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Hey we just started up our discord, we have about 200 members and we want more people to join. Its a community if like minded people who just want to have fun. Our running joke is about wasps which leads to the name, we have certain roles for different things and games. We're also currently looking for mods so if you're looking for some responsibility this is the place. We look forward to seeing you here!
~This server got fucked up~

NSFW furries needed, Raiders needed to help fuck it up even more

Cover it with the good stuff
Hey I need help with a raid TONIGHT its over 300 members and this post will get deleted soon. The raid is an admin raid so we will be able to delete and ban everyone. If your intrested join now.
Join this server for a fun time but to also make people mad and mess with there servers 😈
Tired of those pesky raiders annoying you and your server members? Then look no farther! Copyright exists to help inexperienced server owners help protect themselves from raiders. Join for more info!
Hello, we are a group of Roblox players that sometimes raid (if you'd call it that) Robloxian Highschool, a game in Roblox. To learn more about us, read the "about-us" channel.
Thot patrol army is back and better than ever baby, don't worry we still out here huntin for them thotties and raiding like them armies, so yeah we still keeping the freedom in peace.

Hey you want to have some fun then come jump in the pool with us, we're very active but if you rub our tummy's we will be very very active, shhhhh don't worry some of us will be gentle.
yall ever wanted to just raid some random server? Or maybe someone has a server that they just H A T E and they want to raid it. If you have any of those feelings, then you are welcome to the Raiders Kingdom!
This is a discord server where we raid once in a while to servers that raid us or are racist ect. and it's pretty active considering it's size we just hangout when were not raiding Keep in mind its not always active but plz help make it :D Let this be the best community ever #something new...
We raid if you want to join us please do
We are a group of discord raiders that raid other raiding servers. Join and help us become the most powerful discord raiding server.