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This is a place for roleplaying, a small and chill server as long as you follow the rules. Staff is very friendly and willing to set up your character sheet and answer questions.
You must be 16+
You do not have to ERP but instead RP.
-Erotic roleplaying
-Horror roleplaying
-Survival horror
-Fun bots
-Anime streaming
Welcome to luci’s playland! This is my little island where anything goes! So it’s the perfect place for all you kinky people to relax and really explore the dirtier, darker sides of your inner selves. Here you can choose to be either a slave, who is free use to anyone in the server. Or you can be a guest, the people who use all the slaves. Whatever you choose to be, I hope you have a wonderful, and very kinky time here.

Invite link:
We are a server for cucks bulls and whores.
Feel free to stop by and have fun.
Welcome to my Carnival!!!
Somewhere between the barriers of worlds I built this paradise for myself and all the lovely people who have no where else to let their hearts and desires run wild. There are rules of course, but the key is for everyone to have fun.
This place is new so I'm currently looking for help managing my park. Let's build a wonderful world together!!!~
Vampires have existed since time immemorial, living hidden from mortals who over time began to grow in number and strength. The lands once uninhabitable for humans and home to societies of immortals soon found themselves pushed out and further into the fringes of the world. Stories of soul steals and immortal beings were spreading among mortals and fear and mass hysteria grew. The year is 2030. Over 80.0 percent of humanity has been wiped out. Vampires reign. The war for control left most of the world as a wasteland of desert and wreckage. Humanity has banded together in protected settlements to survive, donating blood to merchants to keep the vampire threat quenched. Vampires thrive, able to feed comfortably. They have the option to drink from blood bags, or keep unlucky humans as slaves or thrall to feed upon
The whole continent used to be unified under one flag. But unification is hella boring. A civil war broke out and every region developed independently of one another. So much variety now.

Join and find cool features such as

• Instert Text Here
• Admins that don’t have the big gaei
• Rape
• People willing to create quests and be a GM for them too (such as me)

• You can be “whatever the flip you want”*

Hello all! I would like to do the honors to welcome you to Our Ghostly Mansion! Where all are welcome. If you are a Masochist and looking for pleasuring pain, we have what you want! If you are sadistic and are looking to cause pain, boy have you found the right place! If you are an owner looking for a pet or a slave to own, come right in, there's plenty. Looking for an owner, oh honey, you don't need to be lonely anymore~!
-Welcome All:
~NSFW Lovers
~(Any BDSM Community members)
~Horror Lovers
~Gore Lovers
[It would give us great pleasure to treat you all~]
This server is about having slaves and u can do anything u want with them.
Including rape but you must never take others slaves (mostly cant touch my toy).
Server is often quiet. Come and help make it more active and you'll get far.
My private server, I’m 30.f looking to have dirty fun, come if you want to abuse and use a dirty slut in a cage
This a brand new ERP server for all the kinky people out there. This server is based in a sex club, where you can choose to be a slave or a guest. Slaves are for everyone's use, and all kinks are allowed (as long as it isn't against the slaves kinks. Come join and be abused today!
Laysoul is divided in 3 kingdoms, time pasts from misunderstanding the 3 kingdoms starts war, after the war ends many lives are taken. Crime rate has gone high up ruling almost the whole land of Laysoul. These kingdoms reunites as one and now trying to stop the evil.
Welcome to The Wild World of Pokemon, an ERP server where nearly anything can happen to anyone, at any given time. While ERP's are allowed on this server, i would like to focus more on creating a story based on the lore I've given us to start off with.

When we get enough members to help us out, I'll be able to host events which will not only advance the story I'm working on behind the scenes, but it'll also unlock new races for everyone to play as later on down the line. For now though, I'll just share with anyone reading this the story I've worked on so far.

Welcome to the exciting world of Pokemon. Our story takes place on the island of Oralia, which is a place where humans live together with Pokemon without fear of Trainers battling each other, or various gangs stealing Pokemon from people weaker then them. The Pokemon here are more sexually active than anywhere else in the world, and because of this, most of the people have taken to building romantic relationships with them.

Recently however, scientists have begun research into the newly discovered phenomenon known as Burst Transformation, a process which allows humans to fuse with Pokemon contained within gems called Burst Hearts. Their research has reached a critical point, where they now believe to have found a way to fuse people and Pokemon without the need of a Burst Heart, thereby enabling anyone on the island to be able to preform the process at any time they want.

However, not all went according to plan. The experiment not only ended in failure, but nearly everyone on the entire island was altered in one form or another. Most of the humans ended up being reduced in height to miniscule proportions, while other people and their Pokemon went through their own transformation, becoming a fusion of both humans and Pokemon known as Pokemorphs.

And this is where our story begins. You are one of many people or Pokemon who has been effected by the experiment in one way or another, and must now wander the island trying to figure out what went wrong, and if there's a way to return everyone back to normal.
Welcome to the lands of Archanea traveller, here you will find a Medieval-esque roleplaying setting. No specific age when this takes place in (It's all fantasy and easy to get used to). The story-lore takes place in a kingdom lost, cursed and lost. Traverse through the lands, make friends and even enemies if you please.

-Medieval themed roleplaying
-Erp( non-con rape or consented), Please focus alot on this!
-Cool events and a nice lore to get around with.
-Many races/alliances and factions
-Expanding as you read (New server)

Note: Brand new server, please consider joining us and making it better!
Come join us traveller, the region of Roria awaits!
Roleplay in a medieval time under the rule of the Queen. Will you abide by her rules or rebel, or will you be simply a civilian.
-Brand new server (Early joining benefits, maybe)
-Rape and Erotic roleplay focused.
-The server revolves around the owner's actions aswell.
-Many upcoming events, so there is never a dull moment.
Now that you have read this far, why don't you come join us at Roria?, all it takes is to create an OC!
This Server is about Being a citizen and living a kingdom life mystical creatures like dragons exist in this server upgrade your Role to a higher one!
Thicccc ass server LIKEE damn sexy the Kayla girl is sooooooooooo fineeee