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A world divided.

The year is 2020. Seven asteroids have fallen to Earth, seven shooting stars. These are not any ordinary asteroids, for they hold powers from beyond the stars. Seemingly at random, people have started getting strange powers- Superhero powers- dangerous powers. In the wrong hands and with the right influence, these powers could overthrow the government.
Come, enter the world of Fallen Stars: E7er Lasting, discover the power within you and remember:
Not everyone is who they seem.
We are a friendly roleplay server, looking for new members to join and roleplay with us!
This is a community for pokemon art, roleplay and (optional) NSFW.
Pokecord within bot channel. Grab yourself a beverage!
It's been 20 million years after Cthulhu and his brother, The Moon Lord, have had a huge battle, after the death of Cthulhu, his body was split into many different parts, the eye of cthulhu, the brain of cthulhu, the eater of worlds (his tongue), King Slime (the stomach), Skeletron (the skeleton), and the wall of flesh (the flesh.) After this was done, the moon lord went into a deep slumber until he is set to awaken again for the humans to fight..
After a while, humans split into two nations, Aurous and Blinkotic, Blinkotic created many robotic bosses to try and attack the Aurous people which sparked the terraria war in 2456, the war is currently still going on as the mechs have been sent to attack Aurous, the mechs names are: Skeletron prime, The Twins and The Destroyer..
In other parts underground, there is a deep underground forest ruled by the evil plant Plantera, a temple ruled by the Golem, the sea ruled by the shark, the Duke Fishron, the temple ruled by The Lunatic Cultist with many worshippers, and Space, ruled by the moon lord. The people of Aurous who can transform into parts of the Cthulhu are currently trying to get to the moon lord after defeating Blinkotic and the mechanical bosses, but there are many other foes to fight.
The year is 2460, and the so-called treaty is signed by Aurous and Blinkotic.
A muti purpose furry server intended to be free of drama and server rivalry.
-------------------- Welcome to Anime World-----------------------------
Our server has a loving community filled with all the support heroes, that you'd ever want.
♡ ✿ This server is active at least 24 hours a day
♡ ✿ We have a welcoming staff
♡ ✿ Vanilla, and toxic free
♡ ✿ Dedicated categories for different uses
♡ ✿ Gaming chats, and your favorite topics
♡ ✿ Leveled roles to encourage activity
♡ ✿ Fun emojis for nitro and non-nitro users

Feel free to invite your friends as well
Текстовый РП на тематику SCP. Здесь вы не найдёте персонажей которых невозможно убить,не найдёте аномалии в сотрудниках! Здесь - адекватное РП!
This is a RolePlay server.
We Rolplay in our world (2030) but with more fun and action
Storylines are being made and more places are being added so join the fun!
- active admins
- fun updates
- welcoming players
- IC factions
This is a Role-Play server set in the Medieval days
we have:
- active admins
- fun events
- a never ending story
- nice and welcoming community
Welcome to ✰ Homebound High!

A newly designed work-in-progress server that accepts all levels of roleplay, inexperienced or experienced. Our setting is in a high school where individuals are trained to develop, control and promote prosperity.

Our community offers the following:

• 150+ Zones to RP in (and more coming!)

• Active staff to monitor on the server and is willing to serve its members to its best.

• Color Roles~

• Random occurrences of disasters when RPing. (Admin controlled)

• Takes user suggestions seriously.

• Community takes part in crafting the lore of Homebound!

• Dorms / Apartments!

Our community is still developing and growing, so join now with you and your friends!
Join the Fate/Climax rp server a dedicated Type-Moon, Fate in particular, role play server where you can partake in the Ultimate Holy Grail War all within the entirety of a vacant and abandoned New York City where a multitude of servants and masters have appeared.
Can you survive and win the Holy Grail and claim your wish?

>Some degree of writing and rp capabilities required
>At least basic Fate/Type-Moon knowledge is preferred but not strictly required
>Tolerance for memes in OOC channels strictly required
In a world where the digidestined failed and sealed themselves underground, what will happen now that their ancestors have opened the vault?
Amegafuru, which translates to raining blossom, is the name given to this school centuries ago. . .here’s the story.

Many, many years ago. While the world was at war. A group of gifted civilians fled for their lives. This small group stranded on an island, far away from the outside world. As their family grew, they built a village, to a town. To after many many centuries, a city. A city on a distant island. With one of it’s very first buildings being the school. It took years until surnames were invented on the island. They live by their own rules. The gifted people learned to make more different materials than can be made naturally. Despite only 5 % of humanity being gifted with a power. This island consists 95% of gifted human beings. From mutations to supernatural appearances. Everything is normal here. Everyone living in this place, was born on this island.

Now that you roughly know the past. Have fun getting to know more about this world
HTTYD RP is a RP server set in the How To Train Your Dragon Universe! Create a character, pick a dragon, and set off in the fantastical world our server has to offer.


Two generations ago, in the village of Crach, two brothers lived together, Fenn and Warrick. They were the best of friends, until one day, Fenn befriended a dragon. Their bond was immediate, and Warrick felt threatened by his brothers newfound friendship. He became jealous and hateful, and made his goal to kill his brothers dragon. He left the village along with some villagers he encouraged to follow him.

The new village that was formed from the hateful brother was very prosperous. The people of the village became twisted by it's founder, into dragon killers. Many years later the brother returned to his brother with an army. They wiped out many dragons and people, but were eventually driven out. After both of the brothers death, the two villages were named after each brother. To this day the hatred between them hold a heavy weight.

- Friendly and calm staff!
- All RP skill levels welcome, we'll help you improve!
- Amazing characters created by amazing roleplayers!
- In depth and well thought out story arcs!
-Spoiler free!

Join Today!
Exodus is a server built for RP and ERP. The lore is primarily centered around a space station orbiting a dead planet, but is ever-growing and expanding. We are currently looking for more SFW Roleplayers, but ERP is welcome as well. Please abide by the rules once joining.
This is a roleplay (duh) but instead of getting eaten by demons you get to play as your favorite character such as emma, norman, ray , phil etc. They all go to this very prestigious school named Grace Field Academy for the smartest orphans.

Join us and rp with us! Don't forget to invite your friends as well ;)

Shadowhunters, given life from the Angel Raziel, still live on Earth. They fight demons, and the Downworlders that tend to not follow the Accords. After the Dark War, the Downworlders and Shadowhunters have lived peacefully. But, things are always bound to change, especially in the New Days.
Be a Downworlder! Warlocks, werewolves, and more!
Be an awesome demon hunter!
Be a human if you want!
We hope you enjoy! No reading of the series required!
Hello! We’re a fairly new server. We’ve tried our very best to make a comfy place to hangout! We’re currently pretty small, but constantly expanding, please feel free to join! We offer ERP, NSFW channels, and so much more, it’s up to you to join to discover what else we have in store for you!
The RP takes place in 281 AC a single year before Robert's Rebellion, or the war of the usurper. The server is fairly new, only being a few days old.

All are welcome, you can either play as your favorite canon character or you can make your own. You can also play as a member of your favorite house, or, again, you can make your own.
Terradeum Infinity is MGE (Monster Girls Encyclopedia) based role playing server set in the olden medieval times of the late 15th century.

The idea of the server is focused on some freedom, and allows it's users to stray from the monstergirls found in the wiki, and turn it into something more fun and exciting! Like being a vampire who doesn't burn in the sun, or a zombie who is quite good at digging.

It should be noted that the server is NSFW, and does contain some rewritten rules from DND, such as combat and interactions. For more information, you'll have to join and find out- sorry! ❤️

( Do expect some sort of gate though. This is to prevent raiders and botters and so on, so if you join and are spooked by it sorry )
Hello everyone! This server is as you can see The Corzalon Tales! This server follows a good bit of story, whether that be Season stories or personal stories! We would love for you to come and join in on the fun! We have staff who are willing to work with you on your ocs and even offer private character approval by dms. We are in a bit of a revival so why don't you come by and join in early!
A place where you will be creating the universe. The world has just collapsed and now all the energies are spread out. Many gods emerge from the collapse, and they find themselves in the "Genesis of Eden" a world that was created before the gods.

This is a small server, but you guys can pretty much create anything and change the world of eden, Even going off to another planet and making a world is okay.
Welcome to Occupied Earth. Here the Earth has been invaded successfully by a coalition of alien races.
Here a bit of the lore...

It’s the year 2021, little significant progress was made by humanity but a major event did rock the Earth.
“The War of Systems”

The war of systems was a war between the United Earth Coalition and the Cordactex. After a year of fierce fighting, the Cordactex deployed a large super weapon in one grand display. The weapon turned Africa into a flat, charred desert.

Earth Surrendered.
The humans have been moved out of the cities mostly. They are only allowed in slums or some parts of the UZDF integration post. The downtown ruins are rich with loot but entering them is a punishable offence.

This server does allow ERP
(Note:this is not an exclusively ERP based server)
Welcome to Armorous the city of sexual desires and emotions, this city is filled with all sorts of people some are human, some animal and some are brilliant fantasy creatures. This place is filled with all sorts of people to mingle with, some live with in this fantastic city while some are tourists looking for a bit of fun.
【We are an erotic role-playing community!】
•Casual NSFW discussion/Sharing of porn/Hentai
•Wide arrange of members and areas to suit any need
•Supportive community
•Staff that'll try their best to listen for advice
•Leveling system
•Self assignable roles
We'd love for you to join, so why wait?
We hope to see you in Midaranapolis and make our group even better!