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A recently made Roleplay server that takes place far into the future of the Shield Hero universe! The lore of this server involves the addition of 300 hero weapons, which allows everyone to be one of the heroes! This server is not for people who don't want to see the N-word and the like, as we use those terms all the time in a joking manner. This server also includes a rule that forces every In-Character post to be at least 3 sentences long, so keep that in mind. Due to the nature of the Shield Hero lore, you can play as characters from other anime (Without their powers and strength) or even as yourself!
Hello there! This server is made for Raphtalia emotes and other emotes relating to the series; Rising of the Shield Hero. We hope to see you in our wonderful server and meet new people and use some nitro emotes! (Nitro emote server)
Do you enjoy The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime/Manga Series? Do you want to RP in this universe? You've found the right server.

We provide the option to play as a character from the series, or to make your very own. We're a brand new server, so a lot of characters slots are open! Come on in and check it out!