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Greetings! We are a growing community with bots! We want to introduce you into our home and give you the opprotunity to be friends with us! You can do whatever as long as you follow the rules
We're a Pokemon-based server for all things Pokemon.

Fire, Water, Grass, Electric Whatever type of Pokémon you prefer, we won’t disgrace you for it. Also, we accept anyone

We are team Lunala, a friendly and cheerful team of Pokémon lovers who enjoy chatting, battle, and train and do a variety of things together.
Two simple rules that will probably help a lot of you are as follows:

1) Once you have 8 badges and your Pokémon are level 70 you will enter the NPL (National Pokémon League) or what we call our elite four.
2) Once your Pokémon is level 50 and you are a right fit for the owner she will grant you a gym type of leadership that you choose. Also, a gym badge and a room

There is only 1 requirement: Your starter Pokémon must be level 20 and that your second Pokémon must be Level 10.

We have Gyms, and Elite Four, a kind, caring community.

Also, we do not discriminate against any member because we as a team are like family accepting any member.

We do have Gym Leader roles as well if you are a right fit, The server leader will let you pick one

What we offer:
- Bots (Such as Pokecord, Dyno, Reaction Role, Kanna, Pokeverse, Mee6, Toasty)
- Roles (To be earned by activity or right fit)
- Active admins and owner (Some are in Australia)
- A kind community, who welcome everyone!
- Gym Battling
- Gym Badges
- Need Gym Leaders
- Need Partnered Gym Leaders (Apply today ^.^)
We are some extremely happy trainers! Come join in the fun!
What do we have?

1. Pokebots, pokebots, pokebots galore! (Actually there are only 3 but shhh)
2. Interesting channels!
3. Active community and admins! (sorta)
4. Talk about pokemon, or chill with the other server members here at


1. Pokemoin/Pokeverse , Pokecord , Varubot , Monstacord , Toasty bots .
2. Gyms in pokecord .
3. Daily giveaways
🎟Welcome to Pokemon Fanatics were pokemon is everything

🍕This server is for pokecord,pokeverse(pokemoin), trading card game(online and real cards)

🌮This Server now Has self Roles :: we are about Fun :: self roles are for gamers socialisation food lovers pokecord and i can make so many more to suit anyone who is active in the discord server :)

🥠This Sever has BoxBot Pikabot and Toasty and Cafe UNO (ill add other gaming bots on request)

🍻This server has gym challenges( for gym badges will have custom made badges made with Photoshop created by me) on top of badge role)

🎉This server also has giveaways always a giveaway going on:::

🍦come and enjoy alot amazing fun on this server::lets be social with the community on the server lets help make it active:

🎱This server is looking for trustworthy admins as well who will be active::

🎠This Server also has Day Care for pokecord::
come and play pokeverse here in my server :D
Welcome To The Silent Dungeon where you can play with the Pokecord and The Pokeverse Bot and Challenge Gyms with others
Welcome to The Team CutePoke
What we offer:
500+ Awesome community
Lots of Giveaways
Super League Modes
A fun, welcoming server with Pokecord and Pokeverse! Experienced owners and and a good staff, we're excited to welcome you to the lair! Some of our fun stuff includes...
A RP category and fun folks who love RP!
Elite four!
A challenge realm- get a challenge and in return a special gift!
Discord where we mess around with bots

We have pokecord gyms, pokeverse, unbelievaboat, pac man bot, fredboat, and more. Come check it out
A casual pokeverse server with non-toxic people.
Pokecord server where you can earn legendary pokemon like zekrom or shaymin by playing casino, we may be new but we are banging. JOIN TODAY for a chance to win now!!!
A world of Otakus

Pokécord channels

Pokémoin channels



Anime bots as Mantaro
Hello, I created a server about pokémon's :) Would you like to join?