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Here at Trading Hub we pride ourselves on the confidence of our members to be proactive and contribute to the environment of the Server! Any Scamming Will be Punished Severely


¬ 5 invites = Soccer skin

¬ 10 invites = Random 5 Skinned

¬ 15 invites = Black Knight

¬ 25 invites = Galaxy

¬ 35 invites = 50+ Skins FA account

¬ 50 invites = Ghoul/Og skull < You choose

¬ 100 invites = Renegade or random og

¬ 125 invites = FA ghoul or og skull

¬ 150 invites = FA Renegade or Recon

We are a new DISCORD server, a friendly fortnite market. For all your trading selling needs, we are legit. All scammers will be dropped kicked out of here with significant proof. Sellys Shoppys are allowed
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ Fortnite Trading Market ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁
➣ Level Rewards and Self roles! 😱
➢ Daily Giveaways 🎉
➣ The BEST Invite rewards 🎁
➢ 24/7 Staff 👫
➣ Custom Currency and Fun games! 🏬
➢ Leveling system ⏫
➣ Partnerships 🤝
➢ Active and fast growing ⚡
➢ - Recruiting Fortnite Droppers! 🎄
@everyone | @here
Hello we're Premium Spotify Service , We sell Premium Spotify account's that cost cheaper we're doing this to give a donation to the kid's who have a cancer or something else . Well also you're donation are all welcome . PSS or Premium Spotify Service is doing this for them :)
Shopi is a marketplace server where you can sell or buy almost any virtual item.
We have a bot vouching system, middlemen and scammers are banned daily.
You can talk to our server members in our text and voice channels, use the server bots or listen to music.

We are looking for staff and members!
Join Flick's Market place to sell/buy items for real money or trade it for other stuff. We also do giveaways ;). Hope to see you soon 😁
This is a very new server, hosted by a trusted account selling, and some helpers. Here you can sell and buy fortnite accounts.
Welcome to our server, be careful and enjoy!
Official Discord Server for buying and selling goods.
__Basic Rules:__
:ballot_box_with_check: ⋆ No spam ⋆ Do not pm owner unless it is important
:ballot_box_with_check: ⋆ No advertising ⋆ No scams, this will result in permeant ban no appeal
:ballot_box_with_check: ⋆ Report Scams ⋆ All buyers and sellers must have a description

__We Include:__
:telephone: 24/7 Support in #support :telephone: Dyno bot
:telephone: Active mods and admins to keep you safe :telephone: Challenges and giveaways
:telephone: Voice chats and text chats :telephone: Roles
Discord Invite:
If you want Free Fortnite OG Account join my server and start Inviting People!
This is an marketplace discord with cheap prices.
I know you are interested in some of our products.
I'm selling this server, because I have it sitting in my list with like 6 people on it, so i cleaned it up the chats and i decided to sell it for $1
This is the best Fortnite community all around!! With nice people and good bot!! JOIN NOW
Welcome to our discord server page,
You might be wondering what this server is about or you have common sense and see the name. Well if you dont know, this server is for roblox trading and talking to other robloxians.
We try to make this the best and most safe roblox trading environment you can get!
This Is Fortnite Selling/Trading server where You can Trade Or Sell Without Getting Scammed And You Can Find MiddleMan Out Here
Fortnie server for trading and selling accounts :)
Once we reach 500 members we doing a BIG giveaway
The more you invite the higher you chances :)
Buying and Selling Server with general, music and gaming chat.
Memes/NSFW Section as well
XeVo Zone is the place where you can find deals for digital services and goods! An autobuy shop with more products added frequently. We welcome all traders and sellers to visit us as we provide reseller opportunities for some services too.
Saint | Selling is a brand new, professional server dedicated to selling accounts of sorts and other digitally collectable necessities.. PayPal supported.
Discord server for all your hacking resourches.
🛒 Wanting to buy products for the greatest deals and more options?

💰 Are you a business owner but you need a place where you can get a higher chance of selling?

🎁 Looking for a place that gives rewards or have an custom economy system?

📱 Or you just want to make friends and socialize?

If so, join the Discord Market! Made for selling, buying, hiring, offering, socializing and much much more!

We also have AvoTech a subcompany of Discord Market selling top quality ROBLOX Aviation and Transportation Technology! Created by our talented developers.

Note: We even have an less annoying and more specific tagging system too!

🎮 And we are not just a ROBLOX community, we support every sale, from accounts, to GFX makers, we accept all!

:police_car: And we do have trusted seller roles and permitted PayPal/Cash accepter roles to ensure the safety of your purchases. But we do advise you to be careful when buying from a seller without these roles.

We also got an Official partnership with!


*Note: We are not an official registered Market. We are not affiliated with the Discord company.