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~Persistent DND 5e Custom Magic-Punk World~

Our server is mostly Roleplay oriented, but we welcome all!

The shadows are controlling the majority, and we are a small group looking to help keep balance in the world, for magic is at the brink, if we do not make action now, we may forever be lost in this change.

Whether that is the reason for joining, or have it be coin, we are glad to have you aboard.

Number of Allowed base Classes: 15!
Number of Allowed Races/Sub-Races: 95
In a world where 3000 years have passed since Meliodas dispelled the curse placed on himself and Elizabeth by the demon king and the Supreme Deity, Ban has given up his immortality and dies happily with elaine, King and The Other Sins are able to die happily aswell Merlin being the only trace of the sins has gone awry and dissapered leaving the Nanatsu No Taizai Behind Her. Then the goddess clan engaged another war against the demon clan and they have enticed the other races as well. The seven deadly sins, Ten commandments and the Four Graces must clash once again.
We also provide rp channels that are nostalgic to the orginal series in it's own right
We will do our best to have fun interactive events for the cast
We also will try to make some custom roles, species and channels!
We also have custom groups if you don't want to be grouped with the sins graces and commandments and would like your own groups
This is a newly made server, but I assure you tons of work has been put into it!
- Friendly Members and Staff (Currently looking for more)
- Unique lore and world system and mechanics!
- Active Staff
- Helpful and fun bots to use

If you want to know what makes the roleplay so unique, here’s a bit of it:
You gain your powers by partnering with another roleplayer, and together your power can grow. If you’r active enough you can grow and make your abilties stronger and unique! Yes, if you put enough effort your character can be “OP” to some extent. Check us out if you want to learn more!
Welcome to Anastasia Highschool, you have been invited to this school because you have discovered your magic ability. Wether it be fire, temporal, or any kind of magic youve been invited here to train your skill and advance forward. At this school you should find that there will be many other like you, who have been born with a different ability. Work with them, but be prepared to battle them in competitions. We hope you accept our invite to this school

Long ago the land of the dead had a war, many souls had died twice over and were sent off to heaven or hell, after the war was over the highest gods being angry at the lower stupidity, they sent their souls into the land of the living, the first humans being born with magics, they then soon opened schools to teach others what theyve found on the magics they use and how to fight with them, Anastasia High being of the best schools in the world that teach magic, they have many people in it so they use dorms to keep the students there. Some people many years later had then been born without powers, so they used the Weapons of Astoundment, weapons made at the beginning of the living world that could not be used by magic users. The weapons seem to have their own soul as they choose who gets to wield them as a fighter, if a person is rejected then they are never able to wield that weapon again and must find another. This is your story, how will you live through it?

these are the general rules for the server:
1. Keep swearing as minimum as possible, the same goes for when rping too.
2. Please respect peoples choices on what they like, don't like and what they do
3. This server is lgbtq+ friendly so don't disrespect the community
4. No racism allowed. Everyone here is human, skin tones, body shapes, eye shapes, etc. don't define us and what we are so please be nice to everyone
5. Inviting others is allowed
6. Be active! We love a busy and thriving server, and it makes it so much fun for others
7. Only message where you know you can message. Just common sense is all it really is
8. In the Rp Info and Server Info categories, please do not message and type in them unless you are either submitting a character, sorting out a problem with a character or you are Admin or mod
9. If you join in with an alt account please inform either me or a staff member
10. Our warning system:
-1 warning = a basic warning and just informing you you've done something wrong
-2 warnings = 30 min mute
-3 warnings = 1 hr mute
-4 warnings = 1 day mute
-5 warnings = kick
-6 warings = ban because you haven't learnt
11. Don't talk back or try to bribe/guilt trip/persuade staff or trial staff for you to have things the way you want it.
That is all for now, please check regularly as there may be updates
Thank you
A server with custom lore completely built from the ground-up, this server takes place in the year of 2055. The Earth has suffered massive geological changes, and the infrastructures from before 2045 have all collapsed. Worse yet, creatures known as Metallum have crawled their way out of the ground, and threaten humanity... Yet humanity still hangs on, despite the threats of the Metallum, exposure, and from themselves.

What you can expect to find on this server:
* A small but active community of people.
* A world built completely from the ground up, with deep lore.
* Relative freedom to create your own story.
* A team of staff that puts the wants of the community first.
* Stats to use.
* Characters are easy to make and keep track of with the use of a bot.
* Rules enforced for an enjoyable and high-quality roleplay experience.
* Eight races with their own unique cultures.
Boy X boy roleplay finder! You can find your perfect roleplay partner on this server. Contains NSFW category as well so you are not limited to clean roleplays. Come to the channel and see by yourself!
A RP Server based on the Manga/ Anime: Yakusoku No Neverland or The Promised Neverland. Create you character and live an amazing story with other orphans in the mysterious Grace Field House.
This is a roleplay (duh) but instead of getting eaten by demons you get to play as your favorite character such as emma, norman, ray , phil etc. They all go to this very prestigious school named Grace Field Academy for the smartest orphans.

Join us and rp with us! Don't forget to invite your friends as well ;)

You are an orphan in Grace Field. You are sorrounded with loving siblings and a caring mama. You live everyday with them.

But you don’t know who your biological parents are.

You always ask you’re other siblings to write them letters after they get adopted, but you never receive letters.

But despite that you live a happy and satisfying life with your siblings before you go to your foster family. Right...?

||Were looking for active roleplayers!! Join us if your interested to rp! We also have an alternative rp server for canon characters!||
A new fantasy roleplay that takes place at a well known school of magic. Submit your own characters each with their own unique form of magic. Check it out for more details. pls join.
- Active Warhammer 40k discord roleplay server.
- 150+ members and is growing fast.
- Many roles.
- Fun roleplay.
- And more.
Join the fight as a Titan, a proud wall between hungering claws and innocent beings, a Warlock, student of the mysteries of the universe and catalyst of the deepest powers imaginable, or a Hunter, swift and silent assassin and bringer of nightmares upon the enemies that curse our souls.
Aside from a thriving playerbase and a friendly community, active moderators and interesting characters, we feature:
- A setting based after the events of Destiny 2, evolving as the seasons progress.
- Completely customizable original characters for you to make (within the limits of the lore).
- Evolving plots and subplots, free to create and develop.
- RP Channels based on locations of the universe.
- A space to share written pieces, art and screenshots.
- An In-Character Vanguard Network system.
- A custom Exotics system to truly give them a sense of rarity.
- A Vendor and Vanguard system, organized by players to provide you with quests and items.
Long ago, stories tell a tale of an angel who defied the word of a god, saving the people of the earth. These people came in every shape and size, from dragons to elves with extremes magical abilities. Now there remains peace among the place of this saved earth...
Come join us! We have -
- Giveaways for high roles and prizes!
- A fun, easy, and fair battle system!
- Tons of races and jobs to choose from!
- Five unique kingdoms and places to explore!
- And so much more!
Wotcher! We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

- 1000+ Members
- Active and evolving WRITTEN roleplay
- 200+ Roles & Channels for RP
- OOC Events and Cool Bots
- Great Staff
- Harry Potter fans

(Knowledge of the books is valued but isn't required.)
All are welcome. We eagerly await your return owl and hope to see you at the start of term. Safe travels!
A no judging, accepting community where all people are welcome to join. Have fun, hang out with friends and enjoy the atmosphere.
Examples for stuff to do:
-Be silly
-Share memes
-Post you creations such as art/music/con experiences
-Explore the naughty corners
and much more.
We would love if you took a sneak peek into our little space ♥
Lore: The Ruler of All otherwise known as Krykin Valor Lynger, has birthed a child by the name of Amber, with his beloved Lily Smith Lynger. As the passage of time has moved fourth so has the time come for civilization to increase in numbers and also for technology to develop.
As time went on, Krykin has become more accustomed to his powers as the God of Gods. He didn’t feel the need to deal with every problem. He trusted the mortals with what they are capable off and chosen to spend his life mainly with Lily and his family. However he will act when needed most, when a threat or an imbalance takes place.
Despite Amber being the daughter of the Ruler of All, she was raised up to be more Human and go to school, where she could make interactions with more people and live her life as a human, rather than a Demi-god.
A few years later, she falls for a man slightly older than her, who had a gentle and warm smile when she looked at him. Once they started talking and got to know each other more, the two lovebirds fall in love with one another. The man was known as V but Amber would always call him “Bunny” or “Vivi” which was a failed experiment that was capable of escaping and falling in love with a goddess.
However due to the public knowing that V is a failed experiment with incredible power that was capable of destroying and getting stronger they pushed him away and called him a threat. Amber didn’t care if he was that powerful, she felt safe to be around him and sided with him, but she couldn’t turn her back on the humans who trusted her most. She was in a dilemma. A great one indeed. But her ‘Bunny’ told her to go with the humans, as they will be together one day again.
In the darkness there was light, however in such destruction and chaos there was a shadow keeping an eye on everything, making sure everything is going to plan.
82 members and counting!
134+ total human members, 14 bots
A semi-lit to literate paragraph style roleplay!

° *Welcome to Warrior Cats Haven*!! The newest home for warrior cats fans.
° Here we have sections of cataloged information of Clan life and customs as well as lists of name and character help!
° We have a large partnership section for other servers as well as fan fiction!
° We have a section for detailed discussions about each series, art, ships, and more!
° We have a section for fanfiction writers to exchange tips and post their works!
° We have a region of roleplay! The Forest Clans (ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan) as well as our own unique clans, The Wild Clans (NightClan and SunClan) that have joined the forest Clans!
° The Forest Clans take place in the period of time between the dawn of the clans and the first series, and as such use all original characters!
° Looking for 50 new members so we can add SkyClan and the Tribe!
° Many Med Cat App spots open!
Davania is a land inhabited by otherworldly tribes and battle-crazed nomads seeking to become legends that will be told for throughout the ages. Some seek power, others only aim to please the gods they worship, but what will your quest be in this land of myth and magic?

Welcome to our server, Divine Tribes is a group inspired by WoF with its own unique tribes. Come on in and have a look around, the staff and members are friendly and ready to help you with any problems you encounter.
Note: This server is for dragon characters; humans are no longer the dominant species on this world. Humans characters are not a viable option.
In the world of Napra, there are 4 kingdoms, these kingdoms used to be constantly at war. This was extremely troublesome due to the fact the all known living creatures had magic. Even small battles would leave large scars on the land that still exist to this day.

After many years of war people began to grow weary and eventually the wars died down as demons secured the throne. This leads the land into an age of peace. Sadly, peace could only last so long, there were those who were unsatisfied with their ruling. This lead to many more years of war and the dragons eventually coming into power, during this era demons were hunted to near extinction and most of the citizens became poor and unable to afford basic necessities. As this continued people rallied together and with the help of the remaining demons they defeated the dragons once and for all and put the demons back in power.

With the kingdoms no longer at war people were able to focus on honing their trade and making impressive technological advancement. After only a couple hundred years they developed civilizations far more advanced than anyone could imagine. They invented interplanetary travel and colonized multiple other planets. At this point traveling from one planet to another was as simple as driving to work in the morning.
The Multiverse is huge. Bigger than you and I. Bigger than most beings who threaten the Multiverse itself. This one contains many universes, dimensions, even timelines, like many others. In these places are the inhabitants, whether cosmic, medieval, supernatural, genetic, or futuristic, all live in various places in the Multiverse, some a similar copy, others... completely different.

Welcome to Earth-657, a universe where all heroes and villains, everyone you know, is legend. In their places, however, a new generation of heroes and villains have risen, keeping the peace or terrorising the streets, and all those in between. Parallel to Earth-616, but in this universe, many differences lie. In this universe, all the events you know, happened much, much earlier. All new events, all new generations, appear in a period similar to our own; the 21st Century.

You are one of the many souls living in this universe. Do you pick up where a former hero or villain left off? Are you a descendant of a hero or villain? Or are you out to create a legacy for yourself?

It has been 3 years since the outbreak.. Civilization as a whole has fallen.. Only few remain as they must work together— or fight amongst each other to make sure they keep their guts. But, each other aren’t the only threat. Flesh-eating zombies are they to ruin the show. Will you survive on your adventure? Find out at Our Legacy: Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay.
Eine Insel, verborgen hinter Stürmen nördlich von Irland.
Abgeschottet von der Außenwelt und bewohnt von magischen Wesen.
Eine Welt, in der die gierigen Menschen noch nicht ihre Spuren hinterlassen haben.
Einige Elfen und Vampire würden dies als Paradies sehen, aber hinter den Mauern der Hauptstadt wimmelt es nur vor Geheimnissen und Intrigen...
Willkommen in Sekrona, neuer Einwohner!

Du liebst modernes Fantasy? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig!

Was wir anbieten:
- Events
- Quests
- viele verschiedene Rassen
- nettes Adminteam

Wir sind noch neu und freuen uns immer wieder auf neue Mitglieder ^^

Do you tire of Harry Potter servers that are too Politically Correct and don't give you freedom of RP?
Do you feel like most RP servers are over into keeping it Politically Correct?
Well nevermore! I introduce to you Hogwarts: Endless War! Where the Second Wizarding War never ended, Where School possesses merely a thin veneer over the violence within, A world far after the Battle of Hogwarts.