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Pokécord & Monstacord bots together in one server!
🎮RPG-Like Progression!
🏡Original Towns!
⚔️Original Gyms!
🏅Original Badges!
⏫Boosted Server! (Monstacord)
🎊Giveaways & Events!
*Exclusive Beta Supporter role and headstart access in all of Kanto Region until the end of April*
Fantasy role-playing game with old school roleplaying elements set in table top style game play.
Bienvenido a la Beta de War Of Worlds (Rolleplay en Español), Un server ambientando en años futuros, en el cual podras crear a tu personaje y formar parte de esta grandiosa aventura por el espacio. Trata de vivir con los otros tripulantes del Crucero B3 y disfruta de este servidor de Rol, dedicado para los fanaticos del Futurismo, Suerte y espero que les guste. Gracias
Are you a monster?
Are you want to go to a school full of monsters? Than you are at the right spot. Sign in today for Allentias School for the gifted and enjoy an nice RP experience with a bunch of funny people that want to have fun.
East Hero's Academy is a roleplay server based on the anime My Hero Academia. You can be a student, teacher, hero, or even a villain if you want.
We're a new server dedicated to being the first server to have a Roleplay based off the classic RPG Series, Golden Sun. We're still fairly new, but here's what's to expect.
-Very Active Owner
-Decent Staff
-Friendly, NSFW free environment
-Channels dedicated solely to roleplay, bots, memes, or anything you want added, we can add it.
[ The Story ]
Some time after the events of Dark Dawn and the Grave Eclipse, Weyard has lived in peaceful times. Though, the Militia known as the Tuaparang are becoming bigger and posing more threats to the peace, and an ancient weapon known as the Corruption Spawner is on the brink of being unsealed. Only a sword known as the Corruption Channeler can break the seal. The Sword was taken long ago, and is in the hands of the Tuaparang. Darkness looms on the horizon...
in the town of pripyat, a nuclear accident caused humans to evacuate and leave their cats behind. they group together, forming different lifestyles. they grow immune to the effects of radiation, but know as it gets worse and their numbers diminish, they will need to reproduce. however, they are uncertain if the new generation will have the radiation immunity. will you survive pripyat’s harsh conditions?
Shattered Lands is a fantasy roleplay server with a unique and detailed world. Explore high fantasy , dark fantasy , steam punk and even gaslight fantasy settings and themes. Build a character sheet not out of numbers but words. Use descriptive traits chosen by you or bolded within from your own writing! Navigate different narrative pathways based on your choices and character's traits. Use a writerbot to access game mechanics that allow you to post and play when you want. The game is open to anyone so join in so roll a character, immerse yourself in the lore or just stop by to say hi.

RPG Central is a Roleplaying server for every kind of roleplay. We do games on console, pc, and also tabletop (such as d&d, shadowrun, and etc), but we also do traditional, text based roleplay. The entire server changes depending on what roles you select, so you really get to personalize your experience within the community.
This server is home to many role-players that all share a love for writing and acting to their heart's content. It is a server designed to be home to all manner of people, be it those who love to write, play games, stream, or simply spend quality time with one another and talk collectively. Here you will find many others to indulge in the art of creativity through roleplay, or just find someone to play games with.

**You should join us because…**

The freedom to create your character as you wish, provided that there are of course no god-modding.

A space amongst open-minded people like you, in which you may bring your own character to life, even a development channel where you may talk with others about ideas for a new character to bring into our world.

Our server has an excellent platform, containing various channels for those who love to write and the rest who don't; you'll always find a place to hang out, be it gaming and such.

Levelling system to show your progress as a member of our server.

Warm-hearted and helpful staff team, all of which are active.


No bars on age range, but access to certain channels are taken into account.

Movie Nights!

Tabletop with amazing DMs


A place to share your art! And a few artist who you may commission to draw your character for you, provided you've the cash!

Arenas to test your mettle against others!

People to play video games with you, or even duo with on League of Legends for those who are competitive!

•Do not delay, come forth and join us right now!•
FSK 18 !!!

Dunkel, gruselig und voller Leben und Tod.
Der Dark Circus ist wieder in der Stadt, aber wer weiß schon, wo der Zirkus morgen ist? Er kommt und geht ohne Vorwarnung, um seine Besucher mit allerlei Unterhaltung zu bespaßen. Was die Zuschauer aber nicht mitbekommen ist das, was hinter der Fassade steckt. Dunkle und außergewöhnliche Gestalten verbringen ihr Leben in diesem Zirkus, manche sogar bis zu ihrem Tod, der schneller kommen kann, als man es erwarten würde. Denn im Dark Circus gibt es nicht nur nette Gestalten.
Niemand kennt den Urpsung des Zirkus, niemand kennt den ursprünglichen Besitzer. Man weiß nur, dass sein Geist ab und an noch sein Unwesen in den Zelten treibt. Es gibt lediglich einen sehr kranken Zirkusdirektor, den man aber eher selten zu Gesicht bekommt. Gestalten aus aller Welt reisen zu dem Zirkus und wenn es ihnen gefällt, bleiben sie einfach, um zusammen mit allen anderen, die Menschen zu unterhalten.

Werde auch du zum Mitglied in unserem Zirkus!
The year is 2160 A.D and real life sucks, Royally.
The country has recently 'won' a war that leaves us the only civilized people left. Becuase of this we have to make due with what we can find, but most of us decided to live through a virtual world instead. Every player has a VR helm that interrupt signals from their brain and interpret them as in-game commands, completely blocking out the world around them. Since power source is hard to come by, these headsets were adapted to run on solar power, allowing you to charge your headset while out in the real world. The game itself is a fantasy MMORPG focused around magical, and hands on combat.
A new country where you can form part of a Government, own a Business, or even become a Journalist.
If you ever wanted to develop a narrative together with various people, this is your chance! ☉
@everyone server I made, it's fun, has cool chill crew, poke stuff and ranks ready, bring your friends or gf's with you as couples are especially welcome to anime couples bar:3 @everyone We'll be doing a monthly contest with @Theelgirl's DueUtil bot that's a crossover event based contest we're going to be doing anime crossovers with prizes up for grabs for the winner, these events will be based on a season set up with a season being one full month, splits into two series for one season each series being two week rotations.
-~joker~ and Harley Quinn, your local heart throbs-
Wicked is a community comprised of people from every walk of life. Wicked started out as a platform for us to create competitive gaming teams and build, but we quickly realized that we were much more interested the community aspect of gaming. We host tabletop/roleplaying games, movie nights, game events, seasonal and spontaneous giveaways, and have an extremely dedicated admin team. We'd love for you to be a part of our community!
Possibly the best roleplay server there is.

What we have:

-Laws and customs
-Tons of Roles
-Business Management
-Many Jobs
-You can choose your name & ethnicity
-Life Like Roleplay
-Life Like Laws from the UAE.
-Lottery Weekly
-Music Radio
-Tackle Crime on the police force,

There are many real things that are bought back into an RPG server, I have worked my best to bring it such a high standard, we also have a new report system run by Tickety, Lots of features are in Alpha testing and we are looking for lots of testers to be behind the scenes and help test the server. if you want to, join the server and DM the Prime Minister. We are also looking for Deputy Prime Ministers, if you think you can make the cut, then apply now.

People who want to work hard and be apart of the community are very much warm-welcomed, people who want to mess around and live life the wrong way are very much banished from the UAE.

Join now to be apart of the best RPG community, you'll ever know.
The community of the upcoming indiegame RobotDuels, where you can chat, play PvP duels and buy perks for the game on full release (naming NPC, discounts, gift codes). we will be giving acces to the close beta in may 18 to all the server members.
An international server for the fans of the Gothic series from Piranha Bytes. Lovers of other titles such as Risen and ELEX are more than welcome as well.
Welcome to the Dungeon quest Clan called Dungeon raid! Here you can do raids, Trades,free carry's and more! (Note: There arent many People in this clan so no carrys yet.)
¿Te gustan los zombies?
¿Te gusta el roleplay?
¿No encuentras uno en Español?
¡Aqui hay uno!
No te pierdas nada, ¿A que esperas?, Unete ya!
-Historia Unica
-Rol muy activo
¡Que disfrutes del server!
Hey we’re still kinda new and trying to grow. We aren’t too active but we’re looking for more active members, and more staff. We’re just a chill place to hangout so come check us out 😁
Serwer poświęcony trylogii Dark Souls! Można też gadać o bloodborn, demons souls oraz o innych souls-like'ach! Oferujemy miłą atmosferę, dobre eventy, dobry co-op i walki. Nawet jeśli nie grałeś w żadną część, a chcesz zacząć to zapraszamy, na pewno ci ktoś na serwerze pomoże. Jeśli chcesz porozmawiać o lore lub poszukać kogoś do gry to zapraszam!
Sherwood Dungeon's unofficial Discord server!
Find friends, if you play the game or if you don't, we welcome everyone!
Ascaron - Sacred of Ancaria Roleplay ist ein RP in dem wir gerne User haben die lange texte schreiben doch ungern Leute die mit 2 Wörtern Roleplayen.

**Wilkommen auf Ascaron - Sacred of Ancaria!**

Shaddar, ein mächtiger Nekromant und Beschwörer, hatte schon immer nach Macht über Leben und Tod getrachtet und wurde deswegen von der Magiergemeinschaft verdammt, sodass er in die Wildnis fliehen musste, wo er seinen Turm errichtete. Nach Jahren des Studiums beschloss er, einen Sakkara-Dämon herbeizubeschwören, aber einer seiner Diener patzte bei den Vorbereitungen; der Bannkreis war nicht geschlossen, der Dämon brach aus und wandte sich gegen seinen Beschwörer. Im Nu öffnete sich die Unterwelt, Schwärme von Untoten und Sakkara-Anhängern überzogen Ancaria, und das Königreich schien dem sicheren Untergang geweiht, denn sein Herrscher ist schwerkrank und seine Kräfte militärisch gebunden durch die ständigen Kriege gegen die Orks im Süden. Nur die Helden können durch Geschick im Umgang mit der Klinge, Magie und anderen speziellen Fertigkeiten das Königreich retten.

Ihr übernehmt einen Helden von einem Volk und zieht gegen die Sakkara Anhänger!
Welche Freundschaften werdet ihr schließen? Und welche Kämpfe werdet ihr austragen?
Ihr Entscheidet selbst!

Wir würden uns freuen wenn du Beitrittst und garantieren du wirst Viel Spaß haben!!