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Welcome to My Hero Academia. This is a server that stresses literacy, proper grammar and punctuation, and good storytelling skills. Right now! We are currently looking for more CANON characters, and are NOT accepting any STUDENT OCS as of right now.
We offer:
✩ Many open key roles ✩
✩ Helpful staff ✩
✩ A literate roleplay environment ✩
✩ fun bots ✩

You can choose from MHA's extensive character roster, and rp a student, villain, pro hero, and many more! However, we are a server that also stresses proper OC development, so we are pretty selective in terms of what OCs are approved. We are always looking for more talented rpers to join our growing community!
1984, when America was supporting the Islamic fighters during the Soviet takeover of Afghanistan, the pentagon was tasked with making a bio weapon, many ideas were thrown around, the only one that stuck was a modified version of rabies, where the mind would deteriorate faster, and they would be prone to attack anyone on sight, the project was cancelled...More in server
Join our Zombie Role play server and experience the brutal land of the living dead. Its constant war with the dead vs the living. Will you servive? Will you become the greatest leader of a faction? Would you be the doctor to finally found a cure? There so many questions, but so little time. Join to travel to another dimension in our timeline and see if you're up for the challage of ultimate survival. We're also looking for staffs
This is a server that we have worked hard on making that takes place in a version of Tokyo Ghoul without the canon characters. However; we have a thorough amount of traits and stats that will surely interest you as we strive to be hopefully one of your best server experiences. We are friendly and will answer any questions you have.
✿ ☆✿ ☆ Welcome to NSFW Academy ✿ ☆✿ ☆

Hello, darlings~ This is a place where you can let your lewd side roam free. Wonder what's to offer? Here are all the things we have in store for you:
~ A large server with many channels
~ Lewd photos and hentai
~ Collaring people
~ Auctions to buy pets
~ Regular roles and kink roles
~ Announcements to keep you updated
~ Many different cute and lewd emojis to use
~ 8 different channels to roleplay in
~ And much more waiting for you!

Thank you for joining NSFW Academy!
A server filled with amazing opportunities to talk in or out of character.
It features a wide variety of bots such like pokecord and rhythm, along with possible games to play like Cards Against Humanity, talking to people in other servers, bot reactions with gifs and many more.
Currently with over 50 RP channels, with even more to come. The server has lore, voice channels, location images and gainable roles that come with perks such as character approval capabilities and your own private character channel!
This server also contains 2 NSFW channels, one in character, the other out of character, these channels can be toggled on or off by choosing your desired *Under 18* Or *Over 18* role when you join.
If you like memes, showcasing your art or sharing songs or funny videos on youtube this place is for you.
If you dont like actively roleplaying, there is a role that allows you to have access to the roleplay channels without being able to type in them so you can read all the active roleplays to your hearts content.
Join today and see where your imagination and creativity takes you!
Come one and come all and check out this new server. You can be a temporary guest or a long term resident at this mansion. We accept any race or gender.

A complete Lgbt friendly enviroment

Everyone does 3 sentences in your post but more is encourage.

Supportive members to help you get started or be there if you need to vent.

So what are you waiting for!?!

Come check us out today!
|:| [Literate!][Active!][Dark Themes!] |:|

Recommended Age: 15+

|:| Introductions |:|

Greetings, wanderer. You've stumbled upon the lands of Primitive Remnants. Will you choose between CirrusClan, ShaleClan, HollowClan, or RidgeClan - or will you carve your own path at the mercy of these lands? If you are a fan of Warrior Cats and you love creativity, let us extend our paws to you in welcome!

|:| Features |:|

❖ A literate writing platform with 3 sentence/2 line post minimum.
❖ A supportive community and administration team where all walks of people are welcomed.
❖ A server shop, bots, special ranks, OOC channels, and OTM awards!
❖ Bi-weekly activity checks!
❖ Inner-Clan and Cross-Clan plots!
...And much, much more. We treat our server as a second home and family away from the constant struggles of life.

|:| This server opened in October 2018 has been going strong since. We hope you join in and add your spice to our community! |:|
A laid back Pokemon server with new features being added eventually, with a growing community mainly consisting of those who enjoy Pokemon. We also have a role-playing section which is optional, or if you're feeling spicy. Come check out on our NSFW section, which is also entirly optional as well.
At the start.... there was nothing, only a blank canvas for 4 gods to create upon. The 4 gods worked in harmony, creating their own creatures and landscapes based on themselves, some great, others not. As the gods created, they bonded... growing relationships with eachother and working together to create things, but soon arguments would occur over what was wrong and right, and what rules had to be followed. None of the gods agreed with the rules stated by another so they all fought, eventually all perishing. Their death would cause the beginning of life, their death also caused a significant phenomenon that created four unique biomes, each related to a certain god.

Each person from a certain region was gifted with the ability to manipulate a certain element. As time went on, people unlocked potential to manipulate sub-elements, different branches from normal elements. Everyone who took on a sub-element lost a main one, this led to further research on elements and manipulation.

Some people were lucky.... they could manipulate 3 elements, unlike any others.These people, perhaps one of you, are one of many gifted people, will you use it for the better? Or for the worse? That is for you to decide, in the world of Eria. Eria is run by a group of religious people who control all of what goes on. They believe that they were chosen by then gods to manipulate 3 elements instead of one and kill others who "weren't chosen".

Here at the chosen few, we provide;
-active members
-great staff
-detailed lore
-Nsfw channels for 18+ members
-great social channels.

We hope to see you all soon!!

In the land of unknown there are different beings with great powers and creatures you’ll never imagine but in this land there are things lurking in the shadows like a secret society that anybody rarely sees but nobody knows about them because the can travel through the 4th and 3rd dimension where people of magic get their power from.
Star Wars: The Rise of The Rebellion.
The year is 4 BBY, a period of turmoil. The Galactic Empire is the ruler of most of the known Galaxy, who's leader is the evil Sith Lord known as Emperor Palpatine. The huge Imperial military helpsthem maintain the Galaxy under their dictatorship. But multiple Rebel cells have risen around the Galaxy, openly attacking Imperial assets in an effort to revive the now gone Galactic Republic. This Rebel cells are attempting to unite in a single, big faction for a chance to fight together against the Galactic Empire. CIS remanants still remain, and are hidden. Perhaps they can prove useful to the Rebel cells?
During this turmoil, the Hutt Cartel rises, who's most powerful leader is the Hutt called Jabba Desilijic Tiure. He has control over most of the Cartel, and has several thousands of bounty hunters under him. They aren't allied with the Empire nor the Rebels, only caring about profits. Though they are aware that, if they don't comply, the Empire could attack them, so they try to remain in their good side.
Which side will you choose?
❮♢• Welcome! •♢❯
This is a roleplay server based on the anime/manga Hunter x Hunter. It's pretty new. That's about it. kthxbye
welcome to RWBY new resolve! it is an RP server based off an alternate universe from the anime RWBY. (it's a recreation of a server by the same name that has unfortunately died)
A new series of killing games have begun! Join and become one of the 16 lucky students who will join our first murder mystery game and become an important part of the lore.
In this server, we include:
-Channels for bots, memes, and art
-A complex (but not too complicated) character creation system which may determine whether your character lives or dies!
-Custom Mono (Monokuma but cooler—) submissions if you don’t want to be a student or have a 100% chance of sticking around the entire rp.

At the moment there is no confirmed starting date for a set game but pre-role play / practice will be available soon. Those role plays are ooc and just for entertainment / practice, so have fun while you wait and see if your character is going to be a lucky Dual Peak High School Student.
A Game of Thrones inspired rp hosted by GIOBase. Come take part in a story taking place from the events we enjoy but 200 years later. With some interesting twists and a constantly growing community! Come build your own stories with a over arcing story in the background.

Possible minecraft server revival if enough interest.
This is a much more stranger timeline than the O.G. canon, with mostly any notable characters nonexistent by some means. Exceptions are stuff like Supreme Kai. An unknown race is raiding and controlling Earth, so its in a dystopian version of the original. Everybody lives by the same code: Follow orders or be eliminated. However, there are some who have hearts set elsewhere, wishing to rebel and terminate this menace. Strangely, an aura is covering the earth, sealing any higher powers. It is entirely up to you how the results of this timeline end up, in Dragon Ball RP: Shifting Realities!
⊱Ӝ━⊰ Kingdoms of Malenna ⊱━Ӝ⊰

♕ What our server offers ♕
Welcome to the Kingdoms of Malenna. This is a medieval fantasy server where you can explore different kingdoms and meet new people. We offer a free, small group rp, character development focused experience for you. Interested in traversing into a whole new world of fantasy and magic? Enter and explore the Kingdoms of Malenna!

◇ Server events & Quests ◇
We have active quest makers making quests for your characters to test out their might and progress!

✰ Expansive, in-depth lore✰
Immerse yourself in our settings, with lore that’s constantly being updated and added to!

⚔Balanced, detailed abilities!⚔
We require balanced abilities with good details, so you don’t need to worry about OP abilities or how to react in combat!

☁ Active, friendly staff! ☁
Our staff team is normally online throughout the entire day. We’re friendly and eager to help you. No toxicity in our server!

❃ Friendly, inclusive community! ❃
Although the server is big, our community is very inclusive! You’ll feel at home and will have no troubles feeling in once you start roleplaying!

△«⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ◇ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃
⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ »△

In a world full of death and crazed ghostly creatures called Dusk, join one of the last sanctions
located in 4000+ AD Korea (South Korea) by adding your own OC's here to help fill out roles
in this cyberpunk fantasy city, including the job to hunt down these Dusk.

△«⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ◇ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃
⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ »△

We are welcoming any type of OC’s at the moment to help keep the world interesting. Any type
of jobs can be done that a normal city would have in it alongside any futuristic jobs. We are also
encouraging mature role-players as the themes can get dark in this group. Examples being
Death, drug use, and consciences similar to real life.

△«⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ◇ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃
⁃ ⁃ ⁃ ⁃ »△

Join the peoples of Westeros (and Essos) as they prepare to fight the Night King and survive winter.

In a world ravaged by ancient corrupted gods, the final bastions of life reside in what have been come to be known as the "Surviving Kingdoms". These five kingdoms all hold their own beliefs, values, deities, and purpose within the world of Ignition. Numerous organizations and guilds have found their way into the borders of these kingdoms and impact the daily lives of their citizens.

The world of Ignition has expansive lore and a dynamic future that changes with decisions made by roleplayers like yourself! With many different races and an abundance of magic, weaponry, and intuition in the world, your characters have the possibility to become an integral part of the kingdoms. And with the world in a neo-fantasy setting, becoming a gunslinger is just as viable as becoming a mage.

⭐️Expansive and dynamic lore
⭐️ Multiple different races all with unique abilities and backstories
⭐️An active and dedicated mod team that listens to feedback and suggestions from community members
⭐️Paragraph/Multi-Paragraph roleplay that creates in-depth storytelling
⭐️ Events created by the mod team and veteran roleplayers in the server

Join today and create a character that will change the future of our world! Will you fight for the values of Order and restore the lands of Ignition to their rightful owners? Or will you become an agent of chaos and spread corruption within the borders of the kingdoms? Both of these options can be followed, or you can create your own path within the ever-changing world of Ignition!

**Now accepting partnerships!!
The Astral - a lost place for lost creatures

A land suspended in darkness, broken pieces of reality fit together to form an island rich of creatures from all places. Once a creature enters, they can almost never leave. Cities, religions, families have been built in here, along with a deep set history of conflict, wars and a critical society.

»»————-  ————-««
Welcome to TA ! We are a RP server that focuses primarily on para, but all styles are always welcome! We have over 50 RP rooms designed to give you a wide variety of spaces, as well as an existing lore line to give the place life. All characters are welcome, OCs, Egoes and more!

Active members and friendly staff~
Very few character restrictions!
A wilderness, Manor, and Two cities to RP in.
Various OOC rooms and VCs to interact and share ideas in
Mee6 levelling system!
Role Rewards to unlock more rooms!
Partnerships available!
An ongoing roleplay set on an Airship, in a fantasy world. You can create characters and write your own stories!
Leonhart has:
- Open Character Creation
- Graphic Profiles and Ranks
- Money, Sales, and Trading
- Items, Gear, and Upgrades
- Simple Stats and Leveling
- Crafting
- Magic
...and much more! Jump into the game and meet friends in an open world, feel free to write your own Quests and Campaigns.
something tells me that this is gonna be extremely normal