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Come join our community focused minecraft server! Where we welcome all kinds of people. No rules on what you can say either! as long as you just don't grief, you're good! Feel free to yell anything in voice chat! Come join your own little version of SMPLive!
Hello there! We’re a cool server called anime thighs. We’re pretty epic ngl 😳

We have a few things idfk we’re all retards here

- Cool people
- Cum
- Thighs
- Yes

Come join if you’re interested, if you don’t you’re gay. Thank you.
Welcome To The Vibe Hangout

❖A Place To Vibe
❖Find Friends!
❖ Amazing Users And Admins!
❖ Fun Bots!
❖ Music Bots and Channels!
❖ We're on Disboard!
❖ Talents Category!
❖ Selfies Channel!
❖ Fair rules with explanation!
Hope you consider joining!
Join if you're a chill and/or cool person, or a hot babe ;) Furries will be banned on sight.
hi were all retards in this server so keep that in mind but we all game, we don't judge this server. is owned by Batteries Not Included (aka BNI) we record random videos together, that's besides the point. any way, hope you join and have fun!
We have hentai, fallout and fruit, what more could you possibly want?

Also rEtaRDs welcome😅

Also this server is based in Australia with a leadership led by people in Australia so if you want to be on at the same time as the help, be in Australia although we will quite often be on later in the night.

Ummm..... death is kinda lingering here too so if you could kinda help with that that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Yours sincerely, server owner Jackaboy.
A server where you can shitposts

we have:


People that should probably die

and much more!
═══════════ ೋღ lole ღೋ ═══════════
Tiny community that likes doing stuff together. We make meme music and video game mods. We have caprisun
we're all dumb as hell here and you're welcomed to join! just don't be a furfag or a snowflake. :)
- Welcome to The Drive Thru -

♡ 150+ people
♡ Self-assignable roles
♡ Open to partner and promo is allowed
♡ Variety of channels/bots
♡ And much more..

I really hope you have a nice stay!

Owner : Seeb#0001 Feel free to DM if needed

- -
No rules do whatever the fuck you want
tired of trying to make a normal fucking server
If you want roles make them yourself
join if you want lmao
A casual discord server, looking for awesome people to share memes, talk about literally anything, play games.

Destiny 2 players are especially welcome to do PvE or PvP content.
Hey you! Wanna join our server? Okay! This server is for fun, do not take the name seriously... We wouldn't like you being rude to everyone just for a name of a server! Take a joke for once, you Intittled karen!
You like pokemon? You a retard? Do you want the epic champion royale? Then you're in the right place, with channels about pokemon, friendly mods and our large amount of hentai(there are roles so you don't have to see it) we guarantee you will have a good time here
Land of the Degenerates

Welcome to Land of the Degenerates, a server where you can chat, play games, and socialize with plenty of people.
This server contains so much to keep you busy, so why not give it a try?


What our server contains -
-Planned giveaways hosted everyday
-Planned events like game day and guess the song
-Assistant application to work here
-Custom commands
-Plenty of emojis and animated emojis
-Question of the day
-Bot games
-And more


We have friendly staff and we come to welcome you if we can when people join. We punish all the toxic people and we make sure we can keep our server safe! We hope you enjoy your time here at Peoples. This is a small server but we can make it grow with the help of you guys. Share it with your friends!
HELLO THERE have you ever thought of joining a server with a bunch of Nazbol Retards? Probably not, but we are good people (in a way) and we need you to join our server because communists. We are also your friendly fascist as well.

For almost being a month old now we have flesh out are sever a little more. Now we have a staff and lots of laughs so come on down.

All we want to do is have fun and yeah that's kinda it so we hope to see you a around.

P.S stay safe please