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Your favourite Alternate Reality Game community. We've got all the good ARG discussion and just an overall great server.

cyberpunk-2077, forever has fallen, i am sophie, eckva and many many more!
Reelity Network is a server for people interested in Survivor games and Big Brother games. Every season will be based on a different movie hence the "reel" in Reelity Network. We are finishing up season 1 which was based on the movie Harry Potter and we are moving on to season 2 based on Toy Story! We alternate between survivor and big brother every season as well and we would love the support. The hosting team is professional and the game offers fun aesthetics for anyone looking for fun themes that include your favorite themes to make the experience one you will never forget!
Have you seen the series The Circle reality show on Netflix? Have you ever ever wanted to play? If so, come join us over at The Circle Online (TCO)!
Not quite a long-term and not quite a mini, the game lasts for 9-12 days with break days on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

The Circle Online is professionally run by a team composed of past players. We are currently recruiting for our TENTH season which is slated to start Monday, 9/21.

Have you ever wanted to pretend to be someone else? You can play the game as a catfish! Will you be able to trick others into thinking you are someone else? Come find out!

Have you ever wanted to play an ORG with a friend? You can at TCO! You can be a duo catfish! Will you both work together to your success or your detriment?

Or do you think you have what it takes to be our tenth winner? The prize is a super cute emoji!

Not looking to play? Our server hosts a wonderful and welcoming community! Meet friends, play, or watch and play. We offer unique and engaging spectator games and events as well! You’ll want to pick up our Spectator Gamer role too for invites to other games like Secret Hitler, Jackbox, or even a movie night!

TCO players are ranked instead of voted out. Some will be Influencers and hold all the power, while some will be ranked low and end up being blocked. But, don’t worry, new players join all the time. Just remember one thing...In TCO, anyone can be anyone. Who would you be? Come find out what adventures await in TCO...

Still not convinced our server is the one for you? Our server was even featured in a Time article! Check it out:

Join our server:
Fill out an application to play:

(Server is still under maintainance) hiring staff, join the server to see requirements.
Hello ladies and gents, you have come to seek guidance and money right?
Well you have come to the right place.
Have fun playing with the server, and win giveaways.
We have some very experienced players.
Welcome to the Alternate Reality Games (ARG) Community Discord!
We are a community of ARG lovers that got together to solve ARGs and help others in starting their own or solving clues. We also offer our Members to host their ARGs on our Server - just contact Staff to get started!