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This is my new server as my old one got deleted by my friend. We have multiple bots and we are open to suggestions on what to add. Please join as i wish to grow my server and get a very good community! DM bob1234#3684 if you have any questions about the server!
Welcome to The Lobby!
Here, at the Lobby, we offer you:

🔶️ Multiple Bots to choose from
🔷️ You can date people if you want 👀
🔶️ Open to hear suggestions
🔷️ In need of staff currently

Join in and don't miss out on the fun!
Hiya my names Litwick and I'm a lover of Litwick. This server is a chill af server to make friends. It has various pokemon bots so there's endless fun!
Welcome to Oddish's Hideout! 🍃
We are an active, friendly, welcoming, tolerant, beautiful, brave, hardworking, awesome community, doing all sort of fun things that you just can't miss! Oh,
I almost forgot about:
◼️ Pokécord 2.0 (PokéRealm) as our main bot!
◻️ Other pokémon bots with their grind channels!
◼️ Non-pokemon fun bots like Mudae, OwO and Nadeko!
◻️ Many events and giveaways!
◼️ 72 colored self-assignable roles!
Hope to see you soon in our little community! ❤️
A server filled with JoJo References but also a chill place to hang out and play some games. Looking for art and memes for our gallery. We have JoJo-Related rewards for levelling up. Bots such as Dio, Pokémon, Dank Memer and many more.
Join this server to have a all-on-one-bot-gaming platform.
If a bot is not right there, you can suggest it and we'lll look up to implement it.

Whats right now here:
- Pokeverse
- Mewbot
- Monstacord
- OwO
- dank memer
- epic rpg
- minecraft bots
- ... much more bots! all bots!

What we offer additionly:
- music bot
- ranking such as weekly with rewards
- giveaways
- self roles for pings
- UNIQUE freespawn ping system (everyone who has that in the future has stolen that idea ;D)
We also search for moderators and Pokemonbot experts. Come and join us! :-)
Note: If you're joining this Server to raid or for Dank Memer to rob someone and then immediately leave then don't bother trying.


〈 W e l c o m e t o Z a c i a n ‘ s C a s t l e ! 〉

Welcome to Zacian’s Castle, a wonderful castle filled with Pokeverse and Pokeheart!

➼GYMS: Take on some Pokemon Showdown gym in order to earn yourself the title of Champion!:man_lifting_weights:

➼DAYCARE: Can't be bothered to level up your Pokemon? Daycare Workers will help you fulfil that job! Here in Zacian's Castle, our Daycare Workers level up your Pokemon at a fast speed and they work for one of the cheapest price of most Pokeheart Servers for you!:hatching_chick:

➼ANIGAME: Zacian’s Castle also has a category focussing all on Anigame. We own a clan in which we go casual, no donation requirements at the moment. :video_game:

➼GIVEAWAYS AND EVENTS: Test out your luck and participate in Giveaways for a chance to possibly win rare Pokemon or Gold/Sterling! There can be many different Giveaways, Required Giveaways and Sponsored Giveaways. If your luck is bad at Giveaways, then you can participate in Events! Invite Events require you to invite a certain number of people to the server to win prizes! Interactive Events require you to catch a certain Pokemon first! :tada:

➼TOURNAMENTS: Are you one of those people that are hungry to duel? Then come participate in our tournaments to be number one and win incredible prizes!:trophy:

➼SERVER SHOP: Show off your cool purchases from the Server Shop to other members with our great items. There are also seasonable, limited-time, items that can be purchased in some occasions!:shopping_bags:

➼OTHER BOTS: You can have fun with other bots too in this server, such as: Dank Memer, OwO and plenty of others!:robot:


Link: { }
Mainly focused on Dank meme bot.
I do allow rob just no heist
We heist on other servers
We use pokeverse
We use idle miner
We use OwO bot
Pokémon Picnic 🧺 🥪
Pokémon Picnic is one of the many favorite community servers growing!
We use a pokecord bot (basically like the old pokecord lol)
-We have myuu bot, pokeverse and pokeheart as side channels!
-Level 1 Boosted Server
-We are planning an invite event rewarding a nitro classic drop event!
-Has many exclusive giveaways always running, such as credits, megas, alolans, galarians, mythicals and even legendaries!
-We partner and sponsor with many other servers and advertise pokemon to help others to achieve what they want!!!
-We also would appreciate any donations
-We are starting the payments of joining our 2nd tournament held, payments end soon
-If anyone is willing and has nitro, it would mean so much if you boost our server!
-We have gaming channels that you could organize with people worldwide like Minecraft, Roblox, Animal Crossing and more......
-We are also of thinking of doing a fun team event!
-We have gyms, elite 4 so if you want duel for badges and for fun and prove our best trainers wrong, come and join us!
-Tatsumaki, Mudae, OwO, MEE6, Rhythm and many other bots
-We have spam channels, we are not a redirected server!
-We are a kid-friendly server, no NSFW content
-Very fun make many friendships
-Many 5/5 Ratings
We welcome you to our ꧁Ryokan꧂!
Level 1 Server!
There's over 100+ emotes for you to use!
Server contains:
Mudae (Waifu gacha game)
Uno (Card game)
Pokeverse (Catching pokemons)
NSFW (Best one)
Join now!
Hello guys!!!! nothing much to see and say here just join and see how well your pokeversem journey goes on with a friendly community
My server was made as a team server for a Pokémon Discord Bot called Pokéverse, here is our info!
Join ⚔️Dragons Grip⚔️ for a friendly community and fun challenges!
Join us here:
"The shadow of fear is all that our enemies will see!"
There are player gyms for our special Ace Trainers and people to help with gyms if you are stuck! We hope to see you there and welcome everyone to our server!

⭐️Top 10 Team every month!
⭐️Challenges to earn free stuff!
⭐️We have custom roles!
⭐️Lots of channels for our team!
⭐️Helpful staff!
⭐️Tournaments every month!
⭐️Giveaways every week!
⭐️Private channels!
⭐️Gym help!
⭐️Non-Toxic Community!
⭐️Pokémon League!
⭐️And much more!
• • ──── • Welcome to Pokeverse Indonesia • ──── • •

Server ngobrol santai yang berisi game bot utama pokeverse.
Terbuka untuk siapapun.
Dengan beberapa fasilitas berikut:
=> Chat Room
=> Bot Game Pokeverse
=> Giveaway Bot
=> Music Bot
=> Dan para staff yg ramah

Sekian dan terima kasih
Heya people!! If you love burgers and want to make amazingggg friends, join us!!!
•lots of bots
•daily motivational quotes
•random facts
Join our Burger Community now!!

PokeMasters Squad!

In this pokemon server we treat everyone equally, we make sure everyone has the best experience, and we make sure no one gets bullied! The staff is almost always online in PokeMasters Squad. Here you can play with other pokemon fans. If you ever want to have fun playing pokemon games and talking with pokemon fans, Then this is the server for you!

💮 Pokemon!!
We are mostly a Pokemon based server, in our server we have varieties of Pokemon games like Pokéverse, Myuu, Pokéheart, Pokémon and others!

⚔️ We also have gyms on both Pokéverse and Myuu! If you want, you can become as a gym leader yourself!

🤖 Other Bots!
We also have varieties of other bots like: OwO, Mundae, Dank Memer etc.

Join our server today!
We are a fun & loving community and we cant wait to make new friends <3

We do :
- Giveaways
- Gaming
- DA (ROBLOX Game)
- Pokeverse
- Karuta
- Music
- Stories
- Roleplays
- Streaming
- And MORE! as I'm always adding to the server 😃
recently created pokeverse related server for raid battling and playing together

> hiring pokeverse leveler and raid spawner

in floofverse we have:
- a bunch of other pokrmon related bots like the copy of pokecord, pokecord 2, mewbot, onixian and ofc myuu
-daily shiny pokeverse giveaways

-active staff that can help with battles and questions

-a server shop for pokeverse

-else then pokeverse we have a few other bots like owo, idle miner, slot bot , dank memer and we are always open for new bot suggestions
We have:

🌟 have an assortment of bots (dank memer, slotbot, and many more)

🌟 an assortment of anime bots (shoob, karuta, mudae, etc)

🌟 numerous pokemon bots (pokeverse, pokecord, myuu also a digimon bot)

🌟 games (cards against humanity, mafia, uno, and simon says)

🌟 a friendly community and a place to make new friends

🌟 a friendly staff that is open to suggestions

We hope you enjoy your time!
⋆・゚:⋆・゚:✧⋆.:・゚✧.: ⋆・゚: .* ⋆・゚:⋆・゚:✧⋆・゚:⋆
  Welcome to The Mythical Multiverse!
⋆・゚:⋆・゚:✧⋆.:・゚✧.: ⋆・゚: .⋆ ⋆・゚:⋆・゚:✧⋆・゚:⋆

   ⚡️ Welcome to my server! My server is a very very friendly community just for others to make friends and play games with one another! 🎮

✨ Offerings!

⭐ Very Fun Colors!

⭐ Unique Setups for alot of people to share interests!

⭐ Cool and Chill staff!

⭐ A Wide Variety of fun bots!

⭐ New themes for the server as the Holidays and Seasons go by!

- 2 Different Contests for everyone to participate that will reward Robux!
- Everyone is allowed to participate so please don't hesitate because we judge on many different things!

All in all, Please Enjoy your stay at The Mythical Multiverse! 🎉
⋆・゚:⋆・゚:✧⋆.:・゚✧.: ⋆・゚: .*⋆・゚:⋆・゚:✧⋆・゚:⋆
This server is Made Pokemons Based. We do giveaways of Legendaries, Mega or credits daily!! We have Rythm Bot, Unbelievaboat Fun and Games.MEE6 level up. We have active members, Moderator, Admins and Owner. So, what are you waiting for Join now!!
☀️Welcome to Sunny Space!☀️

»»————- ✼ ————-««

We are pretty much a dead server with little to no activity. Right now, we're looking for unique people like you to spicen things up. If you're interested in a nice, relaxed, place to chat, join!

»»————- ✼ ————-««

In our server, we don't really offer much yet, but we do have:

🚀 Not many heated discussions bc it's dead
🚀 Pokeverse
🚀 Poketwo (A very similar replacement for Pokecord)
🚀 Idle Miner
🚀 bots
🚀 A dead chat which is great to play hide and seek
🚀 Some weird stuff...caused by Meteor...
🚀 Some self-assignable roles
🚀 Partnerships
🚀 A person on staff who will listen to suggestions to ensure your satisfaction
🚀 And not much more...

»»————- ✼ ————-««

☀️ If you're interested in any of these things, join! ☀️
Join our small server today for a variety of bots! Join our wonderful community and participate in our daily giveaways! Pokemon!