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Welcome to The Dankest Meme!

This is a special place for all of the memers out there who want to help or get helped in Dank Memer. Our server offers:
- Premium Server
- Daily / Weekly Giveaways
- Coin Drops
- Rob disabled
- Friendly heists!

So what are you waiting for? Join us now and don't miss out!
Welcome to the Moonlit Sea!
Enjoy bonding with people of the same species, selected by you! Species is a concept for you to earn points. You can earn points for your species through species events, and earn points for yourself by doing regular events.

Our community is small and tight-knit, unlike a large server you can drown in (excuse the pun). Our server is non-toxic, and a secure welcoming place!

Enjoy our ocean themed server from themed channel names to real-life ocean zones for level roles.

Enjoy popular bots such as OwO, and Dank Memer with rob/heist disabled!
We hope you swim by soon!
Welcome!! This is a brand new dank memer premium server, we are doing daily giveaways(500k+)(also doing a nitro giveaway today or tomorrow), heists and fun events. We would really appreciate if you joined, we are looking for loyal staff join to apply!! We hope you have a great time in it, and enjoy your day. (this server has rob disabled)
we are a server that is still developing .Join and DM me if u wanna get the technical support role to make the server a better place for all
The best server you can find with all events you ever imagined and rob-disabled. This server has many giveaways going on already. Come and be a part of our gang: Blasters now!
✦──────✦Welcome to Dank V⚫ID✦──────✦

We are a very friendly community that has a great staff team that helps out everyone whos in need and host daily giveaways and heist. Feel free to ask our staff anything if you have any questions that are reasonable at anytime

✦──────✦Dank V⚫ID✦──────✦

🐸│We are a Dank memer base server with

✪│Daily giveaways which includes (Daily pepe) (Daily dragon) (ETC)
✪│No level req giveaways
✪│Daily heist everyday (over 4M weekly)
✪│Robbing/Heisting Permanently disabled
✪│Fun events Coin bomb,Heists, etc
✪│Friendly staff and members
✪│Boost Perks (Rewards when boost)
✪│A list of multipliers (In Dank memer)
✪│Accept partners
✪│Looking for staff


We do recommend you to consider joining because we except everyone and would love to see you around. If you do join we hope you enjoy your stay and the server is up to your standard. We wish you a very happy day

Welcome to Dank Slots™️

Perks of Being Part of Dank Slots™️

🔥 Daily Heist Events
🔥 Friendly Staff Ready To Support
🔥 Trading Area/Selling Market
🔥 Premium Server (Faster Cooldowns)
🔥 Rob and Heist Disabled
🔥 18+ Auto Nsfw Channel 👀
🔥 Tons of Dank Memer Channels
🔥 Great Leveling System
🔥 Very Organized server
🔥 Self and Colors Roles
🔥 Max Multiplier Possible

👑**We want you to join us in Dank Slots™️ to help us expand our community!**👑
Welcome to a remake of a previous Dank Memer Server! We have very frequent gways, almost always daily heists, and more! Rob and bankrob disabled so don't worry that your money will be taken!
(This server was first open at 9/23/2020)
Project: Retronix, a Giveaway/Chill server.
❓What do we have to offer
We have kind members
❥Level Rewards and Roles
❥Nitro Giveaways
❥Numerous Fun Bots
❥Amazing Emotes
And much more to offer ❤️

We are a splendid Dank Memer community looking for new members!

~open staff positions!

~ranked giveaways!

~easy ways to earn some noice revenue!

~fun currency events and rewards!

~rob and heist disabled but we DO plan heists from other servers!

~we accept everyone in this community! safe space for all!

Come join our server!
Dank Domination
The ultimate Dank Memer Server with:
- Tons of heists!
- Plenty of giveaways!
- A bot made by the owner called Quack!
- Friendly staff & community!
Free Friends? lol
🌠 Sup? Are you bored? I am. Then come vibe with people in Tenite's Lounge! 🌠

In Tenite's Lounge, you can:

😁Chat with people
🎆Promote yourself
🏅Share your skills with others like you
🤖Use different bots
😎Custom emojis
😝Loads of mini games
👶No NSFW content safe for kids
Welcome to 🐸𝐷𝑎𝑛𝑘 𝐵𝑖𝑑𝑊𝑜𝑟𝑙𝑑🐸!
We are a server where you can bid your dank memer items and get coins without doing the hard work hassle!

Oh and btw we are hiring Auction/Giveaway Staff, also hiring mods so join today!


We also have a lottery system in place! You can get a 1 in 100 chance of getting anywhere from 100k and higher!

Here are some perks you could get from us:

- Rob and Heist disabled to protect our members
- Wick bot added to stop those filthy raiders and nukers
- A Math bot to cheat on ur math homework?
- Get a better cost than what your items are worth
- A non-toxic community
- We recently passed 150 members! So there are plenty of nice people here for you to talk to!
- Lottery system in place

I hope you join us, and have a great life!
We are Dank Heist, a growing community of people that have fun all day around Dank Memer! Rob is disabled but we do daily heists. (incase the invite is invalid).
・= ━━━━━━━━━━ · Dank Café · ━━━━━━━━━━━━━=・

・ This is a toxic free server. Bullying, harm, or anything related will not be in this server. ~
➛ ~ Let's enliven it by joining, inviting your friends, and chatting frequently!
~ We hope to have you here! We are looking for more staff as well as giveaway hosts so we can giveaway more to the community! ~

✥ Here we provide:
1. Many dank memer channels 2. Daily giveaways 3.Nitro giveaways (coming soon) 4.Heist giveaways 5.Friendly staff 6. Dank memer premium
*・━ And More ! ━ ・

━━ ⊹ ✥ Owner: TastyAsian#4160 ✥ ღ ⋆ ˚. ━━

! Discord Link:

・= ━━━━━━━━━━ · Thank You · ━━━━━━━━━━━━━=・
((rob is disabled here!))

In Joodles Corp we want to grow a supportive and safe community where people can vibe, make new friends, and just have fun!

In Joodles Corp you can see:

✨Chill people
🦋Active VCS
🌸Self-assignable Roles
✨Kind staff
🦋Dank Memer Giveaways
🌸Level 1 Boosted Server
🦋And more!

We're a small, growing community, with friendly users, helpful staff, loads of fun bots and more! Please be sure to check it out if you wanna help us grow :D
▅ ▆ ▇ Dank Poggers▇ ▆ ▅
~ What do we have to offer?~

✧ A lovely community with ZERO Toxicity

✧ Rob & Heist Permanently Disabled

✧ We have "pls weekly" for level 2s

✧ Great booster perks!

✧ Amazing staff!

✧ Amari levels

✧ And much more!

Server Invite:
Grind your dank memer coins here!
Rob disabled so don't worry about robbers stealing your coins. We have heists to make you rich!
-Rob Disabled
-Active staff
-Dank Memer only server

75K to be given once you reach 10 invites!
Hey! Yes you over there! Come take a look at our gaming server and community Forgotten Grinders, we recently redid all of our channels and roles so it’s fresh and new for all new members, we are a safe and kind community and we don’t allow serious drama. It would be a serious help if you could join and spread the word! ( Just don’t DM advertise )

What we have to offer:

😂-Memes & Images-😂
👮‍♂️-Extremely Trusted Staff-👮‍♂️
🏳️‍🌈-LGBTQ+ Support-🏳️‍🌈
👋-Safe & Welcoming Server-👋

So please be free to join our community!
We are a small community that host giveaways in Dank memer,bro memer and slot bot.
We have rob disabled in our server as well as you can trade dank memer shop items in our server!
Join Now!