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Hello we are unordinary
We have active staff

Great arcs




And of course we are constantly adding more channels to make the experience better as well as having multiple people have the same power so you can probably get the power you want so why not join?
This is a new RP set 150 years after the events of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Create a character and journey through Hyrule, witness breath-taking views and meet canon characters such as Ganondorf, Zelda, and even Link!

Will you side with the Army of Malice, or the Hylian Army? The fate of this world rests in your hands.

- No ERP.
- Reason To Kill is active.
- An action never happens if you don't declare it.

There are more rules, however, those are important ones.

Welcome to the Edith Rehabilitation Center, your new home. After the previous orphanage for fantasy creatures was destroyed under mysterious circumstances, you were moved here. The Center is a large institution designed to ensure the safety of all fantasy creatures. If you are here, it means you are special, you are different. It is a place where you can live in peace, though for some reason, there are security cameras located across the premises and you seem to be kept in the building at all times, save for the courtyard out back. After all, who knows what lies beyond the walls of Edith? Do you dare attempt to discover what is truly going on? Or do you simply live out your life in peace, hoping to not get in trouble with the Center staff? You decide.

This ***AMAZING FANTASY RP*** offers:
- Slice of Life
- An active, playable mystery.
- Amazing staff
A fun anime based discord server for everyone to make new Freinds, I do hope you join and have a lot of fun.

Lots of love, Kiyoko.
(Members of ages 16+ welcome)

Welcome to The Library, a vast collection of any kind of knowledge open to any and all who seek to join. The Library hopes to become a bustling hub of people dedicated to exploring the world, the people in it, and everything else. All roleplayers, new or old, are welcome to join us!

With an 18+ Section and ERP, venting rooms, and a calm environment, you've no reason not to stop in and share your ideas at... The Library.
In this world, life as we know it has changed. Plants and animals are a rarity and overpopulation has made it even worse. In Cyber City, we wish only for a utopia, though, it is hard because of the civilians… unkind manner to the government.
-Mrs. S
This is set in 2986. Most life is dead or hidden away from the public. Having pets, even such as a hamster, is seen as a luxury. In this world, technology and enhancements were made and factories are seen everywhere. Cyber City is no exception to this. Weapons, cameras, robots, and technological enhancements galore!
A roleplay based in the Detective Pikachu movie universe.

Solve cases and have fun in Ryme City!
Hi Im Normal From INSPRP and We are a serious Role Play server looking to be apart of your life! With awesome staff that are mature enough to make executive decisions, We will be able to make Role Play very fun for you! Being apart of our server will be a very fun time and maybe you can make some great friends along the way!
A long time ago in the distant past, the world as we know it was much more different. Back then, all wolves were wingless and had no way to fly. It wasn’t until one day, wolves began to be born with wings. These wolves, believing themselves to be chosen and given a gift from the heavens, soon started to see themselves as being superior in comparison to those without wings.

After centuries of living and growing with this belief, soon enough wolves discovered that it was typically female winged wolves that would bare children with wings and male winged wolves oddly enough did not have the same effect when trying with female wingless wolves. Although no one knows exactly why this is so, it soon became apparent that female winged wolves would be targeted for their value. With tensions now running high between those with wings and those without wings, the two seperate races began to group up with their own and fight each other; The winged wolves staying together to protect one another and keep themselves safe and pure while the wingless wolves gathered together to try and get a taste of “divinity”, the wingless wolves even coming up with a pack name Fallen Pack.

This server is also still new so for the moment higher ranks are still available.
This roleplay does allow nsfw content however you must agree to be at an appropriate age to see the content.
Are you Good, Evil, or Neutral? Do you like to fight other people? Do you want to get stronger? Welcome to Brawl City! Where combat is legal and strength is absolute.
This is a server for 18+ It is designed to help anyone in the gaming community, make friends, enjoy some emojis, stay for the memes. Make sure to put in your intro in introductions for full access!!
⭐ Xbox One
⭐ PlayStation 4
⭐ PC
⭐ Roles set to find people with mics
⭐ Roles set to ask for help in a game
⭐ Lots of porn
⭐ Fun emojis
⭐ BoobBot, Mewna bot, Yui bot, Mudae, Mantaro, and Starboard
⭐ Roleplay
⭐ Personal roles if requested
⭐ Cards Against Humanity
⭐ Movie Nights
⭐ DnD Talk
The Creativity Hive is tailored towards artists, animators, writers, and roleplayers! Feel free to share your art, animations, photography, stories, writing oneshots, upcoming novels, roleplay groups, and more! This server offers resources for both art and roleplay as well, including planning and brainstorming channels, tutorial and tip request areas, and advertising spaces!
--The World seems all normal, children living normal lives, with adults being their mother and fathers, everything seems normal, but a program called Skynet has just started, it seems normal to people, but within the facility, they are mass producing killing machines shaped like humans, now, anything could happen, will you fight for what's right, or join skynet for the upcoming war--
Stories of Heartnerfel.
The following advertisement if brought to you by the one, the only, P A P A E L L I O T.

Welp, a story as old as time, two places of differing opinions at war. Years of bloodshed, both innocent, and villainous. Most people are no longer sure how the kingdoms of Heartnerfel, and Sezia started their war, and even fewer care to find the answers, but those times have now behind us for around five years now.. But who knows,Wounds are still fresh on both sides, and the new leaders still have VERY different few points over how things should be. So for now people bide their time in the calm, prosperous lands of Heartnerfel, or they fight for survival in the brutal areas, and corrupt streets of Sezia.

✦》”Friendly” Community
✦》M E M E S
✦》Literate/semi literate
✦》Friendly Staff
✦》Lore for days
✦》Large scale boss battles
✦》Structured character creation
✦》Cold ones with the boys
~•~Welcome to magic academy!~•~
This is a place where your free to be yourself and go on fun adventures!

We have many clubs to choose from and you can be any sort of creature!

have opertunties to meet people on the dorms and over all have a fun time with us as the server grows and continues!~
Kingdom Hearts: One Sky, One Destiny is a literate long-form RP based on the events of Kingdom Hearts x[chi]. Here, you will assume the form of your very own wielder, join a Union, and either form bonds or face off against others in a time that would later be known as the age of fairy tales. Fight for the light, and drive back the darkness...

* Literate, third-person roleplay based on the events of Kingdom Hearts x[chi]!
* OC only! Creativity is not just encouraged, but required!
* OOC Union allegiances and events!
One day...
The world we deem as reality collides with many of the once thought fictional Shōnen Jump universes, humanity is invaded by the "Venoms", an army of mind-controlled villains lead by mysterious forces. In order to fight back, many heroes are recruited to join the "Jump Force" under the leadership of Director Fujikawa. Many heroes from these "Jump Worlds" are recruited and eventually, there is a breakthrough. With technology from both Earth and many Jump Worlds, Umbras Cubes were created. These allowed normal humans to be gifted with powers originating from the Jump Worlds. Now, go forth and save the world from devastation!
We are a Shōnen Jump inspired crossover rp with elements from Jump Force and J Stars Victory Vs!
What we offer:
An open book for you to go nuts with canon characters!
An active owner!
Being new and with nothing told!
Hopefully some dank memes!
OC open!
Admin Applications open!
LGBTQ Friendly!
Everyone welcome!
Partnerships Welcome!
HollowClan. IvyClan. FogClan. SwampClan. Four clans. Four leaders. One fate.

These clans lived in prosperity and happiness for many moons. However, as the moons went on, the amount of prey grew less and less, and each clan slowly began to grow desperate. Unable to meet the specific survival requirements in their home, the four leaders decided they must leave their home and find a new one.

With no sense of direction, the leaders lead their clans through many trials of seasonal differences and unfamiliar territory. They were met with hunger, dehydration, and other sorts of sicknesses. Eventually, each clan grew fewer in number. Moons seemed to drag by like claws slowly raking through grass, but soon enough they arrived at their new home. Settling in has been difficult, and the cats have grown irritable after their long journey from home.

Will their homes be sorted? Will problems be solved? How will the leaders handle their clanmates? Will unnecessary blood be shed? There’s only one way to find out.
Presenting the Chaos Cluster RP server!
Featuring my world. (And extras)

Welcome to a place in which Everything exists, all at once, and causing a post-apocalypse. One of such stupidly overpowered proportions, it still lingers even after several centuries.
Guns! Wizards! Horrible fusion abominations! It's anything in this guideless world. Player's choice.

**Choose literally ANY of your OC's.**
Yeah, that's right, ANY.
Whether it be a rambo-esque action guy or a edgy magical shadow girl, It doesn't matter in the context of the Chaos Cluster! It all makes sense in this world for some odd reason.

**Be as stupid as you want**
Yep, That's all. You can basically muck around as much as you want. Whether you choose to be peaceful or to fight a cybernetic spider monster in a destroyed Walmart. Again, it's up to the players in the RP and the RP room.

*So take a gander why don't cha? Have a good time maybe?*
Welcome to North Diana!

You as the role player will immerse yourself in a town filled with rich and dark history while navigating through troubles thrown at you with a family you can’t change and a family reputation that dictates your whole life. Will you be able to break free and become an individual? Or will you continue to live in the shadow of your name?

We cannot change when and what type of family we were born into. We can only play the hands we're dealt with.

(This Roleplay has you create a character with presets)

We pride ourselves in being a realistic roleplay supplying you with:
- Realistic family drama
- Extensive Lore
- Having many characters with different backgrounds to choose from
- Being an advanced roleplay focused on inspiring others creativity and writing
- Creating many potential ways to play!


We are a new but growing server looking for experienced role players and anyone who wants to improve their creativity and writing. 18+ only for adult themes.
Hey! We welcome you to :kiss:Orgy Heaven Roleplay:kiss:! We are an ERP orgy community where you can have safe and consensual fun! This server is a 18+ server so you will have to be verified. We also have a lot of bot mini-games, server currency, events like truth or dare, and of course a lot of RP rooms. We look forward to seeing you there!
Hey there peeps, people say this all the time but we are different from any other server you'll join. Elements never been seen before, something for everyone, no toleration for drama raids trolls, a staff that cares about its members. We have things in place so you can suggest or complain about things which will be solved as fast as possible. We hope to make everyone happy and comfortable. Come and see what we got, worth a try. See you soon y'all
Tierlith is a high-fantasy, D&D inspired roleplay group with a developed, ever-evolving lore. It is mostly free-for-all, allowing continuous roleplaying with a few events sprinkled in for flavor. More in-depth lore will be provided upon joining.
We are always looking for active members and new friends! Though we are strictly 18+ due to potential mature themes and topics, both the in-character chats and out of character chats are considered SFW and NSFW scenes are taken elsewhere.
We hope to see you soon!
Yet another Marvel roleplay server... because there's seemingly never enough of them.

The server takes place in a general verse, meaning any and all versions of Marvel characters are welcome to join! We're a brand new server, so there's plenty of characters up for grabs. If you're looking for an active, open-minded community to join, consider joining this one! No auditions are required.

We hope to see you here.