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The best of the best trainers will gather here. You think you're one the best trainers out there? I don't think so.
> Just opened the whole server
> Defeat gyms and e4 to name yourself a champion
> Be the champion and earn 20k & a legend pokemon worth 20-25k
> Giveaways separated for newbies and the oldies
> Looking for gym leaders (with a little mix)
来る (come)
Welcome to Pokemon Destiny!

We are growing community with 200+ users
We have a fun gym system and are looking for new gym leaders and new staff!!
we offer partnerships to anyone!
We are always having giveaways of myths legendaries and sometimes even redeems!
We are building pokemon teams to do cross server tournaments! along with team events and challenges!
everyone Join us now and meet your destiny!
pokecord and pokemoin server
Giveaway's at 100 members
and friendly staff!
Greetings! We are a growing community with bots! We want to introduce you into our home and give you the opprotunity to be friends with us! You can do whatever as long as you follow the rules
Unown Temple
A fun pokemoin heaven! To spawn breed make friends and be a community!
We offer lots! we do competetive events just suggest them.
We have very active staff always on to deal with any of your problems.
We Offer:
:candy: Shiny Giveaways Daily
:candy: Self Assign Teams Valor Instinct Mystic
:candy: A Competitive Rares Leaderboard for all 3 Teams.
:candy: Gyms
:candy: And More Just suggest it!
1. Pokemoin/Pokeverse , Pokecord , Varubot , Monstacord , Toasty bots .
2. Gyms in pokecord .
3. Daily giveaways
Hi Welcome to Pikachu Planet We are a new, small Pokecord Server looking for Members and Staff

We have
-Friendly Staff
-Lots of Bots
-5 Pokemoin Wild Channels
-Pokecord Auctions with Shadow Lugia Bot
-3 Pokemoin Breeding Channels

Welcome To The Silent Dungeon where you can play with the Pokecord and The Pokeverse Bot and Challenge Gyms with others
Welcome to The Angel's Altar!

If you join our server, you will be greeted to:

A friendly community and staff, which will help you with any problem!

Pokémoin & Pokécord!


A chain of Cafés!

14+ bots including... Nadeko, Notsobot, Pokecord etc.

Two music channels and a specific bot for each one!

An active staff team.

WEEKLY Giveaways. - Ranks & Pokémon! (Providing People Join)

MostlyPG - with dedicated Non-PG channels for edgelords like you.

Endless Fun and Games.

Constant Updates!

Open to Suggestions from anyone!

Will you be the next Angel? Join the server today!
Welcome to The Team CutePoke
What we offer:
500+ Awesome community
Lots of Giveaways
Super League Modes
Welcome to Insanity!
This server is for anyone and everyone- We love all of y'all ;)
We have an in-server currency system which allows you to earn real money!
If you have a bot, or want a new bot added to the server, just dm the owner!
Hope you join, and have a great time!
A fun place for Pokémon
We have:
- Giveaways
- An active community
- A bunch of extra bots for those people who aren't especially into pokécord
- Pokecord
- Pokemoin
- All of the Pokemon!

Ex-counting server turned Pokemon! Featuring the Pokemoin bot, Climb up the rankings to be in Elite Four.
Our Goal is to Help others and be there for people that are in need of Pokémons or a group of people in wild Pursuit of Pokés. We never leave anyone out of anything and we always do our best to help our members grow and catch pokés.
Our Server is Different than any other Pokémon server on discord.

=====What Our Server Offers=====

✯ Pokecord and Music!

✯ 20 Gyms and Elite 4 [ Soon There gonna be 2nd Division for Gym Battles ]

✯ Active and Friendly Members!

✯ Rapid Giveaways and Fun Events!

✯ Leveling System!

✯ Custom Community Emojis!

✯ Custom Roles

✯ A Simplified but Unique Ranking Structure with Promotions Always Available for the Pokés you catch and your activeness meter!

✯ Lots of Gyms with Good Prizes

✯ 900+ Members and Growing!

✯ Fun lotteries that you don’t want to miss
***PokéGlobe*** __One Of The Largest PokéCord Servers on Discord__:

How our Server works :

```You join us and Get the Role "Trainer"...

You choose a Region and start your Adventure!

You beat the Gym leaders of your Region

You beat The Elite Four and

Challenge the Present Champion and Become Champion!```

***In Our Server, we have:***

:small_red_triangle_down: The Most Discrete and Informing tutorial on using PokéCord

:small_red_triangle_down: Frequent Giveaways, Battles and 100 New Members every week

:small_red_triangle_down: We Offer you the different Pokemon Regions, Battle Arenas, Trade Houses and Gyms per region!

:small_red_triangle_down: Almost Daily Tournaments, Custom Giveaway Bots, Events, and much more!

:small_red_triangle_down: Non-Toxic Environment, Revamped Staff, and Active Members

:small_red_triangle_down: Experienced Players, Auctions, and Secret Techniques!!!

:small_red_triangle_down: Sub-Communities and clubs you can join even if you're not interested in Pokecord!
A fun small commuity for pokemoin here you can escape the chaos of bigger servers and just chill.
We have 20 Spawning channels.
We Offer:

:sparkles: Partnerships
:sparkles: Plently Of Voice Chats
:sparkles: Giveaways
:sparkles: Friendly Owner
:sparkles: Music
:sparkles: And More Join Today
Pokecord server with 500+ members.
Amazing legendaries spawn all the Time.
Daily giveaways with good iv pokes.
I hope you guys join and like my newest server! We have a daycare service, 6c per level! Still a new server, looking for active staff! Please join and help bring this server to life! {Also open to any fun bots you may know!}
Hi and welcome to the Pokemon Saviors server, we have minigames, pokecord, pokemoin and much much more! We do frequent giveaways too! Enjoy your stay!
A public pokecord server with gyms, elite 4 and champion!
Come join us and chill in 🔥DigiSoul Division🔥
A slowly growing pokemon community where you can chill,talk to people and play some pokemon bots

We offer bot assistance for Pokemoin,PMDiscord and Pokecord to those who are new to it, random giveaways, we currently only have 1 gym for pokemoin but are looking to add more as we grow
Server is mostly based on Pokecord, but we have other fun bots too! We also have a daycare, which you can pay someone a small price to level up your Pokemon. Please join now, and invite your friends!
The most amazing thing is when you find yourself watching, talking, get notified, catch spawns, or doing something weird. ☕