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• 4 Man
• 2x Healing
• 15x Harvest
• 15x Tame
• 15x XP
• 20x Breed/Hatch
• 0.5x Food/water
• Balanced
• S+ / AA
• 1 Ally
• Custom Drops
Compete as one of three Factions to collect the most Bacti. PvP other players! Discord bot game, no download necessary. Based on BlackBox, A Tamagotchi inspired game with jrpg/pokemon style gameplay! Raise your pet to fight! All pets are unique.
10 server PvP Ark cluster on PS4
「✦」20x , 12 man
「✦」5,000 members
「✦」300+ emojis
「✦」Color roles
「✦」Idle miner
「✦」Idle RPG
「✦」Box Bot
「✦」Friendly and helpful staff
「✦」In-game giveaways
「✦」Partnered with other Ark clusters
Ok Boomer is a growing *Xbox/Win10 cluster. ⇩⇩Read below⇩⇩

50 Slot Rag
32 Slot Rag
32 Slot Extinction
32 Slot Center
20 Slot Abb
32 Slot Valguero
32 slot Island
20 slot Scorched Earth
50 slot Genesis
32 slot Genesis

Servername: OK Boomer
~ 20x stats
~ 10 map cluster (adding genesis on release)
~ Xbox/Win10 crossplay
~ Balanced player stats
~ Infinite player weight
~ Very close official dino stats (boosted stam/weight)
~ Wild 150s (tek 180s)
~ Player 105 (before ascension)
~ Custom drops
~ Boosted beaver dams (For more paste)
~ Infinite structure pickup
~ Half food/water drain
~ Gas lasts 20x longer
~ 6 man (No allies)
~ Full PvP server
~ In-game shop (Uses berrybush seeds)
~ 1000x stacking
~ White drops starters

And much much more listed in the discord ⇩⇩
↠ The Minecraft Meetup Server is a server based upon Faqenz's original idea of a Minecraft server where everyone can meet new players, interact with them, play some Minecraft with them & just in general have a great time!

↠ Our server supports all platforms of Minecraft, from Java edition, to the numerous platforms of the Bedrock edition & the Education edition!

↠ We provide a positive, supportive environment in which to watch, learn & grow your Minecraft skills, whether that be PvP, Redstone, Building, Modding or anything in between!
Astral Network, an Arena KitPvP Minecraft Server.

The ip to connect is:
Recommended Game Version: 1.7.10 - 1.8.9 (for pvp), 1.14.4 (for skyblock beta)

Main Rules:
Be respectful and don't cheat.

Notable Features:
- Crate Rewards
- Player Vaults
- Good Knockback
- Vanilla Pots
- AC Autobans
- Shop
- Plots

Soon adding more games such Factions, Survival and Practice.
This server gives you the power to do anything you'd like. This is a new anarchy server, started in September 2018 with the purest players. With no rules means no set backs, and with no set backs makes your mind the only limit.
Aeven Mana Wars - An Unforgiving, Immersive MMORPG Experience**
Aeven Mana Wars is an unforgiving and immersive experience that seeks to push the boundaries of what’s possible in Minecraft. Aeven is created by a very small team, custom-built from the ground up, guaranteeing a completely unique gameplay experience. Aeven boasts the best spell system that can be found on a Minecraft server, an expansive, realistic and lore-rich world, and intensely challenging dungeons. Players can specialize in diverse professions, control PvP outposts, and work together to conquer daunting foes.

🌎 The Most Massive, Immersive World on an MMORPG Server
🏰 Capture and Control PvP Outposts With Your Guild
⚔️ Unique Combat Systems, Spells, and Weapon Types
🔨 Professions: Thieving, Gathering, Survival, Craftsmanship
📰 Frequent Updates & Content Patches Expanding the Game
🎗️ Completely Custom Made: An Experience Like No Other
❤️ Caring Community & Ownership: All Feedback is Welcomed, No Pay to Win
💬 Discord
Come Play Minecraft WITH THE BOYS!

Join our server for:

- a welcoming community

- creative, survival and pvp

- many different minecraft related channels

and SO much more!

Join Us Today! Come Vibe With Us!
Deathrow Network is a friendly minecraft community that features competitive player vs player action with game modes such as (Practice, HCF, and more...) we appreciate if you join our discord and help us out also discord boosters receive a free donator rank so come hop in and give us a try were also looking for staff!
TGN is the community to join, with varying game nights to enjoy and play our favourite games. If you're interested in Minecraft, we also have our own semi-vanilla survival server. Our Minecraft population has grown with 16,000 unique players from January 2019 to January 2020!
This is a server for Pokemon Go PvP. We are looking to do remote tournaments and talk about all things PvP including Go Battle League and Silph Cups.
Orbital is a new 15x Ark PVP Server ran by Saracha and Fuzzy (Sara and James) Server started on 3/14, wipe not planned for at least a few weeks.
- 6 Man Tribes
- 1 Ally
- No ORP
- In-Game Shop (Berry Bush Seeds 🍓)
- 3x Cave Damage
- 300 Turret Craft
- Auto Engrams
- Rag, Val, and Ab
We also have active and respectful staff, frequent events, and lots of fun bots in our discord.

We hope this community can grow and we hope you'll be there with us! More information on the server is listed neatly in our discord. We hope to see you soon! ☺️
Vous recherchez ?
- Du faction ?
- Des quêtes ?
- Du fun ?
Alors vous êtes au bon endroit, créativa est là pour vous !
Rejoignez notre communauté :
- Discord :
- Site internet :
serveur minecraft pvp faction farm2win si vous êtes intéréssés voilà le discord
Il est la béta va possiblement ouvrir à 150 membres sur ce discord donc je vous y attends nombreux.

Il y a
༺ 3 grades achetables sur le site ou en jeu
༺Un spawn inédit fait par nos builders
༺Un staff à l'écoute et pour un maximum de gens
༺Une chance de s'imposer dans la classement faction
༺La possibilité de se faire des amis sur le jeu
༺Une farmzone au spawn
༺Des spawners achetables ingame et sur notre site
༺Des votes pour augmenter la visibilité du serveur
༺Des caisses avec des lots exceptionnels

Et bien d'autres choses que vous découvrirez lors de votre gameplay.

__***Cloudy Kit PvP***__


🛡Bedrock Realm🛡
🧨Modded Villagers
🧨Custom Currency
🔮New Random Kit Event🔮
⚡️Active Community⚡️
Join our NEW Minigames server SPIRITMC ( in development)
LOOKING FOR Builders, Devs, Players, and Staff!
1.8.9 - 1.14.4 Java!
Massive variety of Minigames!

Laisse-moi te présenter Stellia
Stellia est un serveur PvP Faction F2W. Actuellement le serveur est en cours de développement mais des grades et autres sont à gagner pour l’ouverture. Nous recrutons également du staff !

PS : si tu joins avec ce lien tu as des chances d’avoir l’honneur d'être un bêta-testeur et obtenir lors de la v1 un grade spécial.

Qu'est que tu attends ?! :
Frqst is a chill server with active staff and tournaments with prizes. We are a gaming server which plays Minecraft Hypixel mostly. We also have advertisement channels where you can advertise! It is a NSFW free server!
I would like to welcome you to come and join us on scum Paradise
We are a full PVP server. And we have a kill feed in our discord And the top 15 kills of the week. Leaderboard
We also have a live player count within our discord at your Fingertips
Highly populated weekend loot boxes admins do not play But are very active
JOIN RAV'S ADVENTURE PLANET! Have you ever wanted to be in a server where you can show off your talents and/or have fun doing things with other people? Well, look no further!
Here are some things you can find in the server

1. An amazing custom bot that you can't find anywhere else. This bot can serve as a roleplay bot and a combat bot! (The combat part is a work in progress)
2. An awesome moderator and a team of admins that will help you in every need! (I need some more staff, so if you want to help out that would be very much appreciated)
3. A chatroom for every one of your needs and wants - if you're into art, bam! If you're into animation, bam! We have a place for you to share all your creations!
4. Weekly challenges that can help you earn prizes for your bot account!

I hope to see you come and adventure on my planet, young traveler!