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Obreta is a jcink forum based supernatural all animal roleplay site.
The server is not for roleplaying.

There are numerous open adoptables.
Five islands that are all fighting for control.
Any animal allowed to be played.
Mutations, Powers, Magic.
No word count.
The Black Hand Coffee Lounge aka The Infamous Mob is the official server for The Black hand tribe/clan in Mystera Legacy and will eventually merge to other rpgs aswell.
Join our developer server.
Oyun geliştiricileri yardımlaşma ve geliştirme platformuna hepinizi bekleriz.
Welcome to Bleach: A New Beginning! This server was once decayed but has now been brought back for everyone to enjoy! Please come and join us! We have both canonical characters and OC’s that can be made, as well as a large interactive world. And who knows, some strange things might even happen!~
Benvenuti ad Yggdrasil Town, la città dove tutto è possibile; un server aperto ad ogni cosa: da anime a gaming e molto altro come rp ed rpg; vi attenderanno anche tornei ed eventi molto speciali. Non perdete l'occasione di realizzare ogni vostro sogno .^.
Herzlich Willkommen in Leipzig ! In dem etwas anderem Stadtleben auf dem angelehnten Marvel Roleplay Server! Du wolltet schon immer ein Superheld sein? Oder lebst du ein normales Leben in der Stadt ? Weist nichts von den Mutanten und Superhelden ? Oder gehörst du einer Organisation oder einer Gruppe an ? Die versuchen Chaos zu stiften oder die normal leben möchte ? Dann seid ihr bei uns genau Richtig!

Oberflächlich gesehen eine Stadt wie jede andere!
Für viele Einwohner die Heimat, ein Lebensort mit Arbeit erfüllt und ihrer Familien. Ein relativ ruhiges Leben was hier geführt wird. Zwischen Traditionen und Modern mit ihren Mythen und ihren Legenden, den Sagen und Märchen unserer Vorfahren.
In einem historischem Schriftstück aus der Zeit des 1ten Weltkrieges , was aus einer mündlicher Überlieferung stammte, heißt es :„ Kinder... es war eine schwere Zeit für uns alle, die Kriegszeit, wir wollten diese Stadt nicht verlieren, wir mussten kämpfen, doch waren wir schwach um die zu schützen die uns lieb waren. Wir wären gestorben wenn wir nicht experimentiert hätten.Die erste Dosis injizierten wir einer kleinen Gruppe von Soldaten. Nach Tagen mit Vergiftungserscheinungen, erlitten ein Teil den Tod, der andere Teil reagierte mit unterschiedlichen übermenschlichen Fähigkeit. Der eine stark, der andere unterschiedlich...So erfolgreich, das noch wenige weitere kleine Gruppen, injiziert wurde“

Doch stimmt das alles ? Gibt es noch Menschen, deren Gene anders sind ? Vielleicht hast du dieses veränderte Gen ? Bist dir dessen auch schon bewusst ? Lebst es aus ...oder anders... du weist noch nicht das du anders bist … vielleicht hat etwas dein manipuliertes vererbtes Gen ausgelöst ...eine Substanz, ein Trauma, dein Alter ..Flüssigkeiten, Nahrung oder andere Stoffe …oder bist du in einem Labor gelandet und es wurden diverse Experimente mit dir durchgeführt ?

… Merkwürdigkeit , anomal, fremdartig, unnatürlich und verrücktes …

Vielleicht bist du mit deiner Andersartigkeit ganz allein ? Oder du hast verbündete gefunden eine Art Gang gegründet ? Wie du sicherlich weist ….Gruppen haben unterschiedliche Ziele Manche wollen vielleicht öffentlich gehen, manche das Gegenteil. Andere vielleicht den Fähigkeiten auf den Grund gehen oder sogar ausmerzen....
O Templo Lendário é uma interseção mágica entre o Reino dos mortais e dos deuses. Aqui eles podem viver juntos, conversar juntos e o mais importante: criar aventuras de RPG juntos.
Do you want to form your nation, fight in massive wars, and conquer the world with special weapons, quests and abilities? Join Deltarift today, and experience not just a server, but a game.
A Taverna é um servidor amigável com foco em RPG de mesa para todos. Com vários eventos e desafios semanais de diversos tipos, games, leitura, cinema, etc. Organizamos sessões de RPG de Mesa Online principalmente para iniciantes. Mestres são livres para criarem suas sessões.
Welcome to Toxiko's Apocalypse!
This server is new and looking for Beta Testers!
If you are interested, hop in and look for the #How-To-Play channel!

Minecraft Server Specs:
-Intense grinding for gears
-20+ Guns (for now)
-HUGE DayZ-like map
-Insane Community
Hey, hi there, we invite you to join our server, we are a rp server that hopes to give you a awesome experience, we are still in development but we can at least promise you the following things

-Well made rules
-A fun rp experience
-A lot of classes to choose from in a modern but with a touch medieval world
-a lgbt+ friendly communi ty
-active and supportive staff

And much more so come on and join to have a good time (and help us make this server grow)
Ein Gruppen RPG:

- Rescue Of Hybrid Species - Interracial Breeding Association-
Wir schreiben das Jahr 2019 in einem alternativen Universum, in der es allerlei Wesen gibt, die wir sonst nur aus Märchen, Sagen, Legenden, aber auch Serien und Spiele kennen.
Die Länder verkünden aber immer häufiger extrem sinkende Geburtenraten, was die Existenz einzelner Populationen massiv bedroht. Um dem entgegen zu wirken wurde die **ROHS.IBA** gegründet.
Bei der ROHS.IBA handelt es sich um eine internationale, unabhängige Einrichtung mit der man den Erhalt aller Wesen voran treiben möchte. Jede Rasse der Welt kann ihre Mitglieder schicken - ob diese dann freiwillig hier sind, steht auf einem anderen Blatt - und hier wird mit Unterstützung modernster psychologischen, medizinischen, pädagogischen und therapeutischen Methoden der ideale Partner gefunden.

Besucht uns für mehr Informationen!
Welcome to Dungeons and Dragons + 😁 Would love DMs and Players to join✨
We have lots of wonderful DMs and Players and are always looking for more ✨
Anime and Video games are always a welcomed topic 😊
Plus much more! 🤩
Serveur rpg
Avec :
> Plusieurs régions
> des compagnons
> un leveling
> des pnj
> et plusieurs autre choses ^^

Des **mise à jour** sont réaliser Asser souvent pour votre plaisance

Nous vous accueillerons avec joie ^^
Merci de votre lecture
The narrative is set five thousand years into the future in an era known as the Concordian Starweb Era. In a solar system far from Earth, there are four planets known respectively as Odilia, Medyga, Nomuen, and Gishmia. These planets are home to unique plant and wildlife, such as the Maige Vzoge, a ferocious creature that feasts on the honey in giant bee caves, and Bojurians, who are a sentient humanoid race that speak a language called Bojuren. Long ago, Rhyasa, a goddess revered, scattered her divine power throughout Kelacao to create all within it. That magic is called Magicka, and few are born with the gift to wield it. Using a precious stone that is charged with the divine power, one may brew elixirs, enchant weapons and armour, and cast various types of spells at their will. Since the appearance of humans many years ago, cultures from both sides were adopted and challenged. This gave rise to religious and political strife. Wars were waged and unions divided.

•┈••✦ PROLOGUE ✦••┈┈•

Long ago, a divine battle ensued. Ice against fire, dark against light. This battle surged within a goddess. All became enshrouded in a noxious yoke of mist and dust, breeding disease and decay in her dominion. Nothing could grow, nothing could live. The stench of death and despair hung thick in the air. Watching the chaos unfold and her world crumble before her, she formulated a plan to restore balance to her dominion. The goddess severed the bonds which anchored her to the material realm by sacrificing her divine power and choosing to become mortal. Her body, mind, and soul dissolved, becoming one with the void and uniting partially with the worlds. And with the fleeting remnants of her tender voice, the goddess cast a call of hope and despair. This call would travel from realm to realm, through cosmic dust and intergalactic debris, to reach you.

☾ ⋆・゚:⋆・゚:⠀ ⋆.:・゚ .: ⋆・゚: .⋆
⋆・゚:Something is calling you.⋆*・゚: .⋆
゚:⋆Something wants you to find it.゚: .⋆
☾ ⋆・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ ⋆.:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆

By heeding the call, you will become a divine emissary and be incarnated in her dominion. The goddess’ mercy grants you free will. What they do with this is what the goddess desires to observe from the void.
Peepz zone is a hangout! We've got most things every server probably can't fit. All we need is you and your friends! Our server is a friendly server with loads of channels, also please do remember to read the rules and use the self assigning roles. 💖

Little more info.
◘Bot games
◘Friendly Admins and community
All your hobbies are here like...
◘Weeb talk.
◘And more.
Tied together through intricate roads and trade, the Road of Vyrms is a broad term for all the strange places it stretches to. Portals open as quickly as they close.
It's a good start for any new bard or adventurer who wants to see what's out there. It's also a melting pot of all kinds of races. Centaurs, Tieflings, Orcs, Mer-folk, etc.

But Vyrms has seen its fair share of the undead, and the people are certainly weary after the plague that swept it.
Now the ghostly victims of the old plague search for a way out and torment Vyrms, and it all has to do with the disappearance the witch who cursed them.

- We are a small and semi-literate to literate server, hoping to create a neat little story. But if you just want somewhere to roleplay, go right on ahead. We have a guild system, spookiness, and community hangouts.
Western based dnd server with nice people and homebrew. We accept new comers as well as veteran players alike.
18+ Server only! Exceptions may be made for 17
Are you a fan of the Bioware video game series Dragon Age? Maybe been around the old block a few to many times and just want to try something new? Set during the events of the game 'Dragon Age:Inquisition' the Inquisition needs your help as they face down an Ancient enemy.

Will you rise to the Call?

Never played the games? That's fine! We're more than happy to assist you in learning about the lore and navigating the world.

Currently looking for more than a few Canon Characters to be filled
RPG Central is a Roleplaying server for every kind of roleplay. We do games on console, pc, and also tabletop (such as d&d, shadowrun, and etc), but we also do traditional, text based roleplay. The entire server changes depending on what roles you select, so you really get to personalize your experience within the community.

This server is home to many role-players that all share a love for writing or acting to their heart's content. It is a server designed to be home to all manner of people. Here you will find many others to indulge in the art of creativity through roleplay, or just find someone to play games with.

You should join us because…

• 🎲 Tabletop RPGs

• 📝 Text Based Roleplay

• ⚔️ Roleplay Fighting

• ✅ Self-Assignable Roles

• 🎬 Movie Nights

• 🕹 Gamer Lobby

• 🤣 Memes

• 🔞 18+ Area

• 🎤 Karaoke

and more...
A fully functional Dungeons and Dragons server that allows anyone to DM or play.
RPG simulator is a relaxed rpg based roleplay, we are new to rpg mechanics so excuse any stupidity that you may encounter. Nsfw is to be in dms only, we wanna keep this server sfw
The servers just been finished a few days ago! Please, if you’ve got any suggestions, lemme know! Other than that, have fun!