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This cook group is 100% free, we have over 10 members of staff to help you cop the right sneakers making almost a guaranteed, consistent and reliable income. We have guides, monitors and bot setups to make sure you are always in the loop with the newest and most limited sneakers. We are not like the other groups, we help our customers cop constantly. Every. Release! We also do group buys, legit checks and we have separate channels for each release giving dates of the release, the websites they will release on the predicted resale value. We also have slots, discounts, deals, proxies, art reselling and sports recommended bets and a fully protected discord marketplace so you can sell your bots and software.
Reselling server packed with organized info with ONE goal; to help everyone learn how to cook shoes, making a profit in a fun way. 👨🏼‍🍳🔥
hey, so if you're interrested in flipping & dropshipping , or just one of them, you can join my new server!
it's getting started so i'm looking for new members and eventualy some active people to be mods.
also, at level 10 you can access a hidden channel that contain mostly resources for dropshipper such as theme for shopify, cracked apps, seo improvment methods, hot products... join us :slight_smile: @everyone
What's up?
We are SHARK, the best FREE beta cook group in the reselling game.
Use our multitude of features for free by joining our discord platform.
Our tools can help you cop limited sneakers and clothing for profit or for personal.
Join premium to benefit from our unique features that will help you automate and refine your reselling business.
- DoorDash service from 55-60% OFF
- Gain points for the money you spend to be able to redeem for Jordan carts, Adidas Yeezy carts, monthly proxies and RAFFLES (Yeezy, Jordans, and MORE)
- Custom TICKET BOT that keeps you updated on your order
- POINTS BOT to keep track of your points you have earned from your orders
We Are A Community And Market Place, Join Our Discord To Buy Or Sell Hyped Sneakers And Clothing, We Also Have The Latest News About Upcoming Releases!