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I want all raiders to try and raid this server. Godluck!

There is An Actual Reward for Raiders who are Successful!
Hello my children i have been sent by god to spread the word of Thick Anime Thighs and all others join and be free from the shackles of your rulers and join me the pope and cool god (its like god but hes chill)
We are some weird server where we just chill, post fucked up memes and chat bare bullshit.

We voice chat and we don't get bum hurt so join for jokes and that.

We're looking for some new members so we can raid some shit.

If you a bitch get tf outta here.

Roll safe

N.F.A. Is a anti furry discord server Founded by Samantha [n0va] and Jevil The Memelord. We do raids and hate furfags. We are also looking for allies.
This server is specifically for raiding furry servers to start a real internet war.
This discord server is for trolling,memes and having some fun.
A server to fuck around and make fun of eachother. Join to make friends with all kinds of people. We got gamers, raiders, artist, fags, musicians, Metalheads. You name it. Welcome aboard
S is a cult who have the ambition of spreading the message of S.

We worship S here, and only S. If you disagree with our beliefs, please do not consider joining.
Hello there, and thanks for considering joining “They see me trolling”. We are a chill, active server that trolls any server you wish. Someone bein’ mean to you? We’ll help you get your revenge. Unlike most server like us, we troll. We basically say stuff that makes the server hate us. We will use @everyone tags, however. Join for a fun time!
A cult created by your God and creator, Ben Shapiro. Join to help further my cause and take down other servers and false idols using raids.
This Discord server, is for Bringing down toxic groups, and a gaming community to have fun and socialize, on discord, we are in development, but we are growing fairly quick, but we are open to partnering with other discords, We have warnings you can post Porn in #deleted-channel and send nudes if you want If you don't abide by these rules we will kick/mute or ban, depending on the warning ranking, one big warning is posting porn or be racist sexist or feminist, Minor is arguing in voice calls or earraping, 3 Minors = Kick, One Big warning is a mute, Two Big wanings= Ban. We try to raid 3-12 discord servers a day, or more.
This is a fun server to chill and hang out with others. We also raid any server you offer. Join for a fun time!
A server dedicated to fucking up Discord servers by raiding em.
We also Dox people.
Fuck furries. I hope they kill themselves.
#Anti-Femisism #HEILHITLER
If you have a server you wanna cleanse of filth, this is the place for you.
Here in Raid Galore is a place to communicate with others that like to raid. You can try and raid this server but it's not like it's gonna do much. Sorry, bud.
Have fun, we have raids, good staff server still in progress so just give it awhile might build up
OPERATION LEAVE SERVER is an epic server that raids furries every day. We are part of the anti-furry army. Although this server is small we are hoping to grow as fast as the MLC. Join us, fellow furry hunter, and we will cleanse discord of all the filth it contains.
The ChillPalace is a palace where you can meet to people and have fun. Everyone one likes to have fun and you can date and do really whatevr you want
You got some cringy people who you hate? Join here they'll get raided. :)
Join our server!
We're mainly a small group of friendly people, looking to chat and raid. We have music, and especially memes. We also raid all the perilous servers, and other servers of your choosing. We also have a leveling system, but we're mainly just your average, social community.
Our server is mainly dedicated towards memes, music, and shitpost. We're also really friendly, mostly.

We're still under development, meaning that there's still more features to be added within the server. You're also temporary authorized to suggest different features for our server, and you'll receive an exclusive role for your participation in constructing our server!

You'll probably also take a lot of shit in this community, as we're your average group of shitposters. However, we welcome everybody with a friendly smile!