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Cook County is a county that represents Chicago. This is set in 2015 when Chicago was the murder capital of the United States with a murder rate of 18.6 per 100,000 people. The mean streets of Chicago, run by the gangster disciples and the black disciples. Right now in time, the gangsta disciples and black disciples are at war with eachother, even lyrically. Artists like chief keef, lil marc, and la capone going to music to "Diss" the opposition. This causing even more homicides.
You can choose to be a street sweeper, sweeping the streets of all the homicides, you can be a hardened criminal, hardened by gangs, or be the gang leader. The choice is yours.
Site Zulu, A Facility in which experiments on humans giving them Mutations. This mutation give them special abilities. After they are trained and experimented on they are sold as Bio-Weapons, but secretly some hope to escape and some want to revolt against the chairman. Will you be a strong and loyal guard of Site Zulu, or will you be a scientist with questionable morals, or will you be an experimented human who yearns for escape? It is time for you to choose your Fate.
A simple roleplay server that's based within a complex prison. For those who want to just have some fun and make some new friends! We are a new server so we aren't big, looking for literate roleplayers that can bring some fun to the table while adhering to server rules!
Have you ever wanted to RP in a prison, being a prisoner or guard?

Well, this is your chance! Welcome to my prison roleplay discord server, we are excited to have you! We hope you have a great time & enjoy your stay in jail. :)
A server where you can have all kinds of fun in our city, but you must be careful of the city laws. If you break the law, you could be sent to our prison! It's really quite fun!