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Just a little server where the admins and owners wish for it to grow so just join if you're willing to make new friends. Btw don't ask about the name I didn't make the server.
A server to hang out, have fun and be a part of the family. Meet new people, talk about games, music, memes and much, much more!
this server is so dum hence the name it has at least 6 bots and not a lot of channels but not a lot of people so please join and help this server grow
This an amazing server you can play with your friends and talk about random things, become a staff, enjoy yourself. If you want to help the server head over to PenguinClub!
ayy, if your reading this, you can read. anyway, Here at ATS there is:

~Music - listen to music (hah i bet everyone already knew that)
~Gaming - we like gaming here
~Memes - d a n k
~Bots - yes we have bots and even a WIP custom bot
~Humans - whoa, humans
~Emotes - lots of custom emotes and even emote servers for nitro users
And more! so join and enjoy your stay!

We are a server dedicated to Snails, games, memes, movies, and anything funny or random as we have only a few unspoken purposes. Try and find us out.
This is the mighty fruit kingdom! Join and you shall be be one of us today! Huzzah!! Bots- Rhythmic 1&2, IdleRPG, chess, and Mee6(with leveling but not premium).
Random chat with random people.
Hi! The name's Jameson, and I am here to invite you to the SpagHentai Appreciation Club (our name is not what it seems). Anyone and everyone is welcome here! Rules are in the #rules and keep the NSFW to a minimum. Most importantly, have fun! Peace out!
a very small and chill rp server
It was recently made so there aren't that many people but *shrug*

ERP is allowed though keep it in the apartment categories
LGBT+ Friendly
We're looking for semi-literate rpers so please no one-liners! (It's fine to occasionally send a lazy text but don't make it to where every. single. message. is a oneliner)
In this station up in valhalla, all the members of it have the freedom they deserve, and it contains a lot of chatting and a bit of randomness that is totally not weird...(no i'm totally not sarcastic)
We are a newly formed server to whom is open to all.
we are a hangout lgbtq friendly server we host events and have a cool owner and admin we let people request things and might add it we hope you join us have fun and meet new people
Hello! Welcome to the World of Tales! This is a newborn server that is held to be for worldbuilding that has different types of stories, poems, theories, and more. You can make the choice of being a reader, a writer, and a theorist. Even then each have an importance, from judging the works to writing your own stories and to even making theories! So please, don't miss out on what we can build together with our minds and two hands alone. Hope we can see you on the way! (P.S. Don't expect much since this is a new server)

~ The Owner
this server is full of random crap and music and stuffs its just a fun server
Welcome! Okay- cut the slack, this isn't a regular, happy roleplay server you would usually see. Being caught by a mysterious group... you've been thrown into a place full of darkness, traps, and monsters that people haven't seen before.. but you aren't alone in that. Many people that were caught just like you have, have been thrown in as well to see how they'll survive in this sick game.. people may die, people may hurt each other, and people may make harsh decisions upon that. But not just survival, it's where you level up too, maybe you'll reach the top of your game... make the right choices.
This is not just any university, considering there is some students that need to be taught some things... to unleash their power and to graduate and to be watched under the eye of the headmistress herself, how would you hold up in this university?
This is for the role players that like monsters, action and plenty other things. Maybe have some randomness in chat, we'd love to have you! :3
Looking for people to talk to? Look no further, the random sever is here! Around here we have weekly game nights, art sharing, talking, and some fun bots! Come and join us for some fun ;)