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Ferro Ignique(Fire and Iron) is a Semi-realistic RPG in a Gothic medium fantasy setting. we have a small but welcoming community, plenty of lore, and a world that is constantly expanding and bringing new things and places for the players to explore. we have a functioning combat system involving dice and modifiers which at first glance may look complicated, but is actually quite simple. so come on in, have a talk with a staff member and get a character built today!
Pick a God, Pray and earn their favor to earn blessings and abilities unique to that God alone!
Party up and go on quests to earn your living.
Struggle for the entertainment of Creator, The God of Gods.

You were chosen at a random time and place to be summoned by a king from another world, though first you were dropped off in the world of god’s, some of them seem friendly or nice to you but what will happen when you actually enter the world, and what is with this strange status system that you seem to be able to pull up on command as well?