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Le serveur La cav' du développeur propose aux développeurs de tout niveau de pouvoir s'aider dans le domaine de la programmation. Le serveur est accessible après avoir effectué un test grâce à un bot, qui s'avère simple pour toute personne ayant un minimum de connaissance dans la programmation.
New Resolve is a RWBY based server taking place a significant time after the time of team RWBY being at Beacon. This server has in-depth character creation and
=====Trials of Remnant=====
This is a canon friendly roleplay server, which encourages people to play as their original characters! There's plenty of room for action and story building!

After the events of what occurred at Beacon, all the Huntsmen schools in Remnant are at full alert. The students are being trained hastily, the civilians worried, the employed Hunters working every moment. There's no moment to rest in Remnant, as some of its populace fear each day will be their last. Villages are worried that they'll be the next victim of a Grimm attack. It's unclear what everyone is thinking, but prediction is the name of the game.

Because of the increase in tensions due to the recent events, the nations require more manpower to eradicate the Grimm. Students are granted permission to attend missions to clear Grimm. With each successful mission, a territory's faith seems to be rekindled.

Though life has become significantly more difficult. Our protagonists push on to see the next day, with everyone driving their full efforts to stay alive, new strife has taken place, and people are still moving on. No matter how perilous their journey is, how seemingly impossible their mission is. They challenge their fate.

These truly are... The Trials of Remnant.
This is a server dedicated to the RWBY characters Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee. We welcome anyone who enjoys these characters, talk about the show, art, fanfiction, and anything in between.