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We are a reselling sneaker discord for people who are looking to trade, Sell, or just have a great solid sneaker community to hang out with!
Server dedicated to helping you purchase the newest and most limited items of clothing and shoes! Supreme, Yeezy, Palace and more!
- Regular Giveaways
- Free/Paid Slots for Supreme, Palace, Footlocker and Shopify sites
- Early Links / Restock Links
- Release Calendar
- Brick Flips
- Raffle Links
Do you want to improve your chance to cop limited shoes? We will give you everything you need to get your best chances. The group is completely free, has an amazing staff and developer team, and all the tools you’ll need to maximize profits. Join us at HorizonIO!
Flips out of this world. The only group you will ever need to make money. Deals, Flips, Glitches, Bricks, and Sport Cards. Currently in free limited access!


-15+ experienced staff members posting:
-Deals, Flips, Glitches, Brick Flips and Price Errors (Deals and Flips provided exclusively by Cosmic Deals)

-Sports card advice from some of the most prestigious in the industry

-Insanely fast monitors including...
-Slick Deals, Amazon, Academy, Walmart, Home Depot, eBay, Disney (early links included!)

-Stripe Integrated User Dashboard

-Staff curated guides to help members cop

-Discounted Slots for exclusive flips provided by PersonalPAS

-eBay Tools (Viewer bot, lookup tool)

-Discounted Shipping Labels

-DFS Advice

-Discounted Food Providers and Tools! (Doordash, CFA, Postmates, Uber Eats, arby's, dunkin, iHop, and more!)

-And more assorted discounts to make members money!

This cook group is 100% free, we have over 10 members of staff to help you cop the right sneakers making almost a guaranteed, consistent and reliable income. We have guides, monitors and bot setups to make sure you are always in the loop with the newest and most limited sneakers. We are not like the other groups, we help our customers cop constantly. Every. Release! We also do group buys, legit checks and we have separate channels for each release giving dates of the release, the websites they will release on the predicted resale value. We also have slots, discounts, deals, proxies, art reselling and sports recommended bets and a fully protected discord marketplace so you can sell your bots and software.
Welcome to Galaxy Cooks

We are a cookgroup currently in Beta and we are here to try and help you to cook!

Some of our features:
- Info on new releases and upcoming drops
- Supreme and Palace Weekly Release information
- Groupbuys
- 1 on 1 Support
- Giveaways
- Tools (Ebay Viewer / Adress Jigger / Bot Values / Fee Calculators)
- Supreme Monitor
- SNKRS Monitor
- Shopify monitor and Footsite Monitor (coming very soon)
- and much more to come

Thanks for joining and we hope to be able to help you make some money!
This is a brand new discord curated towards serious resellers. We focus on all hype and non-hype items to generate maximum profit.

We are looking for staff and people to join our growing team! PM for positions. Please provide previous works or have them ready.

We are a group that is seeking to benefit the community by offering you different ways on how to make money flipping stuff online and other ways. Members are making serious money don't miss out. We have amazon monitors that notify you when the best items are in stock!!
We have a strong community of smart people, we talk about new ways of making money in our VIP chats. We have trading chats and shoes reselling chat
we are NOT a cook group!!

ayo i jus made this server for fun, join to vibe or sum idk

dont be weird but if ur weird thats cool too ig

we play hella games like siege, gta, minecraft, rust n all sorts of other games

jus dont be toxic
A *NEW* reselling Discord server offering several services such as:

-The most reliable predictions in the scene
-Information on new drops
-How-to-cop guides for many websites
-Many offers for our upcoming PREMIUM COOKGROUP (preview is available at, which will redefine the way cookgroups work.

Take you chance now, join the server and increase your profits!

A server made to provide you with the fastest, highest quality servers at the lowest and best price. Welcome to a whole new level of sneaker botting and sneaker servers.
Reselling server packed with organized info with ONE goal; to help everyone learn how to cook shoes, making a profit in a fun way. 👨🏼‍🍳🔥
We are Reserved a slot server for people who are into reselling such as hype sneakers and clothing. Brands including a bunch of Supreme, Yeezy and Nike/Adidas. We assist the people who always take Ls and strike out on limited products.
We are a cook group that helps our members catch the latest releases and flip them for lots of profit.
We offer:
- Best Info and sneaker leaks
- 1 on 1 support
- beginner guides to get into the game
- snkrs, twitter, and discount monitors
Many of our members profited 800+ just this last month!!
What's up?
We are SHARK, the best FREE beta cook group in the reselling game.
Use our multitude of features for free by joining our discord platform.
Our tools can help you cop limited sneakers and clothing for profit or for personal.
Join premium to benefit from our unique features that will help you automate and refine your reselling business.
We Are A Community And Market Place, Join Our Discord To Buy Or Sell Hyped Sneakers And Clothing, We Also Have The Latest News About Upcoming Releases!
My discord server is now available to everyone . Free food, reselling information, more info on the services I provide, etc. Giveaway for those with the most friend invites at the end of the month! Join up let’s make bread together ✅