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Come join our community of nerds, come and DM a game or find a game to be a player in.

Online versions of these table top games are open to everyone both new and experienced players. This is a place to meet cool people, share resources about games, play games, and have fun. Don't worry if you have no experience with these types of games there are always people willing to help.

Right now we have games for D&D and deadlands but if you have other table top games I am sure you can start our own.
Welcome to irratora. The land of God's, mortals and supernatural beings. The world is split up into factions. 3 to be exact. The humans. The gods. And the supernatural beings. It is a cruel world, where gods slay humans, humans hunt, kill, and enslave the supernatural. The borders were set millenias ago, and all was peaceful for the first time in forever. Until one man, broke through the supernatural border, and went on a killing spree restarting the war. The gods have deamed humanity unworthy and have taken up arms against them. But the supernatural confused the gods for mortals, and now there is a 3 way war. It is currently at a stand still, however humans are still enslaving the supernatural beings and the gods are now letting them. Is anyone safe? What do civilians think? Will the war ever end? Will the gods be calmed? That, is up to you.
Social Society is a server that helps you connect and socialize with other people who share the same interests as you!
We play games, have voice chats daily, and even play Cards against humanity or together! Join now and dont miss another gaming sesh!
A hub of multiple different RPG games focused more on role playing.
Games are ran based off of text posts, no prior experience needed.
No voice chat is required.

Current games include:
>D&D 5th edition
>Dark Matter, 5e supplement
>Call Of Cthulhu

We will be doing more games in the future and are taking suggestions.
Prepare for /pol/ level shitposting.
This server is for running and playing table top rpg games over online voice chats. We play games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Modern 20, Star Wars, etc.. Please consider joining our community and playing some RPG games with us! If you have any questions about the server, feel free to ask me, LeapedGold#2556 for information.
Welcome to The Walking Dead
Me and my friends came together to form group we call the Lost Angels Club. We a group of positive youth aging from 4-29 years old who just want to make a difference in people's lives. We do not follow the norm nor fads or sheeple because we are simply just not normal. Our goal is to change the world one step at a time using our creative minds.

That being said our server features include:
*win cash and fun prizes while going through our main plot
*search zombie bodies and homes for clues and prizes.
*have fun at character events.
*the last ten people to survive gets $100 each
We are hoping to turn this into a cool browse based game so please donate to our gofundme so we can make this happen!
RPG Central is a Roleplaying server for every kind of roleplay. We do games on console, pc, and also tabletop (such as d&d, shadowrun, and etc), but we also do traditional, text based roleplay. The entire server changes depending on what roles you select, so you really get to personalize your experience within the community.
Seja bem vindo ao Pokécord!
Divirtam-se e espero vê-los nas batalhas =D


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• Ginásios Pokemon (Em desenvolvimento)
• Elite Four (Em breve)
• Duelos Amistosos

Esperemos que você goste!
East Hero's Academy is a roleplay server based on the anime My Hero Academia. You can be a student, teacher, hero, or even a villain if you want.
The roleplay takes place in the year 2078 within an alternate universe.
It has been four years since World War three took place, though most referred to it as ‘World’s end’. Prior to the war, people were actually excited for it. They thought it was an opportunity to start anew. Little did they know they would lose everything because of it.
Countries turned on one another, none were safe. Missiles, bombs, explosions never ceased to stop during the war and by the end of it, Earth was in ruins. Very few people remained and those who did were filled with regret.
The government had already taken precautions before the war for such an event and had prepared thoroughly for it. In 2061, they had built a town completely unknown to the rest of civilization, called ‘Eden’. It’s sole purpose was to be used as a sanctuary for those who survived the war. It was also made mandatory that any of the survivors whom were not government have their memories erased once entering the town.
The present
Your character has just gained entry into the town and has had their memories wiped (In time, the characters will have brief glimpses of their memories). The town is led by a mysterious council, however the only known member of the council provides no reason as to why your memories have been removed. He merely states that you have been one of the few chosen to enter the town.
Wicked is a community comprised of people from every walk of life. Wicked started out as a platform for us to create competitive gaming teams and build, but we quickly realized that we were much more interested the community aspect of gaming. We host tabletop/roleplaying games, movie nights, game events, seasonal and spontaneous giveaways, and have an extremely dedicated admin team. We'd love for you to be a part of our community!
[ Dungeon Ni Deai Wo Motomeru Wa Machigatteiru Darou Ka ]

> A world where a blessing from your god/goddess can send you on an adventure <

For those willing to adventure into a tower that challenges your skill, and learn from your mistakes, this is the roleplay for you. Strength, Skills, Tactics, and roleplay ability will be severely tested. This roleplay allows freedom in many ways, but in order to rank up you must train your writing skill as a roleplayer. With many races and individuality, every day can be a new experience.
Join to get early access to a RPG I’m making for computers srry mobile maybe next time ; - ;.
In this dungeon, you will find everything you need to prepare for your next adventure.
The purpose of this dungeon is to help new adventurers join the hunt, and to inspire veterans to try out some new tactics.

We provide a fun community for new and experienced players to find new ways to play, or to find other players to play with!

Our main focus is Dungeons and Dragons 5e, but other versions like 3.5e, Pathfinder or anything else are welcome too!

Here you can join an existing online party or start your own in many different ways.
Come and join the hunt, adventurers!
This server is based on the warhammer 40k rpg table top books converging them into one to allow players to fight for the xenos or god emperor or the heretical chaos. Trying to control the universe and running armies and ships to battle, however can be pirates or rogue traders, being simple civilians and so forth. Play what you want this is afterall the warhammer 40k universium.
Our story takes place in Quakeville (A city in a alternative version of California) Quakeville is a normal place that has a minor earthquake every 6 months. Some consider this a sign of good luck while others think its a sign of evil. Two strange islands have mysteriously formed by the coast and strange men are being found in random places. There have also been random occurrences of children and adults awakening to strange “psychic” power. What will you make out of these strange and weird occurrences?

In der Welt der Shinigami Akademie geht es um angehende Shinigami,die dafür trainiert werden,gegen Monster zu kämpfen, diese Monster nennen wir Hollows, und die Welt zu beschützen.

Wir bieten,

Einen Server für Spaß am Rp,

Spaß und freundliche Leute,

Ein tolles Team das euch bei jeder Frage zur seite steht,

Einen auf dem Manga/Anime Bleach basierenden Server

Die Möglichkeit durch Vorschläge auch selbst was zu bewirken.

Für E-RP gibt es separierte Räume mit Extra Rang damit jene die es nicht lesen wollen es auch nicht können,

Informationsblätter zum Downloaden und Admins die für jede Frage offenstehen,

Wir freuen uns auf jedes Mitglied
„Waffen Hoch!“ CAMP HALF-BLOOD RPG; FSK15!!!
Die Sommerferien haben wieder angefangen und es wird Zeit für alle Kinder der Götter ihren Weg zurück in das Camp Half-Blood zu finden. Es gibt Abenteuer zu bestreiten und neue Freundschaften oder auch Feindschaften zu schließen. Es gilt Flaggen zu erobern, Streitwagen zu fahren und auch mal die eine oder andere Prophezeiung zu erfüllen. Begegne den Wesen der griechischen Geschichten und erkunde geheimnisvolle Orte. Werde auch du Teil des Camps und der großen Prophezeiung, schreibe Geschichte als ein Kind der griechischen Götter
Wir sind eine Gruppe von Percy Jackson Fans, die ihre eigenen Charaktere durch die lustige, dramatische und teils vollkommen verrückte Welt von Rick Riordans griechischen Helden rennen lassen. Und da es sich besser mit vielen Leuten rumrennen lässt, als alleine, wollen wir euch in unser gemütliches Camp einladen.
P.S. Kommt zu uns ins Camp, wir haben Kekse!
Syndice is a proboards based fantasy canine and feline roleplay. It is a new roleplay that stemmed from a RP server moved to a site where the plot continues.

Canines and Felines used to live in relative harmony together, then a solar storm plunged the planet into darkness. When the light returned there were some stark differences starting to happen with the animals. Rumours of aliens who can change their own shape and form and give animals mutations.
Who are they? | Where are they?

New RP | Literate | 200 mwc | Open Adopts | Multiple Guilds.
Day R survival is an 2D open world rpg that you play on your phone where you can survive in the nuclear wasteland kinda like falout but a 2D version of it. you can find dangerous creatures and that is not the only thing you can die from, you can find items literly everywhere but the good stuff is in cittys or towns, in this game you can craft your own weapons and armour that you can use to defend yourself with or hunt so if you are new to this server and dont know this game then play it yourself and if you arent new join us anyway XD
We are a new and growing UK Black Desert Xbox Guild with a good sense of humour looking to grow and have a good time doing it. We play on Mediah-1 for most of the time and hold Guild Quests often.
Dungeon Frontiers is a discord hub based on playing dnd. If you're looking for a group of friends to join in either a homebrew or other campaign we have them going on. If you are looking to host a campaign then we got you there too. Simply post that you would like to start a campaign and get a few people on board and we can get you started.
Witam na moim serwerze!
📝Jest to serwer community który ma za zadanie uprzyjemnić ci wolny czas.
Co oferuje? :
📝miła społeczność (Przeklinanie i obraza są niedozwolone, nie ma miejsca na memy),
📝miła administracja,
📝chętna pomoc,
Co oferuje serwer? :
(Tutaj trzeba zaznaczyć ,że serwer jest na wczesnym etapie rozwoju)
📝Jeśli nie wiesz o co chodzi w quesćie to śmiało napisz na parku lub pomocy,

Szczerze to nie wiem co jeszcze napisać o tym serwerze. Dodać muszę tylko ,że po dołączeniu czeka cię gwarantowana świetna zabawa :D Jeśli nadal się nie przekonałeś/aś to chyba nie zaszkodzi jeśli wejdziesz ,a potem w ewentualności wyjdziesz <3