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**Welcome To The Poké Elementals!**

We are a pokemon-based server, and are constantly updating everyday!
Things we offer:

✅ Two Pokémon bots: Pokécord and Pokéverse
✅ Other cool bots like: Aki, Boxbot, Dank Memer, Rhythm, and much more!
✅ Many big giveaways and contests!
✅ Friendly community! (We also have a special chat that only queer people can access)
✅ Channels to express creativity! (There is a background story to our server)
✅ Spam channels to grind
✅ A NSFW channel (Yes, we have NadekoBot)
✅ Gyms: **We are currently looking for more gym leaders.**
✅ Polls, and feel free to suggest more features to add on to the server!
✅ We are also Currently looking for partners!

Come join the Poké Elementals Today!


You want a server where you can find friends, catch pokemon and play exciting pokemon fights?
Our features:

👑 18 Gyms 👑
👑 E4 👑
👑 Champion 👑
👑 tournaments with great prizes 👑
👑 the best community 👑
👑 battle tower 👑
👑 frequent giveaways 👑
👑 helpfull staff 👑
👑 daycare 👑
👑 pokemoin, varubot, ... 👑


Our invite link:
Our banner:



Hello. First time using Disboard. This is a friendly server. The rules are very simple. In my server, There is pokécord and pokéverse. Don't forget that you can chat here. And pokemon donation is here. lol. See u soon.
Join today
Always active
Fresh and new
Wanting good strong members
We daycare
We chat
Hello there! We are new and fun discord server.
We have fun bots like:
-Discord Miner(Minecraft bot)
-and much more
We have started giveaways for pokeverse, pokecord and discord miner.
Soon we will have player gyms.
If you join our server we hope u have great time!!!
Welcome to TheIlluminati Server, Please Join We Really Need The Server To Get 1k
We host Pokecord and Pokeverse Giveaways
We Have An Upcoming Game Event That Has Some Good Prizes
We're a Pokemon-based server for all things Pokemon.

Fire, Water, Grass, Electric Whatever type of Pokémon you prefer, we won’t disgrace you for it. Also, we accept anyone

We are team Lunala, a friendly and cheerful team of Pokémon lovers who enjoy chatting, battle, and train and do a variety of things together.
Two simple rules that will probably help a lot of you are as follows:

1) Once you have 8 badges and your Pokémon are level 70 you will enter the NPL (National Pokémon League) or what we call our elite four.
2) Once your Pokémon is level 50 and you are a right fit for the owner she will grant you a gym type of leadership that you choose. Also, a gym badge and a room

There is only 1 requirement: Your starter Pokémon must be level 20 and that your second Pokémon must be Level 10.

We have Gyms, and Elite Four, a kind, caring community.

Also, we do not discriminate against any member because we as a team are like family accepting any member.

We do have Gym Leader roles as well if you are a right fit, The server leader will let you pick one

What we offer:
- Bots (Such as Pokecord, Dyno, Reaction Role, Kanna, Pokeverse, Mee6, Toasty)
- Roles (To be earned by activity or right fit)
- Active admins and owner (Some are in Australia)
- A kind community, who welcome everyone!
- Gym Battling
- Gym Badges
- Need Partnered Gym Leaders (Apply today ^.^)
- Giveaways
- Day Care

Legendary Gym and Any-Type gym needed

Every Tuesday is Artist week ^.^ to win prizes

We are in the middle of a Halloween event where you could win one pokemon and 3 winners will be announced on Oct 16
🎟Welcome to Pokemon Fanatics were pokemon is everything

🍕This server is for pokecord,pokeverse(pokemoin) and monstacord, trading card game(online and real cards)and so much more

🌮This Server now Has self Roles :: just gota ask what the self roles are :)

🥠This Sever has Pikabot and Toasty and UnbelievaBoat(ill add other gaming bots on request)

🍻This server has gym challenges( for gym badges will have custom made badges made with Photoshop created by me) on top of badge role)

🎉This server also has giveaways always a giveaway going on:::

🍦come and enjoy alot amazing fun on this server::lets be social with the community on the server lets help make it active:

🎱This server is looking for trustworthy admins as well who will be active::

🎠This Server also has Day Care for pokecord::

🎟also looking for partnerships with some other servers as well::
A LOCAL POKEVERSE SERVER! FULLY CUSTOMIZED! Rewards for leveling up with custom made bot!
come and play pokeverse here in my server :D
Welcome to Poke Gamerz.
The owner are ❄AS Haru
-Its a new server based on Pokecord/Pokeverse (moin)
-There are also economy bots if u bored playing Pokecord and Pokeverse (moin)
-DankMemer is here!
-Gym and hiring gym leader!
-Hiring Region Gym!
-Daycare service!
-4 Spam Channel for EXP and pokemon spawn!
New Feature:
Roleplay with 5 different category:-
-High School
-Fairy Tale
-Romantic Roleplay
-NSFW Roleplay
-Pokemon Adventure

It may be a small server but we are growing!

Its a new server! I hope we can make this serve bigger and bigger!
this is a server that just started inhope u join and we are a happy community till now


This server is a growing community focused more on fun and entertainment activities, We have fun bots and many active members you can socialise with. Our server is all about being a Army, As soon as you join people welcome you with open arms and the server is filled with warm chill vibes.

🏆What's This Server About

🍀 Our goal is to provide a place where people can interact with each other and meet new people who share common interests and enjoy their time🍀 (simple, right ? 😉 )
This server has:-
🔰 Active members            
🔰Memes channel
🔰Dueling Channels
🔰Trading channels
🔰170+ members
🔰Active Staff 24/7
🔰Events & Giveaways!
🔰Bots exp gains(get high in the ranks!)
🔰Make new Friends:
🔰Music Channels  (with music bot!)
🔰Rich and Influential Pokecord Players
🔰Many fun bots you can use, Commands provided!
💯And much much more!💯
Come on, what are you Looking at? Join know we all are waiting for you.💖
Welcome to the Realm of Pokémon!!!
This is a server heavily based on Pokémon bots, but we have many other unique bots that are almost never seen on other servers, giving you a chance to try new bots! Here are some other things we offer:
Plenty of giveaways and events!
Music bots!
Raid secure!
Friendly mods! (Currently we only have one, but when we get more members we will make staff applications.)
A non-toxic community!
Join us today!!!
Its a brand new server so everything's pretty much empty. Just a heads up.

A brand new mixed community of anime/manga/webcomics, and pokemon :D (Main games, pokecord, pokeverse)

We are a growing community :D

Some of the things you can expect from this server are;
• Anime / Manga talk
• cringepost :DD
• Pokemaaanss and discussionss
• Suggesting emotes :D
• Some other fun bots owo
Welcome to a Great server with a great and caring staff. We enforce our rules and have fun. We mainly play Pokemoin (Pokeverse) and Pokecord. We also have many other bots for playing some random games. We Are currently looking for more staff and more fun members. Currently Looking for more active people to fill our server!
This is a great Pokemon server where you can RP, meet new people and play with Pokecord and Pokeverse. We are SFW and have friendly staff who are here to help. Giveaways and events are hosted regularly.
A fun, welcoming server with Pokecord and Pokeverse! Experienced owners and and a good staff, we're excited to welcome you to the lair! Some of our fun stuff includes...
A RP category and fun folks who love RP!
Elite four!
A challenge realm- get a challenge and in return a special gift!
Welcome to The Forbidden Land, where many Discord RPG games can be found,

We offer many features, including

{ Pokecord }

{ IdleRPG }

{ Pokeverse }

And many bots that you can use to grind for pokemons, such as OwO bot, dungeonRPG bot, tatsumaki,... 🤖

We will do many pokecord or pokeverse giveaways as well 🎉

Come to us, your participation will be admired 👏

“Being called Forbidden Land doesn’t mean it’s impossible to explore, but it’s waiting for determined adventurers to discover its mysteries.”
Looking for a few staff member sto help moderate the server.
Looking for gym members (Pokeverse / Pokecord) Msg Ponda.
Looking for partnerships for other servers (Pokemon servers mainly tbh)
Just a small lil fun server with a nice community. Has nice bots like pokecord and obviously Music , Anime Bots
New and upcoming server! Friendly members and staff, looking for new members and people to just talk and mess around with.
Chill place to mess around with the pokecord bot and more.
-Music Bot
-Elite Four
A Pokemon based server that includes the Pokecord and Pokeverse bots. Giveaways are done frequently there and the staff are always happy to help. Join and give it a try; you might just enjoy it