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Der Server ist da um eine Community aufzubauen und um eine größere Reichweite zu erhalten. Dazu gibt es noch Links zu anderen Servern falls man an Roleplay oder ähnliches interessiert ist. Näheres ist im Server erklärt. Habt Teil an der Community :D
Um lugar para conversar e fazer umas amizades por ai. O servidor ta quentinho, pode vir o/
This server has a wide variety of channels, ranging from an RPG (Where I DM), to a casino. This server took a lot of time to make, and I hope you check it out!
Welcome to the Valley of Mines
This server is based off of the game "Gothic 1". The setting is in the colony in the Valley of Mines, before the Nameless Hero arrived, so the story is set during Chapter 1.

If you think you have what it takes to become something more than a useless digger who gets paid with disgusting bug soup, the world is open to explore.

You're also allowed to apply for an existing character from the game, as long as he's not already taken.
Enjoy your stay, convict.
PotterLand est un serveur RPG français sur le thème de Harry Potter !

Nous sommes bien longtemps après la grande bataille de Poudlard. Cet évènement est maintenant relaté dans les plus passionnants livres sur l'histoire de la Grande Guerre qui opposait alors Voldemort et Harry Potter. Tous les enfants de nos jours sont conquis par cette histoire que leur mère leur raconte le soir et espère un jour pouvoir faire d'aussi grande choses que l'élu.
Le monde des sorciers vie alors une de ses plus paisible époque lorsque vous recevez votre lettre pour Poudlard. Cependant l'école a bien changé et les fameux professeurs ayant combattu du coté de Harry ont relégué leur rôle à de jeunes sorciers pleins de talent. Ainsi l'histoire débute un matin, mais pas n'importe quel matin. C'est le jour du grand départ vers l'école de sorcellerie de Poudlard. Vous arrivez à la gare de Kings Cross et découvrez cette endroit grouillant tout aussi bien de Moldus que de sorciers...
Hey Dostum Nasılsın ? Sende uzun zamanlar Oyuncuların saklandığı o gizli karargahı mı arıyordun ? Hah Tahmin etmiştim. Aramıza Katılmaya Ne dersin? Birçok Oyuncuyu barındıran Ve Birbirinden Güzel Sohbet eden insanlarla Tanışmaya Ne dersin ? Denemekten Zarar gelmez Bizde yok tag alabilirmisin yok küfür etme yok link paylaşma muhabbeti yok ! Oyuncu Dediğin Özgür ruhlu olmalıdır ! Senide Aramızda görsek hiçde fena olmaz dostum ! Mantık şu şekilde işlemektedir (+) ve (-) olarak ayarlamalar yaptık örneğin @☆PEACEMAKER☆ 痛 ve @卐YAKUZA卐 痛 Aynı Yetkilere sahip olan iki farklı roldür Tarafını Seçmeye hazırlan . ! Çeşitli oyunlarda Karşılaşmalar düzenliyoruz !! Videoya Tıklayarak Detaylı bir Şekilde Discord üzerinde Neler Olduğunu Profesyonel bir şekilde Sunduk İyi seyirler !
Hyperion is an original Sci-Fi text RP universe.
Set in the year 2241 the Federation of Earth holds dominant control over the known Milky Way galaxy and humanity has entered a golden age....but darkness looms around the corner.
Create your character, build your story, and pave your way through the galaxy and a server that has spent months building its systems.
This is a gaming server if you like games this is the server to be we just started but I think we can grow bigger
This roleplay server consists of 5 kingdoms! Make your way to the top! You can be whomever you want to be, if you rp! ERP is currently allowed!
Shadowrun 2080 is a Shadowrun Living Community server for Shadowrun 5th Edition. We run games almost every day of the week, and try to stick as closely to the core rules as possible (No endless pages of house rules to learn!). We welcome everyone from veterans of the series to brand new players who have never heard of shadowrun before now. Come join us and be part of one of the biggest, most active Shadowrun communities online today!
Epic superhero rpg universe where you can play as your own created character whether superhero, villain or anti-hero. Meet new people and me part of this universe ^^
Do you like Earthbound?
Come on over! We can discuss all kinds of things, such as Mother, Earthbound, and Mother 3!

This is a roleplay server which takes place in 2089 . Alot of technology,robots,cyborgs,but there are less humans and animals than usual.

The land is called Cyber-Land,the ends of the land are the walls..protecting innocent creatures/people from killer monsters outside.
The walls are the tallest things around Cyber Land,its around 18,000 feet high,everyone in Cyber Land cant leave,only the government can let you leave,if they say so.

If you try to leave the walls and your caught,they will kill you for breaking rules.
If you leave the walls without getting caught,you will never come back again,you can go in if the government says so.
The world is dark and cruel. There are alot of police and brigades. Hero's dont last very long.
Servidor RolePlay que se passa numa sociedade pós guerra entre raças em 1924. No RP Slim'S vivemos entre humanos, demônios, anjos e dragonlos. Nessa ilha vivemos em ''paz'' contra os grupos terroristas, dragonlos e os próprios amantes da guerra.
Sera que você consegue virar o presidente da ilha? manter a paz? prender os terroristas?
Venha conhecer!

Geografia do mapa:
Uma ilha grande rodeada por mares mortais.
Com sua capital e diversas vilas em sua volta, com a mais famosa ''rusenbeu'' e tripos agressivas dos dragonlos.
(Servidor de RolePlay [RPG] fantasioso)
here they story the goverment freakes out after swiftertin is heavily ruined in a battle the energy force so they in-act the No Morphers Unchecked act and require rangers to sign up and become a part of the government and they them sleves monitor and okay transformations that side is then represented by tommy will the side of the free is reped by Jason as he think ranger should be able to use there judgement and wisdom to do what they think is right and that the grid decides who can handle the power or not
Welcome to the Quiet Town! This is a rpg server which is kinda based off of MHA. This is a OC friendly place and there are very friendly people here!

Welcome to the Town Of Zoriel!

This is a roleplay that has 4 main things.

3 strikes and your out.

Your oc will either be a child, highschooler, or adult. (Don't worry the bar allows underage drinking.) Highschoolers and teachers will attend to Azex Highschool. It is the #1 school of power. The Seekers are agents that kill off any insects and problems.

Everyone is born with a power, and you can slowly increase your rank by practicing and mastering your powers.

ALERT! This is a WORK IN PROGRESS server, so some things will need to be worked on.

Overall, we hope you join and have fun!
A noice battle rp with monsters, monster hunters, powers, and cool weapons that can turn into guns if ya want. This is a RWBY based rp and will have RWBY locations and mechanics. I try to also keep it original and add newer places. We're a growing server so please join and support us.
You can roleplay, play with some bots like Akinator or idle-rpg, listen to music or just chat with others. We also have some voice chats for gaming or talking. It is a very small server right now and we are trying to get many members. <3
Kingdom of Daein is an inclusive, friendly Discord server for the Fire Emblem franchise. We have channels for every game in the franchise, as well as a few others, including channels that are spoiler-free! No matter what your favorite Fire Emblem game is, or which games you've played, you'll find yourself at home here. Come join our lively community!

After the end to a recent war, The World Of Eneron has entered a new era; the kings and queens of its central continent, Krafela, careful as to not repeat history’s mistakes. Make your character or introduce an original through a flexible character creation process, and dive right into the roleplay, never forgetting to glance over your shoulder as you’re guided through raids, festivals, organized bounty, and a spontaneous array of contracts to choose from.
WARNING- While 13 and up is welcome, if you are younger than 13 or squeamish around fighting and more mature scenes, we’d recommend you don’t join. There is no open NSFW, but it’s occasionally hinted at in the characters.
Hunters. The name of Humans who have been blessed by the Gods, essentially becoming demigods for they are more than mere men but less of a divine being. Tasked to originally slay Demons that spawn in the depths of the ground like fragments of a nightmare, snuffing out the numbers to preserve humanity.

Time passed where the number of greater demons dwindle and only lesser ones spawn, the Gods have no need for humans or the Hunters. War broke out between Gods and Man, both sides losing numbers that the only solution is to escape the world and into a new one. This world is named Gaea, Humanity's home.

Gaea is a world of Monsters, Demons, Magic mixed with the progressive technological advances of a modern future clashed with the early stages of civilizations, living along side with creatures like elves, mythical beasts and enormous violent animals that give Hunters a new purpose to simply slay demons, of course there are also occasional terrors spawning from the ground that Hunters take care of, though they are no longer alone doing it. Humanity grew with the hunters, with most of humanity now born with the ability to cast magic or harness the energy that makes magic in the first place known as Mana, an energy source that existed back then but only flourished and be well known to the world of Gaea now to be seen as now part of nature and in turn be seen as a scientific fact and now a part of life.

More intelligent creatures like Elves, Orcs, Dwarves and many others have grown with Humanity in this infant world and be either seen as an enemy, ally or neutral to humanity,

This infant world has not even reached a millennium but it has advanced and went through a lot of events for humanity, Monster hunting, wars against races, Heroes and Villains are born, Adventurers exploring new lands and making a name for themselves from their exploration to not only increase knowledge of the new world but also making it more of a home for humanity.

Gaea. Now reaching a Millennium in a few more decades; Humanity's home; World of Monsters, Demons, and Hunters.

[Extreme Apologies if it is a long introduction for this place. Because there are alot more to read for those who are interested in a fantasy world along with some elements of RPGs like DND and other fantasy games. Have a look! this is still a new Channel and only recently me and a few friends have decided to expand to a different source for people interested in Anime-inspired Roleplays.]
Willkommen in CODE DEAD!
RP Server in einem Postapokalyptischen Szenario!
Weitere Infos und Storyline findet ihr auf dem Server.

Schaut vorbei und spielt mit!
In a world where Humanity has long been extinct, a new reign has risen; the reign of insects! Create and take control of an insect character to explore the new world with your teammates. Fight enemies, find treasures and uncover mysteries in... Micro Wars!
Set in a the world of Percy Jackson, come create a demigod and go on quests, make friends, and explore your powers!