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The Land of Ichos is a literate fantasy roleplay server taking place in the titular continent of Ichos, a frozen land of wonder and danger.

Our server is strictly SRP-Free and Original Content only, if you're interested in a friendly atmosphere with plenty of people to roleplay with, and world lore you're welcome to add to, give us a shot!
It's the Year 2094 the future was here was Great life was going as it should when a siren could be heard throughout the city, the news telling the people to get out of the city since something unknown even by NASA was heading to earth. The People were to late the Military evacuated the base near the city. When the unknown object that looked like a pure light impacted the Earth even changing life as we know it....
Welcome to Augur prime a fantasy rp server were a lot has happened to are once earth a mysterious object from space impacted Earth changing our world completely such as wildlife, plant life and other dangerous things.

We also have some other things in the server if u get bored rping like.
Video links
Nsfw pics/sfw
Gaming discussion
Anime discussion both channels btw
Waifu post fav one
Fishy from that one bot Tatsumaki
A few self roles

So join if u like to experience fun in our new type of world!
This right now is new, so be warned that not many things are working, or not even there. I'm simply doing this to add people and start to set up different ideas to make magics, races, etc.

Again, this server is not finished.