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╭━━━━━━━.⋅ εïз ⋅.━━━━━━━╮
◜ •˚ Lucidity ˚•◞
◜ •˚ Features ˚•◞
╭━━━━━━━.⋅ εïз ⋅.━━━━━━━╮
┊ ➻ Bustling, wholesome community filled with sweet and loving individuals!

┊ ➻ Custom made bot, games, economy, and unique leveling system!

┊ ➻ Highly active games such as pokécord, waifu, mudae, and more!

┊ ➻ Daily giveaways, as well as regular events and polls for the community!

┊ ➻ Masterfully organized, aesthetically themed, and driven to impress!

┊ ➻ An authentic, relaxing experience awaits!
╰━━━━━━━.⋅ εïз ⋅.━━━━━━━╯
♡⊱ Link:
There are a lot of servers out there that have the pokecord bot which allows you to catch pokemon all the time. We have that and so much more. We are a growing community trying to catch, trade, train, and battle all types of pokemon. We are slowly growing and learning and hopefully, we will soon reach the top of the charts and be one of the most popular servers so whenever possible, just join. We have a lot of events and try to keep everything as smooth a process as possible so if you want to just play some good pokecord fairly (without getting cheated or cheating/trolling) then join us.

Hello @everyone,
This is a server for a youtuber with over 800+ subscribers on youtube, doing daily streams!
And that is not all at all! There are alot of things in this server!
We have:
• Alot of fun
• Active community
• No toxicity
• Active Staff
• WIP secret stuff!
• 14 fun bots to mess around with.
• Music! You can hear music here any no one would annoy you!
• We even own a whole minecraft server! Yes, you've heard it right!
If you play minecraft, it's a good thing for you!
The IP of the server is ``
• We have YouTube & Twitch Streamer roles! If you're a youtuber with over 100 subscribers, you can be a youtuber there!
If you want the Twitch Streamer role here, you must have over a 100 followers + active people watching you!
• Streaming with your fans? Recording with your fans? Want no one to come and annoy you? No problem!
We have private channels only dedicated to Streaming & Recording!
• We're also looking for staff! If you feel like you're fit to be a staff member, you can be one!
**Here is the invite if you want to invite your other friends!**


Welcome to ƬƦƖƁЄ! We are an active, friendly community that is all about fun vibes! Never will you have a sad moment!We also have many activities to offer such as.....

🍃 Advertising such as YouTube and more!
🍃 Giveaways
🍃 Pokecord and other fun bots!
🍃 A fun, friendly community
🍃 Sports chat
🍃 Memes
🍃 And much more to come!

**We are also looking for staff (as of 10/30/19). If you are interested in becoming a staff member then please, as soon as you finish verifying. DM Owner T8VIN ASAP!**

Thanks for reading! And we hope to see you in ƬƦƖƁЄ!
Beste Disboard bezoeker, welkom bij Zoetelanden.

Wij zijn een hele gezellige Discord server, waar je lekker jezelf kunt zijn, hou je dus niet in, beter raar dan normaal :p Het is hier lekker actief, zowel in chat als in voice. In voice worden er wel meestal games met elkaar gespeeld, zoals: LoL, Smite, Dota Underlords etc. Maar deze Discord server is voornamelijk gericht om gezellig met elkaar te kletsen, we hebben dan ook verschillende platformen zoals: Nintendo, PC en Minecraft. Daarnaast hebben we verschillende minigames in de chat zoals: Would You Rather, Smash or Pass, zodat je je niet hoeft te vervelen als je effe niet weet wat je wilt gaan doen, er is soieso altijd iemand online waarmee je kunt praten.

Serieus? Wat is dat? daar doen wij niet aan. Haha nee grapje, wij kunnen serieus zijn als je er behoefte aan hebt. In deze Discord server hebben we een rank-up systeem, hoe actiever je bent, hoe hoger je komt. Schelden is toegestaan tot op een niveau waarbij niemand zich gekwetst voelt.

We hopen dat je een bezoekje aan ons neemt en een gezellig tijd met ons doorbrengt :D
☕️PokéCafé is a server dedicated for those who enjoy playing Pokécord, chilling, and eating a cookie 🍪. We also have many bots to use from, such as Mudae, music bots and more! We are an active server and look forward to sharing warm moments with you!❤️

we currently have over 150+ members and 7 nitro boosts :)

Come join us!
━━ 「Cafuné」 ━━
-WaifuBots & Pokecord
-Non-toxic Chat
-Cute Emojis
-Active Staff
-Level-up Roles
Welcome to Pokecord Catching Community 2!

PCC 2 is all about connecting our users together and always looking out for the vast community of Pokecorders, due to our old 400 member server being striked down by discord we are are trying to save it by making PCC 2!

Here's what PCC 2 has to offer:
-Friendly Helpers and Admins
-Many Helpful channels like #whos-that-pokemon, #question-and-help and #report-members.
-If your feeling like PCC 2 needs new features or emojis then contribute your ideas to #server-suggestions and #emoji-suggestions! (Please do not request gyms or daycares).
-You get to gain access to private spam channels as you level up.
-A #starter-spam only new people can access.
-If you don't like getting sniped (People stealing your pokemon) we have a special #no-snipe-channel.

Now that you have Read our Description, come join us we are always looking for new Pokecorders to help out, LETS SAVE PCC!!!

Come start your journey with PCC!
Welcome to The Cookie Monsters. Twitch/Gamer Community. Everyone is welcome! You can just chat or catch pokémon, or just browse arround in the channel. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me or one of my mods. Have fun <3

We have some special roles in this channel

@Jackbox Get notifications for Jackbox games
@movie Get notifications for Movie nights
@Giveaway Get notified about giveaways

---Access to certain parts of the channel---
@SPOILERS Want to talk about a new movie/show, that's the place to be!
@ARK Get access to the ARK section
@Diablo Get Access to the Diablo section
@Pokémon Trainers Get access to Pokécord section
@League of Legends Get access to League of Legends section

@BIRTHDAY You can set your birthday in the commands section
@SPOTLIGHT You are in the spotlight for 1 week (stream promotions)
Rising legend is a official pokemon discord server. Enjoy all the bot here with fun commands. catch and battle with pokecord .
1. Pokecord
2.Dank memer
4.Pokecord gym (coming soon)
5. seasonal tournament
``````````````````````````THANKS for JOINING``````````````````````````````
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Sometimes we all realise that we're just tiny specs in the universe, and sometimes it feels nice to actually mean something somewhere.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
We understand sometimes it gets exhausting traveling through the galaxy with no idea where you're meant to go, or what you're meant to do. Fancy taking a stop at a small yet inviting star?
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Join our server. We're just another star looking for meaning, and we think zodiacs and astrology are our space ship that will send us off on our journey!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
[ENG]Hello, we are Chadia and Stan and we are the owners of Peach Squad.

“What is Peach Squad?” you ask, well, Peach Squad is an amazing server
for people who speak both Dutch or English!

What do we offer? We offer custom emoticons, a pokecord channel, a casino game channel, lovely staff and a wonderful community.

We also have a ranking system, with the following levels you get a new rank: Level 1, Level 5, Level 10, Level 15, Level 20, Level 25, Level 30, Level 35, Level 40, Level 45 and Level 50.

We hope to see you there,
Stan and Chadia
[NL]Heeyy, wij zijn Chadia en Stan en wij zijn de owners van Peach Squad.

"Wat is Peach Squad?" hoor ik je al vragen, nou Peach Squad is een server voor mensen die Nederlands en Engels spreken!

Wat hebben wij je te bieden? Wij bieden custom emoticons, pokecord channel, casino game channel en lieve staff.

Ook hebben wij een ranking systeem, bij volgende levels krijg je een nieuwe rank: Level 1, Level 5, Level 10, Level 15, Level 20, Level 25, Level 30, Level 35, Level 40, Level 45 en Level 50.

Hopelijk zien we je daar,
Chadia en Stan
💮Nero Weebs💮
-:Non toxic people
-:Color roles
-:NSFW channels
and more... so come we are waiting for you
very tiny community that wishes to expand!
have waifubot, mewbot, mudae, and pokecord (have any suggestions for bots? feel free to let the owner know!)
-read the rules
-do your roles
-dont be bad boi and get in trouble
Welcome to ✮Tempo!
We're a fairly new server that would love it if you could stop by and see what we're all about!

༻❁༺⋅ What We Offer ⋅༻❁༺
°•·┆ Friendly Environment
°•·┆ Non-Toxic, Unique Community
°•·┆ Fun Bots Such as Pokecord & Dank Memer
°•·┆ Partnerships
°•·┆ Currently Looking for Staff
༻❁༺⋅ ━━━━━━━━━ ⋅༻❁༺

Come Visit Us!
We will soon have gyms that everyone can challenge and we will have regular tournaments that anyone will be able to join
Come join us! This server is always opened to kind and respected members! You may be curious at what we may have here, so here are some below:

» | Active Chats
» | 50+ Members
» | Kind souls
» | Loyal Staffs
» | Cool Events
» | Pokecord
» | Other Fun Bots

Still not joining? Well, too bad you're missing out on a lot of fun!
If you do join, we hope you help make an impact on our community by making it more enjoyable, great, and fun!!! And thank you for reading this! ^w^
--------------------\ ƑƲƇƘMƠƝ/----------------------
                    Server was created by both
[Snivy The Goddes#8953] & [輝く(Sparkle)#4135]
              This server is mostly made for discord
                users who has pokephilia or
                just like pokemon in general

This is a somewhat active server in which we post pokeporn and talk about pokemon and/or pokeporn. We can also talk about other things as well.

If you decide to join this server, please know that
You will see nsfw content.
Mainly pokemon porn but a tiny bit of furry porn/pkmn trainer porn and regular hentai for their own channels.
This server also has a huge rp section made by the rp managers if you enjoy doing rp
You can have sfw and nsfw roleplays in them. Make your own tupperbot so that you can rp using your tupper but all of this is optional
This server has a few bots (to keep the server
fun) and of course every pokemon server needs a
pokecord bot.
If you do decide to join, please do not join to make fun, insult, or start fights with anyone just because you
Do not like the content. You will be warned and most
Likely kicked.
The server verification is low so it is very easy to get in but there are a lot of mods and admins in the server so please do not raid or troll. I do not like that.
If i see you posting any disturbing images in my
porn channels you will be kicked. (Check the rules in
This server and dont try to break the rules on purpose to make someone mad)
When you join, please be sure to check out the roles
and role unlocking channels to unlock extra channels in the server.

Update 1: the server now supports nsfw other than pokemon but be sure to post them in "other nsfw category" please. You get that role by going to channel unlocking roles.

Update 2: this server now supports both japanese, spanish and english speakers

Update 3: most channels are now locked. To unlock them, you need to go to channel unlocking roles

Update 4: updated the server's invitation description

Update 5: rules completely remade to look better on the eyes and deleted some outdated rules. Made the rules look alot more simple and organized
A growing community of weebs who enjoy themselves a good waifu/husbando hunt. We have some anime bots like Waifubot for you to play around with. We often host events and giveaways and are pretty active. You also get to choose some self-roles. Our rules are set based on fairness too. So feel free to join if you think this is the server for you. ^-^
Howdy! Welcome to GG Enterprises. We are a Pokemon Showdown server first and foremost but we also like to discuss memes, art, food, Smash Bros and Minecraft. Every month we hold a tournament based on the tier members vote on. So hop in and join the fun!
This Is Team Swagz!

We are a very friendly server UwU

We have many things here, however, the main things we usually talk about are Gacha and Pokecord. I am not always active due to wifi problems, but many of the member here are active. This is a place where you can make new friends and even promote yourself and have fun. If you need a friend SwagZombie is always here for you.

I want some new gachatubers and new subscribers PLZ

We Also Need Great Friends,
Recently, my YT channel has been hacked OwO, and now i lost all of my 247 subscribers TwT, can you guys pls help me get back up on my feet again OwO, I would appreciate it UwU (I also subscribe back too)

We Offer Many Areas Of Chatting, Self Promo Channels And More. We Also Have Many Bots Including Pokecord, MEE6, And Spoopy Memer

Bonjour ! Ce serveur est fait pour tous les dresseurs de pokémon, nous y parlons de tout et de rien. On attend plus que toi :)

PS : Nous sommes tous (ou presque) fans de Twenty One Pilots !