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This is a nice Looking For Group Among Us Server!

We got a nice community!

Family Friendly People!

Meme channel For Everyone!

Play Among Us With your Friends and Everyone else!

Enjoy your stay!

NOTE: We are not the official Server!
| Welcome to Spooky Alpha Lounge! |
About us,
Level 1 Server Boost! Total boosts: 3
Friendly Server!
Self Promotion channel! (Level 10+)
Leveling Roles!
English Server!
Fun, active, and friendly community!
Events and giveaways! (We are soon giving away 3 months of Xbox Live Ultimate)
Staff application! (Currently closed)
Suggestion and Questions Channel!
Verify Channel!
Fun Music Bots!
Self Assignable Roles!
Staff Performance Channel!
And much more!
What we are looking for,
Partnerships! (Server must have 50+ members)
New Staff Members!
More Active Members!
Follow Our Rules!
Simply Join Our Server!
Be Respectful To Others!
Vibe With Everyone!
Be Cool!
Come on! What are you waiting for? Join the community and have fun with everyone!

Disclaimer: Do not use this ad in any sort of way, this is copyrighted. Thanks!

| Link |
꒰ 👑 Welcome to ♡ᵎ꒱
╰─ Royal Empire
─── ─── ─── ─── ─── ───
│꒰ A variety of bots! 👑 ꒱
│꒰ Daily giveaways ꒱
│꒰ Level rewards 💎 ꒱
│꒰ Spam channel ꒱
│꒰ Nitro 👑 ꒱
│꒰ Sponsors ꒱
| ꒰ Advertising ꒱
| ꒰ Anigame ꒱
We are a friendly community trying to spread fun and happiness by doing giveaways and making a good environment for people to relax and enjoy ;) make sure to check out our daily Giveaways
I present to you Dreams Advertising

a nice growing advertising server for all your servers to be in

We offer:
➤ Over 20 advertising channels combined with 800+ people to advertise to!
➤ Channels to look for partners, staff, work and so much more, join you'll see!
➤ Great server boosting rewards
➤ Friendly advertising communities!
➤ Premium advertising, Diamond Advertising!
➤ And so much more to give you!
we also do daily giveaways so i see no reason why u arent here

Come on and join us!
This is a Discord server where you can self advertise send memes and talk about games
We are a server which allows you to promote your own discord servers, social media accounts, and your bots! We have partnerships, booster perks, and fun games.
♡ Social & friendly people ♡ Anime ♡ Gaming ♡ Partnerships & self promotion ♡ Friends ♡ emojis ♡ english ♡ And so much more! ♡ Join our Family
-Mods and staff is needed since server is still growing.
-We need active chatters and members!!!

-We're a pretty new and simple server for people to hang out, chat or share -their memes.
-Self-advertising after level 10.
We're very thankful if you'd consider joining! (and not instantly leave afterwards)
Welcome to the Vibezz

This is a Hangout Server, You can self promote yourself


-We have working bots

-We have working giveaways

-We have active members!


|Join now!|

The Robloxian Traders!! We have bots, games, events, giveaways, rewards, drops, a well decorated server, and many more!!

✨• ¸,.•´¯ Courage Ads¯`•.,¸ •✨

¸,.•´¯ Courage Ads ¯`•.,¸ Is A Great Place To Advertise Anything including: Servers, Social Media And More!!!


¸,.•´¯ Courage Ads¯`•.,¸

📊• 10+ Advertising Channels!!!

🎉• Lots Of Giveaway Opportunities!!!

🤝• Its Easy To Partner With Us!!!

Partnership Requirements:

👥• Must Have 100+ Members

📈• Must Be An Advertising
Related Server

So What Are You Waiting For???
🐼 Panda Advertising 🐼

Panda Advertising Is A Growing Advertising Server With 100+ Members Today!! Note That If You Leave Your Ads Will Get Deleted!!
Also Read Through The Rules Before Advertising Please!!

════ Server Features ════

•✔️Has 20+ Channels To Advertise In!!

•📱 Social Media Ad Channels!!

•🕗 3 Ad Timer Channels To Help Members See Your Server!!

•🤍 Kind Community!!

•🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Open Partnerships With Other Ad Servers!!!

•🎉 Giveaways!! (Future Nitro Giveaways)

•⛔ No Nsfw Ads!!

What Are You Waiting For?!?! Come Check Us Out Today!!

════ Join Now!! ════
Hello World!!
Looking for a server where you can Chat, Ask your questions, Self Advertise, Gain YT Subscribers, Have fun with Bots and Counting channel, Share your creativity, Listen to Music and MANY MORE?

We are just a community server where any one of any kind can join !! We accept everyone!!:

Has 300+ Human users (Not including bots)

:Cool bots to use admin with !!

: Brand new server. Only a day old!!:

Looking For:
Server Helpers
Partnership Manager
Invite Manager
Server Advertiser
We have:

: Fun bots to play with
Always looking for new staff
: Youtube S4S:
Self Advertising
Members+ coins giveaways every week
Easy pay for ranks !

A server for EVERYONE including:

Anime Lovers
Sport Lovers

I will open new positions as the server get more and more organized so keep in touch!!
Hello Fellow Humans!

This is a server where you can advertise anything you want!!!
Whether its discord servers, youtube content, twitch, instagram etc.

We do tons of giveaways (some of them are weird but the admins just joke around lol)
We have a very friendly community and we would be glad to have you join us!

We have over 30+ channels for you to advertise in so you know what you are looking for and you get more members!!

We have cool Rewards And Awesome Custom Advertising Channels such as:
▪︎Premium advertising
▪Diamond advertising
And soo much more to give you!

I guarantee this wont be a waste of your time!!
We all hope to see you there and have a wonderful and fantastic rest of your day and dont stop living your life to its fullest!
This is a server for my YouTube channel! We also play games such as! Among us, arsenal, doomspire, skywars and much more come on and let’s have some fun!
Life Advertising

This is a server where you can advertise anything for free, from discord servers to social media and much more!

Somethings that we offer:
▶︎ 35+ organized advertising channels.
▶︎ Our own promotion alliances program.
▶︎ Active, friendly and welcoming community.
▶︎ Frequent giveaways (including nitro)
▶︎ Own Bump Bot and Utility bots.

Unlimited Advertising channel is only a 10 minute cooldown!

Vertex Bump:
Hello There User! You Are Reading This Text About A New cool Self Advertising Server!
Heres Some Cool Stuff About The Server!
Cool Roles Giveaways!
Alot Of Self Advertising Channels For Your Server To Gain Members!
Leveling Up For Cool Awesome Roles!
And First Person To Join Gets 10% Booster From The Carl Bot To Level Up Faster!
Friendly Staff And Owner!
Hey guys! Come join us! What do we have?
Remember to read #rules📜 before u start enjoying your stay in gaming time!!!
What do we have?
1. Game bots:video_game:
2. Daily giveaways!:tada: :tada: :partying_face:
3. Friendly users! :laughing:
4. Assistance (Dm owner if you need help.)
5.>.< A LOT MORE

What are you waiting for? Come join us now!
We are a new advertisement server who will allow you to advertise your servers freely. We have experienced staff always willing to help . We have rules so there is no conflict in the server. We are quickly gaining members and we have a help full staff team 24/7 we offer adds for:
RP Servers
FiveM Servers
Community Servers
Gaming Servers
Other Servers
Tik Tok
You Tube
Your Bots
And Offer VIP Partnerships and Normal Partnerships
We Are A Discord Community. We Have Such Amazing Things, Here's A List Of Some: Great Staff, Staff Applications Open Year Round, Self Advertising, Chill, Fun, We Accept Partnerships, Great Roles, Good Rules. Overall Just An Amazing Community Come Join Us!