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a nsfw vore rp chat with a small comunity, allowing more flexibility and better "customer care" , any kind of vore is allowed and custom rooms can be created for the rps, like private rooms where only the concerned rpers can type or hidden rooms.
A rather new jojo roleplaying server with a custom setting and a separate timeline, with some reincarnations of canon characters, and lots of new characters. It is based in a custom city in Canada Ontario with its own lore and such. Its a chill place to hang out, post memes, and chat too.
Situated on the West coast of Westeros within the Reach, under the control of House Tyrell, Greenport is a thriving port town. The town economy is mainly focused upon farming from the surrounding fields, fishing and imports from abroad. Like much of the Reach it is populated densely and its inhabitants tend to enjoy a slightly better quality of life compared to the other parts of Westeros.

The town has many opportunities to those of an ambitious disposition, the question is, do you have what it takes to make a name for yourself here?

The time in which we find ourselves is 58 AC, ten years into the reign of Jaehaerys I Targaryen, a monarch which brought decades of peace and prosperity to Westeros. For context, the events of the show/first book start in 298AC (AC meaning After Conquest.)
Delofia is a large regular fantasy medieval world with high level magic but there is also a vast large cave system underneath the world where there are lots of monsters also above and underground.
Hello! We’re a fairly new server. We’ve tried our very best to make a comfy place to hangout! We’re currently pretty small, but constantly expanding, please feel free to join! We offer ERP, NSFW channels, and so much more, it’s up to you to join to discover what else we have in store for you!
welcome to the femdom empire:

here is a place for all you subby males or subby females to find your domme and the place for all you femdoms to find the subby male or female of your dream. we are growing community with a server based around a matriarchy, which means that the womens word is law here, come join us for some fun rp or just to hang out
Join this server if you want to audition for a Minecraft Roleplay: 'MUSICAL TAILS'. There are multiple roles available.
Eg: 2 Main character best friends, and multiple friends.

Good luck!
♫𝙶𝚘𝚍𝚢𝚎𝚞𝚗𝚐 𝙷𝚊𝚔𝚐𝚢𝚘♫, a Korean High School RP! It's a sever with K-pop fans and role-players. It has many chats to roleplay in, such as: Homes, School, and outside of School! It also has a 'Social Media' space to post stuff in rp! You can be a popular idol or a normal student. Either way, it'll be fun! Come join the roleplaying! ☆
Hello! This is a very new, Danganronpa RP!

Admins are needed, characters too.
I hope you all enjoy. :)

Kingdom Hearts Academy was founded after the Keyblade War. After the appearance of the χ-blade it was determined that the fighting had to stop and a organization had to be formed to train young people and prevent anything like the Keyblade War to ever happen again. Thereafter an Academy was formed at Twilight Town under the watchful eye of Master Yen Sid. Teens now enroll in the Academy from multiple worlds to hone their skills in combat against the Heartless and Nobodies that have steadily increased their activity. An unknown entity has been gaining traction with the darkness and looking to spread it to every world. The entity hopes to lure those who believe in the power of darkness to convert from the light with a hidden goal of creating enough death that the χ-blade will once again come to existence.

《➣ Semi-literate, Literate server.
《➣ Custom storyline taking place after the Keyblade War.
《➣ Random Encounters during play.
《➣ Fight to get stronger.
Interaction 6
You have no name.

You will be called as the ones before you, with letters and numbers, as it has always been. For all those that want to survive, comply.

You have been selected, you are not the best, far from it. But you will improve, no doubt. Take your skills you have, improve them. Or die. The choice is yours.
Surging Ember is a fantasy/combat roleplaying group where you start out with a weak character and climb the ranks through trainings, events and kickin' monster ass. However, PTK is always active so be careful of your choices or X_X

I hope you enjoy the group! :D
Welcome to Hell! We have drugs, prostitutes, murderers, booze, and the closest thing to a rehab center! Happy hotel! This is an rp, and OCs are welcome! New to the fan base? We're chill with that, join us! It will be fun!
It's been 20 years... 20 years since the previous Voltron team died in the final battle for peace, 20 years since this new era began. 20 years since Voltron disappeared. 20 years feels so short, yet so long.

The Galra are still seen as outcasts, as the colony of Alteans has been rescued from Lotor and have repopulated the universe. Earth still has its Galaxy Garrison, training young cadets as well as pioneering scientific growth. The universe is peaceful... Or so it seems.

Here on VOLTRON - A NEW STORY, we have many things like:
- In-depth lore on each planet available!
- Options to be Altean, Galra or human!
- The option to become a paladin of Voltron!
- Helpful staff!
Join today!!
Hey! Welcome to my Pokémon server. It is a rp server so please stop by and be one the high members of our server!
We're a friendly, inclusive D&D 5e and RP server, based in the town of Greymir in Faerun, with portals to Tal'Dorei and beyond.
A whole town of channels to RP in.
DMs from the US and Europe for a wide range of game times.
Looking for fun players and DMs.
One shot Games, and sometimes arcs that span several sessions, are posted for sign up, played in discord chat, Roll20, and TotM.
Everyone is welcome to participate at their own pace, & create their own stories.
We're looking forward to the stories you have to tell!
Welcome to Soul Eater: Resonance Chronicle! Join and become a part of a roleplaying community dedicated to the Soul Eater universe

-Text Based Roleplay
-Supportive Community
-Immersive Environment
-Embark on your journey to become the strongest!
-Variety of player classes available
-Active Staff team

If you are interested in a fun role-playing experience involving the Soul Eater universe, look no further! Join up, and get hunting!
What would have happened if the Dragonborn had been executed? What would of happened against the dragons that currently soar in the sky’s of Skyrim? What would happen to all those guilds? YOU decide! This is a large Skyrim server with 100+ locations and counting! Very friendly and happy staff!
New Resolve is a RWBY based server taking place a significant time after the time of team RWBY being at Beacon. This server has in-depth character creation and
Have an OC you've always wanted to use, but can't use anywhere else?
Want to use that one OC you really liked but haven't been able to use again?
Wanna just have a fun time with a large community?
Come to OC hell, where literally any character can exist, so long as its original!

Please note that very, very minimal rules are in place. This isn't intended to restrict too much but it prevents the server from being really boring.

We also have PTK to protect characters who aren't as strong or people who just don't want to fight.
Fairy Tail: X is a server run and solo-made by the Owner! solely for Fairy Tail Fans out there!
- English Server
- Rp Server
- Alternative Universe
- LGBT+ Friendly
- Canon/Custom Magics and Guilds
- In a growing community state
- Original Character Creations
- Requires to be VERY Literate
- Currently in search of Admins
SwiftClan, StrikeClan, BrokenClan and BrookClan.

Live life as a clancat or a rogue. Explore the many places we have! Attend gatherings, hunt and even go on patrols along the borders and territories! We hope to see you here at our Warrior RP!
2037-A gang called the Brothers rob multiple Government facilities and killed hundreds so the military was called in this was the first step to New York falling apart

2043-New York was in ruins crime skyrocketed and corruption spread like a virus But this will not last for long

2048-most of the police force was replaced by robots and others were fired and also replaced with new officers Crime was at an all time low but this only lasted a few more years

2050-all the robots were hacked and went wild in the city killing civilians about 72 Thousand citizens were killed before the robots were stopped most robots war replaced by officers equipped with new equipment

2054-crime is rising and The police force is becoming corrupt again a terrorist Organization is suspected to strike But the police already at least they think they are

What we can offer

a welcoming and friendly community

New server they can be changed by you

And nothing else because I can’t think of anything
American Civil War II takes place in an alternate history. The branching point of our history begins on October 26, 2001, when then-President George W. Bush signed into act the Vanguard Act, which essentially gave federal investigative agencies (such as the FBI, NSA, and the DEA) carte blanche when they were combating “terrorists.” Federal agents were given the authority to surveill freely as long as they could claim that the subject of their investigation was suspected of being a terrorist. Officially, terrorists were defined as “a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” Internally, these agencies were allowed to investigate anyone who could influence the population, including journalists, celebrities, politicians, and ordinary citizens.