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Want a server raided well join us we are here for all the raids if you want a bad one where we spam a single one or a good one where we make them feel good about there sad lives don't matter join us and invite your friends
A group where gamers and furry's can come and end the war and create peace! Not very popular amongst discord but I assure you it's a fun place that's for everyone!
Hello! We are a chill server where we do occasionally raids on games and talk about random things in chat. In the voice channels we good off and play cards games. This server can help you make great friends. The server owner is semi friendly and willing to speak to anyone who joins. Have fun scums! (recommended 12+)
Hello my children i have been sent by god to spread the word of Thick Anime Thighs and all others join and be free from the shackles of your rulers and join me the pope and cool god (its like god but hes chill)
Hey . We have a fast growing Discord Community. Our Community name is TACO TWITCH TEAM!!! We Help and Support The New and Good twitch streamers by raiding their Channels and cheering them Up. Apart from that Our Server is related to All type of Gaming STuff. Looking forward to meet new People and make new friends!!!
Here is the link!
If you're looking for some hot, steamy pics, come on down here. ;)

We also do raids, if you have an urge to destroy a certain server, come on down to here! We destroy. Anyways, this is the owner of .krypt0 speaking. The owner of the TOP raiding community. I'm a professional, so.

Join here for funny pranks In voice chat and server raids!
Join our server!
We're mainly a small group of friendly people, looking to chat and raid. We have music, and especially memes. We also raid all the perilous servers, and other servers of your choosing. We also have a leveling system, but we're mainly just your average, social community.
Our server is mainly dedicated towards memes, music, and shitpost. We're also really friendly, mostly.

We're still under development, meaning that there's still more features to be added within the server. You're also temporary authorized to suggest different features for our server, and you'll receive an exclusive role for your participation in constructing our server!

You'll probably also take a lot of shit in this community, as we're your average group of shitposters. However, we welcome everybody with a friendly smile!
Hello. I am the previous owner of the raiding server, .krypt0. It has gotten deleted, so, I want you to join this one. I am the invisible ghost owner. Tag: #0799. That's a lot of proof.

Hey! Want to raid? Raiding you servers you hate? It's what we DO!!!! So, join right now or you're a T-Series fan! This server is now called Idiot, not .krypt0, as it got deleted.
If you love to raid servers or have an urge to destroy some servers, come to this server. We raid servers of your choice, no matter how hard. This is a pretty active server, so, if you want to take your anger out on a server, join now.
Welcome to The Mafia
Things to note:
- You may be a dick to anyone
- Any opinions welcome
- Any ideas welcome
- No safe spaces here
- If you post it you can be criticized on it
Basically, we raid servers! We have a leveling system where you can get 5 to 10 points everytime you participate in a raid.
this isn't a full on raid server, raids intend to harass a server. this is different, the intended purpose behind this is to entertain, imagine 50 or odd people joining a server. changing our names and pfps to say half furries half soldiers, then imagine a full out war in general chat on other servers. that's what we want! if asked to stop we stop however. this is for fun not to attack peoples servers. server just made so come join and invite interested friends!
J I G G L E is a server for raiding MLP (and furry) servers. More than one raid per week.
raiding servers, toxic chat, NSFW, memes, leveling up to get roles, music bot which anyone can use.
hi, you want some candy? we have funny may mays here, we do raids to other random servers, and furries are allowed. in general it's a fun server where you can talk to people and stuff.
This server is pretty small has active members don't take everything too seriously and have fun looking for admins and help with the server and maybe we'll have some game nights too like smash bros, pokemon etc also we have some nsfw/hentai channels too ;)
We are a raiding server called Anvil Nation, we pay our disrespecc to people who mess with our owner, partner, and friends.
Join anvil nation today, and you won't regret it.

I Farted, Momma.
This server will have weekly raids, we search random discord servers and raid them. Now those raids arent ment to harm people or insult them in any other ways, its intended for our fun and their annoyance.
You can vote on polls what we gonna spam on wich server all sended in by YOU the players.
Hello! We are a raiding group who raids discord servers. We accept all and it's okay if you just wanna hang out. We're cool and don't pressure you, but we need YOUR help to establish communism. We let you requests servers to raid, and we'll add them to the todo list. Thanks!