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═══════════ ೋღ lole ღೋ ═══════════
Tiny community that likes doing stuff together. We make meme music and video game mods. We have caprisun
Just a small, close knit server~ Extremely laid back with no strict rules- just here to hangout, talk, and game :) We host weekly movie nights and hangout in vc every night. If you're a degenerate night owl who stays up all night pls join
18+ only
cum sells us
we play minecraft on a bedrock realm sometimes too
we're pretty active for most of the day
purchase your illegal supplements of cum NOW
what you see in the picture is a rare cum lake
join or your a nigger lmfao

pretty loose server, toxic as well so its retarded asf.
A server where you can just have fun and be yourself! It is still a work in progress server. Please do join and have fun!
I’m the bee and you’re the bee’s knees! This is a new reboot of my old dying server, Retard Nation. Join today for some honey, because I’m my eyes, you’re the queen. Not really...
Come here if you want to see some stupid memes and chat with literally the dumbest people on the planet.
Basically, we're a server for all you degenerates online to join and group wank together. If you feel like this might be the place for you, because your a basement dwelling neet with a m'goodboi body and tendies scattered all over your floor, then you've arrived. Welcome to the worst and best place of the internet.
Hello! I am SlightlyInsqne, the owner of the server Lemon Lounge, and my server is just a general hangout server. Come join!
Crack filled lobbies with constant shitposting. A new server looking to grow and crusade our shitpost. Purely NSFW channels are optional. We host games and other fun events.
yee aye gang gang we on that nigga shit. this is also a dead server so don't bully me to much k and we are lit and play video games like fortnite, pubg, overwatch, apex legends, roblox and more gang shit. ye aye gang gang plz.
Just a server where you join and get admin/owner stuff. Do not delete the server, no bad links and please don't do anything super extra duper retarded without asking.

An edgy server with spiders and webs ig but we made this since we are bored and have no life so yea:)
These lil fags in our server are the cutest you should really join haha :D
We have many CROISSANTS for yall yw hehe

-In this server we have-

➊ Bots with commands full of shit you can do if your bored!
➋ Plenty of people to talk to and play games with!
➌ We got fun emotes in the server too!
➍ Also may have movie nights if it gets requested by people!
➎ We post daily memes!

This server is basically new so we have no mods atm but will in a bit please don't be annoying thanks.
This is an English server only please don't speak Arabic or Mexican language mua!
We do daily partnerships!
🕷your cute lil owner @tiddybitch#4884🕷
Please note it may take awhile to get in touch with us please be patient thank you.
Join this stupid ass fucking server, All built on memes. If you get offended easily then this is not a place for you! If you don't get offended then please join and share your beautiful, hot, sexy memes!
we do shit because we can
we got simple rules
1. no hate speach
2. no racism
3. one warning then banned