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Hidden away in the vast reaches of the universe, lies a continent steeped in mystery.

There you'll discover magic and technology combine to create forces both light and dark, empires ruled by Lords and Ladies of Chaos and Order; and a home - if you seek it.

Will you dare to enter? Will you brave the journey and join the open fantasy world that is The Dark Mountain?

The Dark Mountain server was created with a simple idea in mind... to share in the love of roleplay.
Since its inception, it has grown into a thriving online community bursting at the seams with creative minds, philosophers, poets, battlers and many more.

Dark Mountain boasts:

** No limitations on character creation
** Four regions - The North, East, South and West all with several channels to allow your characters to embark on daring adventures
** Social Events for your characters to interact with one another and Tournaments of all sorts to challenge the mind of the player and the prowess of the character
** Bot channels that allow you to track your progress as a role player
** A friendly environment with active members and staff to engage with at any time

Be advised though dear travelers that Meta-gaming, auto-hitting and god-moding will not be tolerated.

Set your feet upon the path; make the treacherous journey and reap the reward of becoming a member of a truly unique server!

See you on the other side!