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Welcome to TimeZone Anonymous. We are a non-toxic & friendly community for those who want to either play pokecord/pokeverse, roleplay, play with fellow gamers or just hang out and make friends

Don't worry roleplay channels are hidden so you need the RolePlay role to see them

I put a list of warnings you should definitely know before joining, so I highly recommend you read them. Just scroll all the way down and you'll see them ^~^ there's only 3 dont be lazy >~>

- Friendly staff & community[you'll only have issues with others if your either rude or cross a personal line]
- PokeCord/Pokeverse Bot
- Gaming channels
- Multiple unique bots
- Teams, like in the series[Still WIP]
- Team related activities
- Giveaways[Currently on hold]
- A few NSFW channels for those with wild imaginations

- RP Channels such as RP Rooms, OC Listings & hopefully a plot[Major WIP]
- NSFW RP channels[For those who dont want to ERP in DMs]

•Warnings[MUST READ]
- Regarding ERP, there's been a past issue where two people ERP'd without knowing age and soon after it was discovered one of them was 12... So to ERP you will now require an age role. If your not 16+ you cannot ERP with anyone.

- Regarding ERP.... again... It seems no one wants to use the NSFW RP channels so there may be some ERP in the regular RP channels... So uh.. Sorry

- Friendly warning... We do tend to ping a lot...