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Today here you can advertise anything!!! You can advertise any discord servers / any YouTube content and social medias / e.t.c . Join today and gain some people to your servers or subs to you channels.and.have a wonderful and i hope you all have a wonderful day if your reading this
Hello,welcome to my server.This server is mostly about chatting with others and learn to communicate.We try to make you enjoy the server as much as possible.we'll love to see you here today!.We have:

*weekly giveaways

*Chat rooms

*Active members

* self advertisement
Hello! This is a community-based server, we support all goths, emos, punks, metal fans, alternative people and many more! We are LGBTQI+ friendly.
Meet Friends!
Feel Free To Vent!
Self-Assigning Roles!
Bots To Play With!
Talk About Bands That You Like With Others!
Share Music You Like Or Your Own!
This is a server to make friends and have fun! Come on in for some fun!
・゚✧ Hello and Welcome to Station Venus ヴィーナス駅 ✧・゚

This place operates as a Train Station, you can come and go as you please, advertise your own occupation, meet new friends...

Our Servers' creation offers an experimental purpose, mainly to meet new friends and welcome potential members to our more personalized servers!!!

• 17+ Only
• SFW only (Safe for Work)
You should join! JacobSB0410 Promos 2019 is a good server to promote your servers on. I am a small youtuber that can grow with the help from many various resources. Grow with me!
**Hello! Welcome to ♡ P A R A D I S E ♡ ! We just started on 7/1/2019. We're a growing server that is growing daily with a lot of new members! Here's a list of things you can do in our server! If you didn't know, our old server got raided.**

- **Become a Paradisan!
- Apply for Moderator!
- Rant!
- Advertise!
- Socialize!
- Play Games With Others!**

There is a lot more in our server! Come join us!

Discord -
Global Advertising
**Global Advertising is a Discord Server! We started on 6/5/2019 & already has more then 140 members! You can do a lot of different things on our Server! Here's the following list of some things you can do!:**

**FREE Self Advertise
Apply for Moderator
Apply for Partnership Manager
Apply for Customer Service
Game Rooms
Custom Ranks**


There is a lot more! You should come check us out!

Discord -

*Owner of Global Advertising.*
This is a server for my friends and fans.
I encourage you to stop by and say hello
lvserelle's Fan Discord
lvserelle's Fan Discord is a Discord Server with over 15 members! Here are a list of things you can do in the server!

Some channels we have;
Post your art
Self Advertising (Coming soon)
Shoutouts (Coming soon)
Growth Tips (Coming soon)
Chat with the fandom
Get pinged when new videos are posted.


There's a lot more coming soon! Come join us!

Come join this cool server!

It centers around an active community! There are occasional interactive games, giveaways, and cool bots!
We are always looking for partners.

Here we have:
Amazing bots to play with!
Great staff team!
Advertisement place!
Awesome Community!

So don't hesistate and join!
A welcoming hangout/RP server where you can make new friends! Regardless of who you are and what you like,you're valid. Talk with friends,Roleplay or try giving yourself a bit more recognition by selling commissions,linking your channel or your very own server!
Social is a fun server with many features!
-> Anime.
-> Art.
-> Many bots.
-> A lot of music channels.
-> Self advertising.
-> Infinite and private voice chats.
(The server is still under development)
★彡 Cat's House 彡★
Cat's House is a community server where you can chat about almost everything here. Currently looking for staff and partnerships. We're growing fast currently have 50+ members and have over 500 messages a day.

★彡 We Have 彡★
- Simple Rules
- Events & Polls
- Self Advertising
- Special Level Roles
- Leveling System
- Economy

Owner: @Cat the Fat

A new server for people to converse about new songs, new artists, their favorite songs, old songs etc etc, we also have channels for artists to post their music and other things!
Our server is a community mostly for Editors and Content Creators alike. Even if you are not either of those, feel free to join! We are currently looking for staff as we have just opened our server to the public. Hope you come to check it out for yourself :)