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a server dedicated to the clans of warriors!
rp and have fun
~we have all areas for the original territory
~we have battles hosted by the owner
~we have music and game nights (xbox) (Ps4 not used sorry but i don't have money for it, nothing wrong with Ps4)
~gaming, anime and meme areas
~open suggestions, votes, news and events
~an owner that is really trying to make this server. shown by the long description
Fallen petals is a server created by Bigmamafur67. It focuses on warriors, a series written by Erin Hunter. We are welcoming of all and ask that you only follow our rules.
You can become a medicine cat, Leader, deputy, or warrior. The clans we have are Skyclan, Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, and Windclan. If you dont want to become a clan cat then be a rogue, loner, barn cat, or kittypet!
We hope to see you there :)
after the storm is a burdening warrior roleplay, forcing characters to make harsh decisions and introduce conflict. recently, twolegs have come and invaded their lake territory once again. completely tearing down riverclan and windclan's territory, the two clans were forced to find refuge; riverclan with shadowclan, windclan with thunderclan. the camps are split with discrimination and tension, and two leaders are forced to rule side by side. even starclan is split and confused! will this lead to the ultimate demise of the clans, or only make them stronger?

♡hello! vaisli here, coming to give you a little note. for this roleplay, not only are we looking for about 15-20 informed community members, but we do want a community! it's much more fun and engaging when you're with people you like, so come join our friendly staff and community!!♡