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**Welcome To Our Server!~**
*If you have any questions, DM the Owner! (@XxYandere-ChanxX#5488)
***~We Have~***
• Partnerships!🎀
• Active Mods//Admins!🎀
• React Roles!~🎀
• Lewd // Hentai🎀
(For those who like it)
• Lots Of Bots~🎀
• A Userphone🎀
• Roleplay Chats🎀
• Friendly Members!🎀
• Custom Emojis~🎀
*If You Need Help, DM Me*
Once again, that's (@XxYandere-ChanxX#5488)
A small cherry tree trying to blossom into its full potential.
full of fun and friendship and accepting to everyone and anyone!
feel free to come join us today