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**Epic Battle Fantasy: Unleashed**
```This server is based around the concepts of the EBF Series. (This takes place in another area of the world then the games)
In This RP you will be adventuring through towns trying to get to your current goals in the game but you will meet various challenges including Puzzles Monsters and Quests!
Lore: Survivors Of A Mysterious Attack Claims To Have Seen A God Like Creature Attack Them But They Haven't Said Much For They Are Mostly Paralyzed With Fear (5 Survivors All In The Same State. Wounded And Scarred)``` **Come Join Us If You Dare To Adventure!**
The U.S.S. Hampton SSN 767 is one of the mainstream Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine stationed at San Diego. Come join our growing crew and help serve you're country. You'll be part of the best, the submariners of the U.S. Navy.
Welcome to The Walking Dead
Me and my friends came together to form group we call the Lost Angels Club. We a group of positive youth aging from 4-29 years old who just want to make a difference in people's lives. We do not follow the norm nor fads or sheeple because we are simply just not normal. Our goal is to change the world one step at a time using our creative minds.

That being said our server features include:
*win cash and fun prizes while going through our main plot
*search zombie bodies and homes for clues and prizes.
*have fun at character events.
*the last ten people to survive gets $100 each
We are hoping to turn this into a cool browse based game so please donate to our gofundme so we can make this happen!
The king of Farion XIII has appointed a principal to run the kingdom’s finest academy, the principal has been tasked with the job of training these students to be of the highest quality.
Of course your those students, so train hard, and one day, you'll make a change in the world.
A server for racial minorities, who love to RPGs & Tabletop games. Where respect is freely given to everyone no matter their, gender identities, sexual preferences, religion or pizza topping choices (looking at you pineapple on pizza lovers😉). To discuss, share and grow our interest in a respectful and inclusive environment. We also have a facebook group.
This server combines the elements of a RPG(self-made bot) with text-based RP and, if wanted, ERP.

All gameplay takes place in a new found city called Moonside and its surroundings, located on the legendary Island of the gods.
The Hunter Guild settled down on this island after devastating events which caused mankind to lose one of its strongest tools, Magic.
Looking for a warriors roleplay server?Well here it is!

Iceclan,Cloudclan,and Magmaclan!
Welcome to the Great Clans uwu

We're a growing server,with active members!
A server for all persona fans!
We have emotes, fun bots and many different channels to help you find people to talk to or play with
We hope you enjoy your stay :D
My Hero Academia: Perseverance Of Hope!
An RPG set about 100 years after the events of the show/Manga
We're a very new RP with a small group of friendly casual Roleplayers! Looking for students, teachers, pro-heros, and villains! Feel free to stop on in and check us out! If it's your cup of tea, you're more than welcome to create a character and hop on in! We don't stress on post sizes here, if you want to type out a novel? Go for it. If you want to drop a one line sentence? Go for that too! PLUS ULTRA!
In a single instant the light of the moon captured everyone in its soft glow and in this glimpse all were out into the Infinite Tsukuyomi. In this reverse world time seemed to steer backwards as everyone was thrown in a time after the Third Great War that rocked the ninja world. Except it seemed like things had shifted from what the generation then would know to something entirely different. Some heroes of the war were never born at all while great leaders in time seemed to have met their end earlier than one would have known before.

The biggest change was the roaming beast within the land. Once controlled in the real world the nine tailed beast now roam the world showing themselves and causing havoc as they go. Who will capture these dastardly beast before they bring the whole world to ruin? Let’s hope now the villages still have the manpower to contend over the walking banks of chakra after losing so much during the wars.

Now all the villages have turned attention to training the next generation of young ninjas so they may bring glory to their village and strengthen the numbers that were lost. In time many of them may become well known heroes in their own right . . Or even the hand of villainous acts. Let’s hope they are lead in the right path in this New Era. -Gatesb
Epic superhero rpg universe where you can play as your own created character whether superhero, villain or anti-hero. Meet new people and me part of this universe ^^ ist ein Minecraft Netzwerk. Der Server ist im Piraten Style aufgebaut, von Maps bis zu eigen entwickelten Modi.
Auf unserem Discord kannst du mit anderen aktiven Unsern schreiben, Tickets erstellen, sowie bei Verlosungen teilnehmen.

Das Team erwartet dich 😉

Eröffnung des Minecraft Servers am 23.03. um 16 Uhr
Welcome to the Five Kingdoms, a polished world for your roleplaying adventures the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Here for you to enjoy we have:

Multiple races for character creation
Fun bots for you to enjoy
Countless rp channels in five distinct kingdoms
Character stats with the help of RPG bot
And more! So if you wish to embark on the adventure, join us in the five kingdoms
Welcome to Goble Studio, We would like to invite you to our server with plenty of friends and gamers maybe you could be there! All games you want, we accept it! Thanks
Du denkst dein ganzes Leben das du ein Normaler Mensch bist. Bis du eines Tages einen Brief Bekommst. In dem Brief steht: Du bist angenommen an die Märchen Academy. Du bist etwas verwirrt und gehst zu deinen Eltern. Sie werfen sich einen kurzen Blick zu und dann beginnt einer deiner Elternteile zu reden: "eines musst du über unsere Familie wissen mein Kind. Wir sind nicht normal. In gewisser Hinsicht schon doch Es gibt Leute wie wir die von Märchenfiguren abstammen. Ich habe die Märchenwelt verlassen. Du kannst an die Academy wen du willst. Aber pass auf. Jede Familie hat Kräfte die nicht normal sind. Pass auf dich auf." Du nickst und gehst auf dein Zimmer. Du liehst dir den Brief noch einmal durch und dir fällt auf das dort zwei Kästchen sind. Du kreuzt das Kästchen an an dem Steht ich komme in die Academy. Ein Schlüssel taucht vor dir auf. Du nimmst ihn und dann taucht noch eine Tür auf. Du machst die Tür auf gehst durch und dann Beginnt dein Abenteuer.
Welcome to the Layor System.
The only currently named galaxy (the Layor System) consists of 4 habitable planets, each with different characteristics and unique settings - more could lie out there, undiscovered. Only time will tell. Groups of survivors must band together to uncover secrets and mysteries, and in this world, nothing is certain - the story begins in Nolriea, first of the planets.

-welcoming community
-accepting of all <3
-enriching rp environment
-encouragement of dice rolls
-skill levels of all kinds are welcome, as long as the rules are followed
-fun + chaos is guaranteed

Welcome to the Bleach: A New Beginning roleplay server! This roleplay is set 110 years after the fall of Ywach and the quinces. Currently a new threat has arose to try and topple the Soul Society, She is the supreme hollow, and her three supreme Espada. We encourage you to make your own OC to interact with the world we have crafted, but also feel free to claim any non-taken canon characters as well! This server is a soft reset of a server that the mods ran before, and thus some of their OC’s have been carried over.
An experienced group of role players with a love of story telling and fun. We offer a world to explore full of situations from fighting enemies to navigating race courses in high octane blood sports. A highly streamlined character creation process ensures that you don't spent days or even hours making a character, rather only minutes as you fill out a sheet and talk with an admin.

We offer an experience that has been likened to Shadowrun, DnD, and other RPG style games. So if that's your thing, then stop by and have a look.
A channel I created myself for my streaming on twitch and for the homebrew campaign I DM for on tabletop simulator. I am also very open minded and have many channels for people to talk in and talk about different things. Even politics! There is a channel designated as NSFW, but the server itself is primarily SFW. If anyone starts fights or drama, I give a warning. If they don't stop, they get kicked.
[ Dungeon Ni Deai Wo Motomeru Wa Machigatteiru Darou Ka ]

> A world where a blessing from your god/goddess can send you on an adventure <

For those willing to adventure into a tower that challenges your skill, and learn from your mistakes, this is the roleplay for you. Strength, Skills, Tactics, and roleplay ability will be severely tested. This roleplay allows freedom in many ways, but in order to rank up you must train your writing skill as a roleplayer. With many races and individuality, every day can be a new experience.
Our story takes place in Quakeville (A city in a alternative version of California) Quakeville is a normal place that has a minor earthquake every 6 months. Some consider this a sign of good luck while others think its a sign of evil. Two strange islands have mysteriously formed by the coast and strange men are being found in random places. There have also been random occurrences of children and adults awakening to strange “psychic” power. What will you make out of these strange and weird occurrences?

In der Welt der Shinigami Akademie geht es um angehende Shinigami,die dafür trainiert werden,gegen Monster zu kämpfen, diese Monster nennen wir Hollows, und die Welt zu beschützen.

Wir bieten,

Einen Server für Spaß am Rp,

Spaß und freundliche Leute,

Ein tolles Team das euch bei jeder Frage zur seite steht,

Einen auf dem Manga/Anime Bleach basierenden Server

Die Möglichkeit durch Vorschläge auch selbst was zu bewirken.

Für E-RP gibt es separierte Räume mit Extra Rang damit jene die es nicht lesen wollen es auch nicht können,

Informationsblätter zum Downloaden und Admins die für jede Frage offenstehen,

Wir freuen uns auf jedes Mitglied
Dungeon Frontiers is a discord hub based on playing dnd. If you're looking for a group of friends to join in either a homebrew or other campaign we have them going on. If you are looking to host a campaign then we got you there too. Simply post that you would like to start a campaign and get a few people on board and we can get you started.
Witam na moim serwerze!
📝Jest to serwer community który ma za zadanie uprzyjemnić ci wolny czas.
Co oferuje? :
📝miła społeczność (Przeklinanie i obraza są niedozwolone, nie ma miejsca na memy),
📝miła administracja,
📝chętna pomoc,
Co oferuje serwer? :
(Tutaj trzeba zaznaczyć ,że serwer jest na wczesnym etapie rozwoju)
📝Jeśli nie wiesz o co chodzi w quesćie to śmiało napisz na parku lub pomocy,

Szczerze to nie wiem co jeszcze napisać o tym serwerze. Dodać muszę tylko ,że po dołączeniu czeka cię gwarantowana świetna zabawa :D Jeśli nadal się nie przekonałeś/aś to chyba nie zaszkodzi jeśli wejdziesz ,a potem w ewentualności wyjdziesz <3