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🎟Welcome to Pokemon Fanatics were pokemon is everything

🍕This server is for pokecord,pokeverse(pokemoin) and monstacord, trading card game(online and real cards)and so much more

🌮This Server now Has self Roles :: just gota ask what the self roles are :)

🥠This Sever has Pikabot and Toasty and UnbelievaBoat(ill add other gaming bots on request)

🍻This server has gym challenges( for gym badges will have custom made badges made with Photoshop created by me) on top of badge role)

🎉This server also has giveaways always a giveaway going on:::

🍦come and enjoy alot amazing fun on this server::lets be social with the community on the server lets help make it active:

🎱This server is looking for trustworthy admins as well who will be active::

🎠This Server also has Day Care for pokecord::

🎟also looking for partnerships with some other servers as well::
Hi Welcome to Pikachu Planet We are a new, small Pokecord Server looking for Members

We have
-Friendly Staff
-Lots of Bots
-5 Pokemoin Wild Channels
-Pokecord Lotteries to Win Credits
-3 Pokemoin Breeding Channels
A welcoming Pokémon community
We have:
- Giveaways
- An active community
- A bunch of extra bots for those people who aren't especially into pokécord
- Lots of topics to talk about and many channels for people who are and aren't familiar with pokemon
- Pokecord
- Pokemoin
- All of the Pokemon!

Welcome to Pokemon Destiny!

We are growing community with 400+ users
We have a fun gym system and are looking for new gym leaders and new staff!!
we offer partnerships to anyone and req giveaways to help servers!
We are always having giveaways of myths legendarys and sometimes even redeems!
We are building pokemon teams to do cross server tournaments! along with team events and challenges!
everyone Join us now and meet your destiny!
One Of The Largest PokéCord Servers on Discord:

How our Server works :

You join us and Get the Role "Trainer"...

Enter the Server and Start your Adventure!

You beat the Gym leaders right in the Battle ISLAND!

You beat The Elite Four and

Challenge the Present Champion and Become Champion!

And the..... You fight Red in Red's Room and if you win you get the Pokemon God Role.

***In Our Server, we have:***

The Most Discrete and Informing tutorial on using PokéCord

Frequent Giveaways, Battles and 100 New Members every week

We Offer you the different Pokemon Regions, Battle Arenas, Trade Houses and Gyms per region!

Almost Daily Tournaments, Custom Giveaway Bots, Events, and much more!

Non-Toxic Environment, Revamped Staff, and Active Members

Experienced Players, Auctions, and Secret Techniques!!!

Sub-Communities and clubs you can join even if you're not interested in Pokecord!
Welcome to a Great server with a great and caring staff. We enforce our rules and have fun. We mainly play Pokemoin (Pokeverse) and Pokecord. We also have many other bots for playing some random games. We Are currently looking for more staff and more fun members. Currently Looking for more active people to fill our server!
Welcome to Insanity!
This server is for anyone and everyone- We love all of y'all ;)
We have an in-server currency system which allows you to earn real money!
If you have a bot, or want a new bot added to the server, just dm the owner!
Hope you join, and have a great time!
Come join us and chill in 🔥DigiSoul Division🔥
A slowly growing pokemon community where you can chill,talk to people and play some pokemon bots

We offer bot assistance for Pokemoin,PMDiscord and Pokecord to those who are new to it, random giveaways, we currently only have 1 gym for pokemoin but are looking to add more as we grow
Hey! Hey You! Yes, you who else. Are you one to like pokemon? If you answered yes to any of the questions above then this server might be for you. Because there are a few bots including pokeverse and pokecord. A few giveaways now and then, a few memes plus a TON more but that is for you to find out on your own. So I would hope you make a great choice and come into the server so i and everyone else gets to see you!!
The best of the best trainers will gather here. You think you're one the best trainers out there? I don't think so.
> Just opened the whole server
> Defeat gyms and e4 to name yourself a champion
> Be the champion and earn 20k & a legend pokemon worth 20-25k
> Giveaways separated for newbies and the oldies
> Looking for gym leaders (with a little mix)
来る (come)
Let me introduce you to PokéYellow! ✨

A Pokémon Server that is looking for new active members to add some fresh air to the community! We are a friendly community which uses a bunch of cool bots like Pokécord, and Pokémoin to satisfy all your possible Trainer needs!
Besides that we also are a welcoming and helping to talk about whatever.✨

Catch wild pokémon, compare your Dex, trade and also battle trainers on this fabulous server or just have a fun time! 🎉

Gyms, auctions, giveaways and lots cool bots are waiting for you in PokéYellow!
This server has lots of stuff
- Pokecord and pokemoin
- an active server with great staff
- Other bots
- Tournaments, Giveaways and other stuff too
and I on behalf on my staff would like to ask you to please join and have fun with us

Thank you
Sincerely Makesh1ftspook
Hey, so I see you are looking through the servers here and you are now reading this. well, good cause here in pokenmon we have friendly and helpful staff and community, host giveaways and a ton of other great stuff for u to come and check out on your own cause well, I wouldn't wanna spoil everything for you. And I hope you will make the right choice and I'll get to see you on the server.

P.s I'm stary Catto so if you joined through this website tell me how I did on this description.
Greetings! We are a growing community with bots! We want to introduce you into our home and give you the opprotunity to be friends with us! You can do whatever as long as you follow the rules
I hope you guys join and like my newest server! We have a daycare service, 6c per level! Still a new server, looking for active staff! Please join and help bring this server to life! {Also open to any fun bots you may know!}
1. Pokemoin/Pokeverse , Pokecord , Varubot , Monstacord , Toasty bots .
2. Gyms in pokecord .
3. Daily giveaways
Welcome to the Pokécord Resort!

A new server with a friendly community! Become a Gym Leader or challenge the gyms and E4 and become the Champion! We are currently looking for E4 And gyms. you can apply any time!

-Friendly and helpful community!
-Fun bots!
-Pokécord gyms and Elite 4!
-Channels for Pokémoin!


-Scamming in any way is not allowed!
-No racism or sexism.
-Do not just snipe pokémon. You must contribute to the channel!
-No NSFW pictures, gifs.

Come and join us today!
pokecord and pokemoin server
Giveaway's at 100 members
and friendly staff!
Ex-counting server turned Pokemon! Featuring the Pokemoin bot, Climb up the rankings to be in Elite Four.
Welcome to The Angel's Altar!

If you join our server, you will be greeted to:

A friendly community and staff, which will help you with any problem!

Pokémoin & Pokécord!


A chain of Cafés!

14+ bots including... Nadeko, Notsobot, Pokecord etc.

Two music channels and a specific bot for each one!

An active staff team.

WEEKLY Giveaways. - Ranks & Pokémon! (Providing People Join)

MostlyPG - with dedicated Non-PG channels for edgelords like you.

Endless Fun and Games.

Constant Updates!

Open to Suggestions from anyone!

Will you be the next Angel? Join the server today!
Welcome to 💸 ServiceVerse 💸
A Server That Does Services For Pokeverse
This Server is Also a Great Place to Stop and Catch The Powerful Unknown Creatures Known As Pokémons
Join Now ^^
[The server was created for everyone to join up together and chat together with the server member, we ensure that you have a very comfortable staying here in our server.]

**Custom Request**
**Nice Staff**
**Non-Toxic Community**
And much more is waiting for you...