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We mainly play Rainbow but i play warframe and smite also so if your looking for others to play with then this is the place!
We look to have fun and enjoy our gaming time.
We adapt for you, you don’t adapt for us. A server for all your gaming wants.
Up and coming esports org, with the best players in their respective fields, but we have many channels and it’s a fun place to hang
Its a semi active server that we all have fun and do whatever we want.
Anyone active or not can join and we are still improving the server. As it is a new server then its not great but new games yet to come and possibly giveaways (Not certain).

Make friends and make a unbeatable team with more people joining and making it more fun for everyone.

A special chat 18+ is also added and with a meme chat for anyone to post on.
Play and listen to music in the music voice chat and trade between games with other players!

As the server slowly grows, im improving the server and it will be more developed over time!

Yet to come:
-Game nights (maybe)
-More games
-Giveaways (maybe)
-More available chats