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Hey! Are you a Pokémon GO Player? Are you looking for a server that provides latest pokémon go news? Then you came to the right place! This server includes:
- Latest Pokémon GO News [Events]
- Latest List of Raid Bosses
- Latest Egg poll
- Latest Field Research
- Many more
We also have Voice channels such as:
- Public Voice chat
- Music Room
- even a AFK room
- and More!
We also have Bots such as:
- Tatsumaki!
- Rythm
- Dyno
- And even Hypixel Bot!
and they do very cool stuff
Tired of your Homework? Want to play Rock Paper Scissors but no one to play with? We got you! You can do more cool stuff such as:
- Rock Paper Scissors [with another player or a Bot]
- Some very Funny Jokes
- know facts about Cats and Dogs!
- see cute pictures of Birds, Pugs, Cats and Dogs!
- Even a Dictionary!
- and Even a Coin Flip system! What else would you want from a discord server?
These are not even the full features of our Discord server! We have more features, so if you want a group of Pokémon GO Players, or a Pokémon GO news server! Please join PokéNews and help us make this server Bigger and better!
Welcome To Arceus's Kingdom🎉

🔰What we are?
: Arceus Kingdom is an Recently Created Pokecord Community Which was transformed from an Private Server with Some of the Pro Players of Pokecord to an Public Pokecord Community. We hope to See You in Our Server Shortly! Thanks for Reading till End.

🔶What do we have?
•Daily Giveaways!
•Friendly Staffs!
•Gyms & Elite 4
•Invite Events!

•Fun Bots(Tatsumaki, etc)
• Other Stuff Coming Soon!

__ ▫️ ◽ ◻️ ⬜ 🔳 🔲 ⬛ ◼️ ◾ ▪️ __

🔶Currently Looking For Active & Professional Staff & Daycarers.
Worldwide server for Pokémon Go players in the LGBTQ community. Allies are welcome too!
Hear chat up everything to do with team Valor so gyms Raids friend codes and much more
Welcome to PokeGo Hunts and Raids! we are a global Pokemon GO discord community which offers a FREE service for raid organization, technical support, 100iv coords, quests, trading moderation and more!

Our shiny hunts are highly active, bringing you 100% free coords with no pesky links to follow in order to find your Pokemon! We find clusters, high IV and 100iv shinies with convenient roles and notifications to make sure you don't miss a shiny check. Our amazing hunters are also very responsive to input and requests, so never feel hesitant to ask for the Pokemon you are looking for!

Our most exciting feature will always be the community which fosters an inclusive, responsive and positive environment! Staff here is always happy to help and answer questions. We appreciate suggestions on features and are happy to help you find the raid, quest or 100IV you are looking for and more! We would love you to be a part of our growing community, so please come along and join us!
Pokemon GO Deutschland Server - Eigene Kategorien für jedes Bundesland und Teams
Hello there! This is a pretty nice Pokemon Team server here on Disboard. Although it says “Mystic” all teams are welcome. So feel free to hop right in and help me get the server active!

There’s multiple roles specialized to fit members of all Pokemon Teams such as Instinct and Valor, just DM me (Fazbear The Awesome#6081) what team you’re on and i’ll rank you for it.
We are a group of pokemon lovers talking stuffs related to pokemon, pokemon-anime, pokemon-gaming and many other things.
We support general discussion, pokemon discussion, pokemon go talks, pokemon game development, pokemon bots and even shitposting to some extent.
Catch 'Em All is Discord server with a great community, The BEST for PoGo Players. Lots of 100IV Coords/Rare Pokemon's + Lots Raids Groups
Pokemon cafe is the pokemon sever you wanna join
it have :
200+ real members and is still growing
pokecord and manny other pokemon bots
Welcome let's grow the community and join together to have fun in the peace river area :)


Bem vindo ao Pokémon universe, aqui você podera se relacionar com varias pessoas no brasil, você também podera jogar duels de pokecord, deixar seus codigos no pokemon go, adicionar novos amigos, além disso você pode utilizar nosso bot o pokecord e mewbot

Bem espero que vocês gostem da sua estadia aqui espero que se divirtam e mais importante com um chat organizado ninguém vai reclamar então sigam as regras.
Global Pokemon-Go server geared towards helping you find shiny Pokemon!
Keep up to date with PoGo news, make friends, participate in trades and battles, have fun with our giveaway specials and Pokemon picture channels!
This is a Pokemon Go server for Silvercyclops Gaming's Youtube. Feel free to join and watch the channel grow! We also have fun bots like pokecord, and a great community! Cya there ;)
This is a Pokémon GO discord server for players primarily located in Nacka, Sweden! Let's chat, battle, trade, and raid together!
This is for all pokemon fans, it is a server with tips and tricks, coordination for online battles and trading, discussions about games, anime, movies, tag, etc..., contests, friendly rivalry, and more!
Poke Hub 2 is a part 2 new improved pokemon hub we have a space for every type of pokemon player out there and we would love to have everyone come and enjoy in this server you discuss pokemon or play pokeverse on the server battle trade shop and even catch pokemon!! Enjoy Your Stay at PokeHub 2
Welcome To Lancaster City No Rules Raid Group!!!

This server is a very friendly and welcoming server! We love meeting new people and helping them in anyway we can!! Our staff here at No Rules is friendly and helpful as well! We are very much a family here!

The best thing about our server is we are a NO RULES server! You can play the game how you want to play and no one in here will judge you!!!!

We always have the latest up to date information for all of our Pokémon lovers! We provide up to date IV Charts, counter move charts, shiny list charts and more!!!

Have some down time in your day and never know what to do or have a few extra minutes to kill before a raid and need something to kill time with? Our server has just the thing!

Our server provides Pokémon bot games that you can play right from the server itself!!! You can level up your Pokémon on the discord bot and even battle them against your friends on the server..... and of course you have to catch them all! Our Pokémon go all the way the 7th generation too!!!!

So what have you got to lose? Come check out our server and you won’t be disappointed!!!!!