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Welcome to Lunar's Ridge.

This community was originally created as a furry community but we decided to allow anime and Neko roleplayers as well. Keep in mind that this is an rp orientated server this means that everyone can be who he/she wishes to be this goes for both their sona's and their gender.

What we offer.
Special roles for the noncon / forced type of play.
A wolf-themed discord with a hierarchy.
Lots of DomxSub play.
A community where you won't be judged.
It's an NSFW rp focussed server that offers both SFW and NSFW channels.
Too much vanilla in your life? Can't help but agree that sexy hentai MILFs or thicc women tops all the others? I'm looking for my sisters and brethren who wants to enter a chamber filled with the hottest hentai MILFs (Even thicc non-MILFS) ready to be plunged into the lewdest fantasies! Share to us your hottest desires!

Open to all those as well who wish to do ERP (Erotic RolePlaying) with the darkest and lewdest fantasies and roleplayers who are pervier than you are! No one's gonna judge you here no matter how lewd you get. 😏

*Strictly no underage porn/hentai, no revenge porn, no gay porn, no gore and blood*
*Vanilla Peeps are allowed too! There is no kink-shaming here!*
*Female roleplayers, Don't be shy. In fact, I think you'd be the opposite once you're in. 😈

Let your darkest fantasies loose in the server with others just like you! But with limitations of course, because we're bad, but cultured at the same time, Kinky Ladies & Gentleman(iacs). 😎
《Hey Everyone welcome to Elfin Erp Workshop aka Idyllic Resort! We are a 18+ ERP server》

༓☾ NNN Challenge ☽༓
❄️ 「 SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EVENT: College Dorm Party 」 ❄️

On Santa's naughty list? Come join us in our special server event featuring a Christmas college social party. All are welcomed though you must have an approved character to partake in role-play of course. There you can meet many other ERPers and or people to just socialize with. The holiday spirit not appealing to you? We got you covered with the dozens resort related channels to satisfy all your sexual and romanticized fantasies. Why not give us a shot!

☆ Welcoming to ALL individuals with varying literacy’s! One liners to multi-paragraphs~ ☆
- Event Nights (ex. Karaoke, Rp events, Movie night)
- 100+ emotes
- Almost instant character approval
- LGBTQ community

✫・゚・。Come in and relax by the beach and at our new 5 star hotel! You can choose to be a resort guest or even a resort staff! We have countless positions you can be, from life guard or cafe maid, card dealer to personal butler. The list is endless! Join us and share with us your kinkiest fantasies in the form of a role play with other members. We have plenty of fun channels, bots, and a friendly team of moderators that were carefully selected, no more rude and useless mods that can’t solve any uprising conflicts and confusion during you stay!。・゚✫

Our Backstory:
It’s the year 2545, the clash between heaven and the underworld seemed to be never ending. All life on Earth had deteriorated from the centuries of conflict between the two dimensions. However, there was only one region that was inhabitable by both humans and mythical creatures. Many of them settled in the area after chaos broke loose, it was protected by a magical barrier created by the Queen of the Heavens who sacrificed herself to save the remaining lives left. As a result both man and monsters lived in harmony to commemorate the Queen, building a celestial palace which is used as a luxury spot by its inhabitants. Cat girls could work as maid at the hotel’s cafe or even spa employees to satisfy their weary guests. Vampires could become bartenders to serve their needy customer at our hotel bar. Of course you may also choose to be a hotel guest and enjoy the feeling of bliss, you could even pay to get a personal maid or butler to order around during your stay. The region contains a gorgeous beach with crystal blue water, a lighthouse for you explorers, and a pier for all you foodies and shoppers!

✫・゚・。So what are you waiting for? Come join us and satisfy your neediness or if your simply just bored and need friends to talk to!。・゚✫
Welcome to Ashmount Institution! (Work in progress)
This server is based around a prison in an alternate dystopian reality in which the worst of the worst are kept
This server includes :


-Prison focused ERP

-NSFW + SFW channels



!Warning! This server is a no limits, dark 18+ ONLY server!
This server is based and redpilled.

warning: joining will automatically put you on the autism spectrum. This server and it’s staff take no responsibility for any austistic tendencies that may or may not appear, once an individual has joined the server.
We are a kink group that trys to service as many kinks as possible within tos! We require id to access nsfw content on our server

We have a playtoy system that had people willing to offer themselfs at any time~ for you pleasure erp only!

We have a role buying system where you can get even more roles with your activity.
Imagine a world where you can walk up to anyone from a predefined demographic, anywhere, at any time, and have your way with them, and not them or anyone else would do anything to interrupt you.

That's the idea behind the free use fetish. This server is oriented around discussing it and/or enacting it through roleplay.

This is a 18+ server we will be checking IDs
Hello, and welcome to :
~𝐏𝐚𝐩𝐢’𝐬 𝐏𝐚𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐞!~

~>》we are a community, a chill discord server that welcomes everyone, join us to gain new friends and have fun with us, and all. Please enjoy your stay at (𝐏𝐚𝐩𝐢’𝐬 𝐏𝐚𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐞).

what our discord server has to offer :

>(voice channels/music)<
》👥 》 •vc channels for gaming,chilling and for u to enjoy music in.¤

》☄️ 》 server boosters will get their perks.

》🎊 》•this discord server includes Nitro Giveaways every once in a while.

》📊 》we the discord server altogether are still a new server, but a fun one, we’re progressing! We would be grateful for your visit.

🔗 Link:
This porn add is loading please wait
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Thanks for waiting love

Porn don't judge

No limits unless your uncomfortable a community full of fun and games everything here is not just porn it's basically the best porn community ever come join now!!
You : horny, submissive, kinky girl.
Me : horny, dominant, kinky boy
We fit.
(other male doms welcome too)
Come and shoot me a dm !
I don't require irl.
(trans girls : you too !)
This is a new lewd server with a special focus on CNC (Consensual Non-Consent), including consensual blackmail, rape, and slavery. It is an environment containing kinks and acts that may be reminiscent of abuse. Nonetheless, consent is respected, and all interactions between responsible adults on this server are made with the full understanding of all parties involved. With that being said, only join this server if you are okay with being in an environment where personal limits and boundaries may be broken.
Welcome to Bone-Town a place where men and woman can do whatever you want be it sex or drugs!~
para·​phil·​ia | \ ˌper-ə-ˈfi-lē-ə , ˌpa-rə- \
Definition of paraphilia
: a pattern of recurring sexually arousing mental imagery or behavior that involves unusual and especially socially unacceptable sexual practices (such as sadism and masochism)
Server dedicated to the FANTASY of objectifying and degrading anime women. You will be able to share your filthest, nastiest thoughts about them here.

Arcane here, the owner. Basically, this is an advertisement for the fact that I'm looking for ERP, since finding it otherwise has been pretty painful.

Now, I'm not listing everything here, but: I prefer more intense and generally rougher ERP, with a large degree of non-con and misogyny, as well as degradation. All of this, however, will be done in DMs.

The rest of the info, including kinks and limits, can be found inside! Just take a look, and DM me if it interests you.
Join here if you want to rape a submissive anime school girl. Join this server at your own risk, Don't tell me to delete this just because of rules. I respect them and I know what I'm doing.

I only allow human species, Also powers are fine..
Join if you're a female/femboy that wishes to be treated as the inferior that she/he is. If you're over 125 lbs dont bother joining.
The most evil Sexist Mysoginistic Pony server that will ever exist. Come make it more and more Sexist. Horses don’t have souls.
✾The year is 2023,✾

⚜Twisted people have taken over the earth, the government started Asylums everywhere in the world to keep humanity in their control. Every human found was taken to an Asylum in their area, most being cruel, some areas lucky to have a normal hospital like home. In the area of America, the Devils Asylum is by far the cruelest. On the daily people are raped, tortured, blood drained, and so on. The Staff feel no sympathy and enjoy doing these things. The owner watches from camera's and laughs at the pain of the victims. The Asylum does not tolerate bad behavior, as you will be severely punished.⚜

⚘Try to survive here at the humble abode of..The Devils Asylum.⚘

🌸This Server Includes:🌸

A Supportive Community

A Dark Vibe




Chat rooms

And more!
Evet, imageboard özentisi discord serveri. İçerde ağır boş yapılır arada black metal anime sohbeti döner o kadar. Buraya herşeyi türkçe yazdığıma da bakmayın içerde genellikle ingilizce konuşulacak.

Ban listesi: Kürt/Zenci/Transeksüel/Gay/Satanist/Tunaycı/Rpci/ /b/ ve /pol/ kullanıcıları
All females are welcomed to my server!!

Join my server and worship me as your master. You will become my very own slave and be degraded and loved by me.

You will be given special roles based on your kinks and know that all kinks are welcomed.