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Welcome to my mother's basement. Here we play different Table Top RPGs. We're a fun community that really needs the members and some more GMs. So come on in, sit down at the table and be ready to try to kill some monsters and roll very badly. I hope to see you there. Oh, and we have lots of food.
We're a new server dedicated to being the first server to have a Roleplay based off the classic RPG Series, Golden Sun. We're still fairly new, but here's what's to expect.
-Very Active Owner
-Decent Staff
-Friendly, NSFW free environment
-Channels dedicated solely to roleplay, bots, memes, or anything you want added, we can add it.
A roleplaying server for new players as well as more experienced players! We all aim to have fun here, and have an interesting story revolving around Nine Realms of Existence derived from the collapse of an ancient civilization...

You can view our lore here!

:Things we can offer you:

A fun and interesting community of people to play with or even just talk to

Specialized channels for different topics, even regarding gaming and some specific games such as TLOPO, Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Town of Salem

Noncanon areas to practice your skills without affecting anything in RP

Pingable roles for your alternate characters - That's right! We make a pingable role for each of your characters that is not set as your nickname to improve the flow of how a ping is used in RP, as well as to list what characters you play.
You were launched with the destination set to Planet 4546B on the Aurora, the ship went down somehow, 'must of been the aliens on the planet surface' you thought. You quickly rush to the escape Pods, hopped in and jettison the escape pod and the Pod broke a bit, a metal paneling fell off the wall and flew around the pod then finaling hitting you in the face, you go out cold, 1 hour later you wake up and your pod is on fire, you lift the "seat belt" off your chest and stand up while grabbing the Fire extinguisher and putting out the fire... What will happen next... you decide
Welcome to Firefly Valley Academy for the paranormal! We offer a uniquely structured RP about a high school for paranormal youths. With a system that promotes the creation of highly unique characters, such as a boy who can move things with his mind, or a girl who flies and breathes fire like a dragon of legend, we make it all fit into the world in a logical way! Our world is dark yet delightful, and we hope to have you join us on this wild journey.

‣ A simple to use homebrew system that promotes creativity over everything else.

‣ Optional character progression through GM'd scenes, or just enjoy soft RP.

‣ A robust system for creating and scheduling player generated events and clubs.

‣ A world where contrary concepts like a steampunk robot and a skinwalker can band together while still remaining friendly to the lore.

‣ A developing world that is constantly being updated with new and unique facets.

‣ A philosophy of rewarding those who participate actively in the RP, where the community will reciprocate your efforts and help to make your character's place in the world more spectacular.

‣ A unique tone that mixes and juxtaposes the light-hearted and quaint with the heavy and dark; have tea time with your best friend before venturing into town to stop a mad necromancer
The Diamond realm is an RPG server set in the nuclear wastes of SMT 1. Act as a human, angel, or demon to fight for control over this newfound world. Will God's will rule humanity? will Lucifer have his way? Will humans delay the divine? You have the power to choose in the Diamond Realm!
It's a server where you can chat with people who have similar interests. It doesn't necessarily have to be about anime/manga/video games. We've got a bunch of different bots to provide you with something to do if there's no one to talk to, and I really appreciate ideas on how to make the server a better place for everyone on it.
Join us for some RP fun! We have a server for any preference, if their isn't, ask one of the gods, they will try and help. Don't think of us as some online RP people, think of us as an oddball family. We aren't just here for RP though, we are here to make new friends, and have ALOT of fun. If you ever feel bored, just pop on, there is usually someone online to talk with! We hope you have fun on the server!
A new country where you can form part of a Government, own a Business, or even become a Journalist.
If you ever wanted to develop a narrative together with various people, this is your chance! ☉
Biodome is a mature roleplay server set in a somewhat sci fi world. After humans made first contact with alien life, it was quickly discovered that direct physical contact could not be made, as the species had each become immune to diseases that the other had not. A cure was worked on for hundreds of years, and all failed, but finally scientists made one that worked on a select test group. As excited as they were, they couldn't simply go off of such a small sample, and needed to observe those given the cure over the long term. As such, a small planet was cordoned off for the volunteers given the cure to live in. A biodome.

In this server, you can build a character from one of our list of evergrowing races, customize your character on the fly with special gene modifying items, and much more. This server allows ERP, but also promotes CRP (Combat roleplay) and general interaction
(Swedish Server)
Denna server är en riktig godis skål, vi har medlemmar från alla olika åldrar och vi har medlemmar som spelar på helt olika sätt. Personer som bara bygger, personer som bara skapar simmar och personer som skapar olika historier med sina simmar och dem som spelar med generationer. Dagarna är inte alls liks sig här utan allt kan hända dock är det en del av charmen i denna servern.

Det är medlemmarna som har format till vad servern är idag, utan dem skulle det vara en väldig tråkig godis skål.

Kom med oss!
This is a tale; a tale of war, friendship, death, and life.

The year is back in the Medieval Times, when monsters and creatures roamed at their finest, everything was powered with magic and life! And there was constant war for that incredible power... there were the humans, angels, demons, mer-people, vampires, golems, dragons (even hybrids), and many more.

They all lived within the Land of Asturias. Kingdoms all divided into separate regions, but there has been some people who gained the power of the lands... they have gone crazy themselves... making their own territory...

You shall now join one of these regions... will your choices make you the hero of your land... or will you bring choas and distruction in your wake...?
The Cells is a role playing server that is not very NSFW (Some swearing) Its about a prison that holds superhuman children, who are captured by scientists to study, as they are also feared by normal human beings.
Model Hogwarts
Are you looking for a group of passionate, dedicated Harry Potter fans? Have you always wanted to attend Hogwarts, cast spells, meet new friends and go on adventures? Want to write out your Hogwarts story exactly as you've thought of? Tired of waiting hours to get a reply on your roleplaying posts? Want to attend classes, play quidditch, and meet cool people, all in the same place? Then consider joining Model Hogwarts!

Why is Model Hogwarts Unique?
We're unique because we implement various tabletop gaming aspects into our roleplay to deepen the experience. We also have a host of custom bots, including a brand new spell casting bot, stat bot, chocolate frog bot and divination bot. Everyone receives Tokens that allow for the purchase of exciting items, powers, pets, story prompts, and much more! We are excited to welcome you to our community! So if you want to join, feel free to do so here:
In der Sira Akademie geht es um Schüler,die dafür trainiert werden,gehen Monster zu kämpfen und die Erde zu beschützen. Dabei hat jeder Schüler seine eigene besondere Fähigkeit. Der Server existiert noch nicht lange und ich würde mich freuen,wenn du drauf kommen würdest^^
Final Fantasy fan community. Final Fantasy News/Reviews/Gaming. If you're a Square-Enix or JRPG fan, check us out!

We are a group of like-minded fans where you can talk about all things JRPG! This community is uniquely organized with levels, role rewards, bots and more! If you're a JRPG fan you'll enjoy this community.

We are a brand new server trying to find its feel. Come join us. We allow any of the 18 space marine legions along with the Xenos, and Eldar to be used. You can bring your own OCs on to the battle field and shape the future as you see.

This server only follows the canon lore at the start as the server continues the store can and most likely will change. Will Horus gain more followers and kill the Emperor, will the Emperor snap and wipe the legions out to start again...anything is possible.
Serwer poświęcony trylogii Dark Souls! Można też gadać o bloodborn, demons souls oraz o innych souls-like'ach! Oferujemy miłą atmosferę, dobre eventy, dobry co-op i walki. Nawet jeśli nie grałeś w żadną część, a chcesz zacząć to zapraszamy, na pewno ci ktoś na serwerze pomoże. Jeśli chcesz porozmawiać o lore lub poszukać kogoś do gry to zapraszam!
Just a fun group of guys who like to game and have fun. Join if you want and your guaranteed a good time
Hello, hello! We are a merfolk roleplay where you can be a merperson or a human. We have many different species of mermaid and we don’t discriminate anyone. We’re very welcoming and don’t tolerate racism, sexism, or NSFW. You can suggest new channels, bots, and more! Join us and create amazing characters.
A strategy Game of Thrones themed map game.
Dive into a plot in Westeros, where you play the game of thrones to either win or die. Soon starting a new scenario during the ''War of Ninepenny Kings''.
Event based, roll based, with actual cunty people who are also cool, and badmins.
Perfect combination for those who wanna see the world burn.
Pls don't kill the gm, she tries her fucking best to please 'em all.
A roleplay where you collect souls and get stronger. Meet new people and have fun.
Here you will explore the world of Xel; an advanced universe where magic, science, and advanced technology live along side one another. Step into a life and live your story; be a wage slave for one of the massive MegaCorps who rule the world, join a organization, live a life of crime, become someone, or die forgotten. Here your choices are your own…or at least that’s what they tell you. Dive in because this life is only what your masters make it.