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✨ Skitty Skyline 🌃 A Pokémon Server! Full of wild Pokémon to catch and fill your Pokédex, Gym badges to collect, and Weekly Pokémon Giveaways! 🌌 Everyone is welcome ~ Join our growing community today! 🎆

Mostly we are just a community using the pokecord and pokequest bots! :)
2 minutes ago
Basically this server is for Pokecord it's still in development but we have
Trading rooms
It's a great place to spend time while playing with Pokecord bot!
3 minutes ago
We are a small sized discord with a lot of fun things to do if you ever get bored! We have personality quizzes, casino, NSFW, pokecord, unboxing and you could just chat with everyone! We are a nice wnd wonderful group!
8 minutes ago
PUBG Players... An all out war will start. Our army need more men. Join and make our army strong so that we can win the war. (Fictional story)

The server is new.

The server is made for PubG players. So that they can join make squads and play and share their achievements. It also have anime category.
Non PUBG players can also join. We also have Pokecord.

Invite link -
29 minutes ago
A fun place for Pokémon
We have:
- Giveaways
- An active community
- A bunch of extra bots for those people who aren't especially into pokécord
- Pokémon!
33 minutes ago
New chill pokecord server where you can grind for pokes and meet some new friends! Trading, Daycares, and much more to come! (Looking for Staff)
46 minutes ago
Hey you, Yes you with the black shirt, Check Out our youtuber community where you can:Promote Content, Collab with other youtubers , learn editing tips and other tricks such as how to hit 100 subs in less thank a week! Join us Today.
we have fun bots an memes too!!
47 minutes ago
☆One two three four, I want attention..more more more, five six seven eight join for attention or you"ll be late!!☆

I'm not an attention seeker though.. :rage:
I know but there's nice people here and there's..

:one: MUSIC :musical_note:
:two: CONFESSIONS! :love_letter:
:three: COOL BOTS (idleRPG, pokecord,...) :robot:
:four: NO STRICT ADMINS :no_entry_sign:
:five: NO MODERATORS AT ALL :no_entry_sign:
:six: PARTNERSHIPS :thumbsup:
:seven: EVENTS :tada:
53 minutes ago
a fun place with a few rules to keep everything from going out of control, a growing community. and it is getting more and more active almost every day. (we'll also be hosting events later on.)
1 hours ago
Bosen maen Pokecord tapi gk ada temennya ? Sini buruan join
☣ Tersedia:
➡ Nyari pokemon
➡ Duel
➡ Jual beli
➡ Leveling
Segera join dan jadi member server Pokecord pertama di Indonesia
🔗🔗 🔗🔗
1 hours ago
Cozy Crossing Community is an Animal Crossing themed/focused server where we focus on being a friendly and welcoming place for absolutely everyone to chill! Although the server focus is on Animal Crossing, our server is much more than that! Come take part in events, talk about general life, talk about and play any games online with others, play Pokécord and other bot games with us, and more!

We'd love to have you in our Cozy Crossing Community!
1 hours ago
We are a central server for gamers to talk and discuss all of your favourite games!
• A wide variety of roles, some of which can be earned through level up on the bots.
• Lots of bots, with specific ones for certain channels. Such as the Pokecord bot for the #pokemon channel.
• A music bot, for all your music needs.
• Role specific channels for a range of games.
• Channels to recruit players and look for teammates.
• We're looking to host game servers on your favourite games such as Call of Duty 4, ARK: Survival Evolved, Counter Strike Global Offensive and Minecraft.
• Voice channels to talk with your friends in.
• A VIP role to gain access to extra channels (Voice and Text) as well as access to the music bot and VIP on future in game servers.
• We're currently looking to recruit admins, we do this via our forums:
1 hours ago
We're a Pokemon-based server for all things Pokemon.
We have:
- Bots (Such as Pokecord and Tatsumaki)
- Roles (To be earned by activity)
- Active admins and owners
- A kind community, who welcome everyone!
1 hours ago
This server holds not only an excellent roleplay with amazing character design and unique sagas, but also has a great staff system, with a staff test anyone can take to test their chances! We also have Pokecord for Pokemon fans, and unique roles such as: Master Jedi, Great Hokage, Super Saiyan God, and Ultra Instinct! Please consider joining, we could always use some more people.
2 hours ago
Let me introduce you to Eevee City! 🦊

A Pokémon Server that is looking for new active members to add some fresh air to the community! We are a friendly community which uses a bunch of cool bots like Pokécord, PokeQuest and Pokémoin to satisfy all your possible Trainer needs!
Besides that we also are a welcoming and helping to talk about whatever.✨

Catch wild pokémon, compare your Dex, trade and also battle trainers on this fabulous server or just have a fun time! 🎉

Gyms, auctions, giveaways and lots cool bots are waiting for you in Eevee City!
2 hours ago

We're always looking to grow our little group and welcome new people in.

We have plenty of bots including pokécord, tatsumaki and unbelievaboat, and also 30+ custom kiwi emotes too!
2 hours ago
Chill place to mess around with the pokecord bot. Relatively new server trying to get more people.
-Music Bot
-Elite Four
2 hours ago
A wonderful yet new Pokecord server looking for new members
- Gym Members needed
-Daycare Person needed
As more people join, more features will be added.
2 hours ago
A nice community with people to play games with, if you are feeling lonely feel welcome to come in and talk to someone.
2 hours ago
Hello, welcome to "The Lounge"! And here is what we're all about. We're a place with a lot of open mods and owners. We have a therapy chat so you can say all your problems and most likely get help. Introduction channels so you can know the other people in the server. Multiple channels for numerous topics, art, media, and even a nsfw cannel ;). And we're open to partnerships. With custom emojis
Numerous Channels
Partnerships Available
Available Staff
Custom emotes
Also we're a small discord server
2 hours ago
This server is a huge growing community, and a active one too!
We usually play pokecord and pokemon showdown but we do not mind if others are playing other pokemon games
In this server you can battle, trade, level up, level you're pokemon up fast, take on the pokemon league, become part of it, get pokemon with our daily giveaways, and much much more!
Come and join our server, I promise if you're a pokemon fan then you will most certainly won't be disappointed.
2 hours ago
The Safari Zone Discord is an extension of the brand new community, Safari Zone, where you can expect a welcoming atmosphere and many people up for chatting about all kinds of different topics, ranging from Pokémon to political discussions. So even if you're not a massive Pokémon fan, we hope you find a great community here at the Safari Zone!
2 hours ago
Hey! We're a small community looking to grow our server and become more active. What we offer;

྾Daily/Weekly giveaways
྾Active staff
྾Music/other games besides pokecord bot
྾Gyms and Daycare coming soon
3 hours ago
Brand new server based around the bot Pokécord! We host Pokémon giveaways and much more! Feel free to join!
3 hours ago