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♡Welcome to Zangle! A place to chill out, post aesthetics, and make friends♡
Ruthless is a small community that is in the process of growing!! we would love too see you in our server where you may make new friends, The server is a very happy welcoming server great for new incomers.
We are a new & friendly community trying to meet new friends. Our server is currently under revamp, please bear with us.
⥊ ⥋ ⥊ ⥋🎶ℳ𝓾𝓼𝓲𝓬 𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓲𝓪𝓬🎧⥊ ⥋ ⥊ ⥋
Music Maniac Is The Ultimate Music Server That Contains Every Type of Music !Here Is Some Information About This Server :

Tons of Emotes & Animated Emotes !
Partnerships !
Active Members !
Suggest Your Ideas !
A Bunch of Bots !
Constant Events With Big Prices For The Event-Winners !
Lots of Roles & Self-Assign Roles (Even Color-Name Roles) !
Tons of Activities !
Welcoming Staff !
And Much More...

If You Need Some Help Please Communicate With The Server Owner :@Sყʂƚҽɱ o𝔣 ḁ̴̼̇ ᗪ𝖔𝖜n̶̅͌̀̊̎̈̑̓͋
We Hope You Decide To Join Us Soon
Hi! This is a small community focused on FPS games. We have plenty channels and voice chats that help you connect with groups to play casually or competatively. Come help us grow :D
YASWNR, aka,
Yet Another Server With No Rules

Join if ya want, there's nobody here except horny guys, but if you're a horny girl, welcome to heaven!
Welcome to ''Common Sense Club''
In our server we have memes, nsfw, art, anime, gaming and many other things you would like! We also take suggestions to make our server better <3. I hope our new members will enjoy their stay in our server :D!
Key facts about this server
-Vast amount of Gaming
-Well developed voice channels
-Self assignable roles
-Moderators ready for anything.
-Friendly community
-mobster family
-And More
We welcome anyone with open arms. We truly appreciate for giving us a chance and joining our lovely community. If you want anymore details the moderators are always on stand by.
This is discord server intended to promote politics and monarchy discussion and is self-assigned roles server with ALL political ideologies!
Keep the rules and have fun!
We are a friendly server, when you do come here they’re many channels to choose from! We have selfies, nsfw, memes, bots to mess around with! We even have debate and politics for the those who like debate and politics! So come join and make friends (:
Hello! Thank you for checking out our server! KawaiiDiscord is a new server with tons of features! Our main focus is to connect people from around the globe in our little community, no matter their religion, ethnicity, or age!

Welcome To HopesSerenity

We are a NSFW/SFW/Dating/Gaming Server!!

We Feature:

NSFW Side:

Join and find out 😘

A Gaming Place





And much much more.

Memes 🤣

SelfAssignRoles 😄

Selfies 😉

Art 🎨

And so much more!!

Join Today~
*if the invite doesn't work*
L A M E K I D S C L U B ツ
Welcome to a new, friendly community! With text chats, voice chat, regular events and games! Things you offer, say a friendly community, a supprt system for emotionally struggling persons. We promote self love, self care & friendships! Unjudgemental and chill server. looking for mods & staff ! Hope @everyone has a wonderful time!
Some features that are included in our server are:
♡ Friendly Members
♡ Custom roles, self assignable roles and ranks!
♡ Join be active
♡ MEE6 Leveling system (Which includes leveling ranks!)
♡ Text channels for Photos, Art, Memes and more!
♡ QOTD ?
♡ Daily Compliments
♡ UnpopularOpinions and suggestions
Come and Join my Server! We’ve got lots of things to do! We have self assignable roles (more and different ones to come), there’s lots of bots (even more on the way. And maybe some homemade ones too!), there’s a place to advertise YOUR server in one of our many categories, we also have a place to advertise your YouTube Channel, and Twitch Channel! There will be a moderation request sheet coming soon. We are medium moderation and have some rules. Currently we have 13 members including bots, but hopefully, if you’re reading this, this far, you’d be willing to join. Long time members could get their own role, with their own privileges, and maybe some sort of reward😏. So come and join! Ittl be worth it!
A little community that will one day be filled with loads of people who you can talk to any time of the day! We have just started, so we are looking for members who can help watch this server grow and possibly even become staff! We hope to see you around soon!!
Ark Lounge
Welcome! In this server there's a variety of things to do and people to meet! We're currently working on upcoming events just for fun!
Things you can find in this server:
- Self assign roles
- Fun bots
- Friendly staff
- Events
- Friendly community
More information:
- We're currently looking for Mods
Community and Fun:
In this server you'll meet new people everyone is kind here! They'll be events and fun activities like karaoke! Not your thing? There's music channels, bots to play with, text and voice channels to talk to people, a meme channel for any meme machines out there and much more!
Been stuck on one level for too long? This is the right place to be! Here you can find someone who plays the same game and could help you with your needs!