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Let's Talk Elections is a community of people who love American politics! You can chat/debate politics, or participate in our roleplay mock government elections! Run for political office, and make friends!
Once upon a time, in a long forgotten country, two souls were born. One of Light and One of Dark. The oldest one would purge 50 or so creatures from the country. Once it became inhabited by humans, she instead transformed them into animals, most resisted and became half human, but the ones who weren’t so lucky would become complete savages. After seeing this, the youngest one, Ame, killed the savages. Feeling ashamed, she proposed a simple idea to her sister to end the transformations and killing. Every Month, two people supporting one of the two sisters would fight. The Winner gaining permission for any one given wish that wouldn’t equal or exceed the sister’s power. In addition to this, the winner would be reborn as a Demi-God and fight by the Goddess’ side, gaining ancient knowledge and abilities.

Will you fight?
Valley under the Stars is a hangout and fantasy rp server. We welcome rpers both experienced and new, as well as people who aren't into rp at all.
Telmar was once a beautiful and prosperous land, filled with people who adored their king and queen. The citizens of Telmar rejoiced when the king and queen broke the news that they were expecting no one child, but two. Everyone celebrated the day that the twins had been born - that meant two heirs to the Telmarine throne. Of course, many were confused about which twin would be placed on the throne. That is, of course, until the king decreed that the twins, Seraphina and Selah would rule together. The citizens of this small kingdom loved their princesses dearly, even with the odd powers they had been gifted. Selah had been gifted the powers to control and create ice. Seraphina, had been gifted the powers to control and create fire. Though, everyone mourned the Queen’s passing. It seemed that pushing two children out of her womb, one right after another, had been too much for her delicate body to handle. The King, while grieving the loss of his wife, still worked hard to spend time with the twins and make time for the needs of his people. That is, until the king went on a celebration only a year or two later for that of his most recent birthday. His brother, Lord Aramis, murdered the king while on the celebratory hunting trip. The King was laid to rest in the family tomb only a few days later. Lord Aramis became the regent of Telmar, though only until the twins came of age to take their spot on the throne. However, this man made everything worse for every single citizen that resided in Telmar, unless they were favoured by he himself. He routinely had his guards and soldiers try to murder the princesses, tried to have them beaten, raped or sold to other kingdoms. These plots were thwarted by the servants who lived in the palace and still held their loyalty to the true king and queen. Shortly after the girls turned twelve, they escaped from the palace and into the Narnian Shuddering Woods. There, they met with a group of Narnians and told them of their plight, of their wishes to take back their kingdom and get rid of their uncle for good. The Narnians, after much consideration joined the princesses and allied with them. Now, the twins have several rebel camps all around Narnia.

The time has come to pick a side. No fearing, no faltering.

Will you support Lord Aramis?

Or, will you ally with Princess Selah and Princess Seraphina in there fight to take back their throne?
《Well, this server is a server based around the creepypastas. We're quiet a small community at the moment but soon hopefully we'll be pouring with activity. Role-play as your most favorite canons, have fun with ocs, Explore the wonders of slender mansion, and let your creativity run freely here at CrEePypAstA FuN. See yah there!》
Hello! If you are reading this, I hope you are interested in my server! It is a small server at the moment but I hope it will grow as time goes on! We have 3 Admins to help you out and my self as Owner!
What is my server about you ask? It is about Warrior Cats!
What is Warrior Cats? It is a very long series about cats that live in the wild!
My server includes:
RiverClan- A Clan that loves water and eats fish!
ShadowClan- A Clan that loves the shadows and the gloomy forest!
WindClan- Moor runner cats that are swift on their feet, they eat lots of rabbits!
ThunderClan- Cats that live in oak forests and love any mice, squirrels, and voles!
We do not have a plot at the moment, but there is a vote going on to see the next plot! Maybe if you are not interested, you could take part in the plot!
You can have up to 6 cats, but only one in each Clan!
We also have:
Rouges- Cats that live either in small groups or alone
Loners- Lone cats
Barn Cats- Cats that live in the Barn that sleep in the hay
HoresPlace Cats- Cats that love horses and sleep under fences
Kitty Pets- Cats that live with Twolegs/Humans and do not like wild cats. They are very soft and chunky
If you join my server, I hope you will enjoy! If you have any problems, tell me or any of my Admins!
A friendly Roleplaying community where you can become either a Student, Teacher, Villain or Hero. We have tailored it to suit the member’s needs, making setup as quick, simple and easy as possible.
A NEW DATING SERVER!!! Open fun community centered around making love happen. LGBTQA+ FRIENDLY!!! Open safe space made for getting you to date someone. You'll find someone guaranteed.
Hallo!! This is the mayor of Town of Mango! My name is Kit Spirit, and I founded this town in hopes that furries, humans, nekos, and all kinds of creatures could get together and live peacefully. You have a job, you can make a family, multiple characters are allowed, nsfw is allowed in certain channels, fighting and combat has its own arena, and the town is free to roam! (We even have a beach)
Welcome to the New World!

Create your own character and join us as we explore a vast world full of danger, new experiences and challenges!
This is a new server created with friends in mind to have a fun experience! As we are still adding plenty of things to the server, we may change items as needed to improve the flow of irp activity!

Our server consists of:

Active and fair staff!
An open suggestions channel where your voice can be heard to improve the server!
Friendly community that is non toxic!
An immersive world full of expanding areas to explore!
Fully functioning and confidential report system for moderation purposes!
Fully functioning market system where you can earn Zeni and spend your hard earned rewards to upgrade your gear and weapons!
As close as possible to canon with unique lore and items added as we go along!
Terradeum Infinity is MGE (Monster Girls Encyclopedia) based role playing server set in the olden medieval times of the late 15th century.

The idea of the server is focused on some freedom, and allows it's users to stray from the monstergirls found in the wiki, and turn it into something more fun and exciting! Like being a vampire who doesn't burn in the sun, or a zombie who is quite good at digging.

It should be noted that the server is NSFW, and does contain some rewritten rules from DND, such as combat and interactions. For more information, you'll have to join and find out- sorry! ❤️

( Do expect some sort of gate though. This is to prevent raiders and botters and so on, so if you join and are spooked by it sorry )
Welcome to a Steven Universe Alternate Universe with an expanded Diamond cast, more factions, more courts, more places and its own lore!
♦ 8 Diamonds to choose from, each with their own empire and way of life!
♦ Many factions, from the scavenging Golden Sunlight to the inventive Nanocarbon!
♦ Live free in Pink's colonies, serve the militaristic Yellow Diamond or strategic Orange Diamond, or discover the arcane secrets of the universe as a Violet Mystic!
♦ Explore the universe!
♦ Or perhaps serve no Diamond and pursue a goal... or even become an infamous pirate or wicked monster...

Join today!
As our RP Community Grows, so does our adventures!

We still have many characters up for grabs including characters like; Repliku, Olette, Pence, Hayner, Skuld, Strelitzia, Young Eraqus, Yozora.

Characters from the Organization 13 such as; Ansem, Xemnas, Xigbar (Braig), Luxord, Marluxia (Lauriam) , Larxene (Elrena)

Our TWEWY cast has three characters left; Shiki, Beat and Rhyme.

The FF Cast, has lots open such as; Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Sephiroth, Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, Gladio. and probably more.

Lastly The Foretellers have a few open characters as well; Ava, Invi, Aced, and Ira.

We are trying to fill up these Character spots as our RP Community keeps growing! We hope to see you all here soon!

PLEASE READ the Character List channel and provide an introduction when you enter, it will help to get us know you better!

*Meet New People
*lgbt friendly
*Kh announcements
*Art channel
*RP Channel
*Persona, Final Fantasy, LoZ, Xenoblade, Fire Emblem..etc.
*Anime and much more!

Come on in and join the randomness! DO NOT COME IN HERE ASKING FOR PARTNERSHIPS.

Here at Paopu Kingdom we treat everyone with respect, we are here to make long lasting friendships and have a positive impact on those around us. We strive to create a community where everyone is accepted for who they are. We spread kindness, not hate. A Safe Place for everyone. We are a loving, positive community. In this house we support the LGBT community.

[NSFW] The Community
What it offers?
✤ New server that takes all suggestions into account for the members comfort and pleasure.

✤ Mature staff that is always willing to help.

✤ NSFW Content such as Roleplay, Nudes, Porn and Hentai Channels

✤SFW Content such as Pet Pics, Music Drops and more!

✤ Note it is a fairly new server, and I'll be happy with any suggestions that could help the server thrive.
Looking for staff!
A welcoming group filled with great creations and even greater people! We are accepting to all, and we love everyone's input! I hope you all enjoy the server if you decide to join!
Universe Humans is Countryhumans, Apphumans and earth-humans/eart-Chan all combined
Attention users, I need your help. I'm trying to revive my brother's server after my friends left to exclude members. I need some revenge to bring his server back to life. I'll send the link to the enemy server once we have enough members.
°»。 ∾・⁙・ ღ ➵ the skies are falling, and they need your help.

(semi-lit) with ALL staff and high ranks OPEN, this is your chance to shine and shape the server! our new, original storyline, as well as our simple organization and 15+ roleplay channels are sure to please everyone!


- relaxed semi-lit roleplay! 💗
- lgbtq+ inclusive roleplay! 🏳️‍🌈
- an original storyline, with room for your character to make an impact! 🍃
- active and lovely community! 🌷
- open staff and high roles! 🌟
- and MORE! ❤️
Welcome to iHeaven!
Humanity has changed for past generations. Based on a futuristic theme and aesthetic, old earth who is now broken and destroyed thanks to mankind’s greed, iHeaven is a robotic city based on high technology and walking cyborgs, iHeaven is the new city for those humans who survived the apocalypse. Using the SAO, Darling in the Franxx and Nier Automata inspirations; all this takes place in the roleplay General. This not just a roleplay server, it also contains Fortnite bots, normal chatting lounge, music bots and more!
· · ── :| |: ── ·Gangs of Norfolk· ── :| |: ── · ·
Welcome to The Gangs of Norfolk! We are a server presenting the 4 gangs in the fictional city of Norfolk, those gangs being: The Horde, The Forsaken, Hydra, and God’s Devotion. We hope to see you there soon!

We present our players with...
>> An active and welcoming staff and community.
>> An open role-play, able to go in any direction the community guides it.
>> Plenty of surprises and cliffhangers, as well as drama. (irp)

...Will you join the war?...

— Topics in this ERP might be triggering for others
— Our server is still in development, however we are very close to finishing up completely
— Our rules enforce safety within the community so we avoid those triggering topics mentioned earlier oorp
→˚₊·-♡。welcome to emily's pond

・✫・゜・。 ˚.« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ ».˚ .・✫・゜・。

♡ kind community
♡ partnerships
♡ vc
♡ currency system
♡ name colors
♡ activity

✿ ✿
✿ ✿
Based on Erin Hunters series, Warrior cats, our roleplay community is perfect for all your warrior cat needs!
As a long term roleplay, you can choose to roleplay in either of the 5 main clans, with the other options of kitty pet, rogue and loner. We also have a variety of out of character chats where you can get to know our community, with over 3000 members, we’re always open for new people!

Activities you can get involved with-
-Art- An art chat where our large community shares each others art, we love seeing each others talent and creativity!
-Get to know our community! We have plenty of out of roleplay chats to make friends with
-Roleplay!- We have a vast amount of roleplay chats for you to enjoy roleplaying in. As long as you follow the rules, we can all have fun.
- and so much more! - Book club, Adoptables, gaming areas and voice chats!

So join today and start roleplaying! With a large community, we’re always active and ready to have fun!

Welcome to Kingdom Hearts Chronicles, a word based Kingdom Hearts RPG (Role Playing Game) with
1. Open world, players decide what place to unlock and where to go, limitless possibilities!
2. Economy system, work, get riches, get your world going, and beat other world!
3. Battle system, enjoy balanced battle system with moderators, and beat you enemies!
4. Training and Rank system, get your activeness rewarded and be the leader of your world!

Be a Keybearer, Heartless, Nobody, or even a Human, get their unique benefits! Immerse into the time when world of Kingdom Hearts is still in its infancy. Can you finally change the history?
│° ⁕ 𝑾𝒆𝒍𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒕𝒐 Azreal!
⇰ A new server centered a round a school of enhanced children. A small and new community, that we hope that grows bigger throughout the time, but for this, we'll need you to read the rules carefully — we're not too strict with them, since they're pretty much common sense.
When you hit 16 years old, you may start feeling a little...strange. Like, for example, suddenly getting fangs and being a little more sensitive to sunshine, or darker thoughts and flickering eyes. This is normal for some. This means you are gifted. When you realize you are gifted, you'll eventually form into a supernatural-related race. You'll immediately feel drawn to Azrael Academy, whether you're close to the academy itself or your parent(s)/guardian(s) push you to join us. Only the gifted can get through the barrier that is invisible to the naked eye. Once you're here, you'll sign up for classes and get used to the rhythm of the place. You can find love, find friends, find enemies and much more here at Azrael Academy, School for the Gifted.