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Have you lived a bad past and seek power to get vengeance against those who did bad? Do you like big boobies and ninja girls? Do you like Good Vs Evil along with renegades that used to be from rival schools? Do you like epic battles with clothing breaks? Well look no further. This is the Senran Kagura Universe.
canon characters from other universes as well as the saiyan race is allowed.

You find yourself in a strange world of shinobi. There is a very strong saiyan shinobi named Koruten. Like Homura he is one of the people who use the crimson flame. Koruten brought you to the world. He wishes to help and guide you on the path of the shinobi. He expects you to do your own stuff. In the future he will than finally meet every new coming shinobi. There are three rival schools. Hanzo Academy, Gessen Academy, And Hebijo Academy. There is also a team of renegade shinobi called the crimson squad as well. You are also free to talk, chat, hang out, and romance with all kinds of shinobi men and woman. Some from other universes and some from this universe. Like lots of DBZ for example. Kagura is coming back and Koruten is now bringing in people from other universes to assemble a team of shinobi heroes and to take down Kagura in an final epic battle!

Well what are you waitin' for? There is a world of Shinobi Girls awaiting you! In Senran Kagura! Estival Roleplay!
A fun server that I and my friend made. It does have an NSFW category and an RP section. We do giveaways like Dokken (japan) and global. Please come and join us mates.