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Welcome to homebrew hub the hub for all d&d homebrew. Have you ever wanted to play dnd as an aboleth a dog a mind flayer well this is the server for you. We got spells classes races and more. You can even post your own creative ideas so join today and check out the homebrew hub today.
Pokécord & Monstacord bots together in one server!
🎮RPG-Like Progression!
🏡Original Towns!
⚔️Original Gyms!
🏅Original Badges!
⏫Boosted Server! (Monstacord)
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*Exclusive Beta Supporter role and headstart access in all of Kanto Region until the end of April*
Este é o conto dos ladrões... você morreu e foi parar no mundo do roubo. Então cuidado! Tudo pode acontecer e ser roubado, literalmente... Então embarque nessa aventura para não ser roubado...

Lema: ¨É roubar, ou ser roubado
Day R survival is an 2D open world rpg that you play on your phone where you can survive in the nuclear wasteland kinda like falout but a 2D version of it. you can find dangerous creatures and that is not the only thing you can die from, you can find items literly everywhere but the good stuff is in cittys or towns, in this game you can craft your own weapons and armour that you can use to defend yourself with or hunt so if you are new to this server and dont know this game then play it yourself and if you arent new join us anyway XD
RPG Central is a Roleplaying server for every kind of roleplay. We do games on console, pc, and also tabletop (such as d&d, shadowrun, and etc), but we also do traditional, text based roleplay. The entire server changes depending on what roles you select, so you really get to personalize your experience within the community.
Stretching past the northern border of the civilized world, the lands Forgotten by the Flame are a beacon to every exile, freebooter, adventurer, colonist and all others who would seek their fortune off the edge of the map. Join them and maybe one day you will be able to return from the wilderness, clothed in riches and glory.

Lands Forgotten by the Flame is an ongoing game in the "West Marches" style, offering sandbox play with a flexible, player-driven schedule. LFBTF uses the Spears of the Dawn system, a variant of Stars Without Number. This system is easy to learn, especially for those who have experience with d20 systems before, such as Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder.

Join us here if any of the following appeal to you:

-Flexible Scheduling that is driven by the player. All the action is according to the will of the players: you choose what you want to do, set a time and see who will come with you.

-Sandbox play. The world is there for you to take it. Whether you want to gain your place in the world by force of arms, insight and intellect, or a silver tongue, the way you go about it is up to you. You work at the behest of no one but yourself, so all that you reap is yours, too.

-A vast, living world that you can help mold. The empire is still an unknown, it's history and it's nature a blank map. Feel free to make it yours. The Lands Forgotten by the Flame are not so malleable, but they live. Civilization will take hold and grow if you feed it and the wilderness will not idly as you plunder it of it's sacred treasures and forgotten secrets.

-The chance to make your name in the halls of the great and mighty. Is it wealth that you desire? A noble's title? A name known to the gods? Maybe you wish a fortress and a crown of your own? Whichever it is, with determination and a little luck, it can be yours.

Note: System is Spears of the Dawn/Stars Without Number. OSR, for those who are familiar with it.
1 developer creating a single player RPG game! Stay up to date by checking the patch notes and be 1 of the first ones to try out the game!
Syndice is a proboards based fantasy canine and feline roleplay. It is a new roleplay that stemmed from a RP server moved to a site where the plot continues.

Canines and Felines used to live in relative harmony together, then a solar storm plunged the planet into darkness. When the light returned there were some stark differences starting to happen with the animals. Rumours of aliens who can change their own shape and form and give animals mutations.
Who are they? | Where are they?

New RP | Literate | 200 mwc | Open Adopts | Multiple Guilds.
Habt ihr Bock auf einen deutschsprachigen Harry Potter RPG Server? Dann joint uns :)
Da es nur sehr wenig davon gibt, habe ich mich dazu entschieden einen zu gründen.
Come one down to this kingdom from the outrelm. Talk about all things fire emblem here!
-Metro Last Dawn Main Lore-
Leopold V King Of BelgiumToday at 5:44 PM
The bombs have fallen and thus humanity have reduced to sunder, but few lucky ones which have survived have taken shelter down in the metro-stations which have been used as bomb-shelters, the goverment tried to restore order which failed greatly thusly making those survivors which are around form their own factions and own ideas which are centralised upon the old pre-war eras like communism and nazism which are now taking firm hold. For now the year 2040 is on as the above-surface world remain ever so dangerous but stalkers still venture forth, the factions such as the Red-Line and Fourth Reich plot against one another for war as The Order remains firm in it's neutral stance in protecting people in the metro, it is up to you metro-dweller to make you're mark upon metro-history..
A Marvel RP Server That you Can rp on through The use of OG characters And OCs
A community for fans of story-driven video games, i.e. video games in which the narrative is one of the most important aspects of the experience.
The Ancient Mage, The High Elf Endalmo has Risen. His causes aren't for good. He is trying to get to Etherius. And the kingdoms have hidden in their keeps. United we stand as a beacon of hope to unite the kingdoms and strike Endalmo down.
Biodome is a mature roleplay server set in a somewhat sci fi world. After humans made first contact with alien life, it was quickly discovered that direct physical contact could not be made, as the species had each become immune to diseases that the other had not. A cure was worked on for hundreds of years, and all failed, but finally scientists made one that worked on a select test group. As excited as they were, they couldn't simply go off of such a small sample, and needed to observe those given the cure over the long term. As such, a small planet was cordoned off for the volunteers given the cure to live in. A biodome.

In this server, you can build a character from one of our list of evergrowing races, customize your character on the fly with special gene modifying items, and much more. This server allows ERP, but also promotes CRP (Combat roleplay) and general interaction
A dystopian roleplay server, based in an eastern city in which many street gangs fight for power. Come check it out! Everyone is welcome, the community is made by friendly people and many artists!
Are you a fan of the Bioware video game series Dragon Age? Maybe just want to try something new? Come Join The Inquisition and help stop the end of the world! The setting? Thedas, 9:41 Dragon of course! Never played the games? That's fine! We're more than happy to assist you in learning about the lore and navigating the world.
Join to get early access to a RPG I’m making for computers srry mobile maybe next time ; - ;.
This is a growing server based on a broken game on ROBLOX called 'Arcane Adventures' - A magic-based RPG game. This remake with touches of originality is to bring back the game and more to it. This version is called 'Arcane Escapade'.
The year is 2160 A.D and real life sucks, Royally.
The country has recently 'won' a war that leaves us the only civilized people left. Becuase of this we have to make due with what we can find, but most of us decided to live through a virtual world instead. Every player has a VR helm that interrupt signals from their brain and interpret them as in-game commands, completely blocking out the world around them. Since power source is hard to come by, these headsets were adapted to run on solar power, allowing you to charge your headset while out in the real world. The game itself is a fantasy MMORPG focused around magical, and hands on combat.
A Warhammer 40k RP! (Yes, REALLY!)
-『Easy application, friendly staff! 』
- 『Any Imperial faction! 』
-『Lore light, focused on RP! 』
-『Staff run missions & events or free RP 』
-『New server, get in on the ground floor! 』
-『Ńo҉ẁ ̧Wi͡t́h̀ 10%͏ ̶Les͢s ̡H͜ereśy!͠ 』
Hello, the name’s Trevor and I’m going to be running a D&D 5e Campaign with up to 4-6 players.

Hidden Ruins and Undying Secrets:
The known world is made up of three continents, one is ruled by the Kingdom of Nelith, another by an Unbending Empire, and the third is shared between the Empire and the Awraya Alliance. The Campaign begins in the scholarly city of Ausheen, which rests to the east of Nelith’s Capitol. The Townsfolk speak of a strange adventuring party that had left the city a little while ago, apparently they had been hired by one of the Academy's Scholars. Once inside the Academy the party will find the scholar, who is willing to pay them greatly in gold in return for exploring the three forgotten temples of the goddesses.

Character Creation:
Please make a Level 1 Character
XP Character Progression
Standard Array

Playable Races:
We are a new and growing UK Black Desert Xbox Guild with a good sense of humour looking to grow and have a good time doing it. We play on Mediah-1 for most of the time and hold Guild Quests often.