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❖Cute Emotes
❖Anime + Manga Discussion
❖Anime Themed Level-up roles.
❖Pokecord + Mudae
❖Friendly conversation about anime.
❖Question of the day.
❖Our own cute mascot.
❖Weekly Goals + Rewards
❖And more as we grow and get new members,
join now and help get us more fun things!
A fun server looking to grow! Come visit the Den. Run by our main admins Carnage and Sl1pzGames (there's also this strange fish that won't leave), we have Pokémon, complete with gyms and grinding channels; specialised channels for memes, grinding and other trashposting, and direct feed from your favourite subreddits that you don't have the authority to choose from! Also, the Fish has agreed to give away Pokémon if we let him stay in, and if that isn't enough to entice you, there are also nekos! The choice is clear, come on over to the Den!

TL;DR: we have Pokémon, memes, Reddit, and catgirls
🎉Welcome To Arceus' Kingdom🎉

🔰What we are?
: Arceus Kingdom is an Recently Created Pokecord Community Which was transformed from an Private Server with Some of the OGs Players of Pokecord to an Public Pokecord Community. We hope to See You in Our Server Shortly!

🔶What do we have?
•Daily Giveaways!!
•Friendly Staff!!
•Gyms & Elite 4(People To Beat All Gyms & Elite Gets Prizes!!)
•Fun Bots(Pokecord, Dank Memer, Tatsumaki, Unbelievaboat, Mantato, etc.)
• Flash Events Such As Interactive Events, Pokemon Catching Events, Flash Giveaways in Chats & Invite Events.!!
•Contests & Auctions!!

__ ▫️ ◽ ◻️ ⬜ 🔳 🔲 ⬛ ◼️ ◾ ▪️ __

🔷Currently Recruiting Active & Professional Moderators, Bot Management, Substitute Gym Leaders & Daycarers!!Thanks for Reading!
This is the community for you!

CyberGameway is a community helping streamers, gamers, and content creators gain more exposure to help you build your dream! Utilizing our social media platforms, website, and marketing experience to make a difference! Speak with Imfeelnlucky (Founder) or any member of management to get started!

Just looking to game? No worries! We have plenty of gamers here too!
Hey, you! Yes, you! This is a new community server, where you can meet friends, chat about games, anime or play bots like Pokecord.
If you want to make new friends and have a great time, then this server is for you. Feel free to join whenever you want!

>━━━━ Includes ━━━<

Active VCs

Movie Nights

Custom Colors

Self-Assignable Roles

Friendly Community

Pokecord and Leveling System


Best Nitro Emotes

Art Channels


Hey there! Pokecord Universe is a server dedicated to Pokecord! currently, it's a W.I.P. and we don't have any admins or mods, but we have a lot planned! We are recruiting gym leaders and we might be hosting tournaments, but for now, it's just a place for pokecord!
Hey, are you into DND, RPGs, Anime, Pokecord, and/or just having fun? If so, you should check out our discord server. We're pretty small right now, but have a close community, daily DND sessions (where anyone can GM), and a dedicated text-based RPG. As for pokecord, we have a professional marketer to help you with all your pokecord needs, a fantastic community, and a casino for credits. Come experience the fun for yourself!
Servidor brasileiro para pokecord. Temos ginásios, elite, daycare, eventos e diversos cargos. Em breve mais novidades!
Brand new!
While The Lounge is open to adding more bots in the future, we currently offer:
Jojo Stand Collecting Bot
Idle RPG
Box Bot
OwO Bot
Poll Bot
Giveaway bot
Reaction Roles

We are an 18+ only server, so please no minors! Come catch your waifus or pokemon while chatting with others!
Welcome to Team Omega Dragon! 🐉

This server is about a dragon-type Pokemon. We are the good guys unlike Team Rocket and other. We help each other and respect everyone and their opinions. The server have many stuff. Read below!

We have:

- Rules 📋

- Memes 👌

- Pokecord

- Custom Emojis (You can add emojis to the server if you want)

- Gyms!! 🍃🔥💧⚡

- Music bots 🎶

- Other bots 🤖 (Such as Dank Memer, Akinator, etc)

- Self roles ⭐ (If you'd like you can have your own custom role!)

- Many channels 🌫️ (Seriously, many)

Please feel free to join, relax and talk with other people, have fun and help us grow! ✊👊

🐲 We're waiting to see you! 🐲
Eh do what you want who cares we're all mad here
not referring to Alice in wonderland nope
Welcome To Mystical's den.
☆ This is basically a pokecord and pokeverse server.
☆ Here we host duel events, giveaways, tournaments, easy poke catching, bots, teams, and more!!
☆ We are looking for active pokecord members to come and join the fam!
☆ We have a friendly/helpful staff and a friendly leader who always looking to help members in need.
☆ We have many roles that you could earn through duels or just by simply being active Eeveewave
☆ we have lot of gyms where u can earn badges
☆ If you wanna know more come and join us.
☆ Raffle is going on.


1st - 10k credits + 50+iv legend (duelable)
2nd - 5k credits + 30-40 iv legend (dex)
3rd - 3k credits
We try to accept as many fandoms as possible. We have roles for the main 3 but don't be discouraged by that.

-We Have Pokecord
-We Have Art Channels
-We Have Fandom Chat Channels For Bronies, Furries, Weebs And Gamers
-We Are Planning To Add A Music Side As Well With Instruments And Singing VCs

If you like what you hear come give us a try!
Greed’s room is open to the public. Come and enjoy the hunt. Relax and talk amongst one another. Read the rules when entering. Make yourself at home
Heya! This server is currently going through a revamp! After the revamp is done our server will be about...
• Pokecord and other pokemon bots
• mudae and other anime bots
• identityv, robux and other games
• role play of the topics above!
Our team are really trying our best to make the server fun and more enjoyable for everyone! Hope you consider joining!
Hello all! Come join the fun. We have set up a gym battling system, we have a draft tournament, pokecord, excellent admins to help you make amazing teams and much more to come as the server grows.
everyone welcome to Planet Taco!

This server is the ultimate server for anything!

Meme Channel? Check!
Pokécord? Check!
Music Bot? Check!
Bots named after taco ingredients? Check!
Poorly Drawn emoji of a Taco? Check!

We have everything that you need for your entertainment!
Except if you are a furry, if you are a one, fuck off.
Hello and welcome to Lavender Town!
We're a Pokecord-focused community server where everyone can have fun and chat, with lots of features to keep you company!

What we offer:
- Free personal channels, where you can spam for Pokemon or use bot commands to your hearts content without worrying that someone else will take them, alongside public channels for those who enjoy company
- Weekly Pokecord giveaways hosted by the owner Siegotex, along with occasional special giveaways
- The Cerise League, a custom gym system made from scratch with 18 gym to challenge, no banned types and unique rules
- A daycare system to help level your Pokecord mons faster and/or cheaper
- A variety of bots (Tatsumaki, owo bot, mewbot, rythm, etc)
- Custom identity and Colour Roles you can set up yourself for fun, and more roles to be earned by frequent chat activity
- Server events that include and
- Currently Level 1 boosted as well!

We have a friendly owner, helpful staff, and a kind community that strives to be inclusive, and we try our best to make sure it stays that way
Peep Show is exactly what the name describes, but we don't just have gorgeous girls showing off their bodies, we also have a large supply of porn, discord bot games (16 bots and counting!), memes and community events. Come take a peek at this 18+ Peep Show and enjoy the many fun things that are entailed.
Female run and owned for a safe and friendly environment for women and men.
Welcome to our new server, Yoru no Jigoku.
You can find here WaifuBot, Pokecord and Mudae Bot.
Hope you'll have fun here, we are waiting for yah ^^
Welcome to Pokécord Masters! The best place to play pokecord, here is a List of features
-Tournaments (WITH PRIZES)
-Gym Battles and Badges
-A great staff team
Feel Free to join today!
🍃 Leafy Land 🍃

🍀 Gyms 🍀
🍀 Mewbot 🍀
🍀 Pokecord 🍀
🍀 Pokeverse 🍀
🍀 Music Channels 🍀
🍀 Dueling Channels 🍀
🍀 Giveaway & Events 🍀
🍀 Friendly Community 🍀

» So, what're you waiting for? Join now! «
Hello there traveler, come be swept up by the vortex and be lead down a path of beauty and astonishment!
Or just spam memes and other media, who are we to judge haha
come chat use the bots or whatever dont be shy we're friendly

New server predominatly focused on mudae now with premium!, pokecord, waifubot, anime and games more to be added in the future. we have tatsumaki for experience based roles and other features too!

For anyone who is unawear of what mudae and pokecord are they are discord game bots. Mudae to collect your waifus/husbandos from random rolls, collect and hoard or trade come join the fray.
Pokecord is to catch and collect pokemon and level them up.