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We are an official Discord Partner!
All trainers level 30 and up are welcome to join and host raids!

• Pokémon GO Remote Raids 24/7
• PvP and Chat
• News and Infographics
• Games and Challenges
• Friendly and helpful staff
Join the BEST discord for remote raiding 24/7 with players all around the world! We have a translator bot for those who don't speak English and lots of helpful members and staff to assist you in remote raiding. See you there!
Our server is a friendly community server, accepting everyone.
**For Pokémon Go**
🔶 Remote raid invites and management.
🔶 Flaunting.
🔶 Event updates.
🔶 Twitter channels.
**For MewBot / Poke2Bot**
🔶 To spam, catch, add commands etc...
A global server dedicated entirely to coordinating remote raid invites! Plenty of raid buddies available, and a good stream of raids!

Raid hosting is made convenient and easy through Pokenav (a bot that makes temporary private chat channels for your raid groups). Alternatively, you can post in the traditional public raid text channels that are organized by raid tier. :)

We also have regular server events, giveaways, pvp and showcasing sections, and a couple boredom bots to play with while you wait for the next raid.
🗺️ World wide raids
💸 Active Competitions
⌛ Ultra fast raids!
🤖 Custom Discord Bot for Raids!

Create raid Parties with active trainers 24/7 in Pokemon Go GLOBAL Raids! Supportive staff, custom discord bot, and tons of active members!
Come join today! Happy Raiding
A group where socializing is used to fulfill a raiders desire, whether that be a 5* star raid or to talk about your favorite Pokémon, this group has it all. With a precise and carefully selected team of mods, we try to make your experience the best it can be!
This is a sever for Pokémon go
-We have loads of poeple hosting raids
-We got great rules and great fun stuff
-This sever is always on nothing is dead

- I hope you like this sever it would be nice if you join are goal is 300 poeple.
Hey all, with the release of remote raiding, we have created a community of thousands of players to find and host many raids.
This is a Pokemon Go Raiding and PVP server. We will be hosting remote raids, pvp tournaments, and it is just a fun place all around.
Estamos enfocados a crear una buena comunidad española de Pokémon GO y Among US con mantenimiento y actualizaciones constantes. También hacemos directos en Twitch para resolver esas pequeñas dudas 😉

Pokémon Go:
💚 Noticias y novedades actuales
💛 Bots para PvP e Incursiones.
💖 Administradores y moderación en canales.

Among Us:
Gente activa dispuesta a asesinarte por la espalda 🔪 y con muchas ganas de jugar.
Hello 👋

Do you Love to raid! 🥊🥊🥊
Love Pokemon go!!!😍
Need help with gifts?
Want to learn tricks?
If you do we would love to have you join us!
Live fast action raids to quickly grab up that new raid boss those 5 star guy's that are just to hard to solo alone we can help!

Hope to see you soon!!!
Our server is of course friendly but We keep discipline first,rule breakers and cheaters not allowed, friends making server as well as for gaming,Hard work gives profit.Hope you enjoy .Thank you
A Pokemon Go discord for raids, chatting to others in the community, and showing off your awesome Pokemon! (And yes I know the name is wrong its a joke)
This is a server for arranging raids on pokemon go sharing your friend code meeting new friends! pretty much as everything you need that is related to pokemon go!
We're a nice Pokemon Go server that specializes in Remote Raiding! Our server has a really good Remote Raiding system that will help you get trainers to beat your raid! Join us today!
🔥Friendly community and staff
🔥Free meltan boxes
🔥Shiny Hunts
🔥Pokémon GO Raids
🔥Giveaways/Competitions daily
🔥Online Battle Tournaments
🔥Trading Channel
🔥Pokétwo (Pokecord)

Hope to see you soon guys and girls 🙂
Join us! A pokemon go gaming club, more like a server. Bored of those same old servers that swear to be active and aren't active? Well, we do the first part but the second part changes a bit as we are active almost 24/7. If ur joining with high expectations of people being active, you better be active too! And remember, keep gaming my pokemon go players! ;)
Hello! This server is for Pokémon go raid invites and friendship xp grinding. Here are recomended raid counters, research tasks and rewards from them, show off your pokemons and the latest news from the game! Welcome and enjoy.
(I know there aint that many people in this server bur you can help by joining it so more will come.)