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Hello there! This server is made for Raphtalia emotes and other emotes relating to the series; Rising of the Shield Hero. We hope to see you in our wonderful server and meet new people and use some nitro emotes! (Nitro emote server)

This is a new server just starting out
The server is based on the anime/manga : rise of the shield hero

We offer friendly staff
Oc only server
Lots of future events
Great plot and more
We are a semi literacy NO one liners
Currency system

Please keep in mind this is a OC only server

Thank you and please enjoy
Discord server with Shield Hero emojis! Join now also you will find a link for our main server there!
We are a growing community, this server has been spawned off of my instagram page but i have been thinking of growing it bigger than just my instagram community to a full blown shield hero community. There are channels for gaming, anime, music, suggestions and much more coming! The server has a few bots, if you would like to suggest a bot please tell us in the suggestions tab.
A RP server based off of the Rising of the Shield hero, with no canon characters and a literate RPing style. New spots will be opening up soon for the vassal heroes along with their party members, and the RP is currently running right now.
Do you enjoy The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime/Manga Series? Do you want to RP in this universe? You've found the right server.

We provide the option to play as a character from the series, or to make your very own. We're a brand new server, so a lot of characters slots are open! Come on in and check it out!
A group to bring fellow Ralphtalia/The rising of the shield hero togheter