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Hello and Welcome to our kingdom. We're a new rp server and are accepting anyone who follows our rules. Ask our admins about our lore if you are curious about joining.
Warfare RP is a RP that has combat and alliances. There are currently 4 factions, Mages, Republic, Mercanary and Alliance. Be one of these 4 factions and decide your character's fate. We have friendly staff and people here, we also include nsfw.
We are a modern fantasy and science fiction roleplay server located in a fictional town─Halivara. Join today and create a character based on existing species, or even create your own! You can even start your own business, or attend the local high school!

「 ♡ 」ˎˊ- what we offer... ⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾

≫ ┊unlimited original characters!
≫ ┊custom species and businesses!
≫ ┊various roleplay styles!
≫ ┊friendly & active staff! ♡
≫ ┊server shop!
≫ ┊voice channels & music bots!
≫ ┊partnerships w/ similar servers!
This is a BNHA based roleplay server, we have students, teachers, heroes, and villains! You get to make your own quirks and ocs, better yet have fun.
Come join us for some fun RP! Make your own OC! Make Your Own Story here in the world of Steven Universe! You can either fight alongside rose quartz or fight against her with the diamonds. It's your choice! Come have fun with us here!
~•Welcome to Camp Half Blood!•~

We are an oc-only roleplay server, since the rp takes place after all the events of Rick Riordans books. But creating your own character is part of the fun!

What we offer:
•An LGBTQ+ friendly community
•Bots such as Miki, Dyno, Rythm and Tatsumaki
•All 20 cabins [Excluding Hera and Artemis since they have no demigod children]
•Seperate cabins for gods who don't have cabins in the canon series
•Custom emojis
•Self assignable roles
•Nice people to roleplay with

We hope you join us!
Welcome to The Realm of Fantasy

In this Universe let your imagination run wild (with a few small restrictions) as you can finally have that dream character!

This RP takes place in the Kingdom/City/town known as Lion's Arch, where it is a safe haven for partial humans, other totally normal beings, and everything in between! There are people from different realms, since for people like us things never go right.

--this server includes--

An active staff team

many, many opportunities for character development

a story in the making, for those interested

an expanding List of Dimensions of origin, from anywhere you'd like.

---please enjoy your stay here in The Realm of Fantasy--
Welcome to Sentinels RP!
This is a roleplay server with many great people in it!
We currently have two different sections, those being The Age of the EB and SA, and The Last Lands.

In The Age of the EB and SA you must choose between joining to superhero organization of the SA, and the villainous group of people that call themselves the EndBringers. Or you can choose a neutral faction or just not join one at all, it's all for you to choose!

The Last Lands takes place in the year 4124. The forces of Death have defeated the SA, and they destroyed Earth, recreating it to be "perfect". Now few remain in this strange apocalyptic world, some are trying to live a very abnormal normal life, or they're grouping together, planning to defeat Death. What will you choose in this world? Will you submit to the forces of Death? Or will you rise up and try to bring the world back to what it once was?
Hello! Welcome to LVP High School. We accept all students ready to prosper. We are a growing community with an awesome Student Council.

-Interact with New People
-Replicate the High School Experience
-Make friends
-Talk to the Student Council President who loves you very much
-Don't die
-And many more things to do!

As a student who's had their high school experience taken from them, I've been able to live the high school social experience with RP. I would assume there are plenty others like me. As this is the case, I wanted to create a server that can replicate that experience people like me have lost. Please take this into consideration when joining. Thank you!
A roleplay centering around the Madoka Magica series that currently has around 50 users. Create up to three characters and fight witches!

Please be sure to read the server and roleplay rules before submitting a character for approval!
✧ Welcome to Kingdoms Of Zekunda! We are a fantasy RP server based in the Renaissance period, and are very accepting of everyone, and are always willing to help you make a bio to fit this world! Develop characters, stories, and interact with other people on your various missions. Anyone can make a character, and anyone can make their own unique story! ✧


✧ ❃ ╠══ We are an active server with helpful and chill staff 👋 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ Always looking for new staff 📩 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ Creative lore, races, and social roles 📚 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ A varying group of people, from pirates, to royalty, to just simple travelers 🌱 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ Fun bots, and creative members 🎨 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ Lots of NSFW channels 💋 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ A very accepting, non-toxic community 💕 ══╣❃ ✧


✧ Come join us today, I bet you’ll find something you like ✧
Welcome to the Kingdom of Raseon!
Raseon is a Kingdom set somewhere in the Medieval ages. It is home to many different races such as Humans, Elves, Werewolves, Vampires, Cat Folk, and others!
Here we have:

⭐️- Friendly Staff & Community Members

⭐️- Multiple Races to play as!

⭐️- Magics to use!

⭐️- Fun, Decent Roleplay Involvemnet.

Please, Join our Small Community and watch us grow! ^-^
(If the link doesn't work; try copying and pasting the link below.)

Welcome to Resident Evil/Biohazard: Revelations | Roleplay! A server in which you can RP events within the Resident Evil universe. All events take place after Resident Evil 7: Biohazard/Biohazard 7: Resident Evil.

What's in store.
-A fun roleplaying experience.
-Good roleplay.
-Active community.
-Organized server.
-Name colors. (Ask an Admin for one of these.)
-A chance to get Admin.
Want to join a Nintendo (Nintondo is spelt wrong on purpose) roleplay? Here is your chance? In this server we include worlds like: Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Sonic, and many more! Suggestions are always open to add other towns. Choose your nintendo character or make up your own!
Welcome to the country of Natora, and it's most powerful guild, the Mercenaries' Guild! There are plenty of fun times to be had in this strange world of strange mutations and catastrophic calamities. Come join, to see if you can save the god damn world, or just smash your way to victory too I guess.
『Anime themed erotic role-playing community!』
• Wide variety of members and large RP locations to suit any need
• Supportive community that'll help anyone who needs it
• Staff members that'll try their best to listen and will response quickly to any reports
• Leveling system that will show off your dedication to the server
• Pokécord and other fun bots like; Mantaro, Bongo-Dongo, Rhythm, and much more
• Self assignable roles to give quick information about yourself and preferences
We'll be pleased to see you in Midaranapolis and make our group even better!
A roleplay server set in an crimally insane asylum. Play as a staff member(nurses, doctors, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, psychotherapist, guards, lifeguards) or a criminally insane patient! We have a friendly community and everyone is welcome and hopefully you’ll fit in!
Bane is many things. It is the Curfew that comes at sunset. It is also the continuous Rain every dawn, dusk and midnight. It is the Animals who come subsequent to the Curfew. Any citizen who is not hiding after curfew will be butchered like a pig and fed to the pit, the hollow, the crater, the Abyss that awaits at the center of this godforsaken city. No one dares to get very close to it but everyone knows it's the provenance of it all. It has been this way for years and the elders are slowly dying out. Another generation is beginning and the stories the old ones have to tell are difficult to hear. It is up to you to try to listen.

Blood & Rain is a roleplay server revolving around a dangerous sundown Curfew. As you read above, any who are late to hide will die. Though it is still in progress here and there, this is what it has to offer:
‣ A growing lore, a blend of simple and in-depth writing.
‣ Open moderator applications!
‣ A fantasy setting full of steampunk creations, monsters, ghouls, ghosts, cults of madness, death, romance, and so much more that only a roleplayer can create.
‣ Canon characters for you to play as! (You get 3 OC slots and 2 canon slots)
‣ The list can go on and on about how 'great' the staff is and all the stuff, but it's best if you swallow this melted cheese of a server description and just get your ass in here to check it out.
Welcome to our new Marvel rp server where you can create your own hero and become part of shield to help protect the earth against the forces of evil! If you like you can also join the villains and fight against the heroes! This is not just one story it's everyone's story. Make friends, enemies, or perhaps those in between it's a big world lets see how it goes.
[ Halo Warfare ]
Halo Warfare is set directly before the events of halo 3 and from that point does not follow cannon, but the battles and stories told.
Feel free to join **Steven Universes**
We have a Diamond Authority, high class gems, elite soldiers, foot soldiers, pearls, and more!
You may be a homeworld gem, a rebel, fusion, corruption, hybrid, or a human(and more)
There is an art channel, commission channel, weekly art events, and so much more than I can list!
We welcome you to our server!
The truck runs over another pothole and you ram your head into the roof. Again. Rubbing the sore spot slowly, you wonder what horrors will await you once they take the blindfold off. You’ve heard the stories. The statue that only moves when you look away, the infinite staircase, full to the brim of horrors, the son of Satan himself.

You shiver in fear. It’s been one hell of a journey to get here. A plane, then by car for a couple of days, another plane, train travel, then finally this cube van.
The guards in the front seat laugh over something on the radio. Frankly, you’re surprised that they can even get a signal up here.

Where is here anyway?

The bumping stops and the vehicle slows down. Your heart pounds in your chest. Is it time?
The guards yell. A hearty laugh in return. The sound of amiable chatter in a language you don’t know. Finally, the van moves again.
A wailing siren and the sounds of metal grinding against pavement fills your ears. Gates open. Intercom sounds.

You wring your hands, the panic setting in. Why the hell did you think accepting this job was a good idea?

The van door slides open and a blast of cold air hits your face. A strong hand helps guide you out of the van, and you take in what you can of your surroundings.
The hand pulls you forward, and you can do nothing but stumble forwards.
There are doors opening, keycards being swiped, passwords being inputted. Everything is busy, everyone is busy, all working towards a common goal.
To Secure.

To Contain.

To Protect.

You’re lead into a warm room, then down what seems to be an infinite amount of corridors. A door opens, and you’re lead inside.
The hand guides you around a metal table and takes you to a chair. You sit down and take a deep breath.
The blindfold is removed, and you blink to clear your eyes. The room is dimly lit, and a figure stands in the corner, smoking a cigarette. He does not turn to face you but continues to stare off into the distance. He turns his head slightly and glances at you, most of his facial features still hidden by shadow. A hint of a smile tickles the corner of his mouth, obviously seeing the look of fear on your face.

The only words that exit his mouth are, “Welcome to Site 86.”

Welcome to SCP: Dark Zone! We’re a fairly new roleplay, so original lore for the roleplay will be on its way soon. If you would like to submit lore of your own or help out the server in any way, make sure to contact the owner or an admin. We are accepting of everyone and will do our best to make sure you feel included in our community!
Welcome to the Moonlight Dreams server! where your dreams come true, we have a bunch of fun channels sure to catch your attention, even if you dont find any of them interesting, we have a voting room where you can vote what channel or bots to add!

• Nice Staff
• Gaming events
• Pokecord
• Roleplaying channels

-2 Factions with different perks
-Access to both the real and digital world
-Accepting and helpful staff
-Occasional Events