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Espira is a server set in 2092 where many magical creatures roam the land. You'll find many verious of creatures that it be elfs to wolfs, dwarfs to goblins. Will you become an adventurer to kill the beasts of the world or will you become the beast? It's up for you to have your own adventure.

-A lot of races to choose from, you can be a mutated human with animal features, a cyborg, an elf, adroid, vampire, cybervamps, angel, demons and many more.
-Fight against good and evil, and factions.
-Fun roleplaying server with an easy story to be put in.
-We accept RPers of all skills even if you are starting the first time.

We also have some other things in the server if u get bored rping
such as.



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Fun category

Self roles!!!!

So join if u want to experience the fantasy of our world!!!!

The Land of Ichos is a literate fantasy roleplay server taking place in the titular continent of Ichos, a frozen land of wonder and danger.

Our server is strictly SRP-Free and Original Content only, if you're interested in a friendly atmosphere with plenty of people to roleplay with, and world lore you're welcome to add to, give us a shot!
This right now is new, so be warned that not many things are working, or not even there. I'm simply doing this to add people and start to set up different ideas to make magics, races, etc.

Again, this server is not finished.
During the beginning of the world of Lavilon, the first spirit manifested into the man known as Hervono Crailest. With the human and spirit, they were powerful on battlefield and no one could stop them. But, more and more people began manifesting spirits until Hervono was not the only person with a spirit. Soon enough, Hervono died in battle, his powerful spirit being locked away in a unknown location.

Now, thousands of years later, the world is different. With it's new modern style, people use spirits to fight in events or help them in day to day activities. With the next world tournament coming up, many spirit users and beginning to prepare their spirits.

While many prepare for the world tournament, some look for something else. In the recent weeks, a mysterious force has been acting up around the world. Many signs have led to the ever vast oceans but none have been able to figure out where in the ocean this powerful spirit. With a powerful spirit awakened, the shattered spirits have returned from the shadows, beginning to wreck havoc on the world of Lavilon.

With this problem, many spirit users have been cautioned to be careful while traveling on paths with the chance of encountering a shattered spirit. It is unknown how powerful each one can be but what we do know is if you fail to rid yourself of a shattered spirit, you will die and your spirit will become a shattered spirit as well.

Now, it's up to you whether you want to risk it all in finding the lost spirit or will you go into the world tournament and beginning your training and battling?