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The Safari Zone Discord is an extension of the brand new community, Safari Zone, where you can expect a welcoming atmosphere and many people up for chatting about all kinds of different topics, ranging from Pokémon to political discussions. So even if you're not a massive Pokémon fan, we hope you find a great community here at the Safari Zone!
Hello everyone, and welcome! We here at PokePals are a dedicated pokemon community with active admins, gyms, gym badges, trading & marketing, and even more features being added in the future!

This is a place for you to catch, train, evolve, battle, trade, buy, sell, chat and much more! Why wait? This server has it's own custom pokemon bot, too!

Custom bot
Spawn Spam
1. Pokemoin/Pokeverse , Pokecord , Varubot , Monstacord , Toasty bots .
2. Gyms in pokecord .
3. Daily giveaways
We're a Pokemon-based server for all things Pokemon.

Fire, Water, Grass, Electric Whatever type of Pokémon you prefer, we won’t disgrace you for it. Also, we accept anyone

We are team Lunala, a friendly and cheerful team of Pokémon lovers who enjoy chatting, battle, and train and do a variety of things together.
Two simple rules that will probably help a lot of you are as follows:

1) Once you have 8 badges and your Pokémon are level 70 you will enter the NPL (National Pokémon League) or what we call our elite four.
2) Once your Pokémon is level 50 and you are a right fit for the owner she will grant you a gym type of leadership that you choose. Also, a gym badge and a room

There is only 1 requirement: Your starter Pokémon must be level 20 and that your second Pokémon must be Level 10.

We have Gyms, and Elite Four, a kind, caring community.

Also, we do not discriminate against any member because we as a team are like family accepting any member.

We do have Gym Leader roles as well if you are a right fit, The server leader will let you pick one

What we offer:
- Bots (Such as Pokecord, Dyno, Reaction Role, Kanna, Pokeverse, Mee6, Toasty)
- Roles (To be earned by activity or right fit)
- Active admins and owner (Some are in Australia)
- A kind community, who welcome everyone!
- Gym Battling
- Gym Badges
- Need Partnered Gym Leaders (Apply today ^.^)
- Giveaways
- Day Care

Legendary Gym and Any-Type gym needed

Every Tuesday is Artist week ^.^ to win prizes

We are in the middle of a Halloween event where you could win one pokemon and 3 winners will be announced on Oct 16
Halloween Event is Underway :: here is how this halloween event works ::: you will post what i want done inside the #🎃main-halloween-event room: :: everyone asking what the event is right ?? well here it goes ::: this event is a halloween only art contest: you can draw it(gets an extra bonus point if it drawed) use apps, photoshop, any way you know how to create some fine art:: it can be anything you want (as long it deals with halloween) (bonus point as well if there a pokemon inside the art) prizes for this event includes 3 winners :: grand prize is a level 100 mega gengar, gengar haunter, gastly :: 2nd prize is 2 rotoms 3rd prize is gourgeist and a pumpkaboo:: on top the top 3 winner gets a role saying Artist Winners: The Judges are @🐺🌕😱(FairyGymLeader)Trainer Luna @🎃🍬🃏Sick🃏 might be another if they answer :: they will judge first :: then i will get the final say on the last 2 pictures they choose from :: the contest ends on the 28th of october :: (and i really hope everyone becomes active and talking as well for this don't just make pictures and not talk i will decline the winners :: ) i want us all to have fun and for us to enjoy::: thank you @everyone

also looking for partnerships with some other servers as well::

🎟Welcome to Pokemon Fanatics were pokemon is everything

🍕This server is for pokecord,pokeverse(pokemoin), trading card game(online and real cards)

🌮This Server now Has self Roles :: we are about Fun :: self roles are for gamers socialisation food lovers pokecord and i can make so many more to suit anyone who is active in the discord server :)

🥠This Sever has Pikabot and Toasty(ill add other gaming bots on request)

🍻This server has gym challenges( for gym badges will have custom made badges made with Photoshop created by me) on top of badge role)

🎉This server also has giveaways always a giveaway going on:::

🍦come and enjoy alot amazing fun on this server::lets be social with the community on the server lets help make it active:

🎱This server is looking for trustworthy admins as well who will be active::

🎠This Server also has Day Care for pokecord::
◈───◈Welcome to Darkrai's Dream Dungeon!
A place to hangout!
We may have some bugs.
What we are looking for:
*Caretakers/Daycare workers*
*Gym Leaders*
Things to expect:
Pokecord 🤖
Cool and fun bots!
And more!
🎉Make sure to join! As we do daily giveaways!🎉
Welcome to The Realm of Arceus!
Here we have:
Active, friendly members and staff!
A nice level system with roles and names!
All the fun bots and music bots you need!
Autoroles channel!
Pokecord channels!
Music channels!
A memes channel!
A suggestion channel!
So make sure to join! I'm looking forward to seeing you in Arceus's Realm!
Hello!! This server is mainly for pokecord and pokemion.
For pokecord, every week depending on how many persons, we start a new tornament to see who is the most strategic person.
This is a friendly server so come join us!!!
╔═▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬๑ :sparkles: ๑▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬═╗
༺ The Swords of Justice ༻
╚═▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬๑ :sparkles: ๑▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ═╝

Here we have:

:small_orange_diamond: 》 :tada: Giveaways :tada:
:small_blue_diamond: 》 Interactive Giveaways
:small_orange_diamond: 》 Polls
:small_blue_diamond: 》 E4's & Champions [Still Looking]
:small_orange_diamond: 》 Gym Leaders & Gyms
:small_blue_diamond: 》 Pokecord of course :unamused:

Channels we have:

:black_medium_small_square: 》 Introductions [Let us get to know you! :purple_heart: ]
:white_medium_small_square: 》 Poke-spawn [Pokemons spawn here]
:black_medium_small_square: 》 Partners [We do allow partnering, but we only ping @-Partnership pings]
:white_medium_small_square: 》 Memes [Post dem memes :3]
:black_medium_small_square: 》 Music Selection [Play Music there]
:white_medium_small_square: 》 Varubot [all you basically do is !catch and you catch random pokemons!]
Bots we have:

:small_red_triangle: 》 Pokécord
:small_red_triangle: 》 Beheeyem [Search up moves]
:small_red_triangle: 》 DynoBot
:small_red_triangle: 》 VaruBot
:small_red_triangle: 》 UnbelievaBoat
:small_red_triangle: 》 Rythm
:small_red_triangle: 》 Dank Memer
:small_red_triangle: 》 Tatsumaki
:small_red_triangle: 》 NekoBot
Extra Information:
Please understand that this server has just been created! [9/8/18] Please help support the server! Also, we're looking for Staffs, E4's, A champion, and gym leaders! Thank you - Owner
Owner: @๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡ṮḧệṨḳïŀŀệďĎöġġö#9124
Welcome to Primal Goudon's Dungeon!!

We have :
- Amazing Daily Giveaways
- Spam Zone (14 rooms, with a no sniping policy)
- Emoji Self add roles(so you choose what you get pinged for)
- Gyms
- Elite 4
- Helpful and Friendly Staff
- Auction
- Marketplace
- Day Care
- Trading center
- Dueling area

Coming Soon:
Region battles
Special Gyms
Special Dungeons
∂ Delta's PokeHub


• Join for the best Discord Pokemon Bot experience!
• Fancy Daycare System! Super quick - both Monstacord and Pokecord
• Gym System with open leader positions both Monstacord and Pokecord
• Friendly people! No toxicity, be yourself and have fun!
• Tons of contests - riddles, puzzles, decryption, who's that pokemon, and a lot more!
• Constant giveaways with great prizes!
• Custom MEE6 LEVEL system with amazing rewards
• Pokeverse!
• Tournaments and Team Gyms
• Check list for Rare Pokemon and Forms! How to evolve Eevee, TM list and more coming soon!

○ Join PokeHub for the best Pokemon dueling, trading and catching experience! Make friends, earn rewards, collect all region's gym badges, defeat the ELITE 4, grow your Pokedex, become a gym leader, you choose your adventure!
Welcome to the Roria region, located just west of unova! we're a brand new pokecord server trying build up.
- we have a few gyms started are are looking for more leaders
- starting up guilds
- giveaways
- memes
- nsfw channel
We're a Pokemon-based server for all things Pokemon.
We have:
- Bots (Such as Pokecord and Tatsumaki)
- Roles (To be earned by activity)
- Active admins and owners
- A kind community, who welcome everyone!
Come join this Pokémon Adventure!
If you want to be a trainer, this is your best choice!
-🎁Legendary Giveaways!
-🏅Challenging Gyms!
-🎃Cool People ;)
-🎲Gambling! OwO
And even a school! Join Now! 😁
◈───◈The Lost Wood◈───◈
Welcome to our server The Lost Woods. We are a small growing community that opens our arms to anyone. No cliques, just fun and being weird. We have Pokecord, discord most popular bot and a ton of text chats. Music, trivia, and other fun bots. We also have an invite competition with the prize of 50k pokecredits for the winner and the gym leader application is now open. So what are you waiting for? Join The Lost Woods and be a part of our family! <3

Welcome to The Mystic Shadows!
The Mystic Shadows is a server for gamers wanting to have friends and play games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, Osu, Heartstones, etc! This is a VERY new server so it does not have any members other than my friends, please help us by inviting your friends and growing this community!

A lot of fun Bots such as Pokecord, Tatsumaki, Mantaro, etc.
Pokémon battles, trading, selling, marketing.
Rolling Dice, 8 Balls, etc, etc...
My friends and I will listen to any recommendations and can even make you a mod!
♕☾Pokemon Adventures☽♕
《Co-Owner/Owner: <@293492753642422273> 👑》
《Co-Owner/Owner <@444283526888554497> 👑:》
《Co-Owner/Owner : <@226502612596424705> 👑 :》

✦This is a fun loving server that likes pokemon, our rules aren’t too strict and we keep things real around here. Our community is friendly and fights are extremely rare, We are looking for active and members that will contribute to our server!✦

Our server provides:
✢Memes !
✢Friendly Community!
✢Good Moderation!
✢Weekly tournaments!
✢Elite 4!
✢Tower Battles!

Link: 🔗

- 🔥 Huge giveaways 🎊
- 🔥 Specific sections and channels for all your needs
- 🔥 Tournaments (October Tournament RIGHT NOW!)
- 🔥 Friendly Owner 😃
- 🔥 Friendly community 👋
- 🔥 Anime themed but Pokécord and many other bots are present
- 🔥 Invite Giveaways 📧
- 🔥 NSFW channel (must have verified age) 🚧
- 🔥 Daycare service 🍼
- 🔥 Gyms that need filling🤞🏼

Active Admins, Owner and other members

- 🎆 Head Staff @Radiant#0494 @Litty#3476
✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪
🌟 Pokéball Z** 🌟
Hey, so I see you are looking through the servers here and you are now reading this. well, good cause here in pokenmon we have friendly and helpful staff and community, host giveaways and a ton of other great stuff for u to come and check out on your own cause well, I wouldn't wanna spoil everything for you. And I hope you will make the right choice and I'll get to see you on the server.

P.s I'm stary Catto so if you joined through this website tell me how I did on this description.
Welcome to Kawaii Pokemon!
This is a community for pokemon art, roleplay and (optional) NSFW.
Come relax with us!
🌌 Zorua's Void 🌸 Many categories and channels 🎀 Pokecord-based server 💖 Friendly community (& staff!) 🤝 Fun events and giveaways for everyone 👾 Active Gyms (WIP)
Howdy, We're a Pretty chill server With Pokecord and NSFW. Theres Not much rules as we say "Pretty Chill". We also do Pokecord Giveaway and accept Donations, There's roles for the donators too! So come on down and be a Cool bean yourself. See ya on the Flip side
We are Poke Paradise, a paradise of pokecord, nadeko, and many more of your favorite bots!
We have:
Non-toxic community!
Anti-Raid system!
Awesome inviting people!
Awesome people!
Awesome giveaways!
Fastest growing Pokecord server!
┗╋━━◥◣Pokécord universe◢◤━━━╋┛
🔺 Pokécord universe is a fun, non-toxic Pokémon
🔻 Related Server for everyone to enjoy!
🔸 Here We Have:
🔸 Many Self Roles & more to come! 🌈
🔸 Well organized channels! 🎸
🔸 No NSFW channels! 🔞
🔸 Organized rules and Staff Team. 🚔
🔸Gyms with badges
🔸Active and friendly staff members
🔸 Pokecord Bot 💬
🔸 Fun Giveaways! 🎁
🔸 Music 🎶
🔸 Roles for Chatting 🌟
🔸 Extremely Friendly Members! 😀
🔸 Organized Roles 🛴
🔸 Roleplay 🎭
🔸Doing a legendary giveaway at 100 members!
🔺 Join Today! 💕
🔻 Owner: DarkFalconRS#0186