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A new interactive fantasy and erp server based on the d20 system with various events and player made adventures
this information is written upon a plaque located beneath a cherry blossom tree by the gates entrance

During the third age of Knowledge, Lady Kadrine Turen, a gnomish lass that held a clockwork arm prostetic, with the assistance of several gnomes & dwarves, cleared out a whole in the mountain nearly 10,000 feet in the air of the Theghwihr mountains. Finding valuable materials for clockwork machines ranging from iron to the rare gemstone of Ceylronite, the group had found a clearing between the mountain with a waterfall going through the center. Kadrine, being of a naïve 105, told Erias Frostbeard that a settlement will be built here. Now, in the twelfth age of knowledge, the current official of the Red Quarter District is Andraste Hanali, a shadar-kai of the Raven Lord, Governs over the three districts with a grasp that seems to be waning, as for there are territorial rulers for the lower district’s, Bidreked, a beholder crime boss ruling over the slums with an iron fist, has been playing the game as long as the fifth age, biding their time until the gnome had perished. Then there is Ambition, a tiefling spiderling that is the keeper of the mid-district while also keeping the beholder’s men in line & at bay. The Red Quarter District is home to all walks of outcast’s & freaks of the Lilim Isle, for the primary races (elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes & humans) it’s a lawless hell that only fools go to die, for the ones who visit, it takes time to grow accustom to, but it is home

You though dear traveler, who ventured upon the clockwork lift to get to the city gates, where do we put you?

Written by Andraste Hanali, Governing Official of High-Town
Welcome to UnderChat, a roleplay server that offers a community for discussing the game, roleplaying, sharing art, and more! We have 70+ members and offer extremely active staff, and lots of bot games as well as a large roleplay selection.

Our roleplay is very open and free- OC's are welcome, as are UT and DR characters. We don't follow any specific lore aside from the lore of the game!
Hiya~ We're a growing server interested in building a community of quality roleplayers in order to play out any number of lewd fantasies! Feel free to stop by, take a look around, and join in if you think you'd have some fun here!
We are a RolePlay server of Mages and 6 infinity pillars in the world!! You’ll seek glory and such! But first our server’s information and expectations from our staffs and the Roleplay it self!
— Active Staff Team!
— Active RolePlays!
— Active Users!
— We can deal with raiders!
— Balanced Characters! & Weapons!
— Many Voice Channels!!
— NSFW isn’t allow, but rp NSFW goes to Dm’s!
🏳️‍🌈We expect any person sexuality or what they are, Furry, Borny, Etc!🏳️‍🌈 [Currently looking for Staff!]

Welcome To The Force!
You Can Join Many Different Groups Here, Such As:

K9 Unit
S.W.A.T Teams
Air Support Unit
Marine Police Unit
Tactical Support Team
Sniper Teams

We'd Love To Have You, Hope To See You There!
Welcome to Icoburg City, where the streets are alive woth the sound of children's card games! Create your character, get your packs, and roleplay with the community! Hope to see you soon!
This is a percy Jackson based group Role play server. We have a unique character creation system to assign godrents. There is also capture the flag run every other week. The timeline of this server is as if the events of Percy Jackson never happened, we have our own plot arcs and camp wide events that all can participate in. There are also opportunities to go on quests and slay mythical beasts, but be careful they certainly bite back.
The setting for the server takes place right after Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion.

After the day has been saved by Agent 8, both Inklings and Octolings lived together in peace... That was until the believed to have been extinct humans started resurfacing. With Humans starting to pop up, Inklings and Octolings are panicking, can they trust the humans?

Aside from roleplaying we are a very fun and welcoming community as we're a very chill Nintendo community, talking not only about Splatoon, but other series from Nintendo. We hope to see you in our server!
This is purely a realistic university roleplay. We have a few other roleplay servers as well, all realistic and no fairytale crap. This server is based on the University life, and its pretty active! We really just need more members to play with c:
Naruto Rp:
Naruto:The New Age
The story takes place after Boruto where each clan is revived (the uchiha, chinioke, and otsutsuki clans). This about 100 years after boruto so everyone one that is canon is dead. All the 5 nations have new kages and are at war for power.
There will be most likely events where you fight other villages
There are no Jinchurikis alive at the moment so i will hold events for people to seal tailed beast in themselves or possibly form a new Akatsuki.

This server is for people to meet others and have fun.
This is non canon

🤝- Partners.

🎭 - Pubic Roleplay channels.

⊸ Dedicated Owner

⊸ Quick responses
(if anyone is on that is)

⊸ Custom mee6 commands

⊸ Missions & Ryo System!

⊸ And much more!
New Server!
Talking, Music, and Bots.
Colorful, Entertaining, and Creative
New Pokemon server!
New members welcomed
Come and join! theres tons of bots and we all love to make new friends!
Hope you all enjoy!
A friendly Roleplaying community where you can become either a Student, Teacher, Villain or Hero. We have tailored it to suit the member’s needs, making setup as quick, simple and easy as possible.
For in the beginning there was Heaven. A divine, illustrious, and beautiful place were the holy angels frolicked wherever the eye could see. Then, there was Hell. A place of fire and fury. Where hideous fiends called devils roamed in search of their prey. Will you side with light or dark? That is your choice make.

Hello and welcome to Of Heaven and Hell. A brand new Roleplay server based around Christianity’s realms heaven and hell. Here you can rp till your hearts content. Thank you for considering our server.
Welcome to the Empire roleplay! This server is set in a 16th century, but has a modern twist to it. In this kingdom, you can help the royal family or turn away and join the rebellion. However, if you don't feel being human you can become a netherling aka a demon, monster, or one of your choosing! So come on down and pick a side! Will you help the royal, or be turn away and become the most wicked monster there?! Please, bring help and either destroy the royal or destroy the creatures of the dark! We will be expecting your help!
Camp Half Blood : New Generations is a roleplay server based in the world of Percy Jackson. Set 25 years after the events of The Last Olympian (With the Heroes of Olympus never taking place). Camp Half Blood is more open than ever, even with children of Primordial Deities roaming the camp! We include plot in our roleplay, both server-wide and individually. Come join the fun, today!
An Imperial named Draconis has defeated The Galactic Empire with the rebellion as the Galactic Civil War, has ended he sought his own Destiny to Reform the Galactic Republic by recovering Older technology by multiple eras and stealing ships from the enemy Recruits most of the Northern Core worlds to the republic as he is a Imperial Noble from a dead planet named Coruscant he has found multiple frozen Clones in carbonite a Very old Jedi Master enough to revive The Galactic Republic as during Thirty Year peace he has been building up a Navy and Army of Droids Soldiers and Vehicles from Nine technologies when the time The First Order Rose they have been taking world's from the Republic and he has been stealing the ships to add his navy and armor weapons for Republic troops with Mandalorians backing them up to win the war

The Galactic Republic is made of Nine Technologies

The Old Galactic Republic
The Sith Empire
The Galactic Republic (Clone Wars Version)
The Confederacy of Independent Systems
The Galactic Empire
The Zann Consortium
The Rebel Alliance
The First Order
The Resistance
Tales from Therinfall is a growing, high fantasy storybook style RP server (paragraph/ multi-paragraph posts) looking for members! We have a detailed, original world, with such resources as an overview map and an open magic system. We are PG-13, so no explicit content is allowed. There is a server-wide plot in motion, with interesting roles to play within it. So come on, check us out! :)
Welcome to The Sandbox, the ultimate Sandbox roleplay. Do what you want! The possibilities are endless. Nsfw type? ERP allowed! Fantasy type! Create your own magic kingdom! The possibilities are endless!

Hey! You there! Aerilon Clan needs a demigod like you! Join us and help Aerilon clan Thrive! Welcome to the strongest clan of demigods to ever exist!
This server is based on Egyptian gods/goddesses. You get to choose from 5 different residences. There are tons of open spots right now, just for you! Join now for some fun and exciting events!
A server about having ocs in different aus, and a free for all for anyone to join. We are super welcoming so stop by!
Sex Porn XXX [RED] is a NSFW server, growing and evolving, shaped by our members. Come hang out with people, get to know them, build relationships, have fun with them, maybe find that special someone~ Come for the nudes stay for the community!