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Ferro Ignique (Realistic Fantasy RP\RPG)
We are semi-fantasy style roleplaying server.

Have you ever heard the range of stories of tabletop RPGs? Have you ever wanted to try it out but didn’t like the heavy restrictions and brutal player-base? Then Ferro Ignique is just the roleplay server for you! Created back in May of 2018, Ferro Ignique is set on the planet of Nira, with the central hub being the land of Gothinheim and its flourishing city. Every aspect of Gothinheim has lore and most of it has been created by the player-base! With a new plotline in the making and a world that is constantly expanding and bringing new things and places for the players to explore, the server calls upon you to help forward the legends!

-We Feature an active staff team and competent moderation
-All roleplayers aged 13 and above are welcome
-Our roleplay is planned by scheduled events but is shaped by the player-base
-Most roleplay here varies from long-term to short-term
-The community is welcoming and accepting of everyone, regardless of timezones, with open arms.
-We offer a variety of features such as a player shop, immersive music, and custom player themes!
-Do you have an idea or recommendation for the server? We have a suggestions channel just for that! Even small things such as a simple item can be beneficial or approved within the server.
-Do you want to be a GM or a Spectator? We have several trials to become a Game Master, so that those who are more comfortable and suited to the task of becoming one can do so. Furthermore, those who desire to watch the RP may do so with the Spectator role.

-We are currently open to partnership opportunities with other servers.

Keep in mind that roleplay is taken seriously here, and some sort of reading is required to create or port over an OC; to understand you must be able to lightly read items
Welcome.. I am the grand wizard.. and here is the Land of Edias, a place of great wonder and power! And you are a New born.. a thing that was birthed from manna itself, you are inclined to have magic and great powers. You may not know it, but your powers will grow with in time, and all will ether bow before you. Or look to you for guidance. Become Legend!

We Are in need of Active Role players, as well as Admins. There are spots open for the royalty and Players will help shape the modern world in this server. We will listen to what you have to say, and we will do our part to make this an enjoyable experience for all!

Give us an shot, i promise you won't regret it! Come on down here, we will be waiting to new player to hop on and join up! And if you decide to join. Bring some friends along as well, the more people, the better!

Some of Us do Live in different time zones making the server dead at times. Please be aware of this!
Pick a God, Pray and earn their favor to earn blessings and abilities unique to that God alone!
Party up and go on quests to earn your living.
Struggle for the entertainment of Creator, The God of Gods.

You were chosen at a random time and place to be summoned by a king from another world, though first you were dropped off in the world of god’s, some of them seem friendly or nice to you but what will happen when you actually enter the world, and what is with this strange status system that you seem to be able to pull up on command as well?