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The year is 2281, its an alternate universe where the Enclave is still an functioning faction. The NCR are fighting the Legion. Brotherhood Of Steel are still gathering tech. Who will you choose or lead?
⊱Ӝ━⊰ Kingdoms of Malenna ⊱━Ӝ⊰

♕ What our server offers ♕
Welcome! This is a medieval fantasy server where you can explore different kingdoms and meet new people. We welcome everyone role player or not. It's all about character development and yes erp is allowed. Interested in traversing into a whole new world of fantasy and magic? Enter and explore the Kingdoms of Malenna!

◇ Server events ◇
What kind of server would it be if we didn't spice things up now and then?

✰ Fun bots! ✰
I know it's common but it's worth a try.

☁ Friendly staff! ☁
Our staff is normally online throughout the entire day, we have a lot of patience with everyone and we're happy to answer any of your questions!

❃ Lil note ❃
Our server is still small and can be quiet sometimes so it would be great if you share the link bellow to invite some role players! We'll like to make it great so we want you to join!
°°Heyyo! Are you looking for a new home? A place where you can relax and have sex with anyone?
!!Then this is the right place for you my Dear!!

°Welcome to Yuuki's Village Ulaora!! The home of fun and a small family!!°

°°Heyyo! Are you looking for a new home? A place where you can relax and have sex with anyone?
!!Then this is the right place for you my Dear!!

°This is an 18+ erotic roleplay server!!!°

°This places is for erp. We won’t judge you no matter what kink you have. We are open minded!°
°We have caring and kind staff members! We respect everyone and happily talk with anybody!°

° This is an 18+ server, no kiddos here~
° A lot of hentai pictures~
° Fun people~
° Great staff members~
° Fun events~
° Open erp and rp rooms!
° Self assignable roles~
° Nsfw emotes!~
° Story based server~
° Public Erp rooms~
° No looking for play channe~l

If you want to know more, Join us!
Going on its second season, Survive The Walking Dead is an interactive story driven Roleplay that involves everyone in its main plot! Season two picks up after the world has gone to hell, about 3 months into the apocolypse and the main group has gotten a group together after the tragic losses of season one. Now they must defend what's theirs from a new threat that isn't trying to eat them. Welcome to Survive The Walking Dead!

~ Fanart!!!!
~ Season based Roleplay!
~ Interactive NPC!
~ Storyline For everyone!

We really hope you join! Would love to make this Roleplay on a much larger scale and have many more people join in on the fun!
📯The Emperor's Fun Land 📯
• Friendly
• Non-toxic
• Cool bots and games
• Meme of the week
• Looking for staff
• Roleplay
• Partnerships
• Storytelling channel
• New and fresh
• And more
⚔️ Join now and don't miss out on the fun ⚔️
We're having a great rp server for anyone who wants to make a new dragon, or come in for a good time. Everyone is welcome!
"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Everything is at is should be. The stage is set. Worlds will live, worlds will collide, worlds will die.......and the universe......will never be the same again..........."

Join a community of skilled, family-friendly writers and embark on a journey to explore the New Frontiers of DC.
🏕️ A special take on the world of Rick Riordan with inspiration from original writings from Bryle & Anna, experience a compelling retelling of the Greek Mythological World of Percy Jackson through a wonderment of plot-driven roleplays with camp activities and a fantastic open world with a running camp economy. The server provides tournaments and events outside of the roleplaying world with karaoke nights and many more community friendly experiences.

🏕️ This server takes on an alternate storyline from the depicted books where the Olympians have instead split into a waging war while within the depths of Tartarus, a lurking Goddess presses fear into the hearts of many. Prepare for a much darker take on Rick's Greek world.

🏕️ There are many automated and organized systems here (with custom commands), including a great cast of literate RPers! As well as developed systems and interesting powers for each cabin! While also having some unique gods in the mix and an ongoing plot that's more engaging for campers! This is followed up by many scheduled events from Cabin Counselors, tournaments, CTF, chariot racing, and many more things to do!

🏕️ Hard earned quests that take weeks to accomplish and many locations outside of the camp! A great balanced weapon crafting system and an economy! Shops to manage and many more things to do! This is followed up by a class-system to balance out experience between campers and levels of difficulty or mastery of powers. There are channels dedicated to tracking the plot influence of OCs like some sort of continuing series, demigods with major decisions which influence the world (becoming leaders or rulers of sorts), and many puzzles with active DMs! For sorcery, there are several forms of different magics (runes, enchanting etc) which differentiate and add a layer of complexity; in addition to unique abilities made by the owners with some having their own personal systems.

🏕️ Engage in casual roleplay, plot-driven roleplay, competitions like the Olympics, and many more! Unique custom commands, a great set of power options (having 3 types of powers per character at the start) and supportive progression for developing characters!
German Gaming Agency ist ein Community Server für Gamer. Es gibt ein geordnetes System mit Moderatoren etc. Auch gibt es auf unserem Server viele Bots, die allen die Arbeit erleichtern. Wir heißen jeden willkommen der sich für unseren Server interessiert und würden uns freuen wenn DU bald zu uns stößt.
Welcome, to the Abyss, an 18+ server, its the perfect place for roleplay, and make friends, all new ideas are welcome, come over, its a place for fun, fulfill those fantasies you dream of, the server also has its own lore, which you can base your characters on.
Welcome, welcome to HL2RP on Discord. Yes, Discord Roleplay does exist. We are a team of people looking for roleplayers that have played the games Half-Life, and Half-Life 2. We have a good community with nice people, and a ton of channels to rp in. I can't even count it. So, if you are here to stay, or reviewing our server, welcome, to HL2RP.
Welcome, to our server, its an 18+ server, the perfect place for roleplay, and make friends, all new ideas are welcome, come over, its a place for fun, fulfill those fantasies you dream of, the server also has its own lore, which you can base your characters on.
ZitaToli World to serwer RP tworzony z pasją. Znajdziesz tutaj miejsce dla większości swoich
postaci. Stawiamy na przyjemną rozgrywkę urozmaicając ją dodatkami "DLC" dodającymi między innymi możliwość lepszego zarobku, kupna domu czy firmy oraz pojazdów.

Poprzedni sezon serwera zakończył się z oceną 4.6/5 za co dziękuję bardzo społeczności.

Nowy sezon rozpoczął się z impetem i obecnie ocena jest bliska 9.5/10. Chcesz dowiedzieć się więcej? ZAPRASZAMY




Hello! Welcome to the Dark World, a magical place where you can play a hero of your own epic tale! It doesn't just has to be regular roleplay either, it can be an RPG-style roleplay or an erotic roleplay too! OCs and Fursonas are also welcome! So go ahead, enjoy your time here!

It's not like your choices matter anyway...
**This server is an 18+ only, so if you are not of age we are sorry but you will not be able to participate as there are some sexual themes.**

We offer a wide range of races, and are even open for members to submit custom races, as well as adding some we do not have! We also offer member owned channels for specific characters! Dive into our world and you won't be disappointed!

​​In this land of magic, evil lurks around the corner, a constant threat that could come at any time. Creatures of all types roam the lands, as well as the myriad of races that inhabit this place. The knowledge of this world is endless and the opportunities available are plentiful.

​For many centuries the land knew peace- for as long as anyone could remember. The kingdoms didn't quarrel often, or long, and things were relatively peaceful, despite the tension between some of the races. With the arrival of the humans came a new threat. Having destroyed their own home with their greed and lies, they came here, to Alathoar, to start anew. At first they were accepted, welcomed, even. Soon enough, though, it became clear that they would destroy this world as quickly as they had their own. Eating through resources, poisoning the land, scarring the land with their greed. They would not listen to reason.

Join Alathoar and choose a side. Are you with the humans, taking a land and making it your own or are you with the other races- fighting to save their home.
This is a BDSM based server. Come here to learn and mabey meet someone speachial. Bot games, Events, Give aways and So much more!
Hello and welcome to our BNHA roleplay server!
Here we have:
> Multiple ooc channels (even an NSFW one)
> An LGBTQ+ safe community. You will also be safe from other types of discrimination!
> Semi-lit roleplay
And much more!

It’s been 17 years since Deku has risen to the top and become the symbol of peace, making sure Japan was safe and protected from all types of harm, all the while keeping a bright and unwavering smile on his face. However, within the past couple of years, he’s been becoming weaker and weaker, much like All Might had during his last few years of service as a pro-hero.
It’s time for him to chose someone else to pass one for all onto, and he does, yet, the strange thing is is that it’s almost like history seems to be repeating itself. Events that have happened years and years ago are starting to come up and happen again, some not in the right order and even some in between them, which has us all wondering- will the symbol of peace fall once more? Or will he continue to reign without a problem?

We hope you can join!
Looking for a roleplay server with friendly staff, simple easy-to-learn structure, questing, skilling, unlimited original characters, freedom of imagination AND absolutely NO ERP?

You've found the right place!
Join amethyst high! A prestigious school with dark secrets! Find love interests and engage with others!

>helpful staff

>rp economy

>active members
Why hello there^^ I'm Rachie and welcome to my server! ^-^

We here at Rachie's hangout hope you have a fun time make friends and expand this friendly community
The Metal County Sheriffs Office or MCSO is the main department in the Metal County Roleplay. The MCSO is fully in charge of all traffic in and out of the 4 towns and city in Metal County. Metal County Sheriffs Office has some of the best trained officers.
If s̴o̢met͜hįng͘ e̕x͡ists, i͠t͝ m̕ust̡ have͢ ͡an̷ o͟p͘p͏o̢s̴it͡e͞. - H̨̨͞ȩ̴͡ Ẁ̴̕h̀͘͝o҉͠ ̕͠͠Ķ͠n̸̕o̸͘w͢͠s҉͢

-Fantasy medieval roleplaying server.
-Active and friendly staff.
-In-Depth lore and multiple maps which are being updated and added to.
-Many places to explore, such as the Pirate infested ‘Federation of the Black Fleet’ to the Floating kingdom ‘Aluara’.
-Many items to collect such as Shoes that can change states of matter, to Metals capable of withstanding mountains of bombs.

"So many places to explore and adventure in." - Leo

Because of loneliness, the celestial deer Goroan, shed five tears. These five tears became gods and decorated Goroan with the world man knows of today. Everything was okay until Naorog, Goroan’s opposite, ‘cleansed’ them. The god that was affected the most was the god of light. Now the god of corruption, his siblings sealed him using a locket. Centuries later, a flaw in the seal caused Corruption to leak. Will you succumb to it, or will you resist?
RELAX is a community server where you can hangout and chill with eachother.

⯈(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ 13+ Members ♥
⯈(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Dating ♥
⯈(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Art ♥
⯈(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Roleplay ♥
⯈(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Friendly ♥
⯈(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Chill ♥

Looking for any new members who are looking to join. So feel free to join to read more about the server!
Welcome to the Schadenfreude! Here we have not only normal discussions, memes, and all sorts of other things, but this is a rp server as it says. People are able to submit multiple characters, different rp ideas, and all sorts of other things. This server is run by me (Captain Morgan) and my closest friends. Everyone is allowed here. ♥️