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A server dedicated to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! Both the Anime and Manga.
This is a playhouse I've built on the 10th of March, which isn't really, as defined, "a toy house for children to play in" (except if you're a nine-year-old, then you're welcome), but is built for the comfort of anyone who's willing to enter.

Gather with some people and together we'll make this playhouse a great place to be in.

And, oh, this isn't really a small playhouse.

Just a really weird one, heh.
Welcome to the Waffle Kingdom! We hope you'll enjoy your stay! We have:
- a self-role system
- an NSFW channel
- friendly staff
- partnerships
- awesome emotes, like dragons!
- cookies!
- hugs!
- and more on the way!
Hey, I'm Vanna. I made the server. This server is basically just a fun little community for people to hang out and make friends! We're looking to get new members, so please, join us.

Things we have- Anime, Gaming, Music, Books, LGBTQ+ Community, etc.
Welcome to the Doofanian Empire. I’m Emperor Heinz Doofenshmirtz and I’ll tell you what this server’s about. This is a server made for me so don’t offend the leader in any way. We have memes and randomness and it would be appreciated for you to join. HAIL DOOFANIA

(P.S: join the true Empire
Just a fun, random server. Do not be afraid to join and speak cuz everyone here is super friendly! We are a pretty small server right now but we are trying our best to make it grow! We got roleplaying, pokecord, NSFW chat and pics ;), and fun bots that allows you to hug and slap people. Anyone and everyone is welcomed! :D
Welcome fellow gamer!

Gamers United is a fun and user friendly server that is here to unite fellow gamers into one big community to help you find gaming buddies to hang out and play, well no brainer here, to play games together. What do you offer you may ask?

We offer:
- A friendly and responsive staff
- Information about games you may or may not have heard about
- Memes
- Music
- Some NSFW channels for some of you more "naughty" ones
- Sell assignable roles
- Channels for discussing/talking about games
- Channels for finding gaming partners
- And channels for giving your input on the server and what you think can make it better
- And so much more!

Come and join up, find fellow gamers, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Pings: @everyone
Owner: Bored to Death#6509
Welcome to San Andreas I'm CJ from Grove Street and welcome to the best server in San Andreas. You can shitpost, trashtalk, talk about your meme ideas and every other thing you want. You can also watch someone else's porno collection, if you want ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Come by we got all the members(you might as well get a free burrito), BUT NO BALLAS OR VAGOS.
Total randomness
-priate voice channals
-events (hosted by staff of course)
-lost of bots
-gamer-chat count:3 (more to come)
-everyday chalanges (for cool ranks and money in the roulette)
-3 youtubers
-suggestions room where you can put anything you wan't added
-chats more to come :)
Henlo it's me Peter Griffin, and welcome to Petoria the best place on Quahog hehehe, you got the best admins and best citizens here, watch out though you don't want to end up like Quahog's Most Wanted hehehehe. You can do random shit like post your best memes and porn(don't tell Lois hehehehe) it's a fun server to relax and also talk about your favorite Family Guy episodes. Goodbye HEHEHEHEHHEHEHEEHEHHEHHEE.
We're just a whacky bunch of people who like to mess around in every single way possible. Come join, mess around. We got bots to fuck with, people to talk to, VCs and a cult. Can't wait to see you in the server.
Hey I see you, ya you scrolling through the servers why don't you come check this server out. Come I know you wanna so... stop on by if you dont like it then leave we dont really have any rules y'all can do what you like and you can get some cool roles if ypou ask for them idgaf what you do just nothing rude.
This server is based on the movie >> 22 jump street << So if ur a fan feel free to join ,

>> U can meet new friends
>> Go on assignments
>> Basically do anything an undercover cop would do
>> Also there are other stuff like memes and an internet support group.

>> Feel free to join us on daily randomness <<

~ Jenko
Welcome! Come to the Potato Lounge!
13-17 Age
Just a server for people to have fun and be random just pay attention to the rules
Its a discontinued server still up for my personal use...
Reason i'm bumping is to spread the word of the new server...
Just a random server, for people who just want to join something, but don't know what. Obviously, we're still growing, but it'd help if you joined!
Hey guys this server is for pretty much anyone. We do a lot of socializing and talk about pretty much anything if your looking for a server to chill and have good convos with people join this server!!
this server is so dum hence the name it has at least 6 bots and not a lot of channels but not a lot of people so please join and help this server grow
A server to hang out, have fun and be a part of the family. Meet new people, talk about games, music, memes and much, much more!
This is a server where you can role play with your Gacha characters. It’s still a work in progress so it’s not finished. Join please! I want people in my server
Want to join an amazing community with people that will relate to your issues? THEN COME AND JOIN THE MOONBASE2004 OFFICIAL DISCORD SERVER!
uuhhhh its alot of stuff plus its inactive yay *sarcasm*