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We have 3 custom clans; TurfClan, LeafClan and WheatClan. 1 rogue group; Divinity. Hope to see you join and have fun!

Welcome new cat, welcome to our forest! In this place we have 3 clans, dividing our territory, and pray. There is Speltclan. They live on a savanna-like part of the forest. Most of their territory is on open ground, with no mountains, cliffs, or ravines surrounding it. Cats in it are smaller than the usual, useful when you only have tall grass to hide in. Unfortunately, Speltclan does not have a lot of food, mainly because the pray isn't stupid enough to be in plain sight, so the few pray that they catch is treasured. The next is in Fernclan. Unlike Speltclan, their territory is right in the middle of the woods. It is pretty hard for non-Fernclan cats to get through their territory, which might significantly slow down an attack, but it would be hard to find cats as they rumble through the trees. Fernclan is very experienced in acrobatic-type movements, where they can swing on branches and trees, or hop from stump to stump. Another is Turflclan. Receiving one of the most unfortunate lands, the cats of Turfclan live in a swamp-like environment. They have learned how to swim, counting that their camp is nearly filled with water. Because of that, Turfclan cats are usually easily irritated and are not friendly to the other clans for splitting the territory so unfairly. But on the other hand, Turfclan has some of the most fierce and brave warriors of all the clans. And finally, we come to the rogues. They do not belong to any clan and will wander through the territories of all the clans, stealing their pray. There is a rumour that a new "group" of rogues, not much unlike a clan, but they do not follow the warrior code. Right now, Fernclan and Turfclan are having a battle for the land of the in-between river. Wheat clan does not participate, and generally distance themselves from the other clans, not willing to risk their warriors
This is the official Discord Server from Everblade Studios.
Everblade Studios is a group of People who create Roblox RPG's.
The first game we've made is "The Land of Everblade"
Join this server to meet new people and if you like playing Roblox.
It's a server where you can chat with people who have similar interests. It doesn't necessarily have to be about anime/manga/video games. We've got a bunch of different bots to provide you with something to do if there's no one to talk to, and I really appreciate ideas on how to make the server a better place for everyone on it.
Welcome to homebrew hub the hub for all d&d homebrew. Have you ever wanted to play dnd as an aboleth a dog a mind flayer well this is the server for you. We got spells classes races and more. You can even post your own creative ideas so join today and check out the homebrew hub today.
Redwood, ein kleines verschlafenes Örtchen in westlichen Teil der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. Gegründet 1847 von William Redwood und seinem Bruder Jacob. Redwood war viele Jahre ein Vorzeige-Städtchen. Familien lebten friedlich Tür an Tür, ihre Kinder gingen gemeinsam zum Unterricht. Irgendwann wurde all dies durch einen grausamen Mord an Jacob Redwood überschattet. Gerüchten zufolge, soll dies sein eigener Bruder gewesen sein. Er soll ihm während eines Familienessens in den Kopf geschossen haben. Doch nie hat jemand über diese grausame Tat gesprochen. Es wurde zunächst vertuscht und man behauptete Jacob wäre weitergezogen, um die Welt kennen zu lernen.
Doch Jahrhunderte später wurde Redwood wieder von Ereignissen überschattet. Die Geschichte schien sich zu wiederholen. Matthew Redwood, der Direktor der Highschool und ein direkter Nachkomme von Jacob, wurde tot in seinem Büro aufgefunden. Kopfschuss. Auch dieser Fall wurde bis heute nicht geklärt und wurde von der Familie Redwood versucht unter den Tisch zu kehren.
Seit diesem Tag scheint nichts mehr wie es war. Familien, die jahrelang befreundet waren, schotteten sich von einander ab. Eine Art Kleinkrieg brach aus. Jeder beschuldigte den anderen. Andere Zungen behaupten, der Geist von Redwood würde den Ort heimsuchen und nach Rache lechzen.
Diese Theorie wurde von einigen nun noch mehr unterstrichen, als ein weiteres Opfer in der Highschool gefunden wurde. Der Hass untereinander wurde von Tag zu Tag immer größer. Doch trotz allem versucht der Bürgermeister der Stadt den Schein nach außen hin zu wahren und wieder alles unter den Teppich zu kehren….
A server for all persona fans!
We have emotes, fun bots and many different channels to help you find people to talk to or play with
We hope you enjoy your stay :D
The Diamond realm is an RPG server set in the nuclear wastes of SMT 1. Act as a human, angel, or demon to fight for control over this newfound world. Will God's will rule humanity? will Lucifer have his way? Will humans delay the divine? You have the power to choose in the Diamond Realm!
Live as a maid, butler, master, mistress or even a guest in this fine establishment that is a Maid Mansion, we may be a different from your normal one however because we have demons and furies and of such options available as well as access to heaven and hell.
Wir sind ein freundlicher Roleplay Server der sich über neue Mitglieder freut und hofft euch viel Spaß mit anderen bieten zu können.
-Level System
-Witzige Mitglieder
-verschiedene Bots
Der Server ist da um eine Community aufzubauen und um eine größere Reichweite zu erhalten. Dazu gibt es noch Links zu anderen Servern falls man an Roleplay oder ähnliches interessiert ist. Näheres ist im Server erklärt. Habt Teil an der Community :D
Welcome to the Dungeon quest Clan called Dungeon raid! Here you can do raids, Trades,free carry's and more!
Model Hogwarts
Are you looking for a group of passionate, dedicated Harry Potter fans? Have you always wanted to attend Hogwarts, cast spells, meet new friends and go on adventures? Want to write out your Hogwarts story exactly as you've thought of? Tired of waiting hours to get a reply on your roleplaying posts? Want to attend classes, play quidditch, and meet cool people, all in the same place? Then consider joining Model Hogwarts!

Why is Model Hogwarts Unique?
We're unique because we implement various tabletop gaming aspects into our roleplay to deepen the experience. We also have a host of custom bots, including a brand new spell casting bot, stat bot, chocolate frog bot and divination bot. Everyone receives Tokens that allow for the purchase of exciting items, powers, pets, story prompts, and much more! We are excited to welcome you to our community! So if you want to join, feel free to do so here:
This server is for those interested in the RPG Bot. Register with the guild, collect loot, fight monsters, battle epic world bosses with up to 100 people in each server and spend your earnings in the shop! Rank up and become the max level in this awesome Discord text based adventure!

This server is the HUB of the bot, feel free to make your own server and invite it using the invite button at this link:
This server is for those interested in the RPG Bot. Register with the guild, collect loot, fight monsters, battle epic world bosses with up to 100 people in each server and spend your earnings in the shop! Rank up and become the max level in this awesome Discord text based adventure!

This server is the HUB of the bot, feel free to make your own server and invite it using the invite button at this link:
Want to be a superhero?
Or a criminal?
You can do it here! Join now.
Auf diesem Roleplay Server könnt ihr entweder
CCG Agent
Oder Mensch sein.
Es bleibt euch frei über lassen was ihr seid. Ich würde mich freuen wen ihr vorbei schauen würdet damit das Roleplay mehr Mitspieler bekommt und es Abwechslung gibt.
Fieleicht bis bald auf dem Tokyo Ghoul RP Server
Einige Schattenweltler, Irdische und Nephilim benehmen sich seltsam und bringen ohne Vorwarnung ander um oder verschleppen sie...
Kämpfst du gegen die Gefallenen, welche mit d Blut Lucifers durch die Straßen laufen oder hälst du zu den Nephilim?

Die Gefallenen bewegen sich solange normal bis sie erwachen und einen Auftrag ausführen. Sie sind wie die Nephilim fähig Seraphklingen und Elbenlichter zum leuchten zu bringen oder Runen zu tragen.
Sie sind fast wie jene die sie vernichten wollen, doch ihnen steht nur ein Feind im Weg und nicht viele Dämonen, Abtrünnige und die Gefallenen

Die Nephlim können sich an ihren vielen Verbündeten und top ausgebildeten Reihen erfreuen. Ihre Krieger töten nicht wahlos sinder geschickt und geziehlt. Die Bündnisse mit den Schattenweltlern stärken ihre Krieger durch die Runen von einem ihrer Wunderkinder.
Clary erschafft jegliche Runen die nützlich sind von einer besondern Bindung mit einem Schattenwelter bis zur Verhütung
Renguard is a fantasy roleplay server currently looking for staff members in all sections. we are still in the revising and editing process, but much of our information and ideas have been put to paper in coherent documents and mechanics. we are looking for people who can come bring fresh new ideas as well as give an outsiders perspective on our mechanics thus far and help us finish up the development process!

Renguard is trying to offer up as many styles of roleplay as we can! so far we have plans to give meaningful choices to those who enjoy the politics of court, allowing them to effects the cities growth.

if you wish to play an adventurer we have created a dangerous world of grotesque horrors that will make you think twice about staying outside the city after dark!

if you enjoy playing a blacksmith or artisan, we plan to allow you to customize the weapons brought to you. many of the rewards that the Adventurers will get will come in the shape of components so that you craftsman can use your imaginations to shape the stories through your work!
A strategy Game of Thrones themed map game.
Dive into a plot in Westeros, where you play the game of thrones to either win or die.
Let the dice decide your fate as the ruler of your house and anything imaginable to unravel before your eyes.

-Event system
-Battle and combat system
-Character decision making free roam

Perfect combination for those who wanna see the world burn.
Pls don't kill the gm, she tries her fucking best to please 'em all.
Hello everyone! Gamernation server aims to bring together gamers from all genres together to discuss and excel at gaming. We are looking forward to your participation!
”Lugos Isle, a place where Lords hide behind high walls, monsters lurk in the dark and the men… The men change under the pale glow of moonlight.” ~Unknown.

Each of the great nations of Tamriel boasts their own proud tales of heroes, legendary events and their heritage; Lugos is an isle shrouded in the mystery of outdated writings and a thick fog that has ensured that almost all that sail through do not return. The inhabitants have managed to keep themselves out of the hungry paws of empires, conquest, and devastation. That isn’t to say that the rock does not have its own dealings to concern themselves with, as the whispers of feral beasts and strange moons are becoming commonplace.

Starting your journey in Lugos, your character has been enlisted into The League of Hunters; an organisation that has become known for their dedication to upholding the safety of the native people of Lugos in the form of slaying monsters, and completing contracts. Yet the peace that has been maintained throughout the lost continent for decades is becoming shaken by dark forces on the horizon, and with this darkness brings forth an era of change. The heroes of old are passing the future to those who are willing to fight for it.

Elder Scrolls: Lugos Isle is an open world roleplay set on an Island off the coast of High Rock, ensuring an entirely new setting, new characters and several stories for you to follow! Enjoy a world that will shift and change depending on the choices that your characters will make, supported by an active community of like-minded roleplayers and a dedicated staff team that aim to provide you all with an experience like no other.