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Resort 2.0 is remastered version of my first server resort, I want this to be the best rp server on discord, with an active community and lots of fun rp!
Hello~~~ This is Reiko, the creator, and the owner of this amazing server! We are a working progress community and with your help, we can make this a huge server as we make it grows and thrives!

● The basic concept of the server is based on the animation “Monster Musume” where human can host different kind of interspecies. Even though we base on that animation, we allow the role players to add all different kind of anime and game characters you have in mind so that it will make the server more unique and special.

● We are a friendly community with little limits on what you like to do with your role play (As long as the other members agree to do it with you). While this server is mainly based on ERP, other RPs are allowed if they don’t affect the entire role players. We have a specific channel for you to give your suggestion regarding to what kind of RP you have in mind and everyone can join the discussion.

● We also have friendly mods, who are responsible and mature to take care of the members in this server so don’t worry to reach out to us if you need some help or assistance.

● Bots!!! Of course, we have bots for you to have fun with. If you like to take some rest from RP, these bots are for you to kill your time if you feel bored. We also love to hear some suggestions in order to extend the game bots in the server. You know… the more the merrier.

● Not only that! We also have music bots for you to enjoy and relax as you listen to your favorite music.

● We are also have some games you can participate, such as Among Us and we are currently adding some games for people to join.

● We have a Pokemon Tournament as well, we encourage people to catch and train their favorite Pokemon as they can use it to battle against other players. The winner of the tournament will receive the unique role from the server for the month.

● Since this is a NSFW server, we also have specific channels that are made for the members to post porn pictures and videos.

● Organized! We are well organized with the channels especially the RP channels because we want to make it look like that you are living in the city or countryside.

Thank you for your time reading this introduction. I hope to see you join us, and have lots of fun and wonderful memories in MonMusu Ecchi District (18+ ERP Server)~
Too much vanilla in your life? Can't help but agree that sexy hentai MILFs or thicc women tops all the others? I'm looking for my sisters and brethren who wants to enter a chamber filled with the hottest hentai MILFs (Even thicc non-MILFS) ready to be plunged into the lewdest fantasies! Share to us your hottest desires!

Open to all those as well who wish to do ERP (Erotic RolePlaying) with the darkest and lewdest fantasies and roleplayers who are pervier than you are! No one's gonna judge you here no matter how lewd you get. 😏

*Strictly no underage porn/hentai, no revenge porn, no gay porn, no gore and blood*
*Vanilla Peeps are allowed too! There is no kink-shaming here!*
*Female roleplayers, Don't be shy. In fact, I think you'd be the opposite once you're in. 😈

Let your darkest fantasies loose in the server with others just like you! But with limitations of course, because we're bad, but cultured at the same time, Kinky Ladies & Gentleman(iacs). 😎
Hiya!~ This is a message from Alexandrea, the creator of this wonderful server!~ We're a fun loving and open community, packed with neat little features!~ Despite, being well established, we are always looking for more ways we can grow, and are open to community suggestions!~

● We’re a friendly community with little limits on what kind of things you are allowed to include in your ERPs, and don’t worry! Because even if your “likes” aren’t allowed in our community, you can always ask for an ad in our request channels and take it to DMs! Just please make sure to put any of the less than well received kinks you’d like to include inside spoiler text, two of these “||” around the start and end of your sentence, so that people won’t be forced to read anything they may not like to hear! Despite the limits, we don’t tolerate any kink shaming, however kinky degradation is allowed if both parties are fine with it!~

● We strive to allow many forms of RP!~ While this server is mainly based around ERP, other RPs are totally and completely allowed!~ And we welcum many forms of RP out there!~

● Bots!~ We try to have fun little bots you can mess around with, but please use them in the dedicated channels!

● Organized!~ We are well organized with channels for many specific things, if you have any questions, there’s most likely a channel that will cover them, and if you can’t find any answers on your own, feel free to ask in our dedicated questions channel!~

Thank you for reading this advertisement, and I hope you join, and have lots of fun in District S, Dedicated ERP Server!~
Zentai highschool is a boys only school where everyone is treated fair and equal. Sometimes though things get a little... Sexual~ plz join
Welcome to Snowflake Hotel!
A place for filling your lusty and sexual desires!
Snowflake hotel is a place where People fulfill their lust and sexual dreams in rooms, A erp server