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🎵We play pokemon go everyday🎵

We offer you an open community and active staff.
We help each other and share our thoughts.
And yes you can flex with your best pokemon and shinies.
Different roles available.
Many bots.

Feel free to join 💕
Hear chat up everything to do with team Valor so gyms Raids friend codes and much more
Worldwide server for Pokémon Go players in the LGBTQ community. Allies are welcome too!
Pokemon cafe is the pokemon sever you wanna join
it have :
200+ real members and is still growing
pokecord and manny other pokemon bots
Come join us in pokemon go with gifts given everyday
Pokémon GO Let's GO! is the place to be if you are a serious Pokémon hunter. You get to meet other fellow trainers. Join to get help with quests, adding friends to trade with, discuss what is going on, and make plans for community day events. There is no solicitation and this is an under 18 safe server. This is for adults, teens, and children. We are all about Pokémon GO. Come and represent your team. :crossed_swords:
A server for anything pokemon related. With channels for battling and trading in pokemon go, lets go, and pokecord.
This is for all pokemon fans, it is a server with tips and tricks, coordination for online battles and trading, discussions about games, anime, movies, tag, etc..., contests, friendly rivalry, and more!
Great server, lots of in game info which is updated daily.
Friendly helpful staff.
Weather, 100iv bot and raid bot!
Spoofing tips and tricks
To help trainers with finding raids and research tasks around Inner Brisbane Australia
Do you want to be one of the Pokémon Trainers? Great! You're just the type of person we need! We have many things that our server offers, such as: fair staff, Pokécord, games, events, tournaments, giveaways, and even a bot that you can hold a conversation with! Come join today, and maybe YOU can become our champion!
We are a group of pokemon lovers talking stuffs related to pokemon, pokemon-anime, pokemon-gaming and many other things.
We support general discussion, pokemon discussion, pokemon go talks, pokemon game development, pokemon bots and even shitposting to some extent.
Nuestro objetivo es unir a los jugadores de PokemonGo de Mendoza Argentina en un servidor para facilitar las incursiones tanto para los nuevos miembros como para los que buscan un grupo de incursión
Lo que ofrecemos:
✯ Bot propio del servidor
✯ Roles propios del servidor
✯ Canales de Noticias relacionadas al PokémonGO
✯ Canales específicos para intercambiar/incursiones
✯ Canales de información sobre los eventos en curso
✯ Podes encontrarnos en SilphRoad :[email protected]#14/-32.898/-68.8291