not someone who disappears in a middle of a RP, I will message everyday if I'm not working! More then likely reply more via Discord n Skype. If you're busy and have to be somewhere or enjoying your holiday's then by all means! We all have lives! I'm not the type to throw a fit if you haven't replied in a day or a few! But if you do get tired of the RP then let me know please! We can always change it up or come out with exciting new ideas!


Like I said I prefer OCxCanon! I don't God and I don't want you to god my OC please! I do everything! 18+, gore, kidnap, etc! You name it. I like to RP with someone with good grammar please! Capital letters, comma's please do include them!

So for my OC, I'm looking for someone to be able to RP Itachi or Shisui, I would prefer someone to be able to RP both since it's kind of a love triangle tehe >//< If you want more info on my OC then I will send her info when we get more into this. I will RP anyone you'd like me to!

Annnd that's about it! If you're interested then NOTE me because I do not get any notifications from people commenting on this so please note, note, note! If you want to RP on Skype or Discord then I'll send my info over again, thanks!