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👍We are ME Exploits! Basic Money exploits for games! We come out with new exploits every week AND we also have a youtube channel to show you how to use it!👍

🎈Make sure to join for Giveaways, Scripts and also so you can suggest a script and possibly be in a video!🎈

📷Join and subscribe to our youtube! We'd really appreciate it!📷

🎉Everyone is welcomed unless you are brining toxicity with you. You can leave that behind!🎉
Welcome to 𝓒𝓸𝓸𝓴𝓲𝓮 𝓗𝓪𝔁. Here at Cookie Hax we:
- Share techniques to hack roblox accounts
- Share leaks and files related to roblox hacking
- Share exploits in roblox moderation
- Share software that might help us as a whole while hacking
- Meme around once in a while

We hope you can make friends here and help us succeed as a whole. If any of this appeals to you, join our discord server!
Hello, welcome to GGSPLOIT, The top exploit server! Here we share VERY overpowered scripts daily, and you can even request some! We even have a common FaQ, so if you have problems with our exploits you can read that or DM us! Please join if you are interested, but read #rules!
This is an official discord server, of an Roblox Exploit called Segalua.
Segalua is an Level5 Executor.
Welcome To Fox GR, A Great Exploit Made By CheeseDev And GrDev! We Have A Keyless Exploit With A Great Custom DLL For Free, A Great Public DLL Which Is Just Like WRD's DLL! This Is A Great Exploit So Join Us Today

----free lvl 6 lua executor

---- no key system

---- EasyExploits api

---- monaco

---- custom serverside in the future

---- custom ui made by jamie1164#9503
This is Split, a company which makes ROBLOX cheats accessible and affordable, this server is for the sneak peeks, and progress we have.

SplitHub - W.I.P
SplitSS - Planned
Fun server for the youtuber Agressgent, who showcases, trolls, and raids with various interesting exploits. Entertaining content and who doesnt like some robux giveaways now and then? Help him grow!

The Team of Evil

Date Created: January 2020
Games: Main - Roblox
Type: Chill people with stories and memes to share
Activity Frequency: On everyday!

More information:

We love memes and epic gamers 😎
Mods are chill we don’t kick for stupid jokes😛
Stupid Joke section😹
Wall of Rage😡
Free Robux (Giveaways, Invite Rewards) 💸
Wall for Original Content YOU made!!😎
Route 12 for mysterious pokemon 🐛

The discord is currently run by myself and other trustworthy people

When you try to join our discord, please post bad jokes and memes 😭
RBX.SNIPE is a program made so that when an item goes for sale for a lower price than usual,
So say an item is usually 8,000 But gets put up for 800 if it was an accidental Typo
Then this bot will snipe it instantly before they can take it down.

This bot has many other features it has a built in anti-ban so you will not be traced
while using this bot. Another feature is the bot will buy the item in less than 5 milli-seconds
with more features to come.

This bot is very customizable to your preferences, As you can change how much budget
You're willing to spend.

You can also change other setting such as if you want to buy projecteds or not or to select
it to only buy high demand items if you like higher demand items.

The bot has the ability to see how much an item has previously traded for, Meaning the bot
can detect poisoned items (scammed items), So your account will be safe from bans.
> A Roblox Exploiting Server where you can request, release, or talk about scripts/scripting, you can promote your server, YouTube Channel etc, can download the exploit called Flame X, which has auto execute, auto attach, themes, 2 APIs (EasyExploits & WeAreDevs) and more features!
> The server has nice moderators, a nice community, and lots of memes to enjoy, Join now!
We are a ROBLOX server sided exploit! We are currently free as we are testing!
Join now and help us test!

Premium Games List is currently not available. It will be $10!
𝙍𝙮'𝙨 𝘾𝙤𝙢𝙢𝙪𝙣𝙞𝙩𝙮
What We Provide.
| - A Wide Range Of Scripts And Our Very Own Hub Priced At 50 robux
| - 4 Letter Username Account Giveaways , Sniped Accounts and more.
| Yeah There Are Other Communitys Like This But We Are Just Regular People. We Want Things We Want And Others Dont Always Listen. So Join Ry's Community.
Official domino discord server, domino is a roblox script with tons of games and cool features. Get Domino at