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We have just launched and are in the current stage of BETA testing this server, we are in need of staff members and active roleplayers. Any help, and any members are always welcome!
just some happy go lucky server we are just doing this for laughs and giggles i kinda just want to reach 100 members before the server dies.. (if you join you do not have to do a intro it’s there beacuse people asked for it)
A brand new Fate server, based on the visual novel series by the same name! Set 100 years after Shirou Emiya's natural death, roleplayers will be able to choose between creating a master or servant character, each role being fully faithful to the series while simultaneously being intuitive and comfortable to RP as. Servant roleplayers may express creative liberty, choosing any historical or mythological character they wish, canon or not. Meanwhile, master roleplayers have a large amount of freedom in character creation, being allowed to detail even the most nuanced facets of character creation, such as circuit quality and quantity. There is also a servant-master pairing channel where you can link up with masters who need servants and vice-versa!

A few years after the death of Shirou Emiya, another Holy Grail War began. With no heroes of Emiya's caliber to defend the Grail and stop the war, a nefarious master was able to seize the power and wish of the Grail. His wish? To shatter the Holy Grail. This caused all known order and rule over the Grail to fall apart, throwing aside all previous principles of the Holy Grail War. For example, masters are no longer limited to a single servant, and servants evolve as they fight. Now, a new Holy Grail War is beginning. It is up to the masters of this future Grail War to restore balance... or destroy it further. The choice is in your hands.
【 C A L Y P S O 】 18 + NSFW [ 21k Members ++ ]. Specialty : NSFW, Porn, Hentai. We Want ̶N̶u̶d̶e̶s̶ Active and Loyal Members !! Bots for all occasion and Friendly People ⭐️⭐️⭐️

active chat - anime - chill community - emotes - memes - fun - gaming - nudes - giveaways - porn - hentai - hookup - dating - music - roleplay rp - social - friendly - other .

We have it all. Literally a one-stop-spot for your discord experience 🖤
Welcome to your Dreamland~ This is a mainly roleplay based server where we have two sections- the first being for your general everyday server stuff and the second for, you guessed, roleplay! Both experienced and new comers are welcome, and we pride ourselves on being a friendly accepting community~ Thank you for joining。・:*:・゚☆
Zodeth was established 23 billion years ago and was orginally called Phantom palace highschool. It had entrance exams where Students fought powerful dragons. It was rebuild a while later and renamed Morlax highschool. Back in those day Zodeth/Morlax was notorius for it's Bad students. Until a new principal , Azrielle Celeste. Azrielle was extremely strict and sexual he improved the school's Academics and Behavior . He had a son named azriel me who would later become the vice principal. That's when Zodeth got Rebuilt into a more modern looking Building.
The original Building of Zodeth. 23 years later the school got rebuilt and Renamed into Zodeth academy! ( and is a private school for those who are filthy rich or hace high standards )
A kingdom where you can meet new people and enjoy your time. 😊 Beat your meat. 💦 Interact with one another. 👀 Do whatever you want 😱

⚠️⚠️This is a relatively new server and not always lively so don’t join if you’re going to leave in two minutes⚠️⚠️

🔸Please join and help us expand! 😩
🔹Nsfw server 👅💦
🔸Anime/Manga discussion 🎉
🔹Many Channels to explore 🔭
🔸Selfie channel 📱
🔹Limited Rules 🤩
🔸Partnerships 🤝



𝕯𝖆𝖞 𝕮𝖑𝖆𝖘𝖘

~ Day Class are compose of human and are not inform by the true forms of the Night Class students and somehow the GIRLS in the Day Class idolizes the Night Class students will always wait by the entrance to the dorm of Night Class students however PREFECTS of Toshiro Academy will always keep an order and helps the headmistress in running the Day Class.

𝕹𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙 𝕮𝖑𝖆𝖘𝖘

~ This is where the Purebloods , Aristocrats and Level C vampires goes to. Despite mixing with the humans the headmistress supplies the vampires a blood tablet which helps them to control their blood lust.


At the month of June the Toshiro Academy will hold a giveaway where 2 winners can possibly win !

Legends tell of a magical land, in a faraway place. Filled with fair maidens and oath sworn knights. A land rich with drink and lavish feasts. Hard to believe such a place could exist, at least until such skeptical folk came across the Kingdom of Anvora. This is a land where you will find warmth and welcome wherever you go, regardless of who you are and what your race is. Simple folk live simple lives, they work the fields, tend to the crops, peddle their goods and try to make an honest living. It’s a land ripe with opportunity, full of adventure to be had, maidens to defends, and long lost treasures just begging to be found. You will never go hungry, never thirst for a drink and never find yourself wanting company for in Anvora you will find all your wants and needs fulfilled. Despite facing war, death and destruction, life has found a way and peace and prosperity fill the land once more. So what do you say, shall we go on an adventure?

A chill medieval type roleplay server. We have interesting events full of combat, mystery, conspiracies and all that jazz; a wholesome community, helpful mods and loads of fun. Most importantly! We're active! Please join!

3 decades after the battle of Yavin, the galaxy is once again in turmoil. From the ashes of the empire, THE FIRST ORDER has risen lead by the Supreme Leader Snoke and his apprentice Kylo Ren as they hunt for Luke Skywalker to find him and destroy him. Meanwhile the Resistance has risen up and has taken up arms against the first order as they fight to restore peace and prosperity to the galaxy.
While the two factions wage war against each other, crime syndicates thrive on the outer rim planets. With weapon manufacturers and smugglers making enormous profits off the war, our story takes us to the planet Taris. A planet with a history of war and conflict, its ship graveyards a bitter reminder of a terrible time past. Its levels divided by class, the elite rule from the skies as the poor literally fight to survive. That was until now…
The First Order has begun putting squads of troopers on the planet as Rebellion operatives have also risen. The Force however has other plans. Several force users have begun showing themselves to the galaxy, as there is no defined Jedi or Sith order and no one to guide them, they rely solely on the Force to show them the way.
It is now up to you, the role-player, to pick a side and fight for what you believe in. Will you be a member of The First Order, a Rebel Fighter, a Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, Force User or a nobody just trying to get by and live a life the best you could. The choice is yours, whatever you choose, may the force will be with you...always.

(Fun and open RP server based in the canon-verse but away from all the happenings of the movies and such. We have a non-toxic wholesome community, interesting events, star wars fans to geek out with and helpful staff. We guarantee that you will have a good time. Join now and become a part of our server!)
A Medeviel Times Server With some modern touches. The Worls is very open world, and The Lore is completly player based. Its A nice Semi serious server with anything in between the conflicts. We need more people.... HELP
Welcome to DC Comics Role-Play, a brand new server for fans of DC comics interested in rping as their favorite heroes and villains. Join now while the character you want is still available!
The server is mainly about the wolf pack but if you would like there is other roleplaying areas if you would like to do those instead of the wolf pack one etc but basically you can talk and role play etc.
Welcome to the World of Genesis, A brand new Medieval-ish/Fantasy Roleplaying server. We'd like to welcome you to our little world of Magic and Fantasy
[Keep in mind we are a brand new and small roleplaying server, So please don't expect much right off the bat c;]

What we offer In RP:

- 5 Guilds
- 1 Antagonist Guild [Antagonist Guild Has Been Destroyed]
- 4 Rival Guilds

+Quest System

- Guild Lores
- World Lores
- Kingdom Lores [WIP]

- Guild Battles [WIP]
- Colloseum Tournaments
- More events soon
- Non-Cannon PvP Fights

- Obtaining a Stigma from Events
- Guild Ranks
- New Spells
- Royalty Ranks [WIP]
- Legendary Weapons [WIP]
- More Rewards soon

+Custom Races
- Mink
- Demons
- Angels
- Elfs
- Demi-Human
- Corrupted
- [You can even Submit your own custom race]

What we offer OOC:

+Friendly Staff
- They are extremely chill
- They can tolerate almost anything
- Overall Friendly

+More Roleplay Channels
- We take suggestions for more areas to roleplay with
- [We currently have very little channels so suggestion would be nice]

+Custom Bots
- Custom Commands [WIP]

+Friendly Environment
- All Ages are welcome


What we discourage:

- Excessive Cursing
- Arguments
- Depressing Topics

What we encourage:

- 90% Freedom To Do Whatever
- Partnerships
- Positivity
- Help with the Server's Development

[New Arc, Dwelling Of Curse will been soon, Hope to see you there ;3]
Welcome to Arcases, a medieval world ruled by magical creatures known as Pokemon. Mystery dungeons spawn throughout the world, creating false, animalistic pokemon from their depths who are no more than monsters, roaming the countrysides and causing trouble for the people. Yes, the people of Dracore went through with a cross between Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Medieval Fantasy with edited lore. Of the 18 type-based kingdoms, parts of the normal-type are in the playable area, will be expanding soon.

Anything from one-liners to multi-para welcome, so come in and have some fun as a Pokemon.
We have created an erotic roleplay server with 400+ members.

As we want to freshen up the chat a little and not only want people to just post their erotic requests, we want to welcome everyone in here who wants to join us (18+ ofc). You can only see all of it if you chose your main role.

If you come into the server you will need to choose your roles to show people what you are into (Dom, Sub, bondage etc.)


We are looking forward to you ;)
Hello! Welcome to our humble world known as Gailania, or better known as Gaia. Now you might be asking what makes this fantasy roleplay any different from any other fantasy server? Well, there’s actually a lot that could be considered different.

-Two different character sheets, one which is the default setup for a character, and one which requires very minimal effort to set up
-A multitude of races, not just your generic ones though- Some borrowed from other series, and some even custom ones as well!
-Despite our fantasy aesthetic, the world itself is pretty modern in several aspects, so go wild! That does mean we have Magi-Tech as well
-A bestiary which lists off the native beasts or animals of certain parts of the world
-Opportunities for writing up your own mini story arcs in our world
-A very open world for nearly anything to happen anywhere
-Self-Assignable Roles
-We are Semi-Literate

(Note: This is a beta test for going public, those who join for the beta will gain beta tester role with special privileges)
☕ __Welcome to the Moonlit Cafè__☕

We invite you to take part of our chill and friendly community as one of the customers!
Here you will find hundreds of people to talk with that either share the same fandom as you or are willing to chat over a nice coffee.

Here is what this community has to offer:

▶ A chill 18+ server
▶ A big variety of roles to choose from.
▶ Art rooms for our creators
▶ A nice variety of nsfw rooms for everyone's liking
▶ Easy to read and understand rules.
▶ Friendly staff, eager to answer your questions and chat with the members of the community
▶ Role-playing rooms.

And many more!

Consider dropping by our little Cafè and have a great time finding new friendships and who knows, maybe take it to the next step.
welcome to a bakery themed server to talk about your original characters and perhaps roleplay! share your wonderful art, writing, stories, whatever you want! to quote one of the members there, ' come befriend us, we're lit '. fandom ocs are allowed as well and all ages welcome! feel free to join the bakery, we don't bite! :]
Accommodate yourself in Hotel Lewd - the biggest ERP server. Cool people, a large number of girls, verification system, our own custom bots, unique activity ranking system and much much more! Join us and see for yourself!

We also have language-specific channels for those who don't feel comfortable with english roleplaying!
Imagine you’ve just woke up, your head is hurting immensely and you feel dizzy, then it clicks. You were caught using your powers, the government found you. Your right shoulder hurts. You find a few stitches. They inserted a tracker into you, this is your new home. No one leaves ever. Time to make a life here

There are four parts of the island. Beach, country, city and forest. They each have their own mayor and there is an overruling queen. The queen is never seen but her daughter is.
It is a typically Sandy area with rock paths leading to places. There is a busy market where people can set up stalls and earn money. There is a cafe which is a nice hotspot for talking. There is a restaurant in case you wish to go on a date night and of course there is a cave down by the sea where people can hang out. There is a cute village called Mossley where the people who live in beach area reside.
** Country:**
It is a nice area where there is a small village, a nice farm with friendly animals, nice spacious fields, a beautiful river and a sweet little cottage owned by the queen.
** City:**
This is the busiest place. It is occupied by many apartments and houses. Underneath all the business and rushing people is two rival gangs. They are called Red Skeletons and the silencers. They are equally as deadly but Red Skeletons occupy most of the space.
** Forest:**
This is a place mainly of trees but there is two rivers and a gorgeous lake where people can go swimming. It’s a sweet little area and it’s great for nature walks. There is a village called Ozryn where the residents live.
Have an OC that can't be used anywhere else due to creative limitation?
Want to join in on a large and great community?
Interested in expressing pure creative freedom?
Come to OC hell, where literally any character can exist, so long as its original!

This is NOT a super OP server. It is a very free server, but allowing everything would get super boring, so there are some simple rules in place that most OCs will already follow just fine. This means NO god OCs, as they frequently ruin RP and are not fun to play as or with. We also have PTK to protect characters who aren't as strong or people who just don't want to fight.
----------{SCP FOUNDATION}------------

Access Granted, Welcome To -----{THE SCP FOUNDATION}-----

Loading file . . .

====《|BEGIN LOG|》=====

Hello, civilian you've been specially chosen to join the most highly Secret Organization we Call the SCP Foundation. Now Civilian, we are what's under your bed at night we are the bump in the night. We protect you from the monsters that hide, hide in the Shadow's waiting to attack. We Secure it. We Contain it. We Protect it. Now what are you waiting for, come on and join us!

====《|END LOG|》=====

====《|BEGIN LOG|》=====

Mankind must not go back to hiding in fear. No one else will protect us, and we must stand up for ourselves.

While the rest of mankind dwells in the light, we must stand in the darkness to fight it, contain it, and shield it from the eyes of the public, so that others may live in a sane and normal world.

We secure. We contain. We protect.

— The Administrator

====《|END LOG|》=====


• Over 200+ roles.
• Tons of staff, at least 5 or online most of the time to help you.
•Raid free..
•Our bots are MEE6,FredBoat,Dyno,Vortex,AppBot,both rythms and more!
•Research, and become an OVERSEER At Your Department here at the Foundation.
•Explore, contain hazardous anomalies.
•Tons of Roleplay channels and your own character creation system. (you can even become an scp.)
•Open for partnerships! Always!
•Invite Friends!
•Enjoy Yourself!