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An mature, preferably 18+ roleplaying server. Members' created characters are trapped on an island in the Bermuda triangle trying to survive and uncover the truth behind the island's mysteries.

-simple template and character maker help
-writing/creation advice
-growing community
-new ideas/content warmly welcomed
-explore in an isolated survival horror setting
-low pressure, open door rp policy
Welcome to the humble and small little Mossgrub nation. We are Roleplayers and Hollow knight lovers! We do fun and wonky stuff and im the narrator, Croissantcreep! I can do funny and deep lore and i can make completely random stuff happen! We have a suggestions server, so tell us how much this place SUCKS and how we can improve. This is one of those servers where you have to stay for a little bit to adapt to our strange culture. RPGs are battle systems and fighting our way through hordes of enemies, we also have different universes like dungeons and a tougher realm! I hope you can find a place in our small humble home, and have fun.
Willkommen in der Alternativen Generation! (RPG)

Während Conduit, eine humanoide Spezies, die übernatürliche Kräfte haben, für ihre Freiheit kämpfen, möchte die Regierung die Menschheit vor eben jenen beschützen. Die Welt wird vom Krieg der Fraktionen beherrscht.
Ein Krieg, der kein Ende zu haben scheint.

Auf welcher Seite kämpfst Du? Trete unserem Rollenspiel-Sever bei und entscheide selbst!

-FSK 18
-Romanstil (min. 3 Sätze pro Beitrag)
So, lets review what happened in the last ten years…Eh, where do I start? Well, at the beginning, Earth was about to die. Nothing too serious, you know, same old, same old - Mass food shortages, lack of clean air, pollution, diseases lurking in every goddamn city. It wasn’t the prettiest.
But like always, a big ol’ corporation saved the day; Envision Corporation. Its hard to fully explain but in layman’s terms, they developed a Virtual Reality which somehow managed to save Earth from its impending doom. Great right? Wrong.
Now, all these years later, a new threat has emerged - A monster who goes by the username of ‘Infinitum’ has been slaughtered countless victims within the VR and somehow, it’s been killing the victims in the real world in the process, which was something that was considered to be impossible. Envision is becoming less safe by the day, and there seems to be no end to this user’s trail of blood.
So…Are you up for the challenge?

Still not convinced to join the server? Well it also offers:
-Powerful lore: Plenty of lore which is frequently being adjusted and improved on!
-Minigames: Play a few rounds of different games in the RP and earn rewards whilst you’re at it!
-Different powers: Choose your class of power, each with its own unique abilities.
-A thrilling, upcoming tournament: That’s right, and its sure to be one hell of an adventure!
-Great community: Our server has active support at all times!
After The 53rd season of Danganronpa, Tsumugi rises back from the dead. Seeing that there are people still addicted to Danganronpa, it was time for her to make a new season, but skipped Season 54, making the 55th season. She got Danganronpa fans in the game, not knowing it was the 54th season. Tsumugi, later on, is now ready to take them to Hope’s Peak Academy and let them experience killing game fun.
Welcome to Heart-crises this is a DND Server that’s meant for all. WANT TO RUN A CAMPAIGN JUST ASK THE ADMINS, wanna make friends to play with dnd on discord just chat in generals. THE HCE are the admins ready to help. We love everyone that has the same interest which is having fun in DnD. All creatures, small or big, smart or dumb, shy or nice, all are welcome to Heart-Crises(Besides furries) I am you admin Ever Rose Here to help. Click that button to join “WELCOME TO HEART-CRISES ENJOY YOUR STAY!!!”
On the League of Angels community we offer a friendly and welcoming community, great mods, lots of fun bots, intense roleplay of all types, and much more! We even have customizable nicknames and profiles, including self assignable roles and colors!

Come on and try it, its free and thats the best price!
Model Hogwarts
Are you looking for a group of passionate, dedicated Harry Potter fans? Have you always wanted to attend Hogwarts, cast spells, meet new friends and go on adventures? Want to write out your Hogwarts story exactly as you've thought of? Tired of waiting hours to get a reply on your roleplaying posts? Want to attend classes, play quidditch, and meet cool people, all in the same place? Then consider joining Model Hogwarts!

Why is Model Hogwarts Unique?
We're unique because we implement various tabletop gaming aspects into our roleplay to deepen the experience. We also have a host of custom bots, including a brand new spell casting bot, stat bot, chocolate frog bot and divination bot. Everyone receives Tokens that allow for the purchase of exciting items, powers, pets, story prompts, and much more! We are excited to welcome you to our community! So if you want to join, feel free to do so here:
Are you a monster?
Are you want to go to a school full of monsters? Than you are at the right spot. Sign in today for Allentias School for the gifted and enjoy an nice RP experience with a bunch of funny people that want to have fun.
Acho que nunca viu um server desse nê?-Brasileiro,Boku no Hero e Roleplay em um unico lugar,então o que esta esperando?
''Bots variados e divertidos
''Sistema de combate e de dado
''Liberdade para criação de poderes e outros
''Eventos de chefão e outros
''Uma cidade completa do anime para fazer rp
"ERP(Erotic-RolePlay) liberado!

..Estamos te esperando"..
there’s many devil fruits and named weapons that can be taken don’t worry if you don’t know much about the story come on in and join
As the name goes, anything goes...

A server for roleplaying and roleplayers--- whether by post-by-text, tabletop/dice, PC or console games discussion.

***Currently looking for moderators. :)
╶᚜᚜᚜᚜╴SUNSET PARADISE ╶᚜᚜᚜᚜╴

Sunset Paradise is a server primarily for roleplaying on a summerly-themed home away from home. Your character can experience the journeys and tropes of this sojourn in a small village east of the shoreline in the Nagasaki district with many others and events waiting to happen.

We include ৲
Self assignable roles.
Extensive FAQ and Rules.
Explanatory information.
Unique character station.
Economy and action bots.
TW channel for more mature members. [Optional].
This is a sever for all gamers big and small, a accepting community, drama free, plenty of bot and chat to keep occupied. A friendly staff and community
Wir schreiben das Jahre 2088. Die ersten Menschen mit Übermenschlichen Fähigkeiten erblicken das Licht der Welt. Forscher aus aller Welt sind sprachlos. Woher kommen diese Fähigkeiten (bei und auch kurz ESP gennant) her? Was hat es damit auf sich? Viele dieser Fragen bleiben auf weiteres ungelöst. Doch noch eine weitere Seltsamkeit tritt auf: jede Fähigkeit auf dem Planeten ist ein Unikat. Keine Fähigkeit gibt es doppelt, natürlich können sich zwei Fähigkeiten sehr ähnlich sein, jedoch nie gleich. Doch trotzdem sind nur knapp 7% der Weltbevölkerung mit so einer Fähigkeit versehen. Und ihr? Genau ihr. Ihr seid ein Teil dieser 7%, die eine Fähigkeit besitzen. Genau deswegen seit ihr an dieser Schule gelandet. Hier werden eure Fähigkeiten trainiert, um sie im Kampf benutzen zu können. Denn nicht nur Menschen können solche Fähigkeiten besitzen. Laut der russischen Regierung wurde eine neue Art von Lebewesen entdeckt. Diese Kreaturen werden "Schattenmonster" genannt und besitzen Fähigkeiten, genauso wie Menschen. Zurzeit breiten sich diese Tiere über die Sibirische Tundra nach Europa aus. Ihr müsst sie aufhalten und die Welt vor großem Schaden schützen. Seid ihr dabei? Das ist eure Zeit, Superhelden zu werden....
Hey hey hey! You've arrived at Undying Light, a small lil' server geared towards uniting some of the PlayStation 3's users in one tight-knit community. We can guarantee that we (the staff) have the primary objective of keeping it all as chill as possible.
We have a focus on Destiny, and most of us do play it, but that doesn't mean you're forced to play it. We're open to all other games as well, including Grand Theft Auto V, Dark Souls II, Minecraft, Black Ops 1, 2, and 3, and more.
If ya need some fellas to play with, stop on by.

Some of us to look out for:

Care to play a game?
Link Correto: →→ ←← :Link correto

Na mesa Alpha RPG, cada jogador pode escolher qualquer classe/raça existente conhecida no mundo de rpg ou fora dele, ele terá que especificar muito bem e se quiser criar uma ficha para classe/raça e ela será mostrada para os proximos players irão poder ou escolher essa classe seguindo as regras que você impôs sendo você o criador da classe (para criar a classe mande no privado de um dos mestre com a foto se possível) apôs isso o mestre irá conversar contigo....Alem disso qualquer item,habilidade ou magia pode ser criada nessa mesa....basta ter criação e o mestre lhe dará o status depois da descrição....

A exploração e interpretação de personagem e mundo é o tema principal. O sistema de exploração incrementará o sistema de mundo (no nosso mundo, os personagens conseguem sair dizimando vários inimigos e até mesmo achar a Escalibur no chão ou até dar de cara com o dragão supremo). A Campanha principal se passa de mãos dadas com o infinito, num período inderterminado do espaço tempo...como se fosse um colisão de dimensões onde tudo ocorre de forma correta ou caótica...cuidado com a dona sorte....

De resto os mestres poderam discutir oque irá acontecer na aventura além de dar opções caso não consigão prosseguir com a aventura....pode ir de 3 a 10 opções dentre entrar a melhor opção (Sorte) ou a pior opção (se fudeu) basta ter.....L U C K Y....confie nos dados ou use sua cabeça.

PotterLand est un serveur RPG français sur le thème de Harry Potter !

Nous sommes bien longtemps après la grande bataille de Poudlard. Cet évènement est maintenant relaté dans les plus passionnants livres sur l'histoire de la Grande Guerre qui opposait alors Voldemort et Harry Potter. Tous les enfants de nos jours sont conquis par cette histoire que leur mère leur raconte le soir et espère un jour pouvoir faire d'aussi grande choses que l'élu.
Le monde des sorciers vie alors une de ses plus paisible époque lorsque vous recevez votre lettre pour Poudlard. Cependant l'école a bien changé et les fameux professeurs ayant combattu du coté de Harry ont relégué leur rôle à de jeunes sorciers pleins de talent. Ainsi l'histoire débute un matin, mais pas n'importe quel matin. C'est le jour du grand départ vers l'école de sorcellerie de Poudlard. Vous arrivez à la gare de Kings Cross et découvrez cette endroit grouillant tout aussi bien de Moldus que de sorciers...
Hello and welcome to the Infamous Second Son RP.
Imagine a Seattle overtaken by conduits and yet still managing to be peaceful. At least that's how it seems for those living in ignorance.

This roleplay follows the bad ending of Infamous: Second Son where Delsin shakes the hands of and frees every conduit trapped in the prison. He erected a Seattle that is walled off from the world and is built around the powers and life style of conduits everywhere. Normal humans who didn't believe in the cause were chased out or killed. And those who supported the cause were provided perks and some were given roles in the military in order to support their families who stayed.

In the roleplay, you will create your own conduit or human and live out your life in New Seattle after the disappearance of Delsin, where the military and inner government is starting to grow corrupt and the condits go wild without a proper leader.

The decisions you make will impact the way things operate in your vicinity, and if dire enough the whole city may need a change. All of these things are up to you, and those around you. Work together, or fight. These things are left up to you...
This server is for running and playing table top rpg games over online voice chats. We play games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Modern 20, Star Wars, Anime inspired dog games, etc.. Please consider joining our community and playing some RPG games with us! We are looking for some DM's to run new games. If you have any questions about the server, feel free to ask me, LeapedGold#2556 for information.
Um RP de Boku no Hero com vários sistemas, eventos e staff ativa, venha iniciar sua jornada como herói, ou quem sabe como vilão heh! =3
Welcome to Fairy Craft Reborn.

Fairy Craft Reborn is apart of of the Minecraft Reborn Network, which is a network of Anime Minecraft servers.

This server will be made for those who love and dislike Fairy Tail, so more people can enjoy the server. This server is currently a work in progress.

While the server is being worked on there may be events held in the discord server and, you yourself can help with ideas and get certain things implimented.
It’s a reboot of a older server! We are active we do have many new roles available. As of now we are open for rp and would love if you joined and stayed. Please don’t join and leave as time zones are a thing but for the most part just ping. The server owner aka meee and I’ll help ya out 😊☺️
400 years later, after the death of those from Naruto times the ninja world as returned to business as usual. The Five Great Shinobi Nations have returned to their natural state of being. Under bidding each other for missions, sabotaging one and other. All to be the considered the strongest nation. Konohagakure and Kumogakure in particular have become bitter rivals. With both being considered the two strongest of the shinobi villages, their numbers completely outstanding the other three villages.

* Hardcore Roleplayers Only
* Plenty of Roles
* Bi-Weekly Events
* Fun For All!