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The Astral - a lost place for lost creatures.

There is no sun, no real stars and no moon. But everything stays the same. The rain and snow still come, though cloudless, and the waves still shift. And even as the cliffside ends, as the fog and sea flourish into the darkened abyss, the Lost still come, and the land grows.

- - - - -
Welcome to ‘The Astral’, a place that features a large play space for roleplaying!

This server consists of over 40 channels categorized under :
-A village area
-The Manor
-OOC Areas for discussion, and VCs.
-NSFW Designated areas (role accessible only)

Many of us are para roleplayers looking for new, active members. We also do server partnerships for those that want it.

We invite anyone that's interested to enter and have a look around!
A friendly, open furry community that's all about providing quality and quantity. We're the largest Furry Server on Discord with over 8000 users!
This is purely a realistic university roleplay. We have a few other roleplay servers as well, all realistic and no fairytale crap. This server is based on the University life, and its pretty active! We really just need more members to play with c:
Welcome to Lewd Maid Hotel! This is an 18+ non-furry/trans/futa ERP server where we cater to many unique sexual needs, such as hot springs, gloryholes, erotic massages, dungeon-play and more! And of course we do also provide just regular love-hotel-styled rooms as well! Where most ERP servers focus on romantic encounters and relationships, LMH is all about one-night-stands made to order!

You can choose to be a GUEST, where you can request ERP sessions with any of our MAIDS or HOSTS.

Or if you're really friendly and active, you can apply to be an EMPLOYEE at the hotel. Our GUESTS will be able to REQUEST to be served by you, if you're available. You'll earn access to special roles, unique colors AND our most active MAIDS and HOSTS are even added to our server decor in the form of emotes/banner art.

So what are you waiting for? Stop by the hotel, you’re sure to find someone to love...for a few hours. ♡
Camp Half-Blood is a laid back roleplay server centered around, well, Camp Half-Blood.

1000+ Members


Join camp and meet people from your own cabin and participate in quests!
We welcome campers, satyrs, and nymphs to Camp Half-Blood.


1) An active community
2) Quests to keep campers on their toes
3) A new plotline every day
4) Over 90 channels to rp in
5) Over 400 new people to meet!
6) An active and welcoming staff team
7) Clubs you can create!
8) Stores ran by Senior Campers
9) Mee6 Leveling System
10) Currency System
11) Heph Phones

30 years ago, the Sun was expanding so much, it was practically waiting to explode. And one day, it sent out all that energy it was storing, in one fateful blast. A large solar flare was sent flying towards Earth, breaking down a majority of the Ozone layer and killing a large sum of the population. The atmosphere had been warped in such a way that disaster immediately struck, and cities were destroyed. Humanity was ending. However, the rise of new humans occurred. Humans who could withstand this solar radiation. Their very makeup was shifted due to it, and it resulted in a completely new genetic trait: Sols. Abilities utilizing the solar radiation, each human with a different type. Now, society has rebuilt itself, thanks to the famous organization known as Ortus, and has adapted to these Sols.

--Create your own characters!

--Custom power system!

--Original storyline!
Welcome to the First Accel World Roleplay and hang out server created!
We're here to make sure you get the full experience of the actual anime via roleplay.
If you like game-like roleplayss, competitive head to head matches, sci-fi setting, fighting mechs, and or even simply slice of life, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!
This current server is in its **Beta Stage**! And in this stage we're offering things via rp and even simply in the server:
-Beta Tester Role
-Access to manga
-Level 4 Headstart Character creation!!
-Staff Job openings!
-Henta-......I mean what?
-School position openings!

And we're inviting YOU so we can make this the Best Accel World Server together!
Join soon and help the community! Offers possibly end in December 12th!!!

”The Aurora has come.”

-•ωαяяισя ¢αтѕ: αυяσяα•-



Let me introduce you to my server, this is a new server I made, hopefully a more alive version of all of the WC servers I’ve made. The server is still quite new so we still need more members^^

We have:
•New clans
•Wonderful people
•Not too restricted rules
•Vent channel
•Detailed form for more roleplay info
•Clan information
•Clan history
•Weird, crappy or maybe funny clan traditions
•Free cupcakes

Join now, for free cupcakes! First one to join the server will get a free life supply of ice cream, all boot to the head favour.
The Kingdom of Harmstead is an Omegaverse RP server with a Victorian setting. Here, humans and furries co-exist as well as different types of species. We have a levelling system and whenever you rank up, you get to unlock channels and categories.


Economy System - You can earn money by working and gambling. This is not for show. The money is needed to buy store items and other things such as the brothel.

Brothel - Yes, that's right. You will gain access to this once you've reached a certain level. You may post an application to become staff and you will get paid by the king aka server owner. You can only do ERPs with staff if you pay money, which is another reason why money here is important.

Slave Market - Here, you may choose to become a slave or a master. Masters are allowed a certain number of slaves. As a slave, you do not choose who is your master. There is a slave trader whom you should watch out for as well as their lackeys. If your character is targeted, they may become a slave. Masters are not immune.

Monster RPs - This is available to people with high ranks, the ones who are most active. If you have enough money, you can immediately have access to this without worrying about levelling up if you buy the "Rank Up" from the store.

Male Pregnancy - This is optional. If you want your omega character pregnant, then that is allowed. You may RP that on the server or in PMs. Whichever. You will have to buy a potion for that.
Let me tell you a story, where Dragon spirits rule the sky, and faceless monsters lurk in the darkness. Where humans can be whisked away into the spirit world never to be seen again. Unless you make friends with one of these spirits. Usually spirits are envious of the life of humans, some find them quite pitiful. So it’s hard to find a spirit you can trust.

When a class of 25 from Makuboto High school went on their field trip. A strange occurrence happened, when they went in the forest of Hakubaka said to be haunted by the Realm of spirits and many spoke of tails of children being spirited away.

The last thing they remember is being in the forest. And hearing whispers of the no faced monsters. Not only do they wake up in a different era, they have to work together to find out how to get home.

But some don’t want to stay together, out of fear they wander alone trying to find a way out. And then eventually they split up after a week. Their minds getting more curious. Their new life’s begin, as the challenges they have to overcome are great. Will some rise to power? Others fall from the spirits? Will they fly? Or will they sink? The children of the forest.

Another force is at work, the Queen of the thorns. She believes humans are a pitiful race so she sends out her army to eliminate them. But will the turn when they find these humans? Or try to destroy them as the Queen ordered them too?

On the other side, the King of the Dragon spirits believe that change is good. The spirit realm needed to know the laughter of a human, their thoughts and feeling as it could boost their magical ability where The Queen of the thorns did not realize it.

But can you trust them? This is your story. Decide your own fate.
Welcome to the magical world of Toraxx. I am Mikkel The Pickle#3788 and i run this (currently) small discord community, which is entirely focused on RP. Although it is an RP server we have more things such as

- A chat where everyone can hang out and be friends
- a very chill server, where even if you have never tried RP'ing before or you've done it a hundred time you are welcomed
-A friendly staff team :D
- Deep lore to the story and the happenings of the continent (which you don't have to read at all tbh, it just helps set the mood)
- A very open world where you can practically be anything you would ever want to be! (with limited powers)

So join, it would make me very happy to see more people on my server! And if you decide to join, then i hope you have a wonderful time here!
Earth Genesis is a DC & Marvel based server, where the heroes and villains are still fairly new to the world. Two years ago the first modern heroes arose, them being Superman and Batman. Today they are little more than myths and stories, but with more and more heroes and villains rising, you will have to take a side. You can choose to roleplay as an Iconic hero such as Captain America or Spider-Man, or play as an original character you made, the choice is yours on Earth Genesis.
This server features:
►Lots of Roleplay channels for you to explore.
►An Active Staff
►Canon and Original Characters
Hiya! Welcome to Camp Half-Blood 2.0!

- We offer over 50 godly parents to choose from
- Options to create a Satyr or Nymph character
- All 20 cabins
- Pets for characters
- Lots of godly powers
- CTF events and canoe racing
- Over 100 members and growing
- Experienced Staff
- Occasional quests
- Rythm bot
- LGBTQA+ Safe space

Hope to see you there!
Welcome to Euslai! A multi-genre roleplay with RPG aspects! Create your character and explore the world of Euslai, while interacting with other people! We are all friends here, and have amazing staff to push along stories and engaging quests. If you're looking for a good roleplay, chances are, the world of Euslai has what you're looking for.
°°Heyyo! Are you looking for a new home? A place where you can relax and have sex with anyone?
!!Then this is the right place for you my Dear!!

°Welcome to Yuuki's Village Ulaora!! The home of fun and a small family!!°

°°Heyyo! Are you looking for a new home? A place where you can relax and have sex with anyone?
!!Then this is the right place for you my Dear!!

°This is an 18+ erotic roleplay server!!!°

°This places is for erp. We won’t judge you no matter what kink you have. We are open minded!°
°We have caring and kind staff members! We respect everyone and happily talk with anybody!°

° This is an 18+ server, no kiddos here~
° A lot of hentai pictures~
° Fun people~
° Great staff members~
° Fun events~
° Open erp and rp rooms!
° Self assignable roles~
° Nsfw emotes!~
° Story based server~
° Public Erp rooms~
° No looking for play channe~l

If you want to know more, Join us!
[nsfw] new server! come check out our growing community with growing channels, including original content channels.
a roleplay server for having fun any one can join nice staff and friendly community there are a couple of voice channels if you want to voice act the main rule have fun
The year is x913. Over 150 years have passed since the wars of Natsu's era. The world is, at a surface level glance, at peace; with of course the occasional dark guild here and there. After all, life continues. However, a dark power has been brewing across Fiore, a power that may change the course of the very history previous mages worked so hard to write.. that may erase the course forever. The veil between living and dead has thinned, and no one knows why- but the dead are angry and have been attacking innocent people. It will be up to the new generation of mages to save the world and both life and reality as they know it.

A brand new Fairy Tail roleplaying server with an original setting, albeit still in the same world as the anime, and focused upon Fiore. New and old guilds are present, with opportunities for players to eventually create guilds and become guildmasters themselves. Our server features mature, laid back staff; as well as a fun-loving, creative, respectful and supportive community atmosphere we work to foster.
It's paragraph, detailed style roleplaying with diverse, non-canon characters. We don't enforce a single format of writing, and encourage personal creativity with character development. There is an overarching story, but players are free to engage in their own plots and do their own thing as well. Come play with us!
Welcome to Overwatch: Reborn. We are a brand new server with friendly dedicated staff. We hope to get more members that will help us build up this server.
We do follow the Overwatch lore, but we accept new ideas as well. Yet we don't have a plot as it's boring to stick around the same idea, so we let your imagination and creativity go wild. If you want to be the descendant of any cannon character you can do that, or even better the ancestor of your favourite cannon. We are also doing ships and we are Semi-Lit to Lit.

What we offer
➤ Active & Dedicated Staff
➤ Bots (Pollux, MEE6)
➤ Self-assignable roles
➤ Custom Emojis (Overwtach sprays)
➤ Private rooms for each and every cannon character
➤ NSFW and SFW channels (ERP allowed)
➤ 9 in game locations and over 20+ places to rp
➤ LGBT+ friendly
➤ RP as whatever you like (OC and Cannons)
➤ Plenty of Cannons Characters available
➤ Open to ideas
➤ Brand New!
A semi-advanced 16+ roleplay server with four fan-made clans. The roleplay is semi-advanced to advanced, which means participants need to use normal sentences in roleplay replies. No text speak, abbreviations, or script formatting.

The clans of this roleplay are based in the Americas a rocky/mountainous region, that's cold and occasionally met with fires. The cats of these clans originated from those at the lake from the books and managed to make it to this location via a ship/boat that traveled very far. The founders of these clans left willingly with the warriors they chose in order to fulfill their destinies of spreading further across the lands to help keep their beliefs strong and healthy.

Their efforts were not a failure, but some things were changed from the initial code and rules that the original 5 of the lake had believed in, such as medicine cats having mates and kits as well as friendships between the separate clans, and many were dropped altogether without replacement...
Edit: Fresh new start, up and running again as of 12/6/18!

Welcome to Kalos!

A hundred years have passed, and the multi-regional land is thriving and bustling with as much style as ever. Team Flare has been disbanded completely, and during the aftermath of their ultimate weapon and news of other Teams throughout the neighboring regions, it's been decided that there'll be a registration period for any prospective Trainers: fifteen years old to nineteen years old, after taking on five years of Trainer School. Once they gain that registration, they may head over to Vaniville Town, where Yarrow has chosen to set up his homey yet stylish lab, exterior befitting of the quaint settlement.

For now, it's been the usual routine of new Trainers coming and going, looking to start their journeys for one reason or another. In Kalos - along the seaside, throughout the mountains, across the plains, begin a Trainer's journey once more with new faces all around, and simply live.

This is a literate RP server featuring the Kalos region! We utilize a server XP system with Nadeko for increased benefits depending on participation, and quite literally have a channel for every route and settlement. For fairness, Pokémon Showdown is used to conduct official battles, and there's certainly an opportunity for multiple characters and fun interaction.

Interested? Then feel free to drop by and look at how we do the rules and whatnot around here. We hope to see you in our Kalos!
There was an idea, called the Avengers Initiative. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more. See if they could work together when we needed them to to fight the battles we never could. Now, there's a world of heroes out here, all matched with their fair share of enemies. Join the ranks of the heroes or their enemies at Marvel New! RP. We have

-A freshly rebooted story, with the chance to start your own story with newly opened characters!

-Plenty of marvel locations to rp in.

-Accepting of OCs.

-Nice community and (sexy) staff.

-Easy to apply for a character and start roleplaying.

-Music bots, economy bots, fun bots, plenty to keep you busy.

-Frequent events to keep you interested.

hello there, and welcome to the kingdom of leaunorth. we are a fairly small and new discord community and a safe space for nsfw roleplayers (preferably ages 13-17). the kingdom is ruled by zuriel (me!) and i wish you good fortune as you hopefully join my server. we have lots of channels if your fancy lies more in meeting new friends, such as a pokemon channel and memes channel! thank you, and i'll see you there!!
The human race had gone on multiple expeditions over the years, sending out probes and rockets into space when an unknown alien race used them to push a planet - Solstice - back at Earth causing the two to collide and half of the planet to scorch over, making in uninhabitable. The remaining humans took charge, separating everything into 4 sectors - Sector 1, Sector 2, Sector 3, and Sector 4 which takes form of a barren wasteland that once made up the beautiful landscape of the planet - People no longer walk around unarmed and people are highly encouraged to carry a weapon at all times. Everything within sector 4 is horrible and those who have survived have done so by killing others and have made their community on Solstice, living underground. The Imperial Family has control over the sectors all from their safe haven - the capital. Imperials wield Imperial Arms, weapons passed down through the family as a sign of leadership and power.

The admins try their best to be on top of everything, we are open to suggestions. Keep in mind that this is our first server made and it is still a work in progress and will be updated as needed. We welcome you as friendly as we can and would love if people could join...See you on the field!