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This is a medievil fantasy roleplay server where you can be most anything within reason.
From dragons to unicorns to vampires to fairies.
A friendly server that hopes to grow.

This place is peaceful in most parts, but other parts are dangerous to travel to, with demons and vampires who feed on humans and other creatures, where as unicorns and merfolk are calmer of the species on this planet.
Humans live among most of these crearures and others hunt them for they fear them just because their abnormal.
Hi there, I made this server for people who like Hellsing. This is an rp server, canon characters are very well allowed in this server. Go ahead and join, if you are a good mod, tell me please, an I might consider making you one.
A bit of a creepy place for roleplayers, a town full of nightmares and such.
A small server at the moment but hopes to grow of course.
Welcome to Animal Crossing: UNTAMED!

This is an Animal Crossing RP Server where you can either be one of your favorite characters, villagers, or create your own CUSTOM characters, be they Human OR Animal (Anthro, of course, to prevent Bestiality and other illicit activites).

This server is NSFW, however, as the term "UNTAMED" goes. In this sense, we wish to allow players the option to build up In-Character Relationships, and take them beyond a simple "First Kiss". However, we also encourage Character Development, Realistic Approaches to things, and have rules against Cub Content, "EXTREME Fetish" Material, and offensive behavior that include, but doesn't limit to, "Kink-Shaming", "Racism", "Religious Dispute", "Trolling", and "Raiding". Anyone caught doing said actions are usually removed, and their messages alongside it.
Hi~ I’m Emilia your host! You have a pass to enter in our universe! This server is fun and never runs outta things too do! We’d love to have you join us we have everything!
Good admins
Kid friendly
Anime and Manga
Good activity
What do you have to lose a try won’t hurt! <3
Owner: @Emilia (Sistine Fibel)#5252
A planet made entirely for different species in the universe, from different planets and galaxys.
There is really no specific theme to this, its just a paradise for any and all.

There is a bit of reading to do before you can rp though, but if you like reading then it'll be perfect for you.
Also we have concept art for the places and some creatures as well that you can also read about.
Hope you join and have fun.
In the past, all races were in conflict with one another, but the human race was the biggest threat to them all... enslaving the smaller races and slaughtering the stronger one.
The races were all in deep depression, losing all those they care just because of an unknown conflict with the human species.
In the 20th Century of the 60s they had enough of the human's tyrannical oppression against them and they rebelled against them. First the Zombies then the Drakon and eventually, all of the species had all banded together they began a deadly Civil war, many people from both Sides were Slaughtered, rivaling the death toll of the first world war. Out of the ashes the Rebels succeeded.
The humans were forced to sign a treaty, know as the Treaty of Pax, and all the other races signed it it too. A safe haven was then built so that all races can co-exist. That was called New Wave City. It was founded on an old urban human metropolis before the conflict with four Islands, Two connected to the mainland city with the other two requiring a ferry to get there.
For decades the city has prospered but recently a crimewave has struck the city, making it dangerous at night. Law enforcement had been forced to take extreme action, organized crime running amok and masked vigilantes taking the law into their own hands are all examples of this crime wave as normal residents try to live out their lives in this chaotic yet Tropical paradise.

Welcome to New Wave City! One of the deadliest cities in the US, here you can:

- Apprehend Criminals or just murder them with street justice as a Vigilante.
- Enforce the Law in the city with High Tech weaponry as an Anti Crime Force Officer.
- Operate under a Gang, dealing in Arms, Drugs or Even Human trafficking or go at it alone and Cause chaos in the streets as a Criminal.
- Or operate in the shadows as an assassin, as a hired gun as a Mercenary, or Take out targets as a Hitman.

This server takes place in POST MODERN day with an 80's style to it, in the Year 2020. I was inspired by Hotline Miami and the classic RPGs. There is a massive crime wave where gangs are related to the type of monsters in RPGs.

Enjoy your Stay...
A small rp server based around a certain timeline in Steven Universe.
Here you can be really any gem as long as its OC.
It would be nice to have more people, hope you join and have fun.
If you like mechs this is the server for you in G.A.O.M.C we accept al type of role players it doesnt matter if you are new in the world of role play the other members will be happy to help you. You can come here and start a new adventure with your own mecha at your side and if you want to know more here is the canon:

In the year 2053 the humanity has finally achieve the goal of becoming a class 1 civilization (a civilization who can use all the energy of their own planet) and the race to becoming a class 2 civilazation has started, the second space race starts but this time we are not just putting a man in the moon, we are colonizing it, the biggest nations of the world start compiting with each other in who will become the first established colony in the moon. Unfortunate this goal was not possible with only the power of 1 nation, it was necesary the cooperation of all the world to fulfill this goal in less than 20 years and when all the nations agreed to not fight each other for the moon only then it was finally possible to create an self-sustaining colony. Even if this project was completed and the humanity have just made one of the biggest advances in history this achivement show the goberments how out-dated is the humanity in tearms of space travel, even using the 100% of the energy available in the planet without wasting any of it, we can only put the mass of the mount everest in to space, that sounds good but If we want to plan a future where the humanity travels through the stars we need a better energy supply who allow us to make extensive travels to other planets and other solar systems, and with almost any hope left the future of the humanity was seen to be locked on the moon and in the earth, but in the year 2078 a big meteor crash in the middle of the pacific ocean creating a new country, this meteor was charged up with Helium-3, a particule that thanks to his composition allows the humanity to create the first fusion reactor, who produce so much energy as the core of the sun. But this miracle wasnt going to be free, inside of the same meteor theres an alien race who escape their prision to inside the earth, this alien havent shown up yet but the goberments where able to detect them and just for caution they decide to create G.A.O.M.C (Global-association-of-mecha-construction) in the new country, thats is now known as Elendel. <br>
In G.A.O.M.C the new generations study how the humanity can become one of the greatest civilazation of the universe, but also they are the ones who will be respomsable for the alien racd thats is somewhere inside the planet ¿they are going to rise and destroy everything? ¿they are going to try comunicate with us? This are question that the students have to be prepared and for that every student have the right to create his own mecha in the association, the mecha can work in any field: Comunication, research, travel, exploration and yes combat. Hopely this will allow to deal with this alien race no matter what are their intentions.
Welcome to Gallagher High, one of America’s top schools for hero training! Here, students will learn to harness their quirks to become the best of the best with the help of the renowned staff. But outside the school walls, a new threat rises to rock the hero world as they know it. Where do you stand in all of this?

Come join the fun in this new “My Hero” story set in a quirk-filled America inspired by Horikoshi’s fantastical world. We’ll be following our own path, so don’t worry about the characters of the main series. They’re off doing their own thing. Here’s what you can expect from this server:

-Original characters welcomed and encouraged! In fact, this will be a primarily OC driven server. No canon characters will be accepted.

-Character and Quirk creation!

-Literacy, fun with words!

-Plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow fans of the manga and anime series!

So what are you waiting for? Do you have what it takes to Go Beyond?
In this server, we are looking for:
-passionate MHA fans
-literate rpers
-and much more!

There are tons of CANON CHARACTERS are still available! OCs are open though!

This server takes place after season 3!

Come join and have fun!
Wanna partner up and find other quality servers to join? Easy!

Want an active voice chat? We got you!

Want a gaming community? All cleared!

Want quality yaoi? We have it here.~

(18+ only) C'mon down to the G°B°G. [Gay Boi Guild] RP Server. We help you find a partner you want to roleplay with! From SFW to NSFW image and discussion channels, being an LGBTQ+ safe space, and a server that goes out of the way to know you along with your character(s)! We have numerous self-assigned roles! Excellent bots such as Rhythm, Miki, Poll Bot, Senpai, and lastly UnbelievaBoat that gives us our currency system. Late nights are fun with games of Cards Against Humanity and quality Rabbit streams of movies, anime, and YouTube videos! We take all suggestions and inquiries seriously, so don't hesitate to ask anything. Join G°B°G and find new partners and friends today!
It is 3477AD. After the defeat of the Old Families at the hands of our great leader in 3375AD, the current government has ruled the land peacefully for many years, with the Old Families fleeing north.

In a post-apocalyptic world, the government has captured all those with genetic mutations that cause strange powers to appear in otherwise normal humans. You are sent with the rest of the ‘freaks’ to the government managed Fleming Facility, where your threat level is assessed, and you are ranked from S to D. Most are sent to the facility at birth, but some parents of such people are clever enough to forge the results for the government’s mandatory DNA test. Regardless, you are at the Fleming Facility, where you will be trained to use these abilities for the country.

Recently, a boy of fifteen, Alec Macmillan, has been accused of being a spy, and a member of the Old Families, the evil, corrupted government of families that ruled prior to the current government. Macmillan has suddenly rose from a D level threat to an S level threat, and was immediately imprisoned in the highest security cell in the containment facility, cell B18S. However, even after weeks of interrogation, the higher ups of the Fleming Facility have not been able to get any information from Macmillan.

You have completed the final exam and have been promoted to the Elite class. The exam is a paper test on various topics. As a member of the Elite class, you would be allowed to visit cell B18S on your own as a trusted member of the facility, as well as join in on interrogation sessions. The Elite also now have access to the laboratory and the data archives, something you’ve been curious about for a long time. As time goes on, however, you get the feeling that something is wrong—something is out of place. Macmillan knows nothing of the family he is accused of being a member of, and you and a group of others begin to suspect something...
A fresh Camp Half Blood server looking to be innovative and grow rapidly. With new members like you, we could become the leading PJO-themed roleplay server on Discord!
This server is a living world campaign, like a MMORPG. Several DMs and many players.

In the world of Nexus, five nations stand at odds. Recently, the fifth kingdom has fallen and a war has begun. Join as a player or game master, we are accepting both.
```The story takes place 30 years(about 1 generation) after the 4th great ninja war,However in this timeline all the heroes(naruto,sasuke,kakashi,ETC) died in the war in order to win,The world just entered the technology era,A brand new organisation raises up,no one knows who are they or what are their goals

Naruto New generation Remastered has a proper solid system of combat and stats properly setup and it's currently newly made Naruto rp server, but we're active and growing

What do we have to offer:

-Friendly and welcoming server

-We're a active community

-A active staff team

-Well written lore and events to be had

-Fair rules

-Serious roleplaying

-A custom village,Custom clans,Custom jutsus and more!

@everyone @here We're waiting for you!```
A good Community/RP server for Splatoon fans to chat, roleplay and play!
An ongoing roleplay set on an Airship, in a fantasy world. You can create characters and write your own stories!
Leonhart has:
- Open Character Creation
- Graphic Profiles and Ranks
- Money, Sales, and Trading
- Items, Gear, and Upgrades
- Simple Stats and Leveling
- Crafting
- Magic
...and much more! Jump into the game and meet friends in an open world, feel free to write your own Quests and Campaigns.

Soul Eater Apocalypse is a story driven group roleplay. The world of Soul Eater filled with all new characters. Create a Mesiter, Weapon, or a Witch and partake in this new world. Plenty of NPCs to interact with along with other roleplayers and their own characters! Multiple characters allowed per person with a long journey ahead of each student!!

-Story Driven!
-Third Person, Semi Literate preferred
-Multiple characters per person
-No Cannon Characters
-Artwork of big events and scenes
-Always taking suggestions
-Always accepting applications!

You've been invited to Fate Manor

A place where unique individuals gather to socialize and test their abilities, a magical nexus for traveling across dimensions, and a home to those outcast by society. However, it is not necessarily a safe place, as the halls of the manor have been divided into factions, each wing governed by a different Team Leader. These teams are constantly competing with each other; be it directly through combat, or indirectly through their feats and accomplishments. On the surface, it is all in good sport, but beneath those layers lies something far more sinister. As the forces of darkness grow stronger in secret, so must we all in order to preserve this world, and all others.
Welcome to A warrior cats roleplay, a safe and non-toxic roleplaying environment! Here you can join a Clan(BrookClan, TimberClan, GrassClan, or CovertClan), the Tribe of Rolling Summits, or become a kittypet, rogue, or loner!
Note: This is a fairly new server. If you find something wrong, DM the owner or leave a message in the support channel.
Events such as Gatherings will start once more members join.

15 February 2019
-MEE6 rank thingy was changed
-join message thing updated
-updated map
-added role and info channel for CovertClan
-changed server name from "A warrior cats rp" to "Warriors-Darkened Hearts" -server icon changed to a headshot of Darkpool because those of us from Tearless's server just aren't allowed to forget are we
-plot stuff soon to come!
Dark Ambitions - Roleplaying with a twist!
╭ ╮
Dark Ambitions is a Roleplaying server comprised of
lore-based channels allowing you to freely move your
selected character throughout the kingdom of

Daily quests and interaction with NPC's
Weekly DnD Inspired adventures

A character system designed to create

Hours and hours of originally written lore
that allows you to freely move your character
throughout Alqualondë with plenty of interaction
with not only other people but NPC's, Gods and
╰ ╯

Heres what you can expect to find inside our server!

• A friendly community
• open mod positions
• lore and location descriptions with reference images
• many rp locations (currently still adding more)
• voice channels
• movie and game nights
• self assignable roles
• a working currency system
• Long quests, led by creative dms with dice rolls/investigations/riddles

Welcome to Axminster City! A city which is set in the future where mostly anything and everything can happen! Everyone with powers, cybernetics, etc are welcome here!